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Seventh revised and expanded edition, November, 2007

Compiled and annotated by

Carl Benn, PhD

Chief Curator

City of Toronto Museums and Heritage Services

© City of Toronto 2007

City of Toronto Culture

Economic Development, Culture, and Tourism

55 John Street, Eighth Floor

Toronto, Ontario

M5V 3C6

For a print version of this bibliography, send a cheque or money order payable to the Treasurer, City of Toronto, to the above address in the amount of $30.

For an online version of this bibliography, along with other historical resources, visit the City of Toronto Culture website at


Introduction and Feedback 3

Arts – Film, Radio, and Television 4

Arts – Literary 6

Arts – Performing 11

Arts – Visual 19

Aviation 27

Biographies, Reminiscences, and Families – General 28

Business and Commerce 36

Climate and Meteorology 41

Community Formation and Identity 41

Culture – Foodways 53

Culture – General 54

Culture – Historic Sites, Museums, Archives, and Public History 57

Culture – Material 63

Education – Nursery, Primary, and Secondary – General 64

Education – Nursery, Primary, and Secondary – Individual Schools 70

Education – Post Secondary – Non University of Toronto and General 72

Education – Post Secondary – University of Toronto and Predecessor Schools 74

Fire Fighting 83

First Nations 84

French Regime and Early British Era to 1793 86

General and Illustrated History 86

General History Written for Children 90

Indexes, Directories, and Related Materials – General 90

Legal, Including Legal Education 91

Medicine and Health – Non-Psychiatric 93

Medicine and Health – Psychiatric 100

Military 103

Neighbourhoods, Districts, and Streets 107

Newspapers and Magazines 113

Politics 120

Rebellion of 1837 122

Religion – General 123

Religion – Individual Churches, Synagogues, and Temples 129

Social History – Class 137

Social History – Housing 139

Social History – Labour 145

Social History – Parades, Street Festivals, Protests, Riots, and Public Spaces 149

Social History – Police, Crime, Courts, Prisons, Social Control, and Related Themes 152

Social History – Sexuality and Gender 159

Social History – Social Services, Charities, Philanthropy, and Related Themes 162

Sport – Professional 168

Sport and Recreation – General 173

Transportation 175

Urban History – Architecture and Major Buildings 178

Urban History – Landscapes, Natural History, Parks, Cemeteries, and Related Themes 185

Urban History – Planning, Development, Public Administration, and Related Themes 190

Utilities, Environmental Protection, and Related Themes 198

Waterfront, Harbour, and Islands 199


This bibliography lists books, articles, master’s theses, and doctoral dissertations about the history of Toronto that have been published since 1990. It is updated periodically, and is available in both print and online versions.

Some articles and books fit into more than one of the categories below, but have been listed only once under the most appropriate heading; thus researchers should check categories closely related to their primary area of interest. Other topics of widespread scholarly study, such as women’s or ethnic history, are integrated throughout the bibliography.

Readers will note that the bibliography includes publications described as being of a ‘contemporary focus’ in relation to their publication date. These items represent a continuation of themes addressed in the historiographical literature, which also will serve as useful documents as they pass into history within a few years of their release.

The following have been excluded from the bibliography in most cases:

  • short articles of five or fewer pages;

  • book reviews;

  • loose-leaf publications;

  • publications that exist as secondary presentations of Internet resources in most cases;

  • earlier editions of later publications (such as dissertations subsequently turned into books);

  • genealogical cemetery transcriptions and similar documents (but a full listing of these may be found on the web site of the Ontario Genealogical Society);

  • publications that address issues related to Toronto within larger provincial or national contexts, but with only a modest Toronto focus;

  • popular magazines articles, such as found in Toronto Life, unless they possess a consciously historical focus.

Researchers interested in urban issues of a broad perspective as well as Toronto-specific governmental and other reports will find the large collection of materials in the Urban Affairs Library at Metro Hall at the corner of John and King streets. It is a significant resource, although often overlooked in comparison to the better-known resources at the city’s university libraries and the Toronto Public Library’s main reference branch just north of Yonge and Bloor streets.

The Internet has become a major source for historical information, although the quality of data often is dreadful. However, there are excellent online resources, three of which of particular value are the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, Historica, and The Canadian Encyclopedia. Another excellent source for Toronto-based data, including numerous important reports relating to immigration, is the CERIS website (Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement), while other agencies and institutions concerned with urban affairs in Toronto also maintain good websites. Most major libraries and archives have online materials, with Toronto’s university libraries, the Toronto Public Library, the Archives of Ontario, and the Library and Archives Canada (formerly the National Archives of Canada) being excellent sources for Toronto-focused materials. In addition, there are various bibliographies online of relevance to Toronto, such as ‘America History and Life’ or ‘Dissertation Abstracts International,’ but these often are available only through subscription; yet, they typically can be accessed from home computers that use a university server.


