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Dine Arounds

We have a great selection of restaurant options for the Tuesday night Dine-Arounds! The following summary of food, atmosphere and travel time for each restaurant gives you an idea of the fun we’ll have in Great Exuma! Please make your reservations for the Tuesday Night Dine-Arounds when you check in on Sunday!

Four Seasons Exuma:

Bahamian Lobster BBQ

Enjoy the sounds of the Rake n' Scrape band, the national band of the Bahamas. Dine on delicious local cuisine and feel the cool evening breeze on the hotel's Sunset Terrace.

Four Seasons: Sea Breeze Grill

Relax with a book or simply listen to the sounds of the ocean as our culinary team tantalizes your senses with a variety of cuisines. The pool-side Sea Breeze Grill offers an al fresco setting for casual dining.

Four Seasons: II Cielo

Enjoy the casual, yet elegant Il Cielo. Dinner offerings celebrate the finest in regional Italian cuisine with emphasis on the freshness of the products and simplicity of the fresh catch dish.

The Bistro at February Point

The Bistro is one of the newest restaurants on the island. It has excellent sea views and its own sandy beach. Beautiful setting with delicious gourmet food. 30-35 minute transfer.

Club Peace & Plenty

The oldest but still one of the best restaurants on the island. Located in George Town, Club Peace & Plenty has terrific views out over the harbor. Steak and seafood are the mainstays of their menu. 20-25 minute transfer.

Coconut Cove

Coconut Cove serves arguably the best food on the island. Floor to ceiling windows provide a wonderful view of the harbor. Menu includes pizza and pasta to fresh meat and seafood. 15-20 minute transfer.

Peace & Plenty Beach Inn

The Peace and Plenty Beach Inn is located in the beautiful town of Elizabeth Harbor. The menu changes daily and includes fresh salads, seafood and meats served in a warm Bahamian atmosphere. 15-20 minute transfer.

Cheaters Restaurant

Cheaters is a new restaurant with a well earned reputation for cracked conch and lobster dishes. Very casual. 30-40 minute transfer.

About Great Exuma

The Exumas are located in the middle of The Islands Of The Bahamas, yet remain mostly undisturbed. A collection of some 365 cays and islands stretching over 120 miles, The Exumas are supported at the far southern tip of the chain by two main islands, Great Exuma and Little Exuma. The topography doesn't vary much, as the islands are only 7½ miles across at the widest point, but the splendor of the pristine beaches, the crystal-blue waters and the lush tropical greenery attract people from around the globe.

Most of the 3,600 plus residents of The Exumas live on Great Exuma or Little Exuma, and many can trace their ancestry back to the 1700s. Some can trace their roots to the Lucayan Indians. Exumians make their living by fishing, farming or through tourism. These wonderfully peaceful people are genuinely happy to meet visitors and ready to help in any way they're able.

Great Exuma is made up of a number of settlements including:


The capital and second largest settlement in Exuma, population of more than 330 persons, and centre of commerce in Exuma. Home to the national Family Island Regatta held in beautiful Elizabeth Harbour.


Largest slave settlement on the island in Lord Rolle’s time. Site of several slave uprisings in the 1820s & 1830s. Home of the famous Rolleville Regatta. Point of interest is the aerial view of the settlement from Kermit’s Hill.

Rolle Town

Breathtaking views. Another of Lord’s Rolle slave settlements. Commonage inheritance passed land down to slaves and can’t be sold.

The major settlements in Little Exuma are:

Forbes Hill

A small farming community named after its first settlers, the Forbes family.

Williams Town

Quite a large settlement of about 300 people with two churches, a Church of God and an Anglican church.






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