Department of Statistics

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Department of Statistics

H220701 Introduction to Probability (機率概論)

Fall 2008 (97學年度第1學期)

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to develop quality and socially responsible professionals and leaders while advancing statistical knowledge through rigorous training in statistical theory and application.

General Program Learning Goals (goals covered by this course are indicated):


Graduates should solve strategic problems with a creative and innovative approach.



Graduates should possess the necessary skills and values demanded of a true professional.


Graduates should be able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.


Graduates should possess a global economic and management perspective.


Graduates should demonstrate management skills demanded of a person in authority.


Tiee-Jian Wu /吳鐵肩


Prerequisite/先修科目 :

Calculus I、II

Course Description/課程概述:

Introduction to probability

Course Objectives/教學目標:

Learn the basic concepts, methodology, and theory of probability

Content Summary/授課課程大綱明細:

1 The concept of probability and basic results

2 Conditional probability and independence

3 Numerical characteristics of rv's

4 Some special distributions

5 Joint probability density function of more than two rv's and related quantities

6 Independence of rv's and some applications

7 Transformation of rv's

8 Two modes of convergence, the WLLN, the CLT, and further results


G. Roussas Introduction to Probability. Academic Press (2007)

Recommended references/參考書目:

Course Requirement/課程要求:

Grading Policy/評量方式:

Test1 25%

Test2 25%

Test3 25%

Homework & quizzes 25%


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