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The coming day brought Kryslin back to an environment she was immediately familiar with, the now somewhat cramped office spaces belong to LynxTech, the company she had started to support her ships by manufacturing some of the consumables they had needed. Business had taken off when her tech people reverse engineered some components and began local manufacture of them. Starship drives and shield units were much sought after items, for both civilian and military concerns. What had started out as a local supply procurement office had turned into one of the most profitable start up companies on Pandoran soil, employing thousands of people across the planet, providing many more services beyond the original handful the company had originally struggled to provide.

Kryslin considered the various furs part of her large, extended family, and treated them as such. She made herself available to anyone who wanted to see her, and she tended to wander about the company's facilities unannounced to just talk with people. She was unflinchingly fair and honest with everyone she dealt with, but neither would she hesitate to disciplinary action if needed. Getting fired from LynxTech amounted to career suicide on Pandora – many employers wouldn't touch you afterwards.

Kryslin knew there would be problems getting in, since she needed to get her security credentials updated, so her Aunt was waiting for her in the lobby, waiving her through the security checkpoints to get into the central offices.

“You're looking much better than last I saw you,” commented Amelia, dressed in a rather severe blue business outfit that reflected her rather conservative tastes. “How's Sasha doing?”

“Her first day back was rather rough on her,” Kryslin noted as they entered an elevator. “Her 'boyfriend' had a problem with her change. She almost took his head off.”

Amelia winced. “Breaking up is never pleasant, especially the first time. She's young, and she's got her life ahead of her. I hope her heart will heal. And what happened to you, niece?” With that, she pointed at the bandaged end of Kryslin's tail.

“One of the cleaning 'bots decided to taste my tail,” she chuckled. “It's one of the things I should have thought of having fixed, but didn't.”

By this time, the elevator had reached the executive area, and they got out, walking over to the security head's office. A few minutes later, and Kryslin's credentials were updated.

Kryslin's office is one of those places that are often talked about, usually in hushed, fearful whispers, being equated to the lair of some horrible monster, where many enter and few leave. The truth was somewhat disappointing. It was an austere room, sparsely decorated. The prominent feature of the room was Kryslin's desk, a slab of Terran oak polished to such a sheen that dirt and grime refused to stick to its surface. There were a few items of paperwork on the desk, and a few personal effects, like a portrait of her daughter's family, an older portrait of her when she was much younger, with her first command, and a picture of her and Leo on their honeymoon on Emeraude.

It wasn't long before Kryslin's secretary, Yi Lin, walked into her office, with the first items of the day's business, and the very important teapot with Kryslin's favorite tea in it. Amelia sat off to one side behind a smaller desk, the one she'd been using the last couple of months, and started in on her daily portion of the work.

Kryslin settled on the lounging pad she'd had Amelia order, and set to work as Yi Lin gave her the important business first, which was summarily dealt with. The trick to running a business smoothly was to find good help, and keep them. Yi Lin was probably one of the best administrators working in business on Pandora, and Kryslin had been lucky to find her. The panda's attitude had caused her problems with her previous employer, General Products, and Kryslin hadn't thought twice about hiring her when her resume appeared on her desk.

“...and that's it for the important items,” she concluded. “Have anything for me to look into?”

“Yes, I do,” answered Kryslin, nodding. “I want a review of all contracts. Advise those contractors and vendors who have policies that are discriminatory towards taur forms that their contracts will not be renewed unless they change their operating policies to the satisfaction of our auditors. Open bids on those who outright refuse. Tell them why, if need be. Put Okina PTV Rentals on our black list as well. Also, I want a review of all our internal policies, and suggestions on how they can be made more 'taur friendly. I'm not going to even suggest diversity training; however those who don't like the changes are free to work elsewhere.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” said the panda. “I'll pass the word down. I'll start going through the contracts, starting with the ones due this month. I don't think the first three will be a problem, but many of the smaller ones will be.”

“Planning to change the world, Kryslin?” asked Amelia from her chair.

The lynx nodded, and grinned. “Doing it the only way business understands, with my pocketbook.”

Yi Lin nodded to no one in particular. “And finally, we've got Shiro. He's been trying to get some information to you for the last couple of days. When do you want to schedule his presentation?”

'After lunch would be best,” Kryslin replied. “For some reason, he gets nervous if I start mentioning I'm hungry in front of him...”

“After lunch it is, then.”

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