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HB 10 W7980 2008

World economic outlook, October 2008 : financial stress, downturns,

HF 5616 U5 G33 2009

Wiley GAAP ... : interpretation and application of generally accepted

HG 151 D54 2008

A dictionary of finance and banking.

LA 2311W48 2007

Who's who among students in American junior colleges.

LB 2328 M35 2009

Directory of Maryland Community Colleges

PS 668 B3 2007/2008

Representative American speeches

QA 76.15 H43 2008

Encyclopedia of computer science and technology

R 121 B599 2007

Black's student medical dictionary.

RB 113 H35 2009

HCPCS Level II expert.

RB 115 H37 2009

HCPCS : Healthcare common procedure coding system

RC 46 H333 2008

Harrison's principles of internal medicine

RC 563.4 G97 2008

The encyclopedia of drug abuse

RJ 401 M36 2009

Managing infectious diseases in child care and schools

RS 75 P57 2009

Physician's desk reference.

RT 79 H68 2008

How to pay for your degree in nursing, 2008-2010


BF 637 S8 G533 2008

Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963-

Outliers : the story of success

DA 480 E49 2002

Langford, Paul.

The eighteenth century

DD 247 H5 K47 2008

Kershaw, Ian.

Hitler : a biography

E 176.1 C88 2008

Craughwell, Thomas J., 1956-

Failures of the presidents : from the Whiskey Rebellion and War of 1812 to the Bay of Pigs and war in Iraq

E 185.61 A725 2008

Asante, Molefi K., 1981-

It's bigger than hip-hop : the rise of the post-hip-hop generation

E 302.6 A2 S76 2008

Stoll, Ira, 1972-

Samuel Adams : a life

E 873.2 C379 2004

Carter, Jimmy, 1924-

Sharing good times

GE 60 D44 2008

DeGalan, Julie.

Great jobs for environmental studies majors

GE 60 F37 2007

Fasulo, Michael.

Careers in the environment

GV 424.5 W45 2008

White, Jan, 1956-

Playing and learning outdoors : making provision for high-quality experiences in the outdoor environment

GV 734.3 W66 2009

Wong, Glenn M.

The comprehensive guide to careers in sports

GV 1196 M38 A3 2005

Maynard, Kyle, 1986-

No excuses : the true story of a congenital amputee who became a champion in wrestling and in life

GV 1600 R43 2008

Gottlieb, Robert S.

Reading dance : a gathering of memoirs, reportage, criticism, profiles, interviews, and some uncategorizable extras

HC 59.7 W659 2009

World development report 2009 : reshaping economic geography.

HD 9565 J84 2008

Juhasz, Antonia.

The tyranny of oil : the world's most powerful industry-- and what we must do to stop it

HD 9993 E452 E34 2009

Edery, David 1976-

Changing the game : how video games are transforming the future of business

HF 5382.5 U5 A594 2009

Shatkin, Laurence.

150 best recession-proof jobs

HF 5415.126 5 M556 2009

Miller, Michael, 1958-

YouTube for business : online video marketing for any business

HF 5616 U5 G33 2009

John Wiley & Sons.

Wiley GAAP ... : interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles.

HG 171 F47 2008

Ferguson, Niall.

The ascent of money : a financial history of the world

HQ 755.8 D376 1997

Davis, Laura.

Becoming the parent you want to be : a source book of strategies for the first five years

HQ 784 S56 R35 2002

Ralph, Kathleen S., 1948-

Interactions for development and learning : birth through eight years

HV 699 P324 1996

Rosin, Peggy.

Partnerships in family-centered care : a guide to collaborative early intervention

HV 741 K27 1991

Kagan, Sharon Lynn.

United we stand : collaboration for child care and early education services

HV 8141 C67 2009

Haugen, David M.

Criminal justice

LB 1139.25 I87 1997

Spodek, Bernard.

Issues in early childhood educational assessment and evaluation

LB 1139.35 P37 K49 2006

Keyser, Janis.

From parents to partners : building a family-centered early childhood program

LB 1139.5 S35 C66 2008

Saracho, Olivia N.

Contemporary perspectives on science and technology in early childhood education

LB 1715 C735 2009

Craig, Cheryl J.

Teacher learning in small-group settings

LB 2805 C6317 2000

Connors, Neila A.

If you don't feed the teachers, they eat the students! : a guide to success for administrators and teachers

LC 149.7 T73 2009

Reder, Stephen M.

