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The Roots of Consciousness
Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD


We are living at a unique historical moment, a time when the old divisions between matter and spirit are giving way to a new, unified vision.  It is my pleasure to share with you several avenues for understanding and participating in this exciting awakening of consciousness.

        Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., is an accomplished radio and television interviewer, and one of the most erudite and articulate personalities in the media. He is host of the weekly, national public television interview series Thinking Allowed which is also carried on the Wisdom Television network.  In this capacity, he has interviewed hundreds of leading thinkers in the areas of philosophy, psychology, health, science and spirituality.
         Dr. Mishlove is the author of an encyclopedic volume of consciousness studies, The Roots of Consciousness.  He holds the only doctoral diploma in "Parapsychology" to be awarded by an accredited American university (University of California, Berkeley). A revision of his doctoral dissertation, Psi Development Systems, was released in 1988 as a Ballantine paperback. This book evaluates methods purported to train psychic abilities.  His newest book, The PK Man, presents a case study of unusual psychokinetic abilities.
        Jeffrey Mishlove is currently director of the Intuition Network, an organization dedicated to helping create a world in which all people are encouraged to cultivate their inner, intuitive resources. He is also a past vice-president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, and a past-president of the California Society for Psychical Study.  In 2001, Jeffrey received the Pathfinder Award from the Association for Humanistic Psychology for his outstanding contributions to the exploration and expansion of human consciousness.  He also serves as program dean of the University of Philosophical Research.

Intuition Network Biography
Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., President

Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., president of the Intuition Network, has been a writer, television host and producer, psychotherapist and researcher of extraordinary human capacities. 

His newest book is called The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter.

Since 1988, Jeffrey's weekly television program, ThinkingAllowed, has been shown on public television stations throughout the United States. During this period he has conducted hundreds of interviews with leading figures in psychology, philosophy, science, health and spirituality.  In March 1999, Jeffrey began his new Virtual U, daily program with Wisdom Radio

Jeffrey holds a unique doctoral diploma in "Parapsychology" from the University of California at Berkeley. Awarded in 1980, it remains the only doctoral diploma in parapsychology ever awarded by an accredited, American university.  He currently serves as Dean of Programs for the newly created University of Philosophical Research affiliated with the Philosophical Research Society.

Jeffrey is author of three books. The Roots of Consciousness: Psychic Exploration Through History, Science and Experience was originally published in 1975 by Random House. Since then it has been widely used as a college text for introductory courses in consciousness exploration. A second, revised edition was published in 1993 by Council Oak Books of Tulsa, OK. A third edition is scheduled for publication in 1997 by Marlow Publishing Company of New York. His second book, Psi Development Systems, based on his doctoral dissertation was released in 1983 as a Ballantine paperback. It is an evaluation of ancient and modern methods for training extrasensory abilities. His third book, Thinking Allowed, released last year by Council Oak Books, is a collection of thirty-two interviews from his television series. 

This is Jeffrey Mishlove's doctoral diploma in "Parapsychology" from the University of California, Berkeley.  To our knowledge, he possesses the only doctoral degree in "Parapsychology" ever awarded by an accredited, American university.  Of course, there have been many other American doctoral dissertations on parapsychological themes.  However, those degrees were awarded in disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, education or anthropology.  His degree was through the interdisciplinary, individual doctoral program that, unfortunately, is not available to students any longer at Berkeley.  Most of his work in parapsychology was through individual study.  In addition, he took all of the statistics and methodology courses normally required for doctoral students in psychology.   He began this program in 1973, after receiving his Master of Criminology degree from UC Berkeley.   His B.A. degree was in psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

His dissertation committee at Berkeley included the following professors:

C. West Churchman, Faculty Advisor, Business Administration (systems theory specialist)
Diane C. Clemens, History (specialist in U.S-Soviet diplomatic relations)
James Harder, Hydraulic Engineering (UFO researcher)
Michael Scriven, Dissertation Chairman, Philosophy and Education (specialist in the philosophy of science and in educational evaluation)
Charles T. Tart, Psychology (transpersonal psychologist and parapsychologist)

At the time he received this degree, he was deeply engaged in my investigation of the Ted Owens case.  However, he was generally discouraged by his faculty members from emphasizing this work.  So, Ted Owens received only a passing mention in his doctoral dissertation -- which was later published as a book called Psi Development Systems.

