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October 2008

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems

005.117 AL434 2009

Allert, James. Programming with visual c++ : concepts and

projects. Boston, MA : Course Technology, c2009.

005.117 F245 2008

Farrell, Joyce. An object-oriented approach to programming logic

and design. 2nd ed. Boston, Mass. : Thomson, c2008.

005.133 B329 2008

Bates, Martin P. Programming 8-bit PIC microcontrollers in C :

with interactive hardware simulation. Boston : Elsevier,


005.133 V864 2007

VK, Veeranna. C for C including c and c graphics. 1st ed. New

Delhi : Firewall Media, c2007.

005.43 M946 2008

Mueller, John P. Windows server 2008 all-in-one desk reference

for dummies(r). Indianapolis, IN : Wiley Pub., Inc., 2008.

006.696 H252 2007

Hanzo, Lajos, 1952-. Video compression and communications : from

basics to H.261, H.263, H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4 for DVB and

HSDPA-style adaptive turbo-transceivers. 2nd ed. Hoboken,

NJ : J. Wiley & Sons, 2007.

006.7602 B811 2008

Bradley, Phil. How to use web 2.0 in your library. London :

Facet, 2008.

Library & Information Science

023.9 P198 2008

Pantry, Sheila. Managing stress and conflict in libraries.

London : Facet, c2008.

ER 025.00285 W257 2007

Ward, Diane Marie, 1971-. The complete RFID handbook : a manual

and DVD for assessing, implementing, and managing radio

frequency identification technologies in libraries. New

York : Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2007.

025.04 C552 2007

Chowdhury, G. G. (Gobinda G.). Organizing information : from the

shelf to the Web. London : Facet, 2007.

025.04 D574 2007

Digital libraries : challenges and prospects. Delhi : Isha

Books, c2007.

025.04 Si617 2008

Singh, C. Praveen. E-libraries in computer age. New Delhi :

Alfa Publications, c2008.

025.1 R647 2008

Roberts, Sue. Leadership : the challenge for the information

profession. London : Facet Publications, c2008.

025.2 Si617 2007

Singh, R. K. Library collection development and acquisition

system. New Delhi : Shree Publishers & Distributors, c2007.

027.4 W423 1992

Weingand, Darlene E. Administration of the small public library.

3rd ed. London : American Library Association, c1992.

Encyclopedias & books of facts

Ref 031 N532 2007

The new encyclopaedia Britannica. 15th ed. Chicago : University

of Chicago, c2007.

Ref 031.05 En56 2008

Encyclopaedia britannica 2008 book of the year. Chicago :

Encyclopaedia Britannica, c2008.


ER 050 Se497 2008

Seventh-day Adventist periodical index and obituary index. 2007

ed. Berrien Spring, MI : Folio, c2008.

News media, journalism & publishing

070.43 M536 2008

Mencher, Melvin. Melvin Mencher's news reporting and writing.

11th ed. Boston : McGraw-Hill Higher Education, c2008.

070.4 T475 2005

Thompson, Rick. Writing for broadcast journalists. London ; New

York : Routledge, c2005.

F 070.44 M251 2008

Malinao, Alito L. Feature, editorial and opinion writing : with

glossary of common English idioms. Mandaluyong City :

National Book Store, c2008.


GL 150.72 G776 2009

Gravetter, Frederick J. Research methods for the behavioral

sciences. 3rd ed. Australia ; United States : Wadsworth

Cengage Learning, c2009.

F 153.45 T583 2008

Timbreza, Florentino T. Filipino values today. Mandaluyong City

: NBS, c2003, 2008 reprint.

153.93 C324 2007

Carter, Philip J. IQ and aptitude tests. London ; Philadelphia

: Kogan Page, 2007. Verbal aptitude -- Spatial aptitude --

Numerical aptitude -- IQ tests -- Answers, explanations and


153.94 B916 2008

Bryon, Mike. How to pass advanced verbal reasoning tests.

London ; Philadelphia : Kogan Page Ltd., 2008.

GL 155.26 L313 2007

Lapid-Bogda, Ginger. What type of leader are you? : using the

Enneagram system to identify and grow your leadership

strengths and achieve maximum success. New York :

McGraw-Hill, c2007.


GL 170 B242 2007

Barcalow, Emmett. Moral philosophy : theories and issues. 4th

ed. Belmont, CA : Wadsworth Thomson Learning, c2007.

GL 170 M158 2009

MacKinnon, Barbara. Ethics : theory and contemporary issues.

6th ed. Belmont, CA : Wadsworth, c2009.

GL 170 W585 2009

White, James E. Contemporary moral problems. 9th ed. Australia

; Belmont, CA : Thomson/Wadsworth, c2009.

F 174.2 T583 2007

Timbreza, Florentino T. Health care ethics. Mandaluyong City :

National Book Store, c2007.

