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vol. 45, n. 7, settembre 2000

Chaimovitz Gary, Aboriginal mental health. Moving forward, pp. 605-606.

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vol. 45, n. 10, novembre 2000

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vol. 46, n. 5, giugno 2001

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vol. 46, n. 6, agosto 2001

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vol. 46, n. 10, dicembre 2001

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vol. 47, n. 2, marzo 2002

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vol. 47, n. 4, maggio 2002

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vol. 48, n. 3, aprile 2003

Beiser Morton, Culture and psychiatry, or “The tale of hole and the cheese”, pp. 143-144

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vol. 48, n. 10, novembre 2003

Arboleda-Flórez Julio, Considerations on the stigma of mental illness, pp. 645-650

Stuart Heather, Stigma and the daily news: evaluation of a newspaper interventions, pp. 651-656

Gaebel Wolfgang - Baumann Anja E., Interventions to reduce the stigma associated with severe mantal illness: experiences from the Open the doors Program in Germany, pp. 657-662

Comparative Studies in Society and History. An international quarterly

Society for the comparative studies in society and history, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan) / Cambridge University Press (Cambridge - New York).

vol. 41, n. 3, luglio 1999

Minna Stern Alexandra, Secrets under the skin: new historical perspectives on disease, deviation, and citizenship. A review article, pp. 589-596.

vol. 42, n. 2, aprile 2000

Caciola Nancy, Mystics, demoniacs, and the physiology of spirit possession in Medieval Europe, pp. 268-360.

vol. 43, n. 3, gennaio 2001

Dubois Laurent, Vodou and history, pp. 92-100.

vol. 43, n. 3, luglio 2001

Klima Alan, The telegraphic abject: Buddhist meditation and the redemption of mechanical reproduction, pp. 552-582.

vol. 43, n. 4, ottobre 2001

Briggs Charles L., Modernity, cultural reasoning, and the institutionalization of social inequality: racializing death in a Venezuelan cholera epidemic, pp. 665-700.

Cuicuilco. Revista de la Escuela nacional de antropología e historia

Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia, México D.F.

vol. 7, n. 19, maggio-agosto 2000

Álvarez-Larrauri Selene, Construcción de la salud como hecho sociológico. Paradigma teórico y metodología, pp. 271-293.

Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

Department of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School (Boston, Massachusetts) / Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, (Dordrecht, Nederland).

vol. 23, n. 4, dicembre 1999

numero monografico: Aging, ethnicity, and dementia: family caregiving

Ladson Hinton W. - Fox Kenneth - Levkoff Sue, Introduction: exploring the relationship among aging. Ethnicity, and family dementia caregiving, pp. 403-413.

Hsiao-Rei Hicks Madelyn - Sau-Ching Lam Mabel, Decision-making within the social course of dementia: accounts by Chinese-American caregivers, pp. 415-452.

Ladson Hinton W. - Levkoff Sue, Constructing Alzheimer’s: narratives of lost identities, confusion and loneliness in old age, pp. 453-475.

Ortiz Ana - Simmons Janie - Ladson Hinton W., Locations of remorse and homelands of resilience: notes on grief and sense of loss of place pf Latino and Irish-American caregivers of demented elders, pp. 477-500.

Fox Kenneth - Ladson Hinton W. - Levkoff Sue, Take up the caregiver’s burden: stories of care for urban African American elders with dementia, pp. 501-529.

vol. 24, n. 1, marzo 2000

Stephen Michele - Ketut Suryani Luh, Shamanism, psychosis and autonomous imagination, pp. 5-40.

Comelles Josep M., The role of local knowledge in medical practice: a trans-historical perspective (translated by Susan M. Di Giacoma and John Bates), pp. 41-75.

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Pivnick Anitra - Villegas Nellie, Resilience and risk: childhood and uncertainty in the AIDS epidemic, pp. 101-136.

vol. 24, n. 2, giugno 2000

Becker Gay - Beyene Yewoubdar - Ken Pauline, Health, welfare reform, and narratives of uncertainty among Cambodian refugees, pp. 139-163.

Bourgois Philippe, Disciplining addictions: the bio-politics of methadone and heroin in the United States, pp. 165-195.

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Tarik Yilmaz A. - Weiss Mitchell G., cultural formulation: depression and back pain in a young male Turkish immigrant in Basel, Switzerland, pp. 259-272.

vol. 24, n. 3, settembre 2000

Johnson Nancy - Cook Deborah - Giacobini Mita - Willms Tennis, Towards a “good” death: end-of-life narratives constructed in an intensive care unit, pp. 275-295.

