National Science Foundation Projects: Technological Literacy

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National Science Foundation Projects: Technological Literacy

Compiled by

Daniel L. Householder

April 2004

The National Science Foundation (NSF) portfolio addressing technological literacy includes initiatives supported by several programs. This listing includes projects identified by searching awards in these NSF programs: Advanced Technological Education; Bridges for Engineering Education; Centers for Learning and Teaching; Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarships; Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement; Distinguished Teaching Scholars; Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education; Informal Science Education; Instructional Materials Development; Math and Science Partnership, National SMETE Digital Library; Research on Learning and Education; and Teacher Enhancement. In addition, projects supported by other NSF programs have been added to the listing at the recommendation of researchers in the field. NSF projects related to technological literacy include those concerned with standards in technology education; teacher professional development; learning and teaching, including the preparation of instructional materials; assessment; student recruitment and retention; fellowships and scholarships; digital libraries; technology activities in informal settings; as well as small numbers of projects in several other areas.

This listing has been compiled to provide an electronic file of current information on projects that may be of interest to educators, instructional designers, consultants, and researchers who are concerned with the development, delivery, and evaluation of instruction to develop technological literacy, particularly in grades K-12. Each section of this compilation begins with a listing of currently active projects. A selection of completed projects is included in those areas where NSF support for technological literacy has been in place for a number of years.

Each entry in this listing includes the NSF award number, funding program, project title, total grant amount, starting and ending dates, the name of the principal investigator (PI), the grantee institution, PI contact information, the project website; the descriptive abstract, relevant previous awards, and products developed by the project. The listings were submitted to PIs for verification, revision, and updating for this compilation.

Readers and researchers are encouraged to contact the principal investigators directly for detailed information about the activities and outcomes of their projects.

The compiler is solely responsible for this listing. The information included in this compilation does not represent the official position of the National Science Foundation. Updated information, corrections, and suggestions for improving the usefulness of the listing are invited. They may be submitted to the compiler at

Additional information on programs and projects may be accessed through the National Science Foundation website, Awards may be searched by program, state, institution, or funding year at The listing below includes all NSF programs represented by awards in the attached listing, as well as new programs that offer potential funding opportunities in technology education or technology teacher education. Current program solicitations, deadlines, and other program information may be obtained through the respective websites.

Advanced Technological Education (ATE): NSF 04-541 Prelims April 21, 2004; Full proposals October 8, 2004

Bridges for Engineering Education (BEE) Planning Grants: (No new awards are being made in this program.)

Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER): Proposals due July 20, 2003 in Education and Human Resources; July 21, 2004 in Engineering

Centers for Learning and Teaching(CLT): NSF 04-501 Prelims Dec. 2, 2003; Full proposals February 20, 2004

Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarships (CSEMS): NSF 04-506; January 28, 2004

Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI):

Educational Materials Development Track NSF 03-558 June 18, 2003

Assessment of Student Achievement Track NSF 03-584 October 29, 2003

Adaptation and Improvement Track NSF 03-598 December 4, 2003

NSF Director's Award for Distinguished Teaching Scholars (DTS): NSF 03-571 Nominations November 19, 2003; Formal proposals February 25, 2004

Gender Diversity in STEM Education: (No new awards are being made in this program.)

Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12): NSF 04-533 Letter of Intent May 5, 2004; Full proposals June 2, 2004

Informal Science Education (ISE): Program solicitation being revised, see

Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST): NSF 02-147 Prelims October 17, 2003; Full proposals January 31, 2004 (No 2005 competition.)

Instructional Materials Development (IMD): NSF 04-562 Prelims 5/10/04; Full proposals 8/26/04

Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI) NSF 04-553 Letters of Intent April 1, 2003; Proposals May 10, 2004

Math and Science Partnership Program (MSP): NSF 03-065; Prelims Nov. 17, 2003; Full proposals December 16, 2003

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education (NSEE): NSF 03-044

Nanoscale Centers for Learning and Teaching

Nanoscale Informal Science Education

Nanoscale Instructional Materials Development

Prelims November 17, 2003; full proposals February 20, 2004

National SMETE Digital Library (NSDL): NSF 04-542 Letters of Intent March 14; Formal proposals April 14, 2004

Research on Learning and Education: Proposals due June 1 and December 10 each year

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program NSF 04-527; Proposals due April 2, 2004

Teacher Enhancement Program (TE): (No new awards are being made in this program.)

Teacher Professional Continuum: Program solicitation under revision; Anticipated prelims May 19, 2004; Full proposals September 10, 2004

Advanced Technological Education Program

Integrating Low-Cost Virtual Reality into Design and Technical Graphics Curricula

NSF Award No. 0302832 (Advanced Technological Education Program)

$860,450 September 1, 2003 - July 31, 2006

Shana S-F Smith, Iowa State University

This project introduces low-cost virtual reality technology into design and technical graphics classrooms and laboratories, as well as developing instructional materials to enhance course delivery. Changing market needs and advances in technology, the focus of CAD technology education, and the shift from drafting to design, problem-solving, presentation, and communication point to the critical need to integrate virtual reality tools into the design and technical graphics curricula. The primary audiences for this project are students and faculty at all levels of design and technical graphics education and CAD technologists in industry. This project inspires the interests of high school students by providing outreach days and virtual reality experiences for students. The project, in collaboration with community college partners, promotes the advancement of their students and engages University students in enhanced learning opportunities that will better prepare them to contribute to the work force. The resulting instructional materials will be made available to graphics and design educators at other institutions through a project web site and by distributing a CD-ROM. Results will be disseminated through national conference presentations and publications. In addition, fifty community colleges will be selected and invited to use the instructional materials developed.

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