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Editorial Responsibilities:

  1. Associate Editor of Mechanics of Materials

  2. Member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Plasticity

  3. Associate Editor for the International Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology

  4. Member of the editorial board of the Metallurgical and Materials Transactions (until 2007).

  5. Editorial Board of Computers, Materials and Continua

  6. Editorial Board of Theoretical and Applied Multi-scale Modeling of Materials.

Conferences Organized


  1. Conference Chair for the fourth international workshop on Materials Analysis and Processing in Magnetic field in May 2010:

  2. Conference Chair for Organized the TMS- Microstructure Characterization, Analyses, and Design in October 2009

  3. Co-Organized the Integrated Systems, Design and Technology (ISDT)- Conference Program in Ankorage, Alaskam May 11-14, 2009)

  4. Organized a symposium on Materials Design as part of : PLASTICITY 2009, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, USA, January 3-8, 2009


  1. Organized a symposium on Materials and Microstructure Design as part of PLASTICITY 08, Keauhou Bay Resort, Kailua/Kona

  2. Co-Organized the First International Conference on Laser Peening (15th-17th December, 2008) Houston-Texas, USA

  3. Organized a session on Magnetic Texturing of materials as part of the 15th International Conference on Textures of Materials (ICOTOM 15), 1-6 June 2008 • Carnegie Mellon University Center • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  1. Organized the Materials and Microstructure Design symposium Microstructure and Materials Design as part of Plasticity 07, Alaska, June 2-6, 2007

  2. Organized the Hartley Honorary Symposia on Mathematical Modeling of Materials and Microstructures...  At TMS, Annual meeting in Orlando February 26-28, 2007

  3. Co-organized THE 1ST WORLD MATERIAL MECHANICS SYMPOSIUM” in Thessaloniki, Greece (April 29-May 1st, 2007)” in the honor of Frank Nabarro, Ed Hart, Ronald Rivlin


  1. Organized a symposium on “Brent Adams” Honorary Symposium on Homogenization Techniques and Microstructure Design and Characterization as part of the International Plasticity conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), July 17-22, 2006


  1. Organized a Symposium on Materials and Microstructure Design as part of the International Conference on Computational and Experimental Engineering and Sciences December 1-6, 2005, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai. INDIA

  2. Challenges in Designing Materials as part of the Eleventh International Symposium “Plasticity 2005” in the island “Kauai", Hawaii, during Jan. 4-8, 2005.


  1. Organized the Materials Design Conference in 2004 at Georgia Institute of technology.

  2. Organized the symposium on “Materials By Design” in International Journal of Plasticity conference in Aruba, January 2002.

  3. Co-organized the mini-school on materials by Design at Drexel, December 2002.

  4. Organizing committee for the Society of Engineering Sciences (97,99)

  5. Organizing committee for the International Committee of Plasticity (99)

  6. Organizing committee for the International Composite Engineering Committee

  7. Member of the International Composite Committee of TMS

  8. Organized a Superplasticity Conference in Chicago TMS Conference, Nov. 2-5, 1992.

  9. Organized the Symposium on Failure Mechanisms in Heterogeneous materials, ASME Fall, November 1996, Atlanta, Georgia

  10. Organized the Symposium on Phenomenological Modeling of Inelastic Materials, The sixth International Symposium on Plasticity, Alaska., Sept 1997

  11. Organized a symposium as part of the Society of Engineering Sciences in Portland Washington to honor Hart’s 80th Birthday., Sep. 1998

  12. Organized a Symposium on Mechanics of Heterogeneity, the Seventh

  13. Frequent Panel reviewer for NSF Mechanics and materials (Feb 2000)

  14. Reviewer for International Journal of Solids and Structures

  15. Reviewer for Journal of Composite Science and Technology


Awarded “Superstar in Research” by FSU-CRC in year 2000.

Recipient of the 2000 Engineering Research Award of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Spring 2001.

NASA Faculty Award for Research in 1996.


Member of the MARTECH advisory committee.

Member of the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Committee.

Member of Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Committee.

Chair of the MARTECH Seminar Committee.

Served as a member of the search committee for NHMFL (1992-1993), 1997.

Served as a member of the MARTECH search committee (1993-1995).