174.4 An615 2008

Annual editions : business ethics 2007/2008. 19th ed. Dubuque,

IA : McGraw-Hill, c2008.

F 181.17 M553 1994

Mercado, Leonardo N. The Filipino mind : Philippine

philosophical studies II. Manila : The Council for Research

in Values and Philosophy, c1994.

190 C678 2007

Cohen, Martin, 1964-. 101 ethical dilemmas. 2nd ed. London ;

New York : Routledge, 2007.

F 199.599 M553 1993

Mercado, Leonardo N. Elements of Filipino philosophy. Tacloban

City : Divine Word University Publications, c1993.

Philosophy & Theory of Religion

211.2 C777 2006

Cooper, John W. Panentheism the other God of the Philosophers :

from plato to the present. Grand Rapids, MI : Baker

Academic, c2006.

The Bible

220.67 In61 1997

Interpreting the Bible : historical and theological studies in

honour of David F. Wright. England : Apollos, c1997.

225.601 In61 2002

Introducing new testament interpretation. Grand Rapids, MI :

Baker Books, c2002.

Ref 226 G518 2007

Girard, Robert C. The book of acts. Nashville : Thomas Nelson,


226.067 B337 2006

Bauckham, Richard. Jesus and the eyewitnesses : the Gospels as

eyewitness testimony. Grand Rapids, Mich. : William B.

Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2006.

Christianity & Christian Theology

GL 230 M147 2008

McGrath, Alister E. Theology : the basics. 2nd ed. Malden, MA

: Blackwell Publishing, c2008.

230.046 So686 2000

Solid ground : 25 years of evangelical theology. Leicester :

Apollos, c2000.

231 M146 2007

McGowan, A.T.B. The divine spiration of scripture : challenging

evangelical perspectives. England : Apollos, c2007.

236.25 H476 2004

Hell under fire : modern scholarship reinvents eternal

punishment. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, c2004.

236.8 H237 2000

Hanegraaff, Hank. Resurrection. Nashville, TN : W Publishing

Group, c2000.

Ref 239.03 P831 2008

The popular encyclopedia of apologetics. Eugene, Or. : Harvest

House Publishers, 2008.

239 G313 2007

Geisler, Norman L. Christian apologetics. Grand Rapids, MI :

Baker Book House, c2007.

Christian Practice & Observance

241.66082 H314 2008

Harris, Joshua. Not even a hint : guarding your heart against

lust. Manila : OMF Literature, c2008.

242.84 C782 2006

Copeland, Germaine. Prayers that avail much for singles : James

5:16. Valenzuela City : Christian Literature Crusade,


248 H458 2005

The spiritual revolution : why religion is giving way to

spirituality. Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2005.

Th 248.3 D633 2003

Doble, Jasper A. Forms of worship : their biblical, historical

development and their relevance to contemporary worship in

the Seventh Day Adventists.

Th 248.4 M971 2008

Muntu, Donald L. Exposure to rock music and computer games :

their relationship to the religious habits of Indonesian

college students.

248.84 Ea11 2002

Eagar, Rob. Dating with pure passion. Eugene, OR : Harvest

House Publishers, c2002.

248.843 D582 2005

DiMarco, Hayley. Mean girls all grown up : a spiritual guide to

surviving mean women : workbook & journal. Grand Rapids,

Mich. : Revell, c2005.

Christian Organization, Social Work & Worship

266.022 C525 2008

Chester, Tim. Total church : a radical reshaping around gospel

and community. England : Inter-Varsity Press, c2008.

266.022 St841 2006

Stetzer, Ed. Breaking the missional code : your church can

become a missionary in your community. Nashville, Tenn. :

Broadman & Holman, 2006.

History of Christianity

270.092 D228 2007

Darwin, Leah Marasigan. Yes! I'm a pastor's wife! Makati City :

Church Strengthening ministry, c2007.

Other Religion

ER 290 W927 2006

A guide to the essentials : world religions. Peabody, Mass. :

Hendrickson Publishers, c2006.

291.2 B571 2003

Bevans, Stephen B. Models of contextual theology. rev. and

expanded ed. Manila : Logos, c2003.

GL 294.3 St923 2008

Strong, John, 1948-. The experience of Buddhism : sources and

interpretations. 3rd ed. Belmont, CA : Thomson/Wadsworth,


Social Sciences, Sociology & Anthropology

VR 302.23 B225 2008

Baran, Stanley J. Media world 2.0. 5th ed. Boston :

McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2008.

GL 305.80071 B218 2009

Banks, James A. Teaching strategies for ethnic studies. 8th ed.

Boston : Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, c2009.

Political Science

GL 320.557 M271 2007

Mandaville, Peter G., 1971-. Global political Islam. New York,

NY : Routledge, 2007.


F 330 N362 2008

Nebres, Abriel M. Economics : concepts, theories, and

application. Mandaluyong City : National Book Store, c2008.

