Noun 1 Group these nouns into countable and uncountable

НазваниеNoun 1 Group these nouns into countable and uncountable
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10 Use the proper article:

a) One morning ... little boy is sitting in ... bus on his way to ... school. He's sniffing all ... time and making such ... noise with his nose that... other people in ... bus begin to shake their heads. At last ... gentleman who's sitting next to him says: "... little boy, haven't you got ... handkerchief?" "Yes, I've got ... clean handkerchief in my pocket," says ... little boy, "but I can't let you have it. My mother says it's not polite to ask anybody for ... handkerchief. You must use your own."

b) ... Englishman and ... American were taking their dinner at one table without being introduced to one another. During ... meal... American asked ... Englishman to pass him ... salt. "Here's ... waiter, sir", replied sternly v. Englishman. "Oh, I beg your pardon, I was mistaken," said ... American. "What? You were mistaken, sir, you took me for ... waiter?" "Oh, no", answered ... American. "I considered you ... gentleman".

c) Waitress: ... coffee, ... orange juice, ... egg sandwich and

... cheese sandwich.

You: Thank you. ... coffee and ... egg sandwich are for

me, ... orange juice and ... cheese sandwich are for my friend.

d) Teacher. Are these your things, Peter? ... pen, ... English

dictionary, ... notebook, ... camera and ... bag. Peter: ... camera and ... bag are mine, but not ... pen, ... dictionary, or ... notebook.

11 Translate into English.

1. Брауны живут в Лондоне на авеню Белсайд.

2. Деньги лежат на столе.

3. Здоровье и счастье дороже денег.

4. Дети любят гулять в нашем саду.

5. Там журналы, да?

6. Разбуди ребенка. Он опоздает в школу.

7. Передайте мне перец, пожалуйста.

8. В этой коробке мел или ручки?

9. Я думаю, что он знает правильный ответ.

10. Холодно. Закрой окно, пожалуйста.

11. А где же близнецы? — Они в парке.

12. Дай мне чая, пожалуйста. Чай уже холодный. Я люблю горячий чай.

13. Вы любите кофе? Вы предпочитаете черный кофе или кофе с молоком?

14. В кабинете стоит письменный стол, диван и два кресла.

15. Итальянцы хорошо поют.

16. Вот книга, которую вы хотите прочесть. В ней много чудесных иллюстраций.

17. Вчера я купил два журнала. Журналы очень интерес­ные.

18. Пушкин, великий русский поэт, родился в 1799 году.

19. Студенты нашего университета изучают иностранные языки.

20. Мне понравился фильм, который я видел вчера.

21. Большой дом в конце улицы — городская библиотека.

22. Самые высокие горы находятся в Азии.

23. Вы тот самый человек, который мне нужен.

24. Вода необходима для жизни.

25. Она преподает географию в школе.

26. Мне нравится музыка этого балета.

27. Париж — столица Франции.

28. Озеро Байкал — самое глубокое из всех озер в мире.

29. Земля вращается вокруг солнца.

30. Я купил сыра и масла. Сыр был не очень хороший, но масло было превосходным.

31. Вода в этой реке очень холодная.

32. Это очень хорошее вино.

33. Я люблю искусство.

34. Он охотно дает советы каждому, кто к нему обращается.

35. Мальчики любят играть в футбол.

36. Мне нужна спичка. Мне нужны спички.

37. Я получил важное письмо. Я получил важные письма.

38. Какая интересная книга!

39. Я это сделаю с удовольствием.

40. Она принесла чай, который мы выпили с большим удовольствием.


1 Rewrite each description in the right order.

MODEL: clothes: new, nice — nice new clothes

1. books: old, terrible

2. city: Belgian, beautiful, little

3. club: jazz, local

4. dinner: excellent, cold

5. buildings: old, funny, stone

6. furniture: old, lovely, mahogany

7. ink: drawing, Swiss, light, green

8. jacket: short, leather, nice

9. boots: red, riding, leather

10. squares: brick, little

11. districts: modern, industrial

12. shoes: Spanish, old, black

13. trousers: cotton, grey, long

14. trunks: black, nylon, swimming

15. cupboard: French, beautiful, large

2 Change these sentences so that the adjectives come after be.

MODEL: The man is old. He is an old man.

1. This is a big company.

2. These aren't busy streets.

3. This is an old ticket.

4. Nina isn't a hard-working girl.

5. They aren't modern tall buildings.

6. This isn't a lovely day.

7. These are beautiful pictures.

8. That is an old white car.

9. He isn't a poor man.

10. They are young people.

11. These are interesting English anecdotes.

12. Janet is a responsible girl.

13. Those are overcrowded buses.

14. Mr Black is a very experienced specialist.

15. It isn't an expensive hotel.

3 Give the comparatives and the superlatives.

Cheap, fine, late, full, funny, good, boring, hard, handsome, honest, interesting, lazy, light, old, nervous, sad, soft, far, violent, wet, silly, stupid, uncomfortable, useful, little, young, bad, fresh, important, many/much, pretty, gifted.

