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WSEAS and NAUN Conferences
Joint Program

15th CSCC Multiconference:
th WSEAS International Conference on Circuits
th WSEAS International Conference on Systems
th WSEAS International Conference on Communications
th WSEAS International Conference on Computers

4th WSEAS International Conference on Urban Planning and Transportation (UPT '11)

4th WSEAS International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Tourism
(CUHT '11)

8th WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Education

4th WSEAS International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, Structures, Engineering Geology (EMESEG '11)

International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Simulation, Modelling
(ASM '11)

International Conference on Circuits, Systems and Signals (CSS '11)

International Conference on Communications and Information Technology (CIT '11)

International Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Heat and Mass Transfer 2011 (FLUIDSHEAT '11)

International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2011
(TAM '11)

International Conference on Education and Educational Technologies 2011 (EDU '11)

International Conference on Geography and Geology 2011 (GEO '11)

International Conference on Energy and Development - Environment - Biomedicine 2011 (EDEB '11)

Corfu Island, Greece, July 14-17, 2011

1st Day, July 14, 2011

Registration: 08:00-09:00

Keynote Lecture 1: 09:00-09:45, Room A’

Fundamental Laws of Nature: Mass-Energy, Work, Heat and Entropy - From Reversible Isentropic to Irreversible Caloric Processes

by Prof. M. Kostic, Northern Illinois University, USA.

Keynote Lecture 2: 09:45-10:30, Room A’

Jet Noise Predictions Using Large Eddy Simulations

by Prof. Anastasios Lyrintzis, Purdue University, USA.

Keynote Lecture 3: 10:30-11:15, Room A’

Fuel Cell for Electric Locomotive Transportation: State-of-the-Art Review and Challenges

by Prof. Pradip Majumdar, Northern Illinois University, USA.

Coffee-break: 11:15-11:45

Plenary Lecture 1: 11:45-12:30, Room A’

New Approach to Continuous and Discrete-Time Systems based on Abstract State Space Energy

by Prof. Milan Stork, University of West Bohemia, CZECH REPUBLIC.

Plenary Lecture 2: 11:45-12:30, Room B’

Romania, Tourism and Culture Major Drivers of Regional Attractiveness

by Prof. Mirela Mazilu, University of Craiova, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 3: 11:45-12:30, Room C’

Intelligent Robotic System with Fuzzy Learning Controller and 3D Stereo Vision

by Prof. Shiuh-Jer Huang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN.

Plenary Lecture 4: 11:45-12:30, Room D’

Infrared Image Processing Methods and Systems

by Prof. Alexander Bekiarski, Technical University Kliment Ohridski, BULGARIA.

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 12:30-14:30

CUHT Session: Sustainable Development, Urban & Rural Tourism

Chair: Mirela Mazilu, Nistor Stelian

Romania, Tourism and Culture - Major Drivers of Regional Attractiveness

Mirela Mazilu


The Statistical Analysis of Romanian Tourism in the Context of the World Economic Crisis

Mirela Mazilu, Dumitru Bala, Roxana Severineanu


Tourism - Revival Factor at Social, Cultural and Economic Levels

Mirela Mazilu, Madalina Andrei, Daniela Dumitrescu


Belgrade as a Tourism Destination: Strategic Management Aspects

Nina Djurica, Gordana Tomic, Maja Djurica


Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Sustainable Development in Beius Land: The Wood Civilization as Wandering Tourism Product

Rodica Petrea, Claudiu Filimon, Luminita Filimon, Paul Olau


Protected Areas in Hungary and Romania, Bases for the Development of a Sustainable Tourism – A Comparative Preliminary Analisys

Stelian Nistor, Camelia Teodorescu, Ribana Linc, Iulian Dinca, Liviu Bucur


CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 12:30-14:30

EDEB Session: Energy Efficient Systems

Chair: Kurt Geckeler, Martino Paolucci

The Use of Thermal Energy Storage for Energy System based on Cogeneration Plant

Anna Volkova, Andres Siirde


Monitoring of Energy Flows and Optimization of Energy Efficiency in a Production Facility

I. Leobner, K. Ponweiser, C. Dorn, F. Bleicher


Hydrogen Energy Storage Materials Based on Conducting Polymers and their Nanocomposites

Kurt E. Geckeler


Heavy Metals Behaviour in a Gasification Reactor

Martino Paolucci, Carlo Borgianni, Paolo De Filippis


Energy Performance Implies Measures from Consumers to the Energy Supply Sources

Rodica Frunzulica, Mirela Sanda Toropoc


European Energy Policy – Directives and Action Plans

V. Pozeb, D. Goricanec, J. Krope


CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 12:30-14:30

GEO Session: Geography and Geology

Chair: Abdalla Amir Omar, Alamta Singarimbun

Abnormal Deflection in the Some Folded Axes within Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt, Northern Iraq, Mirawa-Mawaran Synclinal Axis as a case Study

Abdalla Amir Omar


Self–Potential Methods on Geothermal Exploration (Case Study: Mount Patuha, West Java, Indonesia)

Alamta Singarimbun, Mitra Djamal, Fitri Meilawati


Extreme Climatic Phenomena during the Hot Period of the Year in Targoviste Municipality and its Surroundings (1961-2010). Case Studies

