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Book List

ABANA Chapter Newsletters Tips And Ideas ABANA

A Blacksmithing Primer Randy McDaniel

A Blacksmith’s Craft The Legacy Of Francis Whitaker George Dixon

Art Forms In The Plant World Karl Blossfeldt

Art Out Of Fire Ingolf Eschenbach

Anvils In America Richard Postman

Art Of The Knife Joe Kertzman

Advanced Blacksmithing: A Training Manual Manual

Blacksmiths’ And Farriers’ Tools H. R. Bradley Smith

Blade’s Guide To Making Knifes Joe Kertzman

Building A Gas Fired Crucible Furnace David J. Gingery

Champion Blowers Catalog Champion

Chapter Newsletters 2008 Various Blacksmith Chapters

Chapter Newsletters 2009 Various Blacksmith Chapters

Charleston Blacksmith John Michael Vlach

Chasing Marcia Lewis

Colonial Ironwork In Old Philadelphia Philip B. Wallace

Colonial Wrought Iron Don Plummer

Copper Candle Cups II Gene Chapman

Country Knives Gene Chapman

Custom Knifemaking Tim McCreight

Decorative And Sculptural Ironwork Dona Z. Meilach

Designs And Products Of The Forge C. Zimmer

Edgar Brandt Joan Kahr

Edge Of The Anvil Jack Andrews

Elementary Forge Practice John Lord Bacon

Fancy Knives E. G. Siebeneicher-Hellwig

S. Steigerwald

$50 Knife Shop Wayne Goddard

Finishing Materials And Methods George Soderberg

Forge And Anvil Alan Rogers

Forge Craft Charles Philip Crowe

Forge Welding Don Birdsall

Forge Work William L. Ilgen

Hammer Work International Correspondence


Heartland Blacksmiths Richard Reichelt

Hephaistos Alfred Habermann Peter Elgars

How To Build A Forge David Wimberley

How To Make A Blacksmith’s Bellows Robert Heath

How To Make Knives Richard W. Barney

Robert W. Loveless

How To Teach Yourself Blacksmithing With Clay Don A. Meador

Intermediate Blacksmithing: A Training Manual Manual

Iron Age Primitives Gene Chapman

Iron Forging International Correspondence


Iron Menagerie (2) Guild of Metalsmiths

Ironwork Marian Campbell

Ironwork Today Dona Z. Meilach

Ironwork Today 2 Jeffery B. Snyder

Islamic Arms Anthony North

Just An Idea 500 Ideas For The Modern Blacksmith L. H. Stanley

Life Force At The Anvil The Blacksmith Art From Africa Tom Joyce

Making a Copper Weathervane Bruce Helmreich

Making and Using Hand Held Dies Don Birdsall

Under A Power Hammer

Metal Projects Bill Fifer

Metal Spinning James Reagan & Earl Smith

Metalwork Merit Badge Book Boy Scouts of America

Michigan Artist Blacksmith’s Newsletters 2001

Moving Metal (2) Adolph Steines

My Life As An Artist Blacksmith (2) Francis Whitaker

New Edge Of The Anvil (2) Jack Andrews

Pounding Out The Profits Douglas Freund

Samuel Yellin Metalworker (2) Jack Andrews

Shop Drawings For Blacksmiths Jerry Hoffmann

Southwestern Colonial Ironwork Marc Simmons & Frank Turley

The ABC’s Of Blacksmithing Fridolin Wolf

The Art Of Blacksmithing (2) Alex W. Bealer

The Backyard Blacksmith Lorelei Sims

The Blacksmith’s Cookbook Francis Whitaker

The Blacksmith’s Craft Charles McRaven

The Complete Bladesmith Jim Hrisoulas

The Contemporary Blacksmith Dona Z. Meilach

The Golden Age Of Ironwork Henry Jonas Magaziner

The Mande Blacksmith’s Patrick McNaughton

The Skills Of A Blacksmith Mark Aspery

The Traditional Metalsmith Volume 1 & 2 (2) George Dixon

The Pattern-Welded Blade Jim Hrisoulas

The Spruce Forge Manual Of Locksmithing Bill Morrison

Tool Making For Woodworkers Ray Larsen

Treatment Of Low-Carbon Steel

Treasury Of Ironwork Designs Carol Belanger Grafton

Vise Work Josuha Rose

Weapons And Armor (2) Harold H. Hart

