1. Staff 1a. Statistics on all staff of the Department of Biology during the period 2001-2006

Название1. Staff 1a. Statistics on all staff of the Department of Biology during the period 2001-2006
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Plant Physiology

Jaakola, Laura; Pirttilä, Anna Maria & Hohtola, Anja cDNA blotting offers an alternative method for gene expression studies. - Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 2001, 19:125-128.

Jaakola, Laura; Pirttilä, Anna Maria; Halonen, Minna & Hohtola, Anja Isolation of high quality RNA from bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) fruit. - Molecular Biotechnology, 2001, 19:201-203.

Jaakola, Laura; Tolvanen, Anne; Laine, Kari & Hohtola, Anja Effect of N6-isopentenyladenine concentration on growth initiation in vitro and rooting of bilberry and lingonberry microshoots. - Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 2001, 66:73-77.

Pirttilä, Anna Maria; Hirsikorpi, M.; Kämäräinen, Terttu; Jaakola, Laura & Hohtola, Anja DNA isolation methods for medicinal and aromatic plants. - Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 2001, 19:273a-273f.

Taulavuori, Erja; Hellström, Eeva-Kaisa; Taulavuori, Kari & Laine, Kari Comparison of two methods used to analyse lipid peroxidation from Vaccinium myrtillus (L.) during snow removal, reaclimation and cold acclimation. - Journal of Experimental Botany, 2001, 525:2375-2380.

Taulavuori, Kari; Taulavuori, Erja; Niinimaa, Ahti & Laine, Kari Acceleration of frost hardening in Vaccinium vitis- idaea by nitrogen fertilization. - Oecologia, 2001, 127:321-323.

Year 2002

Animal Ecology

Bergström, J.; Wiklund, C. & Kaitala, Arja Natural variation in female mating frequency in a polyandrous butterfly: effects of size and age. - Animal Behaviour, 2002, 64:49-54.

Bokma, Folmer Detection of punctuated equilibrium from molecular phylogenies. - Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2002, 15:1048-1056.

Forsman, J. T.; Seppänen, J-T. & Mönkkönen, Mikko Positive fitness consequences of interspecific interaction with a potential competitor. - Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences, 2002, 269:1619-1623.

Helle, S.; Käär, P. & Jokela, Jukka Human longevity and early reproduction in pre-industrial Sami populations. - Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2002, 15:803-807.

Helle, S.; Lummaa, V. & Jokela, Jukka Sons reduced maternal longevity in preindustrial humans. - Science, 2002, 296:1085.

Kaitala, Arja & Smith, R. L. Do golden egg bugs (Phyllomorpha laciniata: Heteroptera, Coreidae) require conspecifics for oviposition. - Journal of Insect Behavior, 2002, 15:171-180.

Koivula, Kari; Orell, Markku & Lahti, K. Plastic daily fattening routines in willow tits. - Journal of Animal Ecology, 2002, 71:816-823.

Laurila, A.; Karttunen, Satu & Merilä, J. Adaptive phenotypic plasticity and genetics of larval life histories in two Rana temporaria populations. - Evolution, 2002, 56:617-627.

Liukkonen-Anttila, Tuija; Uimaniemi, Leena; Orell, Markku & Lumme, Jaakko Mitochondrial DNA variation and the phylogeography of the grey partridge (Perdix perdix) in Europe: from Pleistocene history to present day populations. - Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2002, 15:971-982.

Lively, C. M. & Jokela, Jukka Temporal and spatial distributions of parasites and sex in a freshwater snail. - Evolutionary Ecology Research, 2002, 4:219-226.

Mönkkönen, Mikko & Forsman, J. T. Heterospecific attraction among forest birds: a review. - Ornithological Science, 2002, 1:41-51.

Orell, Markku & Belda, E. J. Delayed cost of reproduction and senescence in the willow tit Parus montanus. - Journal of Animal Ecology, 2002, 71:55-64.

Pahkala, Maarit; Laurila, A. & Merilä, J. Effects of ultraviolet-B radiation on common frog Rana temporaria embryos from along a latitudinal gradient. - Oecologia, 2002, 133:458-465.

Pahkala, Maarit; Räsänen, K.; Laurila, A.; Johanson, U.; Björn, L. O. & Merilä, J. Lethal and sublethal effects of UV- B/pH synergism on common frog embryos. - Conservation Biology, 2002, 16:1063-1073.

