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during normal office hours 9.15-5.45pm Mon.-Fri.)

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TERMS OF BUSINESS: & Notes on these lists: (Please read before ordering).

1). All stamps are unmounted mint unless specified otherwise. An asterisk next to

the country name means that corner blocks of 4 are available at 4 X price.

2). Lists are updated about every 12 weeks to include most recent stock

movements and New Issues; they are therefore reasonably accurate stockwise

100% pricewise. This reduces the need for "credit notes" and refunds.

Alternatives may be listed in case some items are out of stock. However,

these popular lists are still best used as soon as possible.

Next listings will be printed in 3, 4, 6 & 12 months time so please

indicate when next we should send a list on your order form.

3). New Issues Services can be provided if you wish to keep your collection up

to date on a Standing Order basis. Details & forms on request.

Regret we do not run an on approval service.

4). All orders on our order forms are attended to by return of post.

We will keep a photocopy it and return your annotated original.

5). Other Thematic Lists are available on request; Explorers, Maps, Locos, Lighthouses

6). Postage is extra but we always use current G.B.commemoratives in

complete sets where possible for postage.

INLAND RATES: 1st Class 80p;

"Insurance + Rec.Delivery" £2.50 (recommended on orders of £30-£75).

Special Delivery Post £6.50 (recommended on orders over £75)

OVERSEAS RATES: these START at ...............................

EUROPE ....Airmail £2.70; Insured £7.70 (depends on weight & value)

REST OF THE WORLD ..Airmail £3.70 or Insured £8.70 (depends on weight/value)

7). INSURANCES: using Special Delivery Post (£6.50) full compensation for loss

or damage in transit (recommended on orders of over £75): "Insrance +

Recorded Delivery Post" (£2.50) our insurance now covers up to £75.00

worth of goods. 1st Class Post is recommended on orders under £30.00

Overseas Insured now covers up to £500.00 of goods.

8). PAYMENT: can be made by Sterling cheque or postal order,

check in $US (dollars) all payable to M.B.O'Neill

Cash (Bank notes) in Pounds Sterling (£) Euros (€) or U.S.$.

EXCHANGE RATES: £1.00 Sterling = US$1.60 = €1.20 (Euros)

We now accept all Debit Cards - Switch, Delta, Connect, etc.

or the following credit cards: (please add card EXPIRY DATE & 3 digit security code), VISA Barclaycard, ACCESS, Mastercard, EUROCARD, or Diners Club.

PAYPAL PAYMENT: simply send them your details using our email address pay in $ £ or €.

Minimum orders £15.00 please. Thank you. Orders under this amount

should be accompanied by the £2.00 subscription & handling charge.


9). Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Reference numbers are used to aid

identification, (S.G.No's). We have recently (Sept. 2012) added a number of new S.G.