Reference Materials

Arc Welding Instructions For The Beginner H. A. Sosnin

A Treatise On Carriages William Felton

Babbitting Manual

Engineering Materials And Processes William Howard Clapp

Engraving A. Brittain

Forty Years Secrets Of Welding Earl Durlee

Gas Burners For Forges, Furnaces & Kilns Michael Porter

General Metals John L. Feirer

General Shop Chris Groneman

Guide To Tool Steel

Hossfeld Bender Model #1 Hossfeld Manufacturing

Hossfeld Bender Model #2 Hossfeld Manufacturing

How I Pour Babbitt Bearings Vincent Gingery

Introduction To Computer Numerical Control (2) James Valentino

Machine Tool Practices Kibbe, Neely, Meyer & White

Manufacturing Processes Harold Johnson

Modern Welding Andrew Althouse

New Lessons in Arc Welding Lincoln Electric Company

Practical Carriage Building M. T. Richardson

Sheet Metal Leroy Bruce

Stabilizer Welding Magazine 1989-2001 Lincoln Electric

The Machinist’s Handbook Doug Briney

The Jewelry Engravers Manual R. Allen Hardy

Tools Hubert Comte

Welding Data Book Eutectic & Castolin Institute

Welding Skills and Practices 1st And 4th edition J. W. Giachino

DVD List

Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Volume 1 Hoffman Publications

Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Volume 2 Hoffman Publications

Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Volume 3 Hoffman Publications

English Wheel Techniques Ron Covell

Rebuilding The Little Giant Power Hammer Sid Suedmeier

The Fly Press John Crouchet

The Hofi Hammer & Technique Uri Hofi

VHS List


Blacksmithing With Hershel House Hershel House

Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Volume 1 Hoffman Publications

Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Volume 2 Hoffman Publications

Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Volume 3 Hoffman Publications

Broommaking For The Blacksmith Jeff Mohr

Cavaliers & Craftsmen Colonial Williamsburg

Forge & Anvil Volume 1 Alan Rogers

Forge & Anvil Volume 2 Alan Rogers

Forged Animal Heads Bill Epps

National Museum Of Horse Shoeing Tools Lee Liles

Leaves & Flowers Bill Epps

Making Tongs Bill Epps

VHS List


Hossfeld Bender

Eastham Forge 1992

How To Build A Treadle Hammer

Jerry Hoffmann Workshop

Making A Rose Joe Wildenson

Treadle Hammer Workshop Clay Spencer

VHS List


BAM Meeting 9/20/97 V. J. McCrackin

BAM Meeting 5/30/98 Bill Miller

BAM Meeting 6/11/98 Tom Clark, Pat McCarty

BAM Meeting 9/26/98 Tom Clark, Pat McCarty, Neal Poort

BAM Conference 1992

BAM Conference 1993 Jerry Hoffman, Pat McCarty, Jim Waller, Ken Valdejo

BAM Conference 1993 Doug Wilson

BAM Conference 1996 Dorothy Steigler, Bob Haverstock

BAM Conference 1996 Jay Brunham-Kidwell

BAM Conference 1996 Dorothy Steigler

BAM Conference 1997 Mike Boone

BAM Conference 1998 John Medwedeff


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Bam library Book List iconLibrary Code following each book indicates location in Fujen Social Science Library

Bam library Book List iconThis book is the fourth edition of Our Caswell Relatives. Shirley Mayse's book was out of print when I found it in the Kingston, Ontario library. I considered

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Bam library Book List iconIn order to save funds to use for other uses the Bad Axe Republican Headquarters has closed. The library for the time being will be located at my residence. You can contact me to arrange a convenient time to get a book(s) or return a book(s)

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