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Student Development

Programs and Services




74 LSCS Catalog 2010/2011

developing leadership qualities and providing

beneficial use of leisure time. Information about

current organizations and guidelines for starting

a new organization may be obtained from the

student services office.

Examples of organizations

(may not be available at each college):

2nd Amendment Academy

30-Something & Beyond (non-traditional

student) Club

The Academy (Philosophy Club)

Accounting Club

African American Student Association/


American Association of University Women

American Society of Interior Designers

Anatomy Club

Anime and Gaming Club

Art & Culture Club

Art Club

Asian Student Association for Progress


Ballroom Dance Club

Baptist Student Ministry

Be A Teacher/Future Teachers Club

Black Leaders of Today

Black Student Alliance

BEATS (Building Each Other’s Achievements

Through Sharing)

Camarata Music Club

Campus Breakers (Break Dancing Club)

Catholic Student Union

Chess Club

Choir Club

Circle K

Clay Club

College Democrats

College Republican Club

Colleges Against Cancer

Computer Club

Cosmetology Club

Creative Writing Club

Criminal Justice Student Association

Cultural Awareness Club/Intercultural

Student Organization

Dance Team/Upbeat Dance Group

Dare to Dream (Disabled Students


Debate Club

Delta Epsilon Chi (Marketing,

Management, Entrepreneurship)

Delta Psi Omega (Theatre Honor Society)

Disc Golf Club

Drama Club (Players)

El Club de Espanol

Emergency Medical Services

Student Association

Engineering Student Organization

Environmental Club/Earth Alliance (ECOS)

Federation of Alternative Artistic Endeavors

Film Club

FOCUS (Followers of Christ Uniting in



Franco-Italian Organization

Future Business Leaders of America

Future Professional Educators

Gamers Guild

Gay-Straight Alliance

Generation Student Ministries

Geology Club

Geomatics Association

GLBTQ Association

Habitat for Humanity

Hispanic/Latin American Student

Organization/Una Voz

Honors Student Organization

Inkling Creative Writing Magazine

Interfaith Association

International GO/Games Association

International Student Organization/Int’l

Heritage Society

Intramural Sports

Japanese Language & Culture Club

Kingwood Humanitarian Club

Latter Day Saints Club

Le French Club

Let’s Dance

Literary & Arts Magazine/Swirl/Inkling

Lone Star Design and Development

LVN Club

Math Club/AfterMath

Medical Assisting Club

Men’s Baseball Club

Men’s Basketball Club

Men’s Soccer Club

Model United Nations




LSCS Catalog 2010/2011 75

Music Ensemble Recruitment & Retention


Music Teachers National Association

National Kitchen & Bath Association

Nepalese Student Association

Newspaper/News Club

Outdoor Adventure Club

Paralegal Association

Phi Beta Lambda (Business Club)

Phi Theta Kappa (International Junior

College Honor Society)

Physical Therapy Assistant Student


Pool/Billiards Club

Pre-Medical & Health Science Society

Psychology Club/PSI Beta National Honor


Racquetball & Handball Club

Radiology Student Association

SADD (Students Against Destructive


SALSA (Spanish Association Leading

Students Ahead)

Science Club

Sigma Kappa Delta (National English

Honor Society)

Sign Language/Deaf Culture Club

Society for Mathematics & Engineering

Sonography Organization

Stand Now (Relief for Darfur)

STARS Leadership Program

Steel Drum Band

Student Activities Board

Student Ambassadors

Student American Dental Hygienist’s


Student Entrepreneurs

Student Government Association

Student International Distribution

Organization (SIDO)

Student Nurses Association

Student Occupational Therapy Association

Student Respiratory Club

Student Troupe of Astronomical Research

Surgical Technology Club

Technology Society

Tennis Club

Texas State Teachers Association-Student


Unique Minds (Visual Communications/

Graphic Design Club)

Various Artiste (Club Celebrating the Arts)

Veteran’s Club

Veterinary Technician’s Student


Video Game Club

Video Production Club

Wildlife Society

Women’s Basketball Club

Women’s Soccer Club

Women’s Volleyball Club

Writer’s Club

Student Activities

Student activities are coordinated through the

college student services office. Suggestions for

activities and programs may be submitted to this

office by students and faculty.