4 Complete the sentences with:

a) a comparative and than

1. She's much ... her husband, (young)

2. It's a ... day ... yesterday, (warm)

3. The vegetables in this shop are ... the ones in the supermarket, (fresh)

4. The train is ... the bus. (expensive)

5. This new TV programme is much ... the old one. (funny)

6. Mrs Davies is a ... teacher ... Mr Andrews, (good)

7. My office is ... Helen's, (near)

8. The traffic is ... it was last year, (noisy)

9. You have a ... life ... I have, (busy)

10. Drivers in this country are ... drivers in my country, (careless)

11. The exam today was ... last year's exam, (difficult)

12. She's much ... her sister, (kind)

13. The North is ... the South, (rich)

14. The students ask ... questions ... they did before, (intelligent)

15. Her second book is ... her first, (interesting)

b) a superlative

1. This is the ... case in the shop, (strong)

2. You're the ... person here, (friendly)

3. She's the ... student in the group.(intelligent)

4. This is the ... day of my life, (happy)

5. This is the ... hotel in town, (cheap)

6. It's the ... place in the world, (wonderful)

7. It's the ... film I've ever seen, (sad)

8. It's the ... capital city in the world, (dirty)

9. The people in this area are the ... in the country, (poor)

10. She was the ... speaker of the evening, (amusing)

11. This shop sells the ... vegetables, (fresh)

12. It's the ... programme on television, (boring)

13. This is the ... road in the country, (dangerous)

14. She's the ... person I've ever met. (honest)

15. It was the ... time of my life, (bad)

5 Choose the right forms to complete these sentences. In some cases both variants are right.

1. Is your house much (farther, further)?

2. Who's the (oldest, eldest) in this class?

3. Your driving is (worse,worst) than mine.

4. Have you heard the (last, latest) news?

5. His (last, latest) words were: "The end".

6. My flat is (smaller, less) than yours.

7. I've got (smaller, less) than you.

8. Jane is (older, elder) than I am.

9. His English is (better, best) than mine.

10. It's the (better, best) costume in the shop.

11. It's the (oldest, eldest) tree in the country.

12. She's my (older, elder) sister.

13. You've got the (more, most) !

14. Jane Somers writes (good, well).

15. Her accent is (worse, worst) than his.

6 Form the comparatives and the superlatives.

MODEL: John, Bob, Henry — strong.

John is strong, Bob is stronger and Henry is the strongest of all the three.

1. George, Nick, Mike — young.

2. Sam, Tom, Charles — lucky.

3. Ann, Betty, Kate — pretty.

4. My answer, his answer, her answer at the exam — good.

5. Fred, David, Ben — tall.

6. My task, your task, his task — easy.

7. John, his brother, his father — clever.

8. Mary's dress, Ann's dress, Kate's dress — fashionable.

9. Tom, his friend, George — brave.

10. The Volga, the Danube, the Nile — long.

11. English, Russian, Chinese,— difficult.

12. May, June, July — hot.

13. Peter's flat, Nina's flat, Mark's flat — comfortable.

14. Ben's car, Jim's car, Fred's car — bad.

15. The performance, the film, the book — interesting.

7 Complete the sentences with "the... the". Use the expressions given after the model.

MODEL: ... Mark gets, ...he looks like his Grandpa.

The older Mark gets, the more he looks like his Grandpa.

older/more, more/more, older/darker, more/less, warmer/more, longer/more, faster/more, more/more/less, dangerous/more

1. ... he drove, ... we laughed.

2. ... I live here, ... I like it.

3. ... I get, ... my hair gets.

4. ... it is, ... I like it.

5. ... money he lost, ... it made him unhappy.

6. ... I learn, ... I forget and ... I know.

7. ... I get to know you, ... I understand you.

8. ... clothes she buys, ... clothes she wants to buy.

9. ... money he has, ... useless things he buys.

10. ... it got, ... time we spent on the beach.

11. ... he reads, ... he forgets.

12. ... she ignores him, ... he loves her.

13. ... he drives, ... nervous he gets.

14. ... money we spend, ... friends we have.

15. ... I sleep, ... tired I am.

