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“Wake up, sleepy-head,” shouted someone into Sasha's room, “Or you're gonna be late...”

Meriru watched from the door as the futon fairly exploded as Sasha rolled to her feet and began hastily getting ready for the day, finally going back to school after a ten week absence. She was about halfway through putting on a top when she noticed the clock on the wall, showing she still had plenty of time.

“...For Breakfast!” Finished Meriru, ducking a pillow tossed her direction by Sasha's tail.

“That wasn't very nice,” Sasha grumped, coming out of her room and closing the door behind her with her tail. “Maybe I'll do that to you one morning.”

Meriru grinned. “Not likely, but you're welcome to try. I figured you'd need some extra time for breakfast, you eat a lot more than you used to.” Meriru opened Tasha's door and yelled in “Better get up before Sasha eats all the breakfasmmmrph!”

Sasha had managed to loop her tail over Meriru's mouth before she could get her into anymore trouble. “I'll be sure to save you some breakfast,” said Sasha, conspiratorially. “Meriru, though, may be going hungry...”

That elicited a muffled “hmf, nofrffff!” from Meriru as they made their way into the kitchen and living area.

The Rasalka-Enderchai household was a large affair, even for Pandora; It had an L shaped floor plan, with a large central living area, with all the rooms arranged around it. At the rear of the great room, off in the back, was the kitchen and dining area, capable of easily seating a dozen people, if need be. Right now, Mishal was finishing his breakfast, Agena was helping Vespa, the housekeeper, serve up some more breakfast, and Colus and Anaeus were just beginning to stir from their end of the house.

By this time, Sasha had removed her tail from Meriru's mouth, and the three girls were chatting quietly when they sat themselves down to eat, Sasha parking her hindquarters down on a pillow they'd bought for this specific purpose. “I'm still not going to get used to this,” she said, as she began eating. And the food began to disappear at an alarming rate.

After breakfast, it was time to finish getting ready, namely getting the tangles brushed out of her hair and fur, and adding a favorite pair of her clip-on earrings. “Well,” Sasha said, quietly, looking at herself in the mirror, “I don't look too bad. The sooner I get this day started, the sooner it gets finished...” She let the thought hang as she went back to her room and gathered up her carry-all and the jacket to go with her abbreviated school uniform (for obvious reasons, she couldn't wear the skirt or slacks, and the shoes had to be replaced with something resembling the slippers she had worn at the hospital).

No time like the present, though Sasha, as she exited her room and headed to the door where her siblings were getting ready. Once there, they all left together, chatting about what they thought the day was going to be like.

Agena looked after them as they left. “I hope she's going to be OK,” she said, quietly. “I still think it's too soon.”

Mishal looked up from his breakfast. “She'll be fine. We can't keep her locked away here forever, you know. Besides, it's just school.”

“You underestimate your daughter,” said Vespa, her machine-like voice coming from the kitchen. “She is a capable adolescent.”

The trip into school was mostly uneventful, the exception being the few times Sasha's long tail had been accidentally trod on by fellow students, to the point where she held the end of it in her hands to avoid recurrences.

“Hey, you in there?” asked Tasha of her sister, who was lost in thought. She added a couple of pokes to the shoulder as well for emphasis.

“Yeah,” replied Sasha, quietly. “I’m just thinking.” She had been quiet for most of the trip into school, and now noticed they were actually walking towards the building.

“What about?” her sister asked, curious.

“About what's going to happen, and how some of my friend's will take this.”

“Well, there's not much you can do about that. You still haven't answered my question.”

“Which was?” Sasha had this feeling she was about to get her tail caught in a door again.

“So, how do you feel about going to school half-naked,” asked Tasha, grinning mischievously.

The laughter was music to both their ears. “Not much I can do about that, I’m afraid. They don't make pants or skirts for chakats...” And with that, they walked into the school.

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