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Issue 61
Free to download magazine dedicated to Commodore computers
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Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International and former CEO of Atari International, died on Sunday 8th April at the age of 83.


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o Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 2012 "R2"

o Automated Amiga Disk Archiver

o BOH update15 released

o Lotek64 #40 Released

o QR Code Generator

o Update on the P1565 Project

o Chillin' with Porter

o Moldi's Treasure #5

o AmigaONE X1000 Now Shipping

o Return #10 Released

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o VFLI - VIC-20

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o DiscreetFX Seeking to Add Resources for AmigaOS 4.x & MorphOS Development

o HVTC High Voltage TED Collection

o Scene World #18 is Out Now!

o Cinnamon Writer v0.80 is Ready for Download

o FS-UAE Emulator

o AmigaOS Beta Testers

o Aladdin 4D New Name / New Ownership

o PC World Review WinUAE

o "Boing Ball" Re-visited - Part 2

· Review: Galli — Plus/4 game

· Rediscovering CP/M — Part 3

· Happy Prog’ing

· My Personal Memories of Commodore

· Interview with Jack Tramiel — You Don't Know Jack!

· Jack Tramiel, a man who changed the world


As you will no doubt be aware Jack passed away recently at the age of 83 (Sunday 8th April 2012)

Jack was born in Poland in 1928 into a Jewish family, Jack and his family survived imprisonment in Auschwitz. The family emigrated to the U.S. in 1947 and Jack joined the army and learnt how to repair typewriters.

In 1955 he moved to Toronto and founded a typewriter business called “Commodore Business Machines” it’s suggested Jack wanted a military name but Admiral and General were already taken. After various innovations Commodore would move again to Silicon Valley in the 1960’s and moved into the digital market selling calculators and then finally moved into the home computer market. Commodore purchased MOS Technologies where the parts for the Commodore range of computers would readily be available and at rock bottom prices. In 1982 Commodore released the Commodore 64 home computer selling almost 17 million units. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the Commodore 64 as the best-selling computer model of all time.

Jack left Commodore in 1984 and purchased the consumer division of Atari. Jack over saw the Atari Jaguar development. Jack was a very keen business man and always drove the prices of machines down.

One of Jacks many famous quotes was

Machines for the masses not the classes”

Interview with Jack

In this issue

We have the usual news and some more cp/m tutorials we also continue or on off look at programming, and as a memorial to Jack we have my personal look at Commodore and what Commodore gave me as an individual. Of course you will have your own unique stories about Commodore and fights with owners of other, machines about how Commodore is better than XYZ. Heck the debates still go on as to why X machine is better than Y. To me it was Commodore all the way, sadly as jack left the company that direction seemed to falter somewhat, and commodore lost its direction. With Jack at the helm Commodore gave me personally many years of happy computing (and it still does)

Bye Jack

Let’s hope you are in silicone heaven.

----- Original Message -----
From: Brian Bagnall
To: nigel parker
Sent: Tuesday, 1 May 2012, 21:06
Subject: COMMODORE FREE magazine comments on Jack's passing

Hi Nigel,

My comment on Jack's passing:

I only knew him through research on "Commodore: a Company on the Edge" but I felt like I knew him better than some of my own family. He was a complex, driven man who would never let himself be defeated. He changed millions of lives for the better and helped usher in the era of computing to those who didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on IBM or Apple computers--teenagers, families on tight budgets, people on low incomes. Linus Torvald's first computer was a VIC-20, and there wouldn't be nearly as many silicon valley entrepreneurs today if he hadn't planted those seeds years ago. We all owe him a lot for the world we have today.




Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 2012 "R2"

On the April 27, 2012 - Cloanto released the long-awaited "R2" updates of its Amiga Forever 2012 ( and C64 Forever 2012 ( preservation, emulation and support packages for Windows.