8 Open the brackets and give the right forms of the adjectives.

1. The 22 of December is the (short) day in the year.

2. Elbrus is the (high) peak in the Caucasian mountains.

3. His plan is (practical) than yours.

4. His plan is the (practical) one of all our plans.

5. This room is (small) than all the rooms in the house.

6. London is the (large) city in England.

7. Silver is (heavy) than copper.

8. This wall is (low) than that one.

9. The Volga is the (long) river in Europe.

10. This exercise is (good) than the last one.

11. My cigarettes are (bad) than yours.

12. I've got (far) information on this matter.

13. The Thames is (wide) and (deep) than the Avon.

14. I bought the (late) edition of today's paper.

15. The two men are sitting at the bar. The one (near) to me is the (big) and (strong) man I've ever seen.

16. The one (far) from me is the (small) and (weak) one.

17. This is her (good) answer.

18. Iron is (useful) than any other metal.

19. It's (late) than I thought.

20. The car seems (bad) than yesterday.

9 Supply as... as; not as/so... as.

1. My friend is ... clever ... his brother.

2. He's ... brave ... a lion.

3. She isn't ... beautiful ... her mother.

4. He isn't ... young ... his wife.

5. The film isn't ... interesting ... the book.

6. The sea is ... blue ... the sky.

7. December is ... cold ... January.

8. The boys are ... strong ... their father.

9. The clouds are ... white ... snow.

10. My old flat isn't ... comfortable ... the new one.

11. My sister isn't ... young ... yours.

12. Their mistakes aren't ... bad ... ours.

13. He's ... busy ... a bee.

14. Your voice is ... sweet... music.

15. The temperature today is ... high ... it was.

16. This street is ... wide ... the next one.

17. My library isn't ... large ... yours.

18. She isn't ... tall ... her sister.

19. He isn't ... old ... he looks.

20. His radio isn't ... powerful ... mine.

10 Use less/the least/fewer/the fewest.

1. Of all British cars, this one uses ... petrol. It also needs ... repairs.

2. There were ... problems than we expected.

3. ... girls than boys do mathematics at university. This may be because girls get ... encouragement to study maths at school.

4. Of all my friends, Jane does ... work.

5. I feel ... confident about the future than I did a year ago.

6. My mother is/was ... optimistic person you can imagine.

7. I've got ... money than I thought.

8. As the years went by, they had ... things to say, and ... interest in talking to each other.

9. Ann's ... shy than Pat.

10. I spoke English ... fluently a year ago than I do today.

11. Ann was the person who made ... mistakes in the translation exam.

12. Do you want more time and ... money, or more money and ... time?

13. He drives ... carefully than I expected.

14. I think this country is ... prosperous than it was a year ago.

15. Liz is very clever, but she has got ... self-confidence of anyone I know.

16. It was ... successful party we'd given.

17. I've had ... days off work of anybody in the office.

18. People from the north of my country speak ... politely than people from the south.

19. My home town is ... gorgerous place I know.

20. ... people than usual were invited to the conference but nevertheless it was a great success.

11 Translate these sentences into English.

1. Мой отец был старшим сыном в семье.

2. Знаете ли вы последние новости?

3. Это здание не самое высокое в городе.

4. Этот путь короче, давай выберем его.

5. Это самый трудный вопрос по этой теме.

6. Ваш брат старше вас? — Нет, он на 3 года моложе меня.

7. Он самый счастливый человек на свете.

8. Эта статья интереснее моей?

9. Он самый талантливый из молодых художников.

10. Ваша проблема гораздо сложнее моей.

11. Эта аудитория меньше нашей.

12. Ваш доклад был гораздо интереснее его доклада.

13. Жизнь не так трудна, как вам кажется.

14. Моя старшая сестра учится в Англии.

15. Этот текст такой же простой, как и следующий.

16. Ваш чемодан гораздо тяжелее моего.

17. Он чувствовал себя все лучше и лучше.

18. Она была гораздо моложе своей сестры. И менее серьезна.

19. Февраль — самый короткий месяц в году.

20. Нынешнее лето — самое сухое, не правда ли?

21. Мое пальто такое же теплое, как ваше.

22. Сегодня ветер не такой сильный, как вчера.

23. Он сейчас гораздо серьезнее, чем раньше.

24. Этот текст самый трудный из всех текстов, которые мы когда-либо переводили.

25. Это крайне важный вопрос.

26. Большинство моих приятелей студенты.

27. По правде говоря, это самое трудное упражнение, которое я когда-либо делал.

28. Не бери такси. Это будет намного дороже.

29. Здоровье и счастье важнее денег.

30. Их старший сын журналист, да?

31. Ее квартира такая же уютная, как твоя?

32. Париж такой же красивый, как и Рим.

33. Большинство людей любит фрукты.

34. Англичане пьют больше чая, чем американцы.

35. Лох-Несс — самое большое озеро в Шотландии.

36. Она гораздо разговорчивее, чем ее сестра.

37. Твой магнитофон такой же хороший, как и наш:.

38. На этот раз у вас больше/меньше ошибок.

39. Эта книга менее интересна, чем та.

40. Чем больше я общаюсь с ней, тем больше она мне нравится.

41. Его шутка была не такой остроумной, как ее.

42. Я не могу нести эту сумку. Она гораздо тяжелее, чем я


43. Практические занятия такие же интересные, как и


44. Это была самая серьезная ошибка, которую я когда-либо совершал.

45. В этой комнате меньше мебели, не так ли?

46. Дмитрий такой же высокий, как и его брат.

47. Чем больше я слушаю тебя, тем меньше понимаю.

48. Это самая старая часть города. Здесь всегда много туристов.

49. Сегодня не самая плохая погода, не так ли?

50. Мой друг — самый надежный человек.
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