The Materials Society (TMS)

American Society of Metals (ASM INTERNATIONAL)

Materials Research Society (MRS)

American Society of Testing of Materials (ASTM)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Society of Engineering Sciences (SES)



Florida State University (Mechanical Engineering)

Fall 1990 Mechanics of Materials (Undergraduate)

Spring 1991 Advanced Mechanical Metallurgy (Graduate)

Spring 1991 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics

Fall 1991 Mechanics of Materials (Undergraduate)

Fall 1991 Continuum Mechanics (Graduate)

Spring 1992 Theory of Plastic Flow and Fracture (Graduate)

Spring 1992 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics and Materials

Fall 1992 Design of Machine Elements (Undergraduate)

Fall 1992 Mechanics of Materials (Undergraduate)

Spring 1993 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics and Materials

Spring 1993 Theory of Elasticity (Graduate)

Fall 1993 Design of Machine Elements (Undergraduate)

Fall 1993 Crystal and Visco-plasticity, Texture analysis (Graduate)

Spring 1994 Theory of Elasticity (Graduate)

Spring 1994 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics and Materials

Fall 1994 Design of Machine Elements (Undergraduate)

Spring 1995 Theory of Elasticity (Graduate)

Spring 1995 Mechanics of Composites

Fall 1995 Design of Machine Elements

Spring 1996 Theory of Elasticity

Spring 1996 Mechanics of Texture

Fall 1996 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics and Materials

Fall 1996 Theory of Plasticity and Inelasticity

Spring 1997 Theory of Elasticity (Graduate)

Spring 1997 Mechanics of Composites (Graduate)

Fall 1997 Continuum Mechanics (Graduate)

Fall 1997 X-ray Diffraction (Graduate)

Spring 1998 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics and Materials

Spring 1998 Mechanics of Composites (Graduate)

Fall 1998 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics and Materials

Fall 1998 Continuum Mechanics (Graduate)

Spring 1999 Mechanics and Materials-I (Undergraduate)

Spring 1999 Texture (Graduate)

Summer 1999 Mechanics and Materials-I (Undergraduate)

Fall 1999 Mechanics of Materials- II (undergraduate)

Fall 1999 Statistical Continuum Mechanics-I (Graduate)

Spring 2000 Mechanics and Materials-I (Undergraduate)

Spring 2000 Texture (Graduate) (Graduate)

Spring 2000 Statistical Continuum Mechanics-II (Graduate)

Summer 2000 Mechanics and Materials-I (Undergraduate)

Fall 2000 Composite Materials (Graduate)

Fall 2000 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics and Materials

Fall 2000 Special Topics in Magnetic Materials (Graduate)

Spring 2001 X-ray Diffraction (Graduate) at GATECH and FSU

Fall 2001 Theory of Plasticity and Damage

Spring 2002 Micro-characterization of Materials (Texture)

Georgia Institute of Technology:

Spring 2002 Diffraction Studies (at Georgia Tech)

Fall 2002 Materials Characterization (at Georgia Tech)

Fall 2002 Continuum Mechanics (FSU)

Spring 2003 MSE 6105 X-ray diffraction

Fall 2003 MSE 6105 X-ray Diffraction

Spring 2004 MSE2020 -Characterization of Materials

Fall 2004 MSE 2001 –Materials Science and Engineering

Spring 2005 MSE 8803 –Electron and X-ray Analysis

Spring 2005 MSE 2020 -Characterization of Materials

Fall 2005 MSE 8503 –Statistical Continuum Mechanics

Fall 2005 MSE 2001 –Materials Science and Engineering

Spring 2006 MSE 2020 - Characterization of Materials

Spring 2006 MSE8803 –Scattering and Micro-Diffraction




Title of Grant


Total Amount

DOD, PI (sub-contract through University of New Mexico)

Next Generation Structural Composites Using Surface Grown Carbon Nanotubes



Pacific Northwest National Lab, PI

Inverse Methodology for Materials Design




Fabrication of Super Nanopaper by Designing of Nanocellulose with Desired Supermolecular Structure


One graduate student funding

Pacific Northwest National Lab, PI

Microstructure Sensitive Design in Sealant Materials for Fuel Cells

September, 2007-2008



Industry/University Cooperative Research

Center on Computational Materials Design (CCMD), (PI: David McDowell)




Microstructure Sensitive Design and Processing in Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell



NASA Langley

MicroCharacteriation of Stir Welded Materials (Joint with Dr. Singh)




Title of Grant




Total Amount

Modeling Laser Peening and Shot Peening of Precipitation Hardening Steels to Improve Their Mechanical and Corrosion Behavior

NSF (Co-PI, Dr. Preet Singh, Ph.D. as the PI)




Microstructure Sensitive Design of Fuel Cell structures



September, 2007-2008

$410,000 for three years


Failure Analysis of Kiln Materials (Joint with Preet Singh)




Investigation Of The Mechanisms Of Magnetic Texturing



July, 2008-2013

$620,000 for three years

On the role of a magnetic field during heat treatment on textured growth of Ag/Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox composites

NSF (co-PI), (J. Schwartz as the PI from FSU)


July, 2008-2011

$570,000 for three years

SOFC Sealant Material Design and Optimization



July, 2008-2011

$502,000 for 3 yrs.

