Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers

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НазваниеMedical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers
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Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers

(compiled by E. Vano)


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Highlighted in yellow “protocols for measurements” (or similar)


Physics For Diagnostic Radiology, Third Edition (2010). by P. P. Dendy (Author), Heaton B (Author). Medical Science Series. Publisher: CRC Press.

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging by Paul Suetens. 2009.

Review of Radiologic Physics. Walter Huda. 2009. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Introduction to Physics in Modern Medicine by Suzanne Amador Kane. 2009. CRC Pr.

Farr's Physics for Medical Imaging by Jerry Williams, Penelope Allisy-Roberts. 2007.

Introduction to the Mathematics of Medical Imaging by Epstein. Charles L. 2007.

Principles of Radiological Physics by Graham, Paul J. Cloke, Martin Vosper. 2007.

Ultrasonic Diagnostics in Medicine: Physical Foundations by L. a. Bulavin, Yu F. Zabashta 2007.

Physics for Diagnostic Radiology, Third Edition. 1999. CRC Press.

Medical Imaging and Radiation Protection for Medical Students and Clinical Staff. Martin CJ, Dendy PP, Corbett RH. The British Institute of Radiology. UK. 2003.

Christensen's Physics of Diagnostic Radiology by Thomas S Curry, James E Dowdey, and Robert E Murry (1990).

The Physics of Medical Imaging (Medical Science Ser) by S. Webb (1988).

A Handbook in the Physics of Diagnostic Radiology by Dev P. Chakraborty (1992).

Radiation Exposure and Image Quality in X-Ray Diagnostic Radiology: Physical Principles and Clinical Applications by Horst Aichinger, Joachim Dierker, Sigrid Joite-Barfuß, and Manfred Säbel (2003).

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology by William E Brant and Clyde A Helms (1999).

Medical Imaging Physics by William R. Hendee and E. Russell Ritenour (2002).

Basic physics of ultrasonic imaging by Nimrod M. Tole and Harald. Ostensen (2005).

Physics for Medical Imaging Applications (NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) by Yves Lemoigne, Alessandra Caner, and Ghita Rahal (2007).

Handbook of Medical Imaging, Volume 1. Physics and Psychophysics (SPIE Press Monograph Vol. PM79) by Jacob Beutel, Harold L. Kundel, and Richard L. Van Metter (2000).

Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology (Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering) by Russell K. Hobbie (2001).

Physics of Radiology, Fourth Edition by Harold Elford Johns and John Robert Cunningham (1983).

Ultrasound in Medicine (Medical Sciences Series) by Francis A. Duck, A.C Baker, and H.C Starritt (1998).

Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists (Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering) by Ervin B. Podgorsak (2005).

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging by Paul Suetens (2002).

Understanding Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Robert C. Smith and Robert C. Lange (1997).

Computed Tomography: From Photon Statistics to Modern Cone-Beam CT by Thorsten M. Buzug (2008).

How does MRI work?: An Introduction to the Physics and Function of Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Dominik Weishaupt, Victor D. Koechli, and Borut Marincek (2008).

Physics in Medical Diagnosis by T.A. Delchar (1997).

Imaging Systems for Medical Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Technical Solutions and Applications for Systems Applying Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound by Arnulf Oppelt (2006).

MDCT Physics: The Basics by Mahadevappa Mahesh (2009).

PACS: Basic Principles and Applications by H. K. Huang (1998).

PACS and Imaging Informatics: Basic Principles and Applications by H. K. Huang (2004).

Ionizing Radiation Detectors for Medical Imaging by Alberto Del Guerra (2004).

Handbook of Medical Image Processing and Analysis, Second Edition (Academic Press Series in Biomedical Engineering) by Isaac Bankman (2008).

Digital Image Processing for Medical Applications by Geoff Dougherty (2009).

Computed Tomography: Principles, Design, Artifacts, and Recent Advances (SPIE Press Monograph Vol. PM114) by Jiang Hsieh (2003).

Breast MRI: Fundamentals and Technical Aspects by R. Edward Hendrick (2007).

Scientific Papers (reviews):

Huda W, Nickoloff EL, Boone JM. Overview of patient dosimetry in diagnostic radiology in the USA for the past 50 years. Med Phys. 2008 Dec;35(12):5713-28. Review.

Kagadis GC, Nagy P, Langer S, Flynn M, Starkschall G. Anniversary paper: roles of medical physicists and health care applications of informatics. Med Phys. 2008 Jan;35(1):119-27. Review.

Cowen AR, Davies AG, Sivananthan MU. The design and imaging characteristics of dynamic, solid-state, flat-panel x-ray image detectors for digital fluoroscopy and fluorography. Clin Radiol. 2008 Oct;63(10):1073-85. Review.

Cowen AR, Kengyelics SM, Davies AG. Solid-state, flat-panel, digital radiography detectors and their physical imaging characteristics. Clin Radiol. 2008 May;63(5):487-98. Epub 2008 Jan 31. Review.

