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Northeastern Section of the ACS

Monthly Board Meeting

Holiday Inn, Woburn MA.


Members and guests in Attendance: K. Browne, M. Burgess, M. Chen, J. Driscoll, M. Filosa, P. Gordon, M. Hoffman, D. Lewis, R. Lichter, M. Mahaney, J. Piper, R. Rajur, M. Schwartz, M. Shultz, M. Singer, S. Su, R. Tanner and V. Walworth.

The meeting was called to order at 4:37pm with R. Tanner as the Chair

P. Gordon assumed the Chair of the meeting at 4:45pm.

The minutes from May 2011 were approved as presented.

Chair: P. Gordon

  • Has had contact with the Chair of the Connecticut Valley section. The Connecticut Valley section is celebrating its 100th anniversary on October 1st at Trinity College and would like NESACS to be involved. The CT. Valley section split off from NESACS 100 years ago. Recommendation to take the NESACS 2010 poster to the celebration.

  • Discussions are underway to take a look at NESACS processes. The section needs to think about succession plans for committees and officers. Anyone interested should contact P. Gordon.

  • At the ACS meeting, I attended the Minority Affairs – Project Seed subcommittee –There is a proposal to award Project Seed graduates a 1-year complimentary ACS membership. This will serve as a welcome into ACS.

  • The Chair would like to thank those Councilors and Alternate Councilors who represented the section in Denver.

Chair Elect: R. Tanner

  • The October meeting (Tuesday, October 11, 2011) will be hosted by Schlumberger located on Hampshire Street in Cambridge. Lee Johnson is our liaison with the company. The company is going to host a reception, but they are not set up for providing a dinner. Those attending at Schlumberger must register at their site. The reception will be followed by our regular meeting. The 50-year members have been invited and those attending will be presented. This will be followed by the presentation of the Henry Hill Award. Our evening speaker is William Carroll from OxyChem. Texas. Following Dr. Carroll’s presentation, the opportunity for socializing and networking plus dinner will be available at the Cambridge Brewing Company within a short walking distance from Schlumberger. Reservations are requested for dinner. Complete information and details will be available in the October issue of THE Nucleus.

  • The NESACS 2010 activities poster was presented at the ChemLuminary Awards.

  • NESACS was awarded the Outstanding Section Award – very large section.

  • Bill Carroll is looking to meet with some student affiliates in the NESACS section prior to the October Board meeting.

Secretary: M. Singer

  • Reminder to all Board members and Committee Chairs to coordinate your planned activities with the Administrative Secretary prior to announcing RSVP plans to the public.

  • All Board members are expected to RSVP for dinners. There are no “automatic reservations” due to the large amount of no-shows over the past few years.

Treasurer: J. Piper

  • See Treasurer’s report appended at the end of this report.

  • The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Archivist: T. Frigo

  • No written report

Trustees: M. Strem

  • See Trustee’s report appended at the end of this report.


  • Mary Jane Shultz

I attended the 242nd meeting of the American Chemical Society held in Denver, CO and engaged in the following activities.

  • On Sunday afternoon: presented a technical talk at the Colloids and Surfaces, Environmental Interfaces session.

  • Sunday evening: attended the Physical Chemistry Division Executive Meeting.

  • Monday afternoon: chaired a session of the Symposium in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize for International Year of Chemistry

  • Monday evening: attended the Kavli lecture by Susan Solomon, “Enduring Challenges of Ozone Depletion and Climate Change”

  • Monday Evening: attended to Graduate Student and Post Doc reception to encourage young people entering the profession

  • Tuesday afternoon: attended to District I Councilors Caucus discussing issues that were likely to come up in the Council Meeting on Wednesday morning.

  • Wednesday morning, I participated in the ACS Council meeting.

    • Candidates for President-Elect are Dennis Chamot and Maranda Wu. Electronic ballots will be open soon. VOTE!

    • Candidates for Directors-at-Large are Ken Anderson, William Carroll, Charles Kolb, and Barbara Sawrey

    • Registration at the Denver meeting was down: just over 10,000. The economy and bumping into the first week of classes for academics were cited as reasons.