Reunanen, Pasi; Mönkkönen, Mikko & Nikula, A. Habitat requirements of the Siberian flying squirrel in northern Finland: comparing field survey and remote sensing data. - Annales Zoologici Fennici, 2002, 39:7-20.

Reunanen, Pasi; Nikula, A. & Mönkkönen, Mikko Regional landscape patterns and distribution of the Siberian fling squirrel Pteromys volans in northern Finland. - Wildlife Biology, 2002, 8:267-278.

Reunanen, Pasi; Nikula, A.; Mönkkönen, Mikko; Hurme, Eija & Nivala, V. Predicting occupancy for the Siberian flying squirrel in old-growth forest patches. - Ecological Applications, 2002, 12:1188-1198.

Rytkönen, Seppo Nest defence in great tits Parus major: support for parental investment theory. - Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 2002, 52:379-384.

Schmid-Hempel, P. & Jokela, Jukka Socially structured populations and evolution of recombination under antagonistic coevolution. - American Naturalist, 2002, 160:403-408.

Schmiegelow, F. K. A. & Mönkkönen, Mikko Habitat loss and fragmentation in dynamic landscapes: avian perspectives from the boreal forest. - Ecological Applications, 2002, 12:375-389.

Similä, M.; Kouki, J.; Mönkkönen, Mikko & Sippola, A-L. Beetle species richness along the forest productivity gradient in northern Finland. - Ecography, 2002, 25:42-52.

Várkonyi, G.; Hanski, I.; Rost, M. & Itämies, Juhani Host-parasitoid dynamics in periodic boreal moths. - OIKOS, 2002, 98:421-430.

Verboven, N.; Käkelä, Minna & Orell, Markku Absence of seasonal variation in great tit offspring sex ratios. - Journal of Avian Biology, 2002, 33:138-142.

Wiehn, J.; Kopp, Kirstin; Rezzonico, Stefano; Karttunen, Satu & Jokela, Jukka Family-level covariation between parasite resistance and mating system in a hermaphroditic freshwater snail. - Evolution, 2002, 56:1454-1461.

Wullschleger, E. B. & Jokela, Jukka Morphological plasticity and divergence in life-history traits between two closely related freshwater snails, Lymnaea ovata and Lymnaea peregra. - Journal of Molluscan Studies, 2002, 68, p. 1-5.

Wullschleger, E. B.; Wiehn, J. & Jokela, Jukka Reproductive character displacement between the closely related freshwater snails Lymnaea peregra and L. ovata. - Evolutionary Ecology Research, 2002, 4:247-257.

Animal Physiology

Alberti, G. & Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno Ultrastructural investigations of testes and spermiogenesis in two species of halacarid mites (Halacaridae, Actinedida, Actinotrichida): Thalassarachna basteri from the Baltic Sea and Halacarellus thomasi from McMurdo Sound (Antarctica). - Arthropod structure & development, 2002, 30:315-328.

Campos de Oliveira Miguel, N.; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Allodi, S. Ultrastructural study of first and second order neurons in the visual system of the crab Ucides cordatus following exposure to ultraviolet radiation. - Micron, 2002, 33:627-637.

Frelon-Raimond, M.; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno; Ugolini, A. & Martin, G. Intracerebral ocelli in an amphipod: extraretinal photoreceptors of the sandhopper Talitrus saltator (Crustacea, Amphipoda). - Invertebrate Biology, 2002, 121:73-78.

Hohtola, Esa Facultative and obligatory thermogenesis in young birds: a cautionary note. - Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A, 2002, 131:733-739.

Keskinen, Essi; Takaku, Y.; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Hariyama, T. Microanatomical characteristics of marginal ommatidia in three different size-classes of the semi-terrestrial isopod Ligia exotica (Crustacea; Isopoda). - Biocell, 2002, 26:441-450.

Keskinen, Essi; Takaku, Y.; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Hariyama, T. Postembryonic eye growth in the seashore isopod Ligia exotica (Crustacea, Isopoda). - Biological Bulletin, 2002, 202:223-231.