Tracking adult literacy and numeracy skills : findings from longitudinal research

LF 795 L69 N4

Neill, Alexander Sutherland, 1883-1973.

Summerhill; a radical approach to child rearing.

ML 410 B566 B47 2008

Bernstein, Burton.

Leonard Bernstein : Aamerican original ; how a modern renaissance man transformed music and the world during his New York Philharmonic years, 1943-1976

ML 419 D39 A5 2008

Maher, Paul, 1963-

Miles on Miles : interviews and encounters with Miles Davis

ML 420 C46 A3 2004

Charles, Ray, 1930-2004.

Brother Ray : Ray Charles' own story

ML 421 L4 C76 1991

Cross, Charles R.

Led Zeppelin : heaven and hell : an illustrated history

ML 421 S6133 K36 2008

Kaliss, Jeff.

I want to take you higher : the life and times of Sly & the Family Stone

ML 3477 W69 2003

Wondrich, David.

Stomp and swerve : American music gets hot, 1843-1924

ML 3477.8 N48 M66 2008

Moore, Thurston.

No wave post-punk, underground, New York, 1976-1980

NA 680 H89 2008

Huxtable, Ada Louise.

On architecture : collected reflections on a century of change

NC 1002 L63 A32 2008

Adams, Sean.

Masters of design : logos & identity : a collective of the world's most inspiring logo designers

NC 1806.9 J66 2008

Jong, Cees de.

New poster art

ND 1839 T66 A4 2008

Cozzolino, Robert, 1970-

George Tooker

ND 2590 L49 2008

Lewisohn, Cedar.

Street art : the graffiti revolution

PA 4414 O7 B33 1982


Oedipus the King

PE 64 N34 A3 2008b

Nafisi, Azar.

Things I've been silent about : memories

PN 1997.8 T46 2008

Thomson, David, 1941-

Have you seen? : a personal introduction to 1,000 films

PR 4037 K67 2008

Kordich, Catherine J.

Bloom's how to write about Jane Austen

PR 4556 A86 2008

Jordan, John O.

Approaches to teaching Dickens's Bleak House

PR 4556 C49 2004

Allan, Janice M., 1966-

Charles Dickens's Bleak House : a sourcebook

PR 4556 S86 1997

Storey, Graham, 1920-

Charles Dickens : Bleak House

PS 2387 H4135 2008

Bloom, Harold.

Herman Melville

PS 2631 A65 2008b

Ackroyd, Peter, 1949-

Poe : a life cut short

PS 3501 S475 A6 1997

Ashbery, John, 1927-

The mooring of starting out : the first five books of poetry

PS 3501 S475 C36 1995

Ashbery, John, 1927-

Can you hear, bird : poems

PS 3501 S475 S4 1976

Ashbery, John, 1927-

Self-portrait in a convex mirror : poems

PS 3511 A86 Z9856853 2008

Bloom, Harold.

William Faulkner

PS 3515 U789 Z75 2009

Jones, Sharon L. (Sharon Lynette)

Critical companion to Zora Neale Hurston : a literary reference to her life and work

PS 3515 U789 Z96 2008

Bloom, Harold.

Zora Neale Hurston

PS 3537 A426 Z67 2008

Bloom, Harold.

J.D. Salinger

PS 3557 L3147 B45 2004

Glaser, Michael S., 1943-

Being a father : poems

PS 3558 A725 T56 2007

Hass, Robert.

Time and materials : poems, 1997-2005

PS 3558 I64 N5 1989

Hirsch, Edward.

The night parade : poems

QA 76.9 C55 S53 2008

Sheriff, Paul D.

Fundamentals of SQL Server

QC 983 M43 2008

Mergen, Bernard.

Weather matters : an American cultural history since 1900

QC 995.4 D53 2008

DiClaudio, Dennis.

Man vs. weather : how to be your own weatherman

QH 31 M9 W68 2008

Worster, Donald, 1941-

A passion for nature : the life of John Muir

QH 314 A88 2005

Astor, Bart.

What can you do with a major in biology?

QH 314 W525 2004

Belikoff, Kathleen.

Opportunities in biological science careers

QP 301 C2313 2007

Calais-Germain, Blandine.

Anatomy of movement

R 121 B599 2007

Marcovitch, Harvey.

Black's student medical dictionary.