Student Publications

Various publications of interest to students, faculty

and staff are distributed periodically. These publications

include announcements of forthcoming

events, activities, and programs to be held at

each college. A student newspaper is published

periodically by journalism students; contributions

of articles, literary pieces, essays and letters to the

editor are encouraged.

Creative and literary arts publications are produced

by some of the colleges to provide students opportunities

to publish poetry, photography, art, essays

and short stories. Contact the student services office

for further information.

Intramural and Club Sports

Intramural and club sports provide athletic and

recreational activities for students at most colleges in

a variety of on-campus events. Most activities allow

for different skill levels. Tournaments, leagues, and

special events are scheduled throughout the semester

with individual and team competition for men,

women and co-ed groups. Athletic activities include

flag football, basketball, soccer, tennis, Frisbee,

golf, softball, baseball, fun-runs, racquetball and

more. Recreational activities include backgammon,

chess, eight-ball, canoe trips, open recreation in

the gym, etc. Intramural and club sports offices are

located at each college.




76 LSCS Catalog 2010/2011

Bulletins and Posters

Official notices and bulletins are posted on bulletin

boards throughout each college. Information can

be found about job opportunities, class schedules,

and events on the school calendar and student

activities. Any written material to be posted or

distributed must be approved by the college student

services office. Any notices or bulletins should be

posted in designated areas in such a manner as

not to detract from or deface the building. Specific

guidelines are available from each college’s student

services office.

Student Conduct

Lone Star College is dedicated to providing a quality

comprehensive educational program designed to

meet and balance the diverse and changing educational,

social, economic, and cultural needs of

the community, consistent with a safe and healthful

environment. The system is committed not only to

learning and to the advancement of knowledge,

but also to the education of ethically sensitive and

responsible persons. It seeks to achieve these goals

through a solid educational program and through

regulations and policies governing student life that

encourages responsibility and respect for the rights

and viewpoints of others.

The general morale of the student body is dependent

upon many factors; among these are the success

of its graduates, the attitude of the faculty and

administration, the general behavior of individual

students and the reputation of the school. We believe

that a primary factor in strong student morale is an

overall regard for good citizenship on the part of

the student body. The system assumes that students

eligible to perform on the college level are familiar

with the ordinary rules governing proper conduct

and that they will observe these rules as a matter

of training and habit.

Regulations of the system forbid gambling, the use

of controlled substances and alcoholic beverages,

and the appearance of anyone under the influence

of any of these on the campus or when attending or

participating in activities sponsored by the college.

All LSCS buildings are tobacco free.

The possession of firearms, illegal knives and

prohibited weapons on system facilities, including

parking areas and publicly accessed facilities, is a

violation of criminal law and board policies. Persons

who violate the law and these policies will be

subject to serious consequences, including referral

for criminal prosecution and dismissal from school.

No person or group of people acting in concert

may willfully engage in disruptive activity or disrupt

a lawful assembly on any campus or property of

LSCS; further, the administration is charged with the

responsibility of keeping the system free of disruptive

activities and may take whatever disciplinary action

is deemed necessary in instances of disruption or

threat of disruption.

Students are expected to dress and groom themselves

in an appropriate manner while on campus

or while participating in activities sponsored by the

system. Students whose conduct casts an unfavorable

reflection upon the system, and thereby upon

all students, are subject to disciplinary action. Refer

to LoneStar.edu/advising for more information.

Lone Star College seeks to provide an environment

where discussion and expression of all views

relevant to the subject matter of the class are recognized

as essential to the teaching and learning

process. However, students do not have the right to

interfere with the freedom of faculty to teach or the

rights of other students to learn. Faculty members

set the standards of conduct that are acceptable.