Liukkonen-Anttila, Tuija; Putaala, Ahti & Hissa, Raimo Feeding of hand-reared grey partridge Perdix perdix chicks - importance of invertebrates. - Wildlife Biology, 2002, 8:11-19.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Bobkova, M. Fine structure of the lateral eyes in the tiny marine Antarctic mite Halacarellus thomasi: an ultrastructural study. - Polar Biology, 2002, 25:512-516.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Royuela, M. Calponin, caldesmon, and chromatophores: The smooth muscle connection. - Microscopy Research and Technique, 2002, 58:504-513.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Vakkuri, Olli Head and abdominal melatonin of summer and winter bees. Letter to the editor. - Journal of Pineal Research, 2002, 32:275-276.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Vakkuri, Olli Honeybee heads weigh less in winter than in summer: a possible explanation. – Ethology, Ecology & Evolution, 2002, 14:69-71.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno; Gottstein, S. & Lindström, M. Is Troglocaris anophthalmus (Crustacea, decapoda, atyidae) blind, eyeless, or both. - Mémoires de Biospéologie (International Journal of Subterranean Biology), 2001, 28:149-156.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno; Kashiwagi, T. & Eguchi, E. Selective photoreceptor damage in four species of insects induced by experimental exposures to UV-irradiation. - Micron, 2002, 33:23-31.

Miyazaki, T.; Iwami, T.; Somiya, H. & Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno Retinal topography of ganglion cells and putative UV-sensitive cones in two antarctic fishes: Pagothenia borchgrevinki and Trematomus bernacchii (Nototheniidae). - Zoological science, 2002, 19:1223-1229.

Putaala, Ahti; Turtola, A. & Hissa, Raimo Mortality of wild and released hand-reared grey partridges (Perdix perdix) in Finland. - Game and Wildlife Science, 2001, 18:291-304.


Dvornyk, V.; Sirviö, A.; Mikkonen, Merja & Savolainen, Outi Low nucleotide diversity at the pal1 locus in the widely distributed Pinus sylvestris. - Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2002, 19:179-188.

Fernández-Escudero, I.; Pamilo, Pekka & Seppä, P. Biased sperm use by polyandrous queens of the ant Proformica longiseta. - Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 2002, 51:207-213.

Gyllenstrand, N.; Gertsch, P. J. & Pamilo, Pekka Polymorphic microsatellite DNA markers in the ant Formica exsecta. Primer note. - Molecular Ecology Notes, 2002, 2:67-69.

Huttunen, Susanna & Schlötterer, C. Isolation and characterization of microsatellites in Drosophila virilis and their cross species amplification in members of the D. virilis group. - Molecular Ecology Notes, 2002, 2:593-598.

Huttunen, Susanna; Campesan, S. & Hoikkala, Anneli Nucleotide variation at the no-on-transient A gene in Drosophila littoralis. - Heredity, 2002, 88:39-45.

Huttunen, Susanna; Vieira, J. & Hoikkala, Anneli Nucleotide and repeat length variation at the nonA gene of the Drosophila virilis group species and its effects on male courtship song. - Genetica, 2002, 115:159-167.

Kuittinen, Helmi; Aguadé, M.; Charlesworth, D.; Haan, A. D. E.; Lauga, B.; Mitchell-Olds, T.; Oikarinen, S.; Ramo- Onsins, S.; Stranger, B.; van Tienderens, T. & Savolainen, Outi Primers for 22 candidate genes for ecological adaptations in Brassicaceae. - Molecular Ecology Notes, 2002, 2:258-262.

Kuittinen, Helmi; Slaguero, D. & Aguadé, M. Parallel patterns of sequence variation within and between populations at three loci of Arabidopsis thaliana. - Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2002, 19:2030-2034.

Meinilä, M.; Kuusela, Jussi, Zietara, M. S. & Lumme, Jaakko Primers for amplifying ~820 bp of highly polymorphic mitochondrial COI gene of Gyrodactylus salaris. - Hereditas, 2002, 137:72-74.

Päällysaho, Seliina In situ hybridisation analysis of the X-linked genes in the species of the virilis group of Drosophila. - Genetica, 2002, 114:73-79.

Ravin, Victor & Alatossava, Tapani New insertion sequence element, ISLdl1, in Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis ATCC 15808. - Microbiological Research, 2002, 157:109-114.

Ravin, Victor; Räisänen, Liisa & Alatossava, Tapani Conserved C-terminal region in Gp71 of the small isometric- head phage LL-H and ORF474 of the prolate-head phage JCL1032 is implicated in specificity of adsorption of phage to its host, Lactobacillus delbrueckii. - Journal of Bacteriology, 2002, 184:2455-2459.

