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WPO Great Exuma 2005


Welcome to Great Exuma!

Your hardworking Committee has put together

a fabulous meeting for you that combines the

laid-back relaxing style of the island with

lots of interesting and fun WPO activity.

Let any of the Committee members

know if we can do anything to help

make your visit even greater.

Ginger and Haynes Griffin


WPO Rebel Chapter Meeting 2005

Meeting Committee Members

Chapter Chairs Marshall & Cam Rogers

Meeting Chairs Haynes & Ginger Griffin

Communications John Cay

Social Whit & Adair DeBardeleben

Education Tom & Jeannie Rutherfoord

Activities Edward & Anne Armfield

Goody Bags/Registration/Hospitality Hatton & Ellen Smith

Chapter Administrator Julie George

Great Exuma 2005

WPO Rebel Chapter Meeting

Table of Contents

Attendees 6

Meeting Schedule 9

Island Activities 14

Island Activities 16

Island Activities 17

Island Activities 19

Education Resources 21

Dine Arounds 51

About Great Exuma 53

Notes 56

Notes 57

Notes 58

Notes 59

Notes 60


A fantastic crew is in Great Exuma for the
WPO Rebel Chapter Meeting 2005! Look who’s here….

John and Kathy Adair
Hilton Head, SC

Chip and Lyn Andrews
Raleigh, NC

Frank and Kathleen Argenbright
Atlanta, GA

Edward and Anne Armfield *
Winston Salem, NC

Yum and Ross Arnold
Atlanta, GA

Paul and Merrill Barringer
Hilton Head, SC

Richard & Carol Beauchamp
Boca Grande, FL

Herman and Miriam Bern
Panama City, Panama

Bill and Emily Bowron
Birmingham, AL

Johnny and Katherine Bratton
Raleigh, NC

Charlie and Roxie Brown
Birmingham, AL

John and Mary Louise Burress
Winston Salem, NC

John Cay *
Savannah, GA

Jamie Coulter and
Kimberly Ihlenburg
Dallas, TX

Bob and Tali Crozer
Monticello, FL

Glenn and Hollyce Davenport
Alpharetta, GA

Whit and Adair DeBardeleben *
Birmingham, AL

Bill and Diane Elliot
Roanoke, VA

Jay and Paige Frith
Martinsville, VA

Glenn and Phyllis Futrell
Raleigh, NC

Waddy and Connie Garrett
Richmond, VA

John Georgius and
Elizabeth Fletcher
Charlotte, NC

Chuck and Mary Ann Grace
Charlotte, NC

Bill Greene and Dr. Linda Latimer
Gray, TN

Haynes and Ginger Griffin *
Greensboro, NC

John and Barbara Hammill
Rossford, OH

Roy and Liza Harmon
Kingsport, TN

Billy and Laura Harper
West Paducah, KY

Ted and Debe Henry
Selma, AL

Billy and Betty Hulse
Atlanta, GA

Al and Joanne Hutzler
Richmond, VA

Alan and JoAnne Kane
Miami, FL

Bernie and Kathy Lanigan
Thomasville, GA

James and Connie Maynard
Raleigh, NC

Mac and Susan McMichael
Stoneville, NC

Hicks Milner and Liz McDermott
Atlanta, GA

Kent and Donna Ray Mitchell
Wilmington, NC

Charles and Rosalie Morris
Savannah, GA

Will and Susan Pannill
Martinsville, VA

Ed and Nancy Pleasants
Winston-Salem, NC

Greg and Mary Ann Poole
Raleigh, NC

J.R. and Leslie Richardson
Hilton Head, SC

Doug and Vicki Rippeto
Hilton Head, SC

Marshall and Cam Rogers *
Albemarle, NC

Tom and Jeannie Rutherfoord *
Washington, DC

George and Peggy Schloegel
Gulfport, MS

Gene and Cindy Schutt
Atlanta, GA

Leo and Susie Seal
Bay St. Louis, MS

Eddie and Jo Allison Smith
Grimesland, NC

Hatton and Ellen Smith *
Birmingham, AL

Rivers and Deeder Stone
Zirzonia, NC

Bob and Cathy Sturm
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Rab and Nita Summers
Jonesborough, TN

Roy and Deborah Swindal
Birmingham, AL

John and Ann Tickle
Bristol, VA

Dudley and Elizabeth Walker
Martinsville, VA

Ken and Vickie Walker
Charlotte, NC

Jerry and Amy Wethington
Atlanta, GA

Bill and Barbara Whitman
Bluffton, SC

Mack and Jennifer Whittle
Greenville, SC

Marshall and Stevie Wishnack
Richmond, VA

* Great Exuma Committee Member

Great Exuma 2005 WPO Rebel Chapter
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