R 123 L46 2009

Leonard, Peggy C.

Building a medical vocabulary : with Spanish translations

R 690 S727 2009

Stanfield, Peggy.

Introduction to the health professions

R 697 A4 C3735 2008

Ferguson Publishing.

Careers in focus. Therapists.

R 733 C656 2009

Davis, Carol M.

Complementary therapies in rehabilitation : evidence for efficacy in therapy, prevention, and wellness

RA 395 A3 D375 2008

Daschle, Thomas.

Critical : what we can do about the health-care crisis

RA 395 A3 R45 2007

Relman, Arnold S., 1923-

A second opinion : rescuing America's healthcare : a plan for universal coverage serving patients over profit

RA 395 A3 S897 2009

Sultz, Harry A.

Health care USA : understanding its organization and delivery

RA 418.5 T73 S64 2009

Spector, Rachel E., 1940-

Cultural diversity in health and illness

RA 776.75 Y64 2007

Oz, Mehmet, 1960-

You staying young : the owner's manual to extending your warranty

RA 785 P75 2007

Lehrer, Paul M.

Principles and practice of stress management

RC 71.3 M45 2008

Bellenir, Karen.

Medical tests sourcebook : basic consumer health information about X-rays, blood tests, stool and urine tests, biopsies, mammography, endoscopic procedures, ultrasound exams, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, ….

RC 375 C64 2008

Cohen, Brad, 1973-

Front of the class : how Tourette syndrome made me the teacher I never had

RC 440 S3317 2009

Schultz, Judith M.

Lippincott's manual of psychiatric nursing care plans

RC 440 T689 2008

Townsend, Mary C.

Essentials of psychiatric mental health nursing : concepts of care in evidence-based practice

RC 440 T69 2008

Townsend, Mary C., 1941-

Nursing diagnoses in psychiatric nursing : care plans and psychotropic medications

RC 588 D53 P47 2003

Pescatore, Fred, 1961-

The allergy and asthma cure : a complete 8-step nutritional program

RC 630 F596 2008

Fluids & electrolytes made incredibly easy!

RC 737.5 P37 2008

Pascualy, Ralph A., 1951-

Snoring and sleep apnea : sleep well, feel better

RC 889 F353 2006

Falcone, Tommaso.

Overcoming infertility : a Cleveland Clinic guide

RC 924.5 L85 H84 2008

Isenberg, David (David Alan)


RC 924.5 L85 W35 2009

Wallace, Daniel J. (Daniel Jeffrey), 1949-

The lupus book : a guide for patients and their families

RM 301 K44 2009

Kee, Joyce LeFever.

Pharmacology : a nursing process approach

RM 333 T66 2009

Tone, Andrea, 1964-

The age of anxiety : a history of America's turbulent affair with tranquilizers

RM 700 P464 2009

Cameron, Michelle H.

Physical agents in rehabilitation : from research to practice

RM 705 K78 2006

Krumhansl, Bernice.

Opportunities in physical therapy careers

RT 41 D54 2008

Doenges, Marilynn E., 1922-

Application of nursing process and nursing diagnosis : an interactive text for diagnostic reasoning

RT 49 C38 2009

Carpenito-Moyet, Lynda Juall.

Nursing care plans & documentation : nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems

RT 55 M64 2009

Saxton, Dolores F.

Mosby's comprehensive review of nursing for the NCLEX-RN examination

RT 55 N77 2008

Nugent, Patricia Mary, 1944-

Test success : test-taking techniques for beginning nursing students

RT 82 N874 2009

Zerwekh, JoAnn Graham.

Nursing today : transition and trends

TH 9445 P8 L54

National Fire Protection Association.

Life safety code handbook.

TX 355 S3475 2009

Schwarcz, Joseph A.

An apple a day : the myths, misconceptions, and truths about the foods we eat

Z 250 B29 2007

Bartram, Alan, 1932-

Typeforms : a history


LB 1025.2 N48 no.116 2008

Michaelsen, Larry K., 1943-

Team-based learning : small group learning's next big step

LB 2328 N48 no.144 2008

Schuetz, Pamela Gail.

Are community colleges underprepared for underprepared students?

