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Unit Outline


Principles of Taxation

Semester 2


Business School

This unit aims to develop the ability to understand, interpret and use financial reports. The unit is structured to provide an understanding of accounting concepts, issues and problems. The focus of the unit is on accounting for external users and after developing an understanding of the basic concepts underlying external general-purpose financial reports, techniques to analyse such reports are examined. Student also learn basic principles in relation to preparation of financial statements.

All material reproduced herein has been copied in accordance with and pursuant to a statutory licence administered by Copyright Agency Limited (CAL), granted to the University of Western Australia pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

Copying of this material by students, except for fair dealing purposes under the Copyright Act, is prohibited. For the purposes of this fair dealing exception, students should be aware that the rule allowing copying, for fair dealing purposes, of 10% of the work, or one chapter/article, applies to the original work from which the excerpt in this course material was taken, and not to the course material itself.

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We strongly advise students to regularly access their student email accounts. Important information regarding the unit is often communicated by email and will not be automatically forwarded to private email addresses.

Unit Web Site URL


Ms Deborah Gilchrist


Consultation Hours

By Appointment, Thursdays & Fridays

Lecture Times

Fridays, 4.00pm – 7.00pm

Lecture Venue

Business School: Case Study 242

Your Lecturer

Deborah Gilchrist, B.Com (Murdoch), ACA, CPA

Debbie holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Murdoch University with majors in accounting and economics and is a Member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants and CPA Australia.

With over 20 years experience in public practice, commerce and consulting, Debbie brings a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to her teaching and academic roles in which she has been engaged for the past 3 years, first at Notre Dame University and now at UWA. Debbie’s has taught in Financial Accounting, Taxation and Managerial Finance.

Commencing her career with Chartered Accounting firm Deloitte, Debbie was engaged initially in audit and then in taxation. She left Deloitte as Manager, Indirect Taxation and Incentives to enter commerce as Group Accountant for a listed public telecommunications company and subsidiaries. Debbie then worked for a large international engineering firm, first as Senior Project Accountant for a $1 billion construction project and then as Finance Manager and Acting Company Secretary for the group’s Australian head office.

A successful consulting career then followed in which Debbie provided various economic development and management services to clients including feasibility studies, business planning, expedition of government funding, strategic analysis and planning, business incubator development and other activities.

Her research interests include accounting and auditing in the not-for-profit and public sectors.

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