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International Workshop on Food Suplementation in Food Allergy and Immunity

Olsztyn, 30 August – 1 September, 2002



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Preliminary suggestion of organising the Workshop was proposed during the International Symposium on Immunological, Chemical and Clinical Problems of Food Allergy, on 11-13 March 2001 in Venice, still on the forum of team chaired by Prof. Peter Czedik-Eysenberg and at the International Workshop on Food Allergy: Chemical and Technological Aspects in Ispra, on 6-8 November 2001.

More and more frequent scientific meetings on food allergy taking place in Europe and all over the world are justified by the significance of the issue and being directly related with the observed continuous growth of this medical problem are an attempt to prevent or counteract allergies, in this - food allergies.

Quantitative increase in the occurrence of allergies is caused by such external factors as: kind of diet (for example-dietary habits, mother’s nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, too short or no breast feeding, early introduction of solid, especially strongly allergenic products to infant diets, diet poor in salt, deficiency of vitamin D, and others), cleanness of environment (for instance -degree of dustiness, exposure to tobacco smoke, UV radiation), climatic factors, frequent antibiotic therapies, individual conditions (genetic factor, degree of stress or fatigue).

Among the factors of potential allergy development an important role is ascribed to food allergens. At present, allergies take the fourth rank on the list of population medical problems, after cardiovascular diseases, neoplasms and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Similarly to the world-wide tendencies, in Poland the occurrence of food allergies is considerably increasing. At present it is estimated that about 10 to 35% of population suffers from allergies, in this 0.5 to 7% - from food allergies.

The problem is becoming one of the most significant epidemiological and economic issues (the costs of recognising and treating allergies in the EU are ca. 30 bln ECU) and needs international scale solutions.

The experience of previous international meetings in the field of food allergies clearly demonstrates that the issue is very serious from the point of view of society and its health status. An interdisciplinary character of the issue requires focusing attention of many specialists - both in medicine, immunology, chemistry, food technology, nutrition, and pharmaceutics, as well as of producers of special foods.

Aware of the fact, that a crucial element in solving problems of food allergy is proper diet and food supplementation as well as proper food modification we organize the workshop on “Food supplementation in food allergy and immunity”.

The aim of the workshop is estimation of Polish and world science achievements concerning the effects of foods on the immunologic system reactivity depending on the age and health state (allergy). The superior aim of the workshop is selecting the directions of future research in food technology and defining dietetic recommendations in order to ensure a good state of health for the population.

These workshop tends towards working out the directions of future research, dietetic recommendations and directives for food industry in the field of the production of foods assigned for special application. Appropriate diets, prepared according to the suggestions of researchers from medicine, physiology and food technology fields should favour shortening the recuperation period and prolongation of the life span of the population.

The main subjects of our meeting are:

-Nutrition and immunity;

-Characterisation of the possibilities of lowering the immunogenic and allergenic properties of food;

-Food supplementation in food allergy and immunity.

Recently, attention of researchers and clinicists in nutritional pharmaco-therapy has been drawn to such nutritional components with therapeutic character as glutamine- the main energy source for enterocytes, the cells of small intestine mucus, growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor1 (IFG-1), epidermal growth factor (EGF), short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) or antioxidants. It can be expected that in future special diets will be supplemented with these components. Diet supplementation is becoming not only a fashionable trend resulting from human interests, but also a vital need which pharmaceutical companies try to meet.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants of the workshop as well as to sponsors who supported our meeting.

I sincerely hope that our Workshop will be a next step in consolidating researchers and producers involved in the issue of food allergies and that it will contribute to establishing priority research directions in this field, which will , hopefully, be reflected already at the next International Allergenicity Conference in Budapest in 2003.

Plenary lectures and short communications presented during internationall Workshop will be presented in the supplement to Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences published by Division of Food Science Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn, Poland.

On behalf of organisers and myself I wish you productive sessions.


FRIDAY 30th August

7:00-13:00 - Arrival, registration - Participants of food safety conference would joint after lunch break

13:00 LUNCH

14:15 Welcome and opening of the workshop

  • Prof. Henryk Kostyra - Vice-director of Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn

  • Prof. Lucjan Jędrychowski - Chairman of Scientific Committee

Session A Allergenicity of foods of plant and animal origin

Chairpersons: Dr Jean Michel Wal (Laboratoire d’Immuno-Allergie Alimentaire, Service de Pharmacologie et Immunologie (SPI) INRA-CEA Saclay, France

Prof. Lucjan Jędrychowski (Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food

Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Olsztyn, Poland.


14:30 Dr. John Jenkins: Plant Allergen Protein Families - Structural attributes and allergenicity. Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK

15:10 Dr Clare Mills: Allergenicity of food proteins. Research & Development. Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK

15:50 Coffee and tea break

16:10 Dr. Eva Gelencser: Immune responses to dietary antigens: oral tolerance.

Central Food Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary.

16:50 Dr. André H Penninks, "Animal models for potential allergenicity testing of novel food proteins: Possibilities and limitations", TNO Nutrition and Food Research, The Netherlands.:


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Food and nutrition in food allergy foreword iconFood and drug administration

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Food and nutrition in food allergy foreword iconFood and drug administration

Food and nutrition in food allergy foreword iconFood and drug administration

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