Multiscale Modeling and Validation of Interfacial Structure in Polymer Nanocomposites

NSF (Co-PI, PI: R. Tannenbaum)




Materials World Network on Microstructure Design of UHMWPE Materials

NSF/FNR Joint with Luxenbourg Institute



697k for 3yrs


Failure Analysis of Kiln Materials (Joint with Preet Singh)



NASA Langley

MicroCharacteriation of Stir Welded Materials (Joint with Dr. Singh)





Title of Grant


Total Amount


REU with Loyola Mary Mount University



Pacific Northwest National Lab

Microstructure Sensitive Design in Fuel Cell

January, 2005



Collaborative to Integrate Material Science and Engineering Research and Education, NSF Grant # DMR-9982872




Cooperative Grain Boundary Sliding and Heterogeneities of Grain Boundary Character Distribution in Superplastic Materials,



DOD-Army, PI


“High Field Thermo-magnetic Texturing of magnetic Materials”, (9/2001-11/2004).



NSF, co-PI

Acquisition of High Temperature Atomic Force Microscope



Army Lab, PI

Processing Path for Optimum Texture for Titanium-1100




Texturing and Mechanism of Deformation in Semi-Crystalline Polyethylene Materials, Center for Materials Research and Technology,




Center for Nonlinear Phenomena in Aerospace Materials and Structures.

Contact # NAGW-2930,




FSU, Co-Pi

Center for Application of Nanotechnology in Micro Total Analysis Systems (CANmTAS)




Statistical Mechanics Analysis of Microstructure Evolution and Texture in Ti-6Al-4V


$300,000 for 3 years

AFOSR, co-Pi

Microstructure Sensitive Design Workshop

April 2004


Durip, Co-PI

An Integrated Experimental-Computational System For Incorporation

May 2004



Army Office of Research (ARO), “High Temperature High Field Characterization of textured materials”, contract #37-1906-118, 1992-2002, $220,000/3 yrs!

National Science Foundation Acquisition of a Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope, Division of Materials Research, Instrumentation Program (co-PI, 1996-99), $301,871, DMR-0109535 Prior Award No: 9625692

Organization of Naval Research,Field biasing and thermal stabilization of La-Manganite magnetoresistive thin films”, $2,000,000. Contract ONR-N00014-96-1-0767

NASA , “Plasma Cast Overflow to process Titanium sheet”, Contract # NAG-1-1866, $310,000 for 3 years 1977-December 99. PI: H. Garmestani,

Department of Transportation "High Temperature Investigation of structural Composites", $50,000. PI: H. Garmestani, May 1995, December 1995., (Started on Dec. 24, 1995).

NASA, "Center for Nonlinear Phenomena in Aerospace Materials and Structures", January 1 1992-December 31 1996. Contact # NAGW-2930, PI: H. Garmestani.

National Science Foundation, "Interactions Between Bulk Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu-O Superconductor and Metals", $722,367. 1/01/95 to 12/31/97. PI: J. Schwartz.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory "Experimental and theoretical Analysis of a high field magnet, $35,000. PI: H.Garmestani.

National Science Foundation "Micro-Mechanical Characterization of Metal Matrix Composites", $285,630. PI: Prof. N. Chandra, Co-Pi: Prof. H. Garmestani, November 1991-November 1994. Contract #HRD-9113351



Gould Lewis and Proctor Consulting, Engineer, Gainesville, Florida,

Summer, and Fall 1983.

Department of Transportation, Consultant, Tallahassee, Fl. 1993-1999.

Nasa langley research Center, 2000

Benedict Engineering Co. Inc., Consultant, Tallahassee, Fl. Spring 1994.

Tala Com., Consultant, Tallahassee, Fl. Spring 1994.


D. Markiewics (NHMFL)

Ke Han (NHMFL)

Schneider Muntao (NHMFL)

S. Nourbakhsh (Univ. of NY)

M. Kaufman (Univ. of Florida)

R. Abbschian (Univ. of Florida)

` Brent Adams (BYU)

Omar Es-Said (Loyola Marymont University)

E.W. Lee, (Naval Research Lab)


(Major advisor, Current)

  1. Gregg Vialle (GATECH, Ph.D.), Microstructure Design and Processing of Inducture Choke Ferrites for Magneto-elasticity and Magnetostriction.