Ruokonen, Minna & Kvist, Laura Structure and evolution of the avian mitochondrial control region. - Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2002, 23:422-432.

Stenøien, H. K.; Fenster, C. B.; Kuittinen, Helmi & Savolainen, Outi Quantifying latitudinal clines to light responses in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae). - American Journal of Botany, 2002, 89:1604-1608.

Vogl, C.; Karhu, A.; Moran, G. F. & Savolainen, Outi High resolution analysis of mating systems: inbreeding in natural populations of Pinus radiata. - Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2002, 15:433-439.

Yu, N.; Chen, F-C.; Ota, S.; Jorde, L. B.; Pamilo, Pekka; Patthy, L.; Ramsay, M.; Jenkins, T.; Shyue, S-K. & Li, W-H. Larger genetic differences within Africans than between Africans and Eurasians. - Genetics, 2002, 161:169-274.

Zietara, M. S. & Lumme, Jaakko Speciation by host switch and adaptive radiation in a fish parasite genus Gyrodactylus (Monogenea, Gyrodactylidae). - Evolution, 2002, 56:2445-2458.

Zietara, M. S.; Huyse, T.; Lumme, Jaakko & Volckaert, F. A. Deep divergence among subgenera of Gyrodactylus inferred from rDNA ITS region. - Parasitology, 2002, 124:39-52.

Plant Ecology

Aikio, S. & Markkola, Anna Mari Optimality and phenotypic plasticity of shoot-to-root ratio under variable light and nutrient availabilities. - Evolutionary Ecology, 2002, 16:67-76.

Aikio, S. & Ruotsalainen, Anna Liisa Modelled growth of mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal plants under constant versus variable soil nutrient concentration. - Mycorrhiza, 2002, 12:257-261.

Anttonen, S.; Piispanen, R.; Ovaska, J.; Mutikainen, Pia; Saranpää, P. & Vapaavuori, E. Effects of defoliation on growth, biomass allocation, and wood properties of Betula pendula clones grown at different nutrient levels. - Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 2002, 32:498-508.

Halonen, Pekka & Ahti, T. Proposal to conserve the name Usnea fulvoreagens (lichenized Ascomycota, Parmeliaceae) with a conserved type. - Taxon, 2002, 51:183.

Hyvärinen, Marko; Härdling, R. & Tuomi, Juha Cyanobacterial lichen symbiosis: the fungal partner as an optimal harvester. - OIKOS, 2002, 98:498-504.

Hyvärinen, Marko; Walter, B. & Koopmann, R. Secondary metabolites in Cladina stellaris in relation to reindeer grazing and thallus nutrient content. - OIKOS, 2002, 96:273-280.

Koskela, T.; Puustinen, S.; Salonen, V. & Mutikainen, Pia Resistance and tolerance in a host plant-holoparasitic plant interaction: genetic variation and costs. - Evolution, 2002, 56:899-908.

Kytövuori, I.; Niskanen, T. & Ohenoja, Esteri Cortinarius species found in Kainuu during the XIXth Journées européennes du Cortinaire in 2001. French version p. 85-90. - Journal des J.E.C., 2002, nro 4:75-84.

Lawesson, J. E. & Oksanen, Jari Niche characteristics of Danish woody species as derived from coenoclines. - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2002, 13:279-290.

Lindström, E. S. & Leskinen, Elina Do neighboring lakes share common taxa of bacterioplankton? Comparison of 16S rDNA fingerprints and sequences from three geographic regions. - Microbial Ecology, 2002, 44:1-9.

Markkola, Anna Mari; Ahonen-Jonnarth, U.; Roitto, M.; Strömmer, R. & Hyvärinen, Marko Shift in ectomycorrhizal community composition in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedling roots as a response to nickel deposition and removal of lichen cover. - Environmental Pollution, 2002, 120:797-803.

Markkola, Anna Mari; Tarvainen, O.; Ahonen-Jonnarth, U. & Strömmer, R. Urban polluted forest soils induce elevated root peroxidase activity in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings. - Environmental Pollution, 2002, 116:273-278.

Mutikainen, Pia & Koskela, T. Population structure of a parasitic plant and its perennial host. - Heredity, 2002, 89:318-324.