Ovidiu Murarescu, Gica Pehoiu, Bogdan Puscoi


Present Features of the Migration Phenomenon in Romania

Tamara Simon, Madalina-Teodora Andrei, Iuliana Pop, Petronela-Sonia Nedea, Florin Vartolomei


Aspects of the Tourist Development on the Romanian Black Sea Coastline

Tamara Simon, Mirela-Elena Mazilu, Madalina-Teodora Andrei, Roxana-Cristina Severineanu, Costin Dumitrascu


CONFERENCE ROOM D’: 12:30-14:30

ASM Session: Applied Mathematics I

Chair: Ljiljana Petrovic, Azami Zaharim

On Markovian Extensions and Reductions of a Family of Hilbert Spaces

Ljiljana Petrovic


On Spatial Estimation of Wind Energy Potential in Malaysia

Nurulkamal Masseran, Ahmad Mahir Razali, Kamarulzaman Ibrahim, Wan Zawiah Wan Zin, Azami Zaharim


The Value of Demand Postponement under Demand Uncertainty

Rawee Suwandechochai


Estimating Wind Energy Using Extrapolated Data of Cameron Highlands

Siti Khadijah Najid, Ahmad Mahir Razali, Kamaruzaman Ibrahim, Kamaruzzaman Sopian, Azami Zaharim


A Delay-Differential Equations Model of Bone Remodeling Process

Suchanan Thongmak, Wannapa Kunpasuruang, Chontita Rattanakul


The Design and Realization of Data Accessing Service in the Meta-Synthetic Integrated Environment of Stratagem Research

Wei Jicai, Bai Hanbin, Zhao Wei, Ren Tingguang, Li Junmei


Localized Resonant States and Transmission in a Two-Dimensional Photonic Quasicrystal

Yair Neve-Oz, Therese Pollok, Sven Burger, Michael Golosovsky, Dan Davidov


CONFERENCE ROOM E’: 12:30-14:30

CIRCUITS Session: Advances in Circuits and Systems I

Chair: José Antonio Siqueira Dias, Eko Supriyanto

Precision Table-Top Portable Thermal Chamber with Double Thermoelectric Module

Anderson W. Spengler, Elnatan C. Ferreira, Jose A. Siqueira Dias


Pulse Width Modulation Managing Application

Dalibor Slovak


Low Cost PVDF Sensor Casing for Ultrasound Power Measurement

Eko Supriyanto, Imamul Muttakin, Mohd Hafizul Mohd Fathil, Camallil Omar


Lightning Surge Response Improvement by Combinations of Varistors and Gas -Discharge –Tubes

Hitoshi Kijima


Hardware Implementation of Field-Weakening BLDC Motor Control

Robert Istvan Lorincz, Mihai Emanuel Basch, David Cristea, Ivan Bogdanov, Virgil Tiponut


Hardware Implementation of BLDC Motor Diagnosis

Robert Istvan Lorincz, Mihai Emanuel Basch, Ivan Bogdanov, Virgil Tiponut


Thermal Field Distribution in Bolted Busbar Connections with Longitudinal Slots

Yanko Slavtchev, Nikos Mastorakis, Valeri Mladenov


CONFERENCE ROOM F’: 12:30-14:30

EDEB Session: Air, Water and Environmental Pollution

Chair: Maris Klavins, Cornelia Aida Bulucea

Assessing the Environmental Pollutant Vector of Combustion Gases Emission from Coal-Fired Power Plants

Cornelia A. Bulucea, Andreea Jeles, Nikos E. Mastorakis, Carmen A Bulucea, Constantin Brindusa


Approaches for Peat Modification to Improve Oil Sorption Capacity

Maris Klavins, Dmitry Porshnov


Trace Elements in Sediments of Lakes in Latvia

Maris Klavins, Ilga Kokorite, Maruta Jankevica, Jonas Mazeika, Valery Rodinov


Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Coal-Fired Power Plants through Wastewater Pollutant Vector

Nikos E. Mastorakis, Andreea Jeles, Cornelia A Bulucea, Carmen A. Bulucea, Constantin Brindusa


Stress-Sensitivity in Tight Gas Reservoirs: A Curse or an Opportunity for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration?

Rosalind A. Archer


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Wseas and naun conferences Joint Program iconCompiled and edited by Tony Shaw, Program Chair, Wilshire Conferences, Inc

Wseas and naun conferences Joint Program iconThis report compiled and edited by Tony Shaw, Program Chair, Wilshire Conferences

Wseas and naun conferences Joint Program iconAdvanced program joint 1st Pan-Pacific Basin Workshop and 4th Japan-China Workshop on microgravity sciences

Wseas and naun conferences Joint Program iconJoint Progress Report on the implementation of the Africa-eu joint Strategy

Wseas and naun conferences Joint Program iconConcentric structures on →joint planes marking separate episodes of joint propagation. They are are circular or parabolic in shape, usually bound →hackle marks

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К. Филиоу,, Hydrogen recearch activities in the Joint recearch centre of the E. C., European commission, dg joint research
Wseas and naun conferences Joint Program icon9th wseas international Conference on circuits, systems, electronics, control & signal processing (csecs '10)

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Wseas and naun conferences Joint Program iconCriterion : The Program shall have a clearly formulated and publicly stated mission with supporting goals and objectives. The Program shall foster the development of professional public health values

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