To those who might claim that major universities do not acknowledge parapsychology as a legitimate, academic discipline -- this degree stands as a clear example of the contrary.  An additional note regarding the legitimacy of parapsychology as a science is the fact that, since 1969, the Parapsychological Association has been an affiliate organization of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science.


Acknowledgments and Permissions
Introduction to Revised Edition

  • We Are All Ourselves

Introduction to the Original Edition

Shamanistic Traditions
Ancient Mesopotamia

  • Dream Portents

Ancient India

  • The Language of Consciousness

  • The Discipline of Yoga

Ancient China

  • Taoism

Ancient Greece

  • Mystery Traditions

  • Oracles

  • Pythagoras

  • Democritus

  • Socrates

  • Plato

  • Aristotle

  • Neoplatonism

Ancient Rome

  • Appolonius of Tyana

Ancient Hebrews and Early Christians

  • Prophecy

  • The Teachings of Jesus

  • Christian Saints

  • The Monastic Tradition

Islamic Exploration of Consciousness

  • Theories of Occult Radiation

Medieval and Renaissance Exploration of Consciousness

  • Maimonides

  • Albertus Magnus

  • Cornelius Agrippa

  • Paracelsus

  • John Dee

  • The Rosicrucians

The Age of Enlightenment

  • Descartes and Mind-Body Dualism

  • Leibnitz and Monadology

  • Idealism

  • Sir Isaac Newton



  • Ptolmaic Astrology

  • Kepler and Astrology

  • Astrology in Contemporary Times

  • Astro-Biology

  • Chronotopology

  • Arthur M. Young's "Geometry of Meaning"