Comments, corrections, additions, suggestions, and publication notices are invited. Please send them to Dr Carl Benn, Chief Curator, City of Toronto Museums and Heritage Services, Eighth Floor, Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3C6 or to



Allen, Farrell. The CHUM story: from the charts to your hearts. Toronto: Stoddart, 2001. (Radio station, 1945-67.)

Anthony, Ian. Radio wizard: Edward Samuel Rogers and the revolution in communications. Toronto: Gage and Rogers Communications, 2000. (1900-39.)

Broadfoot, Dave, and Barbara Sears. Old enough to say what I want: an autobiography. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 2002. (CBC comedian [‘Big Bobby Clobber,’ etc.], from 1952.)

Douglas, David. ‘The Toronto avant-garde at twilight: avant-garde cinema in Toronto, 1975-85.’ Doctoral Dissertation, Northwestern University, 2000.

Elder, Kathryn, ed. The films of Joyce Wieland. Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 1999. (Artist; lived 1931-98.)

Fairchild, Charles. ‘Mediating marginality: music and community radio in Canada.’ International Journal of Canadian Studies 10 (1994), 119-35. (FM stations CIUT and CHRY, 1990s.)

Frum, Linda. Barbara Frum: a daughter’s memoir. Toronto: Random House, 1996. (Journalist; lived 1937-92.)

Girard, François, and Don McKellar. Thirty-two short films about Glenn Gould. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1995.

Gomery, Douglas. ‘Thinking about motion picture exhibition.’ Velvet Light Trap 25 (1990), 3-11. (North American Cineplex Odeon chain, founded in Toronto in 1979.)

Gutteridge, Robert W. Magic moments: the first twenty years of moving pictures in Toronto, 1894-1914. Toronto: Gutteridge-Pratley Publications, 2000.

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Johnson, Brian D. Brave films, wild nights: twenty-five years of festival fever. Toronto: Random House, 2000. (Toronto Film Festival.)

Knelman, Martin. Laughing on the outside: the life of John Candy. Toronto: Viking, 1996. (Prominent comedian in 1970s Toronto before achieving wider fame.)

Koven, Mikel J. ‘“You don’t have to be filmish”: the Toronto Jewish Film Festival.’ Ethnologies 21/1 (1999), 115-32. (Festival began 1993.)

Mahdaviani, Bita. ‘Towards the legitimation of cinema: coverage of urban entertainment in the Toronto World and the Globe.’ Master’s Thesis, McGill University, 2001. (Early movie era.)

Matheson, Sarah Arlene. ‘Televising Toronto: from Hogtown to Megacity,’ Doctoral Dissertation, University of Southern California, 2003. (Representing Toronto on television, from 1960s.)

Moore, Paul S. ‘A rendezvous for particular people: showmanship, regulation, and promotion of early film-going in Toronto.’ Doctoral Dissertation, York University, 2004. (1906-20.)

Moore, Paul S. ‘Movie palaces on Canadian downtown main streets: Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.’ Urban History Review 32/2 (2004), 3-20. (1890s-2000.)

Ontario Heritage Foundation. The Rogers Batteryless Radio. Toronto: the foundation, 2000. (Short bilingual publication on the revolutionary first radio to use household electricity rather than batteries in 1925, developed in Toronto by Edward ‘Ted’ Rogers.)

Sebert, John, et al. The nabes: Toronto’s wonderful neighbourhood movie houses. Oakville: Mosaic Press, 1999. (Mainly pre-television era.)

Seiler, Robert M. ‘Nathanson, Zukor, and Famous Players: movie exhibition in Canada, 1920-41.’ American Review of Canadian Studies 36/1 (2006), 59-72. (Toronto-based business of Adolf Zukor [lived 1873-1976] and Nathan Nathanson [lived 1886-1943].)

Smith, Matthew. ‘Introducing a new medium: newspaper reviews of the first film screenings in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and New York in 1896.’ Master’s Thesis, Concordia University, 1997. (Reviews, commentaries, advertisements, etc. in newspapers and magazines, 1896-1915.)

Steven, Peter. ‘Living pictures.’ The Beaver 76/2 (1996), 32-40. (Movies in Toronto, 1896-98.)

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Uhde, Jan. Vision and persistence: twenty years of the Ontario Film Institute. Waterloo: University of Waterloo Press, 1990.

Whitfield, Eileen. Pickford: the woman who made Hollywood. Toronto: MacFarlane, Walter, and Ross, 1997. (Actress Mary Pickford, born in Toronto 1892, co-founder in 1919 of United Artists.)


(See also Culture – General; Culture – Material; and Newspapers and Magazines)

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Editions, 1991. (Short publication; contemporary focus.)

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