Gordon Andrew J., Cultural identity and illness: Fulani views, pp. 297-330.

Overgaard Mogensen Hanne, False teeth and real suffering: the social course of “germectomy” in Eastern Uganda, pp. 331-351.

Browner C.H. - Preloran Mabel H., Latinas, amniocentesis and the discourse of choice, pp. 353-375.

vol. 24, n. 4, dicembre 2000

Loewe Ron - Freeman Joshua, Interpreting diabetes mellitus: differences between patient and provider models of disease and their implications for clinical practice, pp. 379-401.

Green Maia, Public reform and the privatisation of poverty: some institutional determinants of health seeking behaviour in Southern Tanzania, pp. 403-430.

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Yongmi Yi Kris, Shin-byung (Divine illness) in a Korean woman, pp. 471-486.

vol. 25, n. 1, marzo 2001

Aretxaga Begoña, The sexual games of the body politic: fantasy and State violence in Northern Ireland, pp. 1-27.

Uehara Edwina S. - Farris Martha - Morelli Paula T. - Ishisaka Anthony, “Eloquent chaos” in the oral discourse of killing fields survivors: an exploration of atrocity and narrativization, pp. 29-61.

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Biehl João - Coutinho Denise - Outeiro Ana Luzia, Technology and affect: HIV/AIDS testing in Brazil, pp. 87-129.

vol. 25, n. 2, giugno 2001

Rousseau Cucile - Morales Maria - Foxen Patricia, Going home: giving voice to memory strategies of young Mayan refugees who returned to Guatemala as a community, pp. 135-168.

Goodman Yehuda, Dynamics of inclusion and exclusion: comparing mental illness narratives of Haredi male patients and their Rabbis, pp. 169-194.

Root Robin - Browner C.H., Practices of the pregnant self: compliance with and resistance to prenatal norms, pp. 195-223.

Conrad Peter, Genetic optimism: framing genes and mental illness in the News, pp. 225-247.

vol. 25, n. 3, settembre 2001

Breslau Joshua, Pathways through the border of biomedicina and traditional Chinese medicine: a meeting if medical systems in a Japanese psychiatry department, pp. 251-275.

Cohen Alex, The search for meaning: eventfulness in the lives of homeless mentally ill person in the Skid Row district of Los Angeles, pp. 277-296.

Hinton Devon - Um Khin - Ba Phalnarith, A unique panic-disorder presentation among Khmer refugees: the sore-neck syndrome, pp. 297-316.

Mizrachi Nissim, From causation to correlation: the story of Psychosomatic Medicine 1939-1979, pp. 317-343.

Belkin Gary S., causation about what? Relevant to whom?: linking psyche and society, pp. 345-349.

Mizrachi Nissim, The relevance of success: the dualistic trap. Response to Gary S. Belkin, pp. 351-352.

vol. 25, n. 4, dicembre 2001

Fischer Michael M.J., Ethnographic critique and techno-scientific narratives: the old mole, ethical plateaux, and the governance of emergent biosocial polities, pp. 355-393.

Del Vecchio Good Mary-Jo, The biotechnical embrice, pp. 411-410.

Browne Kevin O., Cultural formulation of psychiatric diagnoses, pp. 411-425.

Donald A., The Wal-Marting of American Psychiatry: an ethnography of psychiatric-practice in the late 20th Century, pp.

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Robins Cynthia S., Generating revenues: fiscal changes in public mental health care and the emergence of moral conflicts among care-givers, pp. 457-466.

Hopper Kim, Commentary: on the transformation of the moral economy of care, pp. 467-472.

vol. 26, n. 1, marzo 2002

Miller Elizabeth, What’s in a condom? HIV and sexual politics in Japan, pp. 1-32.

Epele María Esther, Gender, violence and HIV: women’s survival in the streets, pp. 33-54.

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James Susan, Agonias: the social and sacred suffering of Azorean immigrants, pp. 87-110.

Lillrank Annika, The tension between overt talk and covert emotions in illness narratives: transition from clinician to researcher, pp. 111-127.

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Park Lawrence - Hinton Devon, Dizziness and panic in China: associated sensations of Zang Fu organ disequilibrium, pp. 225-257.

Jacobson Eric, Panic attack in a context of comorbid anxiety and depression in a Tibetan refugee, pp. 259-282.

Difesa sociale

Istituto italiano di medicina sociale (Roma).

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«AM. Rivista della Società italiana di antropologia medica» iconAlla fine della versione italiana di questo ebook c’è la versione inglese ibrida integrale

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