The new "R2" versions include hundreds of refinements that took more than eight months to develop, also taking into account user feedback received since the initial 2012 release last August. The new versions feature social and sharing functionality, improved content authoring, pervasive Unicode support and faster loading times.

On the social side, the software allows for manual posts and automatic status updates on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Messenger. Facebook and Twitter further support screenshot sharing. The "now playing" functionality for Facebook uses the latest Open Graph features to aggregate posts without "spamming" a user's wall. Amiga Forever and C64 Forever were among the very first Facebook clients for Windows approved to use the latest Open Graph and Timeline functionality.

RP9 files can now not only be played back, but also be edited directly from the Windows desktop. This brings more freedom to organize and access content without going through the player interface, and new possibilities like comparing configurations side by side.

New Amiga platform features for content curators include better support for floppy and hard disk images, with media editor options to quickly embed blank disks and system disks into an RP9 package. Features include recognition of RDB disk images and automatic conversion of ADZ, DMS and HDZ images to the more popular and faster ADF and HDF formats (while the RP9 layer takes care of compression).

C64-specific improvements include better keyboard translation, mouse support and the addition of GEOS, the amazing graphical 8-bit desktop suite, to the list of preconfigured systems. Special thanks to Brian Dougherty and his team for this contribution.

By including officially licensed system ROM and OS content, Amiga Forever 2012 and C64 Forever 2012 embody a form of continuity with the original machines sold by Commodore, whose founder Jack Tramiel passed away earlier this month. As it has been doing since 1997, Cloanto keeps working full time on its RetroPlatform family of preservation software, also thanks to its generous supporters and contributor friends. Because of their ease of use, packages like Amiga Forever and C64 Forever have the potential to go beyond preservation and access continuity, by providing inspiration and a well-documented learning environment for future generations.

Amiga Forever is available now in three editions:

· Value Edition (downloadable installer for Windows systems)

· Plus Edition (downloadable ISO image with additional Windows and platform-neutral content)

· Premium Edition (physical Plus Edition content plus additional videos on 3 DVDs)

C64 Forever is available now in three editions:

· Free Express Edition (feature-limited version)

· Downloadable Plus Edition (downloadable installer plus CD ISO image)

· Boxed Plus Edition (downloadable Plus Edition content plus boxed CD)

Thanks to a new logistics platform and partners, since December 2011 physical packages ordered from and have been shipping in almost real time from either California or Germany. This has resulted in reduced delivery times and increased customer satisfaction.

Amiga Forever and C64 Forever passed official Windows 7 logo tests on both x86 and x64 systems, and have also shown to run well on pre-release versions of Windows 8.

Prices for both Amiga Forever and C64 Forever start from $9.95 (special upgrade offers). The "R2" updates are free for existing 2012 version customers (select Check for Updates from the Help menu).

Automated Amiga Disk Archiver

OzzyDweller has 5,000 3.5" Amiga floppy disks that he needed to archive, so he built a floppy-disk bulk-importing device. It has a magazine filled with floppies that are auto-inserted into a drive, copied, then ejected out, these are then photographed (so their art can be captured), and then dropped on the floor. He figured out the clever intake and exhaust mechanism by reverse-engineering a bulk floppy writer from eBay.

BOH update15 released

On the day it turns 3, BOH receives its 15th and final update, which brings even more contents and improvements!

More specifically, this update:

· adds 5 missions;

· adds the Dutch translation;

· optimizes even further the rendering engine;

· replaces the transition effect with a cooler one;

· centres the graphics vertically when playing in a screen bigger than the game area;

· allows providing just alphamask files for all the graphics of themes;

· replaces icons with bigger and crisper ones;

· allows to configure the URL for the submissions of records to the online world standings (so that, in future, standings will remain accessible also if the URL changes);

· updates the manuals;

· applies various other minor optimizations/fixes.

The update can be downloaded for free from the DOWNLOADS page of the official website at

The demos have been updated to reflect the changes.

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