    • Society membership is stable with a growing number of new student members.

    • There was a discussion of how ACS can best promote a culture of safety in the academic laboratories

    • The Division of Catalysis Science and Technology now has full divisional status.

    • The Division of Petroleum Chemistry is dissolved; membership and assets transferred to the Division of Fuel Chemistry and the result combined in a Division of Energy and Fuels.

    • Advance registration for National Meetings will be $360 for meetings in 2012.

  • Ruth Tanner

I am a member of the Membership Affairs Committee, and attended their meetings at the national ACS meeting in Denver. The Committee elects members and affiliates, reviews and recommends plans and programs to increase membership including recruiting and retention of members and improvement of member-related services, and reviews trends in member data and makes recommendations. Current membership in the ACS in 163,000, of which 15,000 are students. In 2011, the ACS recruited 25,316 new members and lost 23,988 for a net gain 1328.

The top priorities of the Committee agenda were recruitment and retention, member services, market testing of products and services, and consideration of a pre-college chemistry teachers’ association. The latter is being done in conjunction with SOCED. The major stumbling blocks are the high dues, the lack of specific benefits for them, and the cost of national meetings.

There appears to be a correlation between people dropping membership and those getting C&E News on-line. Some discussion was held on a correlation between on-line use and age of members.

  • Michael Singer

I am a member of Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC). LSAC will be announcing a new nano-grant program focusing on member retention. Grants are in the amount of $250. The Innovative Project Grant (IPG) program will continue. The annual reporting system, FORMS, has been updated and many of the 2011 bugs have been fixed. FORMS is now open for 2011 updates and all local sections are encouraged to start entering their event information.

I also attended the ACS Board Open Meeting on the current situation of the jobs market. Look for the statistics in an upcoming C&E News. Local sections are encouraged to provide as much support to job-seekers as possible.

  • Morton Hoffman

  • Thursday: As a member of the Society Committee on Education (SOCED), I attended its welcoming reception on the evening of arrival.

  • Friday: I attended the meetings of SOCED Subcommittee B (College/University) and the Executive Session of the full committee, as well as the Board-Committee luncheon. Inasmuch as I have served the statutory limit of nine years as a member of SOCED, this was my last meeting. The following resolution was made: “Be it resolved, that the Society Committee on Education wishes to express sincere thanks to Mort Hoffman for his exceptional service to SOCED. The Committee and the Society have benefited from your passion and commitment to science education. Your advice and guidance have been instrumental in guiding the Committee’s work on education issues, especially in higher education and international exchanges, over the past nine years.”

  • Saturday: As the SOCED Liaison to the ACS International Activities Committee (ACS-IAC), I attended its breakfast, luncheon, open meeting, and the meeting of the Subcommittee on Europe and the Middle East.

  • Sunday: As a member of the CHED International Activities Committee (CHED-IAC) and as the CHED Liaison to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), I attended the CHED-IAC meeting. I also attended the ACS Board of Directors Open Meeting and then the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Malta Conferences Foundation and he Organizing Committee of the Malta-V Conference on Scientific Research and Education in the Middle East, which will take place at UNESCO in Paris in December as one of the closing events in the International Year of Chemistry. In the evening, I attended the IAC/IUPAC Reception for International Registrants.

  • Monday: I attended the all-day symposium in honor of Jerry Bell (and the Joy of Chemistry) in the CHED program, where I gave an invited talk, “Four Seasons of Chemistry: A Project of the American Chemical Society.” In the evening, I attended Sci-Mix.

  • Tuesday: I attended the Senior Chemists Breakfast and then visited the Exposition. I then attended the luncheon meeting of the Executive Committee of the Northeast Region of the ACS, Inc., as NESACS representative to the Board of Directors. Later, I attended the District I Councilor Caucus and the ACS ChemLuminary Awards Reception and Presentation

  • Wednesday: I attended the ACS Council Meeting as a NESACS Councilor. In the afternoon, I attended a symposium on solar-energy catalyzed water oxidation in PHYS.

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