  2. Samuel T. Adedokun (Ph.D. at FAMU)., Optimization of Microstructure and Grain Boundary Character (Texture and Micro-Texture) Of Aluminum 6xxx Using magnetic Annealing

  3. Jackie Milhans, (Ph.D.) Microstructure Design of Sealant Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials

  4. Hoda Amani (Ph.D.), Synthesis Techniques Based on Spray Pyrolysis for the production of Large Surface Area Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolyzer

  5. Brad Fromm (Ph.D.)

(Major advisor, Completed) (25)

Ph.D: (6 minority, 6 females, 5 African American)

    1. Samuel Adedokun (FAMU, Ph.D.-08), Magnetic processing of Aluminum 6xxx

    2. Erin Camponeschi. (GATECH, Ph.D.-07), Synthesis and characterization of Oriented Nano-tube Composites

    3. Jamaa Bouhattate(2002-2006), Modeling texture evolution in polycrystalline materials using spherical harmonics

    4. Reesheman Burell (2000-2006), Mechanical Property Response On Textured Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

    5. Gail Jefferson (2000-2006), Two-Point Probability Distribution Function Analysis Of Nano-Composites.

    6. Ghazal Saheli (9/2000-4/2006), (GATECH), Homogenization Relations for Elastic Properties Based on Two-Point Statistical Functions

    7. Gilberto Alexander Castello Branco (Ph.D), (1999-2004), ThermoMechanical Processing of Titanium

    8. Anthony Belvin (Ph.D. 2000-2005), Texture Effects on the Ductile Fracture and Deformation Behavior of Polycrystalline Nickel

    9. Cristiane Maria Basto Bacaltchuk (1999-2004), Magnetic Processing of Fe-Si

    10. DongSheng Li (5/2002) TextureEvolution of Polyethylenes During Uniaxial Tension

    11. Marwan Al Haik (Ph.D. 12/2002), Neural Network analysis of life prediction

    12. Shinguang, Lin, (Ph.D. 8/98) "Statistical Mechanics Analysis of a Heterogeneous medium".

    13. F. Booeshaghi (Ph.D., June 1997, from FSU) “Superplasticity”

    14. Vaghar, Reza. (Ph.D. 7/96) "Green’s Function Solution for the Stress Analysis of a Superconducting Magnet"

Masters: (7 minority, 7 females, 5 African American)

  1. Antoine Berret, (11/2005), Morphologic Influence Of High Magnetic Fields On The In-Situ Mocvd (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) Of Xylene-Ferrocene Nanotubes And Structures

  2. Michelle Adams (MS 2003)

  3. Xin Dong (M.S. 8/99) “Microtexture Characterization of thin film materials”

  4. Lathanza Williams (M.S. 1/2000))

  5. Enga Wright (M.S 5/99) “Microcharacterization of cast overflow process”

  6. Sharon Jones (M.S. 9/99)

  7. Neil Bednar (M.S. 5/98)

  8. Kuhlhoff, J. (M.S. 6/95) "Investigation of Mechanical properties of superplastic materials".

  9. Cox, A. (M.S. 5/95)" Biaxial failure analysis of Superconducting solenoids".

  10. Murphy, P. (M.S. 1/95) "Biaxial analysis of PMC Composites".

  11. Mehr, K. (M.S. 1/95) "Micromechanical Characterization of Al-Li superplastic materials".

  12. Townsley, T. (M.S. 8/95) "Residual stress analysis of Ti-48Al-2Ta composites"

  13. Sohi, G. (M.S. Dec. 1993) "Evolution of Misorientation Distribution Function for Superplastic Materials"

  14. Vaghar, Reza. (M.S. 5/93) "Elastic-Plastic analysis of high Field superconducting Solenoid"

  15. Ebrahimi, Masood (M.S. 5/93) "Residual stress measurement in materials using Backscattered Kikuchi and x-ray Techniques".

Post-Doctoral, Research Associates and Technical Staff


Klaus Dahmen, Visiting Professor, (2003- present)
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School of Materials Science and Engineering iconMaterials science & engineering

School of Materials Science and Engineering iconMaterials science and engineering department

School of Materials Science and Engineering iconNorthwestern University, Materials Science and Engineering Ph. D., July 1981

School of Materials Science and Engineering iconUniversity of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science

School of Materials Science and Engineering iconMaterials Science and Engineering has initially merged metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites into a broad and unified treatment. Whereas the 20

School of Materials Science and Engineering icon1. Donald R. Askeland, Pradeep P. Phule. The Science and Engineering of Materials[M]. Fourth Edition. Tomson Learning 511 Forest Lodge Road Pacific Grove, ca

School of Materials Science and Engineering iconImportance of study of Engineering Mechanics / Strength of materials. Mechanical properties of materials Elasticity, Plasticity, Hardness, Toughness

School of Materials Science and Engineering iconЛитература R. E. Smallman, R. J. Bishop, Modern Physical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Science, process, applications Sixth Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, (1999)
Циљ курса је проширивање знања из физичке металургије – грешке у кристалној структури, трансформационо и деформационо понашање
School of Materials Science and Engineering iconDr Lynette Fernandes (School of Medicine and Pharmacology) A/Prof Alan Everett (Physiology, School of Biomedical Biomolecular & Chemical Science)

School of Materials Science and Engineering iconInter american university of puerto rico bayamon campus school of engineering mechanical engineering department

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