Martin CJ. Radiation dosimetry for diagnostic medical exposures. Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2008;128(4):389-412. Epub 2008 Mar 28. Review.

Frey GD, Ibbott GS, Morin RL, Paliwal BR, Thomas SR, Bosma J. The American Board of Radiology Perspective on Maintenance of Certification: Part IV: Practice quality improvement in radiologic physics. Med Phys. 2007 Nov;34(11):4158-63.

Cowen AR, Davies AG, Kengyelics SM. Advances in computed radiography systems and their physical imaging characteristics. Clin Radiol. 2007 Dec;62(12):1132-41. Epub 2007 Sep 7. Review.

Nagy PG. The future of PACS. Med Phys. 2007 Jul;34(7):2676-82.

Yoon HJ, Zheng B, Sahiner B, Chakraborty DP. Evaluating computer-aided detection algorithms.

Med Phys. 2007 Jun;34(6):2024-38. Erratum in: Med Phys. 2008 Nov;35(11):5197.

Kalender WA, Kyriakou Y. Flat-detector computed tomography (FD-CT). Eur Radiol. 2007 Nov;17(11):2767-79. Epub 2007 Jun 23. Review.

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Costa PR, Caldas LV. Evaluation of protective shielding thickness for diagnostic radiology rooms: theory and computer simulation. Med Phys. 2002 Jan;29(1):73-85.

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Duerk JL. Principles of MR image formation and reconstruction. Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am. 1999 Nov;7(4):629-59. Review.

Harpen MD. An introduction to wavelet theory and application for the radiological physicist.

Med Phys. 1998 Oct;25(10):1985-93.

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Jul-Aug;73(6):511-33; quiz 534-6, 566. Review. Erratum in: Radiol Technol. 2002 Nov-Dec;74(2):132.. PubMed PMID: 12154656



AAPM report 14, 1985. Performance Specifications and Acceptance Testing for X-Ray Generators and Automatic Exposure Control Devices. 

AAPM report 15, 1985. Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance in Digital Subtraction Angiography. 

AAPM report 20, 1986. Site Planning for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems. 

AAPM report 25, 1988. Protocols for the Radiation Safety Surveys of Diagnostic Radiological Equipment. 

AAPM report 28, 1990. Quality Assurance Methods and Phantoms for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Reprinted from Medical Physics, Vol. 17, Issue 2). 

AAPM report 29, 1990. Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Committee Task Group #7 Equipment Requirements and Quality Control for Mammography. 

AAPM report 31, 1990. Standardized Methods for Measuring Diagnostic X-Ray Exposures. 

AAPM Report 33, 1991 Staffing Levels and Responsibilities of Physicists in Diagnostic Radiology. 

AAPM report 34, 1992. Acceptance Testing of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems (Reprinted from Medical Physics, Vol. 19, Issue 1). 

AAPM report 35, 1992. Recommendations on Performance Characteristics of Diagnostic Exposure Meters (Reprinted from Medical Physics, Vol. 19, Issue 1). 

AAPM report 39, 1993. Specification and Acceptance Testing of Computed Tomography Scanners. 

AAPM report 42, 1994. The Role of the Clinical Medical Physicist in Diagnostic Radiology. 

AAPM report 58, 1998. Managing the Use of Fluoroscopy in Medical Institutions. 

AAPM report 60, 1998. Instrumentation Requirements of Diagnostic Radiological Physicists. 

AAPM report 65, 1998. Real-Time B-Mode Ultrasound Quality Control Test Procedures (Reprinted from Medical Physics, Vol. 25, Issue 8). 

AAPM report 70, 2001. Cardiac Catheterization Equipment Performance. 

AAPM report 74, 2002. Quality Control in Diagnostic Radiology. 

AAPM report 77, 2002. Practical aspects of function MRI (Reprinted from Medical Physics, Vol. 29, Issue 8). 

AAPM report 78, 2002. Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the brain. Medical Physics, Volume 29, Issue 9. 

AAPM report 2005. Assessment of Display Performance for Medical Imaging Systems.

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AAPM report 93, 2006. Acceptance Testing and Quality Control of Photostimulable Storage Phosphor Imaging Systems. 

AAPM report 94, 2006. Validating Automatic Film Processor Performance. 

AAPM . Radiology Residents Physics Curriculum. May 2007. This curriculum describes the core physics knowledge related to medical imaging that a radiologist should know when graduating from an accredited radiology residency program.

AAPM report 2008. The Measurement, Reporting, and Managementof Radiation Dose in CT. 


Applying Radiation Safety Standards in Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Procedures Using X Rays (Safety Reports Series No. 39, STI/PUB/1206), 2006.

Dosimetry in Diagnostic Radiology: An International Code of Practice. Technical Reports Series No. 457, 2007.

IAEA web material for training activities in Diagnostic and Interventional radiology and cardiology.

Radiation Protection in Newer Medical Imaging Techniques: Cardiac CT. Safety Reports Series No.  60. 2009.

Radiation Protection in Newer Medical Imaging Techniques: CT Colonography. Safety Reports Series No.  61. 2009.