Student Discipline Procedures

Any alleged violation or flagrant disregard of

LSCS rules and regulations shall be brought to the

attention of the chief student services officer, who

will initiate an investigation of the situation. After

a complete and thorough investigation, the chief

student services officer will determine the course

of action. Discipline may result in expulsion. The

decision of this administrator may be appealed

to the college discipline committee. The complete

discipline policy may be found on-line at www.


Emergency Procedures

In the event an emergency due to illness or accident

occurs on campus, students should contact

the college switchboard operator (dial 0) or the

administrator on duty as soon as possible.

The Lone Star College System does not provide insurance

coverage for its students. Section 101.051 of

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code expressly

exempts community college systems from liability

for any personal or property damage that occurs




LSCS Catalog 2010/2011 77

on campus. The student, therefore, should make

arrangements for adequate personal insurance

coverage while attending LSCS. F1 international

students are required to purchase health insurance

or provide proof of adequate and acceptable health

insurance by completing the waiver application

before registration. The premium for the LSCS

international student health insurance plan will be

included with the tuition and fees at registration.

Information regarding personal insurance for students

is available from the office of student services.

Contagious/Communicable Diseases

LSCS conforms to all requirements of the Communicable

Disease Prevention and Control Act and

the Open Records Act. With a physician’s written

approval, students with a contagious/communicable

disease normally will be allowed to attend

class. The identity of such students is confined to

those persons within the college with a direct need

to know (i.e., president, vice president, faculty

member or counselor) and will not be revealed

without the student’s consent. Questions concerning

the system’s policy and enrollment procedures of a

student with a contagious/communicable disease

should be referred to the student services office.

Bacterial meningitis is a serious, potentially deadly

disease that can progress extremely fast. It is an

inflammation of the membranes that surround the

brain and spinal cord. More information concerning

this disease and its treatment can be found online

at www.LoneStar.edu/meningitis or in the student

services office at each campus.

College Police

The police officers of the Lone Star College System

are commissioned peace officers with the State of

Texas and are granted the same law enforcement

authority as any other police or sheriff’s department.

The officers are obligated to enforce all federal,

state and local laws, in addition to college policies.

The police department works with state and local

police agencies, as needed, to ensure a safe and

comfortable environment for students, staff, faculty

and visitors to the college. More detailed information

is available at www.LoneStar.edu/police regarding

campus safety and security. Contact the LSCS

police at emergency line 281.290.5911 (dial 5911

from any campus telephone) or non-emergency line


Lost and Found

Each college maintains a “Lost and Found” for

students, faculty and staff. Unclaimed items are

kept only through the end of each semester.


Parking is provided free to LSCS students and visitors.

Parking and traffic regulations are outlined

in the student information brochure available at

registration or from the student services office.

Students and staff are requested to adhere to good

manners and consideration of others when parking

on campus. Students should follow the directions

given on the traffic signs and park in designated

areas only. Violators may be subject to a citation.

Parking permits are required only for faculty and

staff and for handicapped parking spaces.

When a parked vehicle obstructs traffic or flagrantly

disregards good parking practices, the college

administrative personnel reserves the right to call

a towing service and have the vehicle removed

from the campus at the owner’s expense.

Student Center/Food Service

A cafeteria/snack bar/lounge area is provided at

each college. Hot meals and snacks are available

for students and college personnel. A variety of vending

machines are also available at each college.

Students are asked to refrain from consuming food or

drinks in any of the classrooms and laboratory areas.

All LSCS buildings and facilities are smoke-free.

Student Housing

The Lone Star College System serves only commuting

students. There are no dormitories available.

College Bookstore

A bookstore is located at each college. A list of

required textbooks, study aids and supplies for

all subjects is available. Bookstore hours are announced

each semester. Information concerning

book refunds and used book purchases is available

from the bookstore.

78 LSCS Catalog 2010/2011
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