Mutikainen, Pia; Walls, M.; Ovaska, J.; Keinänen, M.; Julkunen-Tiitto, R. & Vapaavuori, E. Costs of herbivore resistance in clonal saplings of Betula pendula. - Oecologia, 2002, 133:364-371.

Nuortila, Carolin; Tuomi, Juha & Laine, Kari Inter-parent distance affects reproductive success in two clonal dwarf shrubs, Vaccinium myrtillus and Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Ericaceae). - Canadian Journal of Botany, 2002, 80:875-884.

Oksanen, Jari & Minchin, P. R. Continuum theory revisited: what shape are species responses along ecological gradients. - Ecological Modelling, 2002, 157:119-129.

Pehkonen, Tuija; Ranta, H.; Tolvanen, Anne & Laine, Kari Frequency of the fungal pathogen exobasidium splendidum in two natural stands of the host Vaccinium vitis-idaea in the subarctic timberline area. - Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 2002, 34:428-433.

Rautio, Pasi; Markkola, Annamari; Martel, J.; Tuomi, Juha; Härmä, E.; Kuikka, Karita; Siitonen, A.; Riesco, I. L. & Roitto, M. Developmental plasticity in birch leaves: defoliation causes a shift from glandular to nonglandular trichomes. - OIKOS, 2002, 98:437-446.

Roininen, H.; Danell, K.; Zinovjev, A.; Vikberg, V. & Virtanen, Risto Community structure, survival and mortality factors in arctic populations of Eupontania leaf gallers. - Polar Biology, 2002, 25:605-611.

Ruotsalainen, Anna Liisa; Väre, H. & Vestberg, M. Seasonality of root fungal colonization in low-alpine herbs. - Mycorrhiza, 2002, 12:29-36.

Stark, Sari & Grellman, D. Soil microbial responses to herbivory in an arctic tundra heath at two levels of nutrient availability. - Ecology, 2002, 83:2736-2744.

Stark, Sari; Strömmer, R. & Tuomi, Juha Reindeer grazing and soil microbial processes in two suboceanic and two subcontinental tundra heaths. - OIKOS, 2002, 97:69-78.

Suorsa, M.; Jokela, Anne; Sarjala, T.; Manninen, S. & Huttunen, Satu Ozone-induced free polyamine response in Scots pine in northern Finland. - Environmental Pollution, 2002, 119:279-281.

Taipale, Tiia & Huttunen, Satu Moss flavonoids and their ultrastructural localization under enhanced UV-B radiation. - Polar Record, 2002, 38:211-218.

Tolvanen, Anne; Schroderus, J. & Henry, G. H. R. Age- and stage-based bud demography of Salix arctica under contrasting muskox grazing pressure in the high arctic. - Evolutionary Ecology, 2002, 15:443-462.

Virola, T.; Kaitala, V.; Lammi, A.; Siikamäki, Pirkko & Suhonen, J. Geographical patterns of species turnover in aquatic plant communities. - Freshwater Biology, 2001, 46:1471-1478.

Virtanen, Risto; Edwards, G. R. & Crawley, M. J. Red deer management and vegetation on the Isle of Rum. - Journal of Applied Ecology, 2002, 39:572-583.

Virtanen, Risto; Parviainen, J. & Henttonen, H. Winter grazing by the Norwegian lemming (Lemmus lemmus) at Kilpisjärvi (NW Finnish Lapland) during a moderate population peak. - Annales Zoologici Fennici, 2002, 39:335-341.

Welling, Pirjo & Laine, Kari Regeneration by seeds in alpine meadow and heath vegetation in sub-arctic Finland. - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2002, 13:217-226.

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1. Staff 1a. Statistics on all staff of the Department of Biology during the period 2001-2006 iconAcademic staff and researh areas 4 students of industrial electronic department 4 facilities 4

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1. Staff 1a. Statistics on all staff of the Department of Biology during the period 2001-2006 iconFor the second year running, extreme wet weather and flood events presented challenges to the department and its staff. While the rainfall kept water storages

1. Staff 1a. Statistics on all staff of the Department of Biology during the period 2001-2006 iconPublications of observatory staff members in 2001–2002
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1. Staff 1a. Statistics on all staff of the Department of Biology during the period 2001-2006 icon1. List of Departments and Staff Members 9

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