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WINTER QUARTER 2009 Instructor: Steve LaDochy

Mon. 6:10-10 pm Office: KH-C4061; phone-ext.32222

KH D-4047 Email:

Applied climatology involves the use of climatic data to solve a variety of social, economic and environmental problems, such as for clients in agriculture, industry and energy. The basic purpose of applied climatology is to help society, at all scales and levels, to achieve a better adjustment to the climatic environment. -Keith Smith

The objectives of this course are to introduce and discuss the basic topics of applied climatology and how its concepts can be used in everyday planning and operations (i.e., in transportation, agriculture, resource management, health and energy). Each student should be prepared to contribute to discussions each meeting.

Class Schedule

Week 1: Introduction-what is applied climatology? Scales of climate; climate as a resources, hazard; impact assessment. (Read Chapter 1*)

Week 2: Solar Energy and Heating-the engine that drives the weather and climate machine; temperature variability; radiation & temperature applications. (Ch. 2, 3)

Week 3: The Water Cycle. Measuring and evaluating water supplies and demand; floods and droughts; irrigation scheduling and other water budget applications. (Ch. 4)

Week 4: Winds and Wind Power. The importance of wind, global and local winds, computer models; ocean currents and El Nino. (Ch. 5-7)

Week 5: Synoptic Climatology and Storms. Weather patterns & long-range forecasting; hazardous weather. (Ch. 8, 9)

Week 6: Bioclimatology and Urban Climates: physiological and psychological effects of weather/climate; urbanization effects on microclimates; urban planning and architecture; air pollution climatology. (Ch. 17)


Week 7,8: Climate, Agriculture & Industry: Food production, crop models; transportation, construction, energy and consumerism; the value of forecasts; “some people are weatherwise, some otherwise.” (Ch. 18)

Week 9: Climatic Variability-short and long-term climatic change; global warming, Ice Ages and the Farmers’ Almanac; Miss Cleo. (Ch. 15, 16, 19)

Week 10: Methods in Climatology. Current research; satellite climatology; models. (Ch. 20)

************** FINAL Mon., Mar. 16th, 7:30 pm ********************

Course grading:

Lab activities 20%

Exams 40%

Term paper/ project 40% (optional project…10%, with paper 30%)

*Course textbook: Oliver and Hidore, Climatology: An Atmospheric Science, 2nd ed.

You are also encouraged to look at some of the recommended references below:

Barry, G.B. and A.M. Carleton, 2001: Synoptic and Dynamic Climatology. NY: Routledge.

Geiger, Aron & Todhunter, 2003. The Climate Near the Ground, 6th ed. Rowman & Littlefield.

Glantz, M.H., ed., 1988. Societal Responses to Regional Climate Change: Forecasting by Analogy. Boulder, CO.: Westview.

Hartman, D., 1994. Global Physical Climatology. NY: Academic Press.

Lamb, H.H., 1982. Climate, History and the Modern World. London: Methuen.

Mather, J.R., 1974. Climatology: Fundamentals and Applications. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Oliver, J.E., 1973. Climate and Man’s Environment: An Introduction to Applied Climatology. New York: Wiley.

-------------, ed., 2005. Encyclopedia of World Climatology. New York: Springer.

-------------, 1981. Climatology: Selected Applications. New York: Wiley.

Oke, T.R., 1988. Boundary Layer Climates, 2nd ed. NY: Methuen.

Robinson, PJ and A. Henderson-Sellers, 1999. Contemporary Climatology, 2nd ed. Harlow, UK: Longman.

Rosenberg, N. et al., 1983. Microclimate: The Biological Environment, 2nd ed.

Thompson, R.D. and A. Perry, eds., 1997. Applied Climatology. London: Routledge.

There are several excellent journals that deal with climatology and the atmosphere, including:

Atmospheric Environment

Atmospheric Research

Climate Research

Journal of Climate

Journal of Applied Meteorology

International Journal of Climatology

Physical Geography



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