LB2328.15.U6 M39 1991

McGrath, Dennis, 1946-

The academic crisis of the community college

LB 2341 N48 no.144 2008

Barefoot, Betsy O. (Betsy Overman), 1944-

The first year and beyond : rethinking the challenge of collegiate transition


ND 623 F5 A835 2008

Ahl, Diane Cole, 1949-

Fra Angelico

NK 4210 S435 A4 2007

Shaner, David, 1934-

Following the rhythms of life : the ceramic art of David Shaner

PN 6727 K57 E93 2007

Evanier, Mark.

Kirby : king of comics

TX 361 A8 M38 2009

McArdle, William D.

Sports and exercise nutrition

Z 246 F78 2009

Frutiger, Adrian, 1928-

Adrian Frutiger - typefaces : the complete works


473 Hooked : illegal drugs and how they got that way

474 Miss Evers’ boys

475 Wall Street

476 Psychology of prejudice

Ebrary titles

(Online access to ebooks)

(Ebrary redesigned their interface.)

Alessio, Helaine M. Oxidative stress, exercise, and aging

Amar, Akhil Reed. The Bill of Rights creation and reconstruction

Avery, Evelyn Gross, 1940- Modern Jewish women writers in America

Baldoni, John. How great leaders get great results

Berman, Gennady P., 1946- Magnetic resonance force microscopy and a single-spin measurement

Bickel, Peter J. Frontiers in statistics

Bodeker, Gerard. Traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine policy and public health

Chung, Deborah D. L. The road to scientific success inspiring life stories of prominent researchers.

Cole, G. H. A. Wandering stars about planets and exo-planets : an introductory notebook

Conference "The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Historical Analysis

The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Historical Analysis and Open Questions -

Croft, William J. Under the microscope a brief history of microscopy

Daniell, Mark Haynes, 1955- Wealth wisdom for everyone an easy-to-use guide to personal financial planning

Farago, Anna, 1978- The patron saint of business management a new management style from a wise monk

Gallander, Benjamin, 1950- The uncommon entrepreneur how to start and operate your own successful business

Graneau, Peter. In the grip of the distant universe the science of inertia

Hensley, Doug. Continued fractions

Howell, Lorraine. Give your elevator speech a lift!

Johnson, W. Brad. Write to the top! how to be a prolific academic

Jones, Norman W. Gay and lesbian historical fiction sexual mystery and post-secular narrative

Kelley, Donald R., 1931- Versions of history from antiquity to the Enlightenment

Kinservik, Matthew J., 1967- Sex, scandal, and celebrity in late eighteenth-century England

Lane, David Stuart. The transition from communism to capitalism ruling elites from Gorbachev to Yeltsin

Laurencelle, Louis, 1946- Statistical tables, explained and applied

Levine, Terri. Work yourself happy a step-by-step guide to creating joy in your life and work

Lim, Hwa A. Genetically yours bioinforming, biopharming, biofarming

Miller, Steve (Steve A.), 1951- Over 66 tips and tricks to supercharge your trade show promotions

Nyborg, Wesley Le Mars, 1917- Emerging therapeutic ultrasound

Paul, Harry, 1950- Revved! an incredible way to rev up your workplace and achieve amazing results

Richard, Tom. Smart sales people don't advertise 10 ways to outsmart your competition

Rosei, Federico, 1972- Survival skills for scientists

Sandy, Amelia Zurcher, 1965- Seventeenth-century English romance allegory, ethics, and politics

Sherwood, Marika. After abolition Britain and the slave trade since 1807

Siegel, Deborah. Sisterhood, interrupted from radical women to girls gone wild

Smith, Susan Harris. Plays in American periodicals, 1890-1918

Springett, Andrew, 1973- The pension strategy the ultimate guide to personal investing

Sugars, Bradley J. Instant cashflow

Wadia, S. R. (Spenta R.) The legacy of Albert Einstein a collection of essays

Wallace, Ed. Fares to friends how to develop outstanding business relationships

Walsh, Brian Everard, 1947- Unleashing your brilliance tools & techniques to achieve personal , professional and academic success

Walzer, Michael. On toleration


Carroll community college iconCarroll community college

Carroll community college iconCarroll community college

Carroll community college iconCarroll community college

Carroll community college iconFor this assignment, I chose to focus on the journalism collection in the academic library at Cayuga Community College in Auburn, N. Y. Cayuga Community College

Carroll community college iconHaywood Community College

Carroll community college iconMadisonville Community College

Carroll community college iconGlendale Community College

Carroll community college iconMetropolitan community college

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