F 331 P187

Panaglima, Pascual "Wally" C. Livelihood : window of

opportunities. [S. l. : s. n.], : c200?.

F 332.024 C683 2008

Colayco, Francisco J. Wealth within your reach : pera mo,

palaguin mo! Pasig City : Anvil Publishing, c2008.

332.024 K62 2001

Kiyosaki, Robert T., 1947-. Rich dad, poor dad : what the rich

teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class

do not! New York, NY : Warner Books, c2001.

332.0994 F491 2007

Financial markets institutions and money. Milton : John Wiley &

Sons Australia, c2007.

BTh 332.45 H771 2005

Hondo, Kevin. Establishing a foreign exchange center in

Adventist University of the Philippines at Puting Kahoy,

Silang, Cavite, 2005.

F 332.6 M426 2007

Mathematics of investment. Quezon City : C & E Publishing,


ER 338.04 G799 2007

Greene, Cynthia L. Exploring entrepreneurship and economics.

Mason, OH : Thomson Higher Education, 2006.

F 338.04 In61 2008

Introduction to entrepreneurship : success stories of Filipino

entrepreneurs. Manila : Anvil, c2008.

338.4791 T727 2007

Tourism development : impacts and strategies. New Delhi : Anmol

Publications, c2007.

338.4791 C454 2007

Chand, Mohinder. Travel agency management : an introductory

text. 2nd rev. & enlarged ed. New Delhi : Anmol, c2007.

338.9 B817 2006

Brander, James A. Government policy toward business. 4th ed.

Mississauga, ON : John Wiley & Sons Canada, c2006.


FR 340.59959 R231 2003

Rasul, Jainal D. Commentaries and jurisprudence : muslim code of

the Philippines with special rules of procedure in Shariah

Courts. Quezon City : FedPil Publishing, c2003.

FR 342.599 D278 2008

De Leon, Hector S. Textbook on the Philippine constitution.

2008 ed. Manila : Rex, c2008.

FR 344.0414 D278 2007

De Belen, Rustico T. Nursing law, jurisprudence, and

professional ethics. 1st ed. Quezon City : C & E

Publishing, c2007.

FR 344.0414 D278 2006

De Belen, Rustico T. A handbook in nursing law and ethics. 1st

ed. Quezon City : ARD Publishing House, c2006.

FR 344.0414 D278 2007

De Belen, Rustico. Significant laws, rules and regulations, and

standards in nursing practice. Quezon City : C& E

Publishing, c2007.

FR 344.0414 F981 2008

Fundamentals of nursing law, jurisprudence and ethics. Ermita,

Manila : Educational Publishing House, c2008.

FR 344.599 B175 2004

Baldago, Lily Ann R. The Philippine nursing act of 2002 :

annotated. Pasig City : Anvil Publishing, c2004.

FR 344.599 B175 2005

Baldago, Lily Ann R. The Philippine nursing act of 2002 :

annotated. Pasig City : Anvil Publishing, c2005.

Ref 346.0482 P123 2007

Padfield, Tim. Copyright for archivists and records managers.

3rd ed. London : Facet Publishing, c2007.

FR 346.096 D542 2007

Diaz, Virginia M. Handbook on negotiable instruments. Manila :

De La Salle Press, c2007.

Social Problems & Social Services

Th 362.11068 G394 2008

Getachew, Simreteab Legesse. Leadership behaviors of managers in

relation to employees' motivation in Manila Adventist

Medical Center.

GL 362.173068 B573 2006

Yoder-Wise, Patricia S., 1941-. Beyond leading and managing :

nursing administration for the future. St. Louis, MI. :

Mosby/Elsevier, c2006.

F 362.173068 V472 2006

Venzon, Lydia M. Nursing management towards quality care. 3rd

ed. Quezon City : C & E, c2006.

BTh 363.7299 Q6 2008

Quilao, Rhanie. Establishing a laundry services center in

Barangay Pasong Langka, Silang, Cavite.

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Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconComputer Science, Knowledge & Systems

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconDepartment of computer science and information systems

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconBs (computer science) SCHEME OF STUDIES UAF bs (CS) 4 Years Degree Program {Bachelor of Science in Computer Science}

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconIntelligent Systems. Master Program in Computer Science. Syllabus

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconComputer Science and Systems Engineering Specialisation in Information Technologies

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconИнформационные системы и технологии
М33 нологии = International Congress on Computer Science : Information Systems and Tech
Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconInformation Systems Journals: Knowledge Castles or Knowledge Gardens? Brian Whitworth

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconThis document contains updated version of “Computer Science” curriculum which has been revised by Computer Science Curriculum Revision committee in its meeting

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconThe move to "open systems" requires re-thinking interaction with knowledge representation systems

Computer Science, Knowledge & systems iconIn Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Massachusetts Institutes of Technology, August 1986. Member of Computational Structures Group at Laboratory of Computer Science, mit, June 1982 to August 1986. Ms

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