Radiation Protection in Newer Medical Imaging Techniques: PET/CT. Safety Reports Series No.  58. 2009.


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ICRU Report. Tissues Substitutes, Phantoms and Computation Modelling in Medical Ultrasound (Report 61). ICRU Report 61, 1999.

ICRU Report. Fundamental Quantities and Units for Ionizing Radiation (Report 60). ICRU Report No. 60, 1998.

ICRU Report. Medical Imaging - The Assessment of Image Quality (Report 54). ICRU Report No. 54, 1996.

ICRU. Phantoms and Computational Models in Therapy, Diagnosis and Protection (Report 48)

ICRU Report No. 48, 1992

ICRU Report. Tissue Substitutes in Radiation Dosimetry and Measurement (Report 44)

ICRU Report No. 44, 1989.

ICRU Report. Modulation Transfer Function of Screen- Film Systems (Report 41). ICRU Report No. 41, 1986.

ICRU Report. Radiation Dosimetry: X Rays Generated at Potentials of 5 to 150 kV (Report 17). ICRU Report No. 17, 1970


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ICRP Publication 93. Managing patient dose in digital radiology, JAICRP 34(1), 2004.Managing patient dose in digital radiology, JAICRP 34(1), 2004.

ICRP Publication 90. Biological Effects after Prenatal Irradiation (Embryo and Fetus), JAICRP 33(1-2), 2003.

ICRP Publication 87. Managing Patient Dose in Computed Tomography, JAICRP 30(4), 2000.

ICRP Publication 85. Avoidance of Radiation Injuries from Medical Interventional Procedures, JAICRP 30(2), 2000.

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ICRP Publication 33. Protection against Ionizing Radiation from External Sources used in Medicine, JAICRP 9(1), 1982.


NCRP report. Medical Radiation Exposure of Pregnant and Potentially Pregnant Women (1977).

NCRP Report No. 049 - Structural Shielding Design and Evaluation for Medical Use of X Rays and Gamma Rays of Energies up to 10 MeV. 1976.

NCRP Report 068. Radiation Protection in Pediatric Radiology (1981).

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NCRP Report No. 099 - Quality Assurance for Diagnostic Imaging. 1988.

NCRP Report 102. Medical X-Ray, Electron Beam and Gamma-Ray Protection for Energies Up to 50 MeV (Equipment Design, Performance and Use (1989) (supersedes NCRP Report No. 33).

NCRP Report 107. Implementation of the Principle of As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) for Medical and Dental Personnel (1990).

NCRP Report 113. Exposure Criteria for Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound: I. Criteria Based on Thermal Mechanisms (1992).

NCRP Report 122. Use of Personal Monitors to Estimate Effective Dose Equivalent and Effective Dose to Workers For External Exposure to Low-LET Radiation (1995).

NCRP Report 133. Radiation Protection for Procedures Performed Outside the Radiology Department (2000).

NCRP Report 140. Exposure Criteria for Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound; II. Criteria Based on All Known Mechanisms (2002).

NCRP Report 145. Structural Shielding Design for Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities (2004).

NCRP Report 147. Structural Shielding Design for Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities (2004).

NCRP Report 149. A Guide to Mammography and Other Breast Imaging Procedures (2004).


WHO publication. Efficacy and Radiation Safety in Interventional Radiology. WHO 2000. Geneva.

EURATOM Report 109: Guidance on diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for medical exposures

SEFM publications in the field of medical imaging physics:

SEFM. Protocolo de control de calidad en mamografía digital

SEFM/2005 / Procedimientos recomendados para la dosimetría de Rayos X de energías entre 20 y 150 keV en Radiodiagnóstico. ISBN 8493444804.

SEFM/SEPR 1996 / Protocolo Español de control de calidad en Radiodiagnóstico (Aspectos técnicos), 1996


Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconNew Books – October-December 2009 Medical Books

Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconMedical Practitioners (Registered Medical Practioners) 2004 (No 1 )

Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconI. The self-appraisal report of professional higher education program “Medical Engineering and Physics”

Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconMedical Technologist /Medical Laboratory Scientist

Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconLists of medical books library (S. T./S. C.)2011-12

Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconMsc- medical Mycology-Tehran Medical University-Tehran-Iran

Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconThe University emblem symbolizes various systems of medicine and Para Medical systems. It also depicts the global character of preventive, Promotive and curative medicine. The motto “health for all” Reflects all the objectives of this medical university

Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconThese publications cited papers and books authored and coauthored by S. A. Ostroumov
Примеры работ, цитирующих публикации с авторством и соавторством д б н. С. А. Остроумова. These publications cited papers and books...
Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconHerald of the mechnikov saint-petersburg state medical academy (profilactical and clinical medicine)
«The Mechnikov Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy of the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian...
Medical Physics for Medical Imaging: relevant books, protocols, reports and papers iconHerald of the mechnikov saint-petersburg state medical academy (profilactical and clinical medicine)
«The Mechnikov Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy of the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian...
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