  • Concluding Thoughts on Astrology

Astral Projection and Out-Of-Body Experiences

  • Ramacharaka's Theosophical Perspective

  • An Accidental Projection

  • OBE In A Dream

  • Conscious Astral Projection

  • Sylvan Muldoon's Method 

  • Robert Monroe's Method

  • Robert Crookall's Observations

  • Contemporary Perspectives About OBEs


  • Healing Temples

  • An Inner Healing Advisor

  • Mesmerism

  • Animal Magnetism

  • Holistic Faith Healing

  • Radionics

  • Edgar Cayce

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Delusion and Fraud

  • Healing at Lourdes

  • Mental Imagery

  • Omega Seminar Techniques

  • A Case Study

  • Ramacharaka's Healing Exercise

  • Deep Healing

Spiritual Anatomy

  • Thoughtforms

  • The Aura

  • Experimental Tests

  • The Vital Body

  • The Chakras

  • Chinese Acupuncture

  • Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

  • The Soviet Concept of Biological Plasma

  • Kirlian Photography

  • Kirlian Photography Anecdotes

  • The Phantom Leaf Effect

  • Kurt Lewin's Field Theory

Communication with Higher Intelligence

  • Angels and Guardian Spirits

  • The Glance of the Master

  • Cabala

  • Emmanuel Swedenborg

  • Gustav Theodor Fechner and Psychophysics

  • The Theosophical Society

  • A Course in Miracles

  • The Invisible College

Other Worlds

  • Swedenborg

  • From India to the Planet Mars

  • The Fatima Appearances

  • UFOs As Apparitions

  • Carl Jung's Interpretation of UFOs

  • Uri Geller and UFOs

  • UFO Research Today

  • The Stella Lansing Case 

  • Automobile Teleportation

  • The Strange Case of Dr. X

  • Biological Effects of UFO Contact

  • The Betty and Barney Hill Case

  • Robert Monroe UFO Encounter

  • UFO Contactee Cults

  • Ray Stanford UFO Research

  • Earth's Ambassador

  • Close Encounters

  • Jacques Vallee's Analysis

Life Within Death -- Death Within Life

 Survival of Consciousness After Death

 Ancient Egypt

 The Tibetan Book of the Dead

 The Visions of Gustav Theodore Fechner

 Spiritualism

 The Spiritism of Allan Kardec

 Founding of the Society for Psychical Research

 Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death

 The Watseka Wonder

 Apparitions and Hauntings

 Near Death Experiences

 Mediumship

 Mrs. Piper

 Cross-Correspondences

 The "Marjory" Mediumship

 Reincarnation

 Xenoglossy

Unusual Powers of Mind Over Matter

  • D. D. Home -- The Greatest Medium Who Ever Lived

  • Sir William Crookes' Researches

  • Marthe Beraud

  • Paraffin Hands

  • Eusapia Palladino

  • Psychic Photography

  • Nina Kulagina

  • Uri Geller 

  • Poltergeist Cases

  • Matthew Manning

  • Philip the Ghost

  • Ted Owens -- The "PK Man"

  • Lightning Striking

  • Weather Control


Psionics -- Practical Application of Psychic Awareness

  • Harmful Purposes

  • National Security Applications 

  • Ancient History and Folklore

  • The World Wars

  • Eastern Europe 

  • United States 

  • Accident prevention

  • Dowsing

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Accuracy of Information Transmission

  • Psychic Archeology

  • Psychic Police Work

  • Journalism and Investigative Reporting

  • History

  • Precognition in Business Management

  • Public Safety 

  • Communication

  • Creativity in Art, Literature and Music

  • Agriculture and pest control 

  • Athletics and Sports 

  • Finding Lost Objects

  • Scientific Discovery

  • Weather Prediction and Control

  • Animal Training and Interspecies Communication

  • Intuitive Consensus

The Problem of Consciousness
To Err is Human

  • The Psychology of Cognitive Biases

  • The Illusion of Self-Awareness

  • The Illusion of Control

  • The Need to be Consistent

  • The Sleeper Effect

  • The Effect of Formal Research 

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

  • Introduction

  • J. B. Rhine's Early Research at Duke University

  • Criticisms of ESP Research

  • Unconscious ESP

  • Dream Telepathy

  • Hypnosis and ESP

  • Exceptional ESP Laboratory Performers

  • Pavel Stepanek

  • Bill Delmore 

  • Uri Geller

  • Ganzfeld Research

  • The Experimenter Effect

  • The Sheep-Goat Effect

  • Psi-Missing

  • ESP and Personality Traits

  • Extraversion/Introversion. 

  • Effects of Different ESP Targets

  • Psi Mediated Instrumental Response

  • Stanford's Conformance Behavior Model

  • Precognition


  • Rhine's Early Studies

  • PK With Random Number Generators (RNGs)

  • Chinese Reports of Psychokinesis Associated with ESP 

  • PK Metal-Bending

  • Bio-PK

Psionics -- Practical Application of Psychic Awareness

  • Casino Gambling Simulation 

  • Possible Psi Healing

  • Bernard Grad's Research at McGill University

  • Conceptual Replications of Grad's Research

  • The Transpersonal Imagery Effect

Proper Scientific Controls for ESP Experimentation

  • Randomization

  • Sensory Leakage 

  • Subject Cheating

  • Recording Errors

  • Classification and Scoring Errors

  • Statistical Violations

  • Reporting Failures

  • Experimenter Fraud

Evaluating Psi Research

The Biological Perspective

  • The Nervous System

  • The Endocrine System

  • The Temporal Lobe Factor in Psychic Experience

  • The Ecology of Consciousness

  • Challenges to the Biological Identity Model 

Consciousness and the New Physics

  • Space-Time According to Einstein

  • Folded Space 

  • Multidimensional Spacetime 

  • The EPR Effect and Bell's Theorem

  • The Implicate Order

  • Observational Theories

  • Unified Field Theory and Consciousness

  • Evaluating Implications of the New Physics 

The Reflexive Universe

Consciousness as Reflection Space

The Thinking Allowed and InnerWork Video Collections
About the Author

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Jeffrey mishlove iconТ. С. Драбкиной what is Psychotherapy? Contemporary Perspectives Editors Jeffrey K. Zeig, W. Michael Munion Москва Независимая фирма “Класс” 2000
П 86 Психотерапия — что это? Современные представления/Под ред. Дж. К. Зейга и В. М. Мьюниона / Пер с англ. Л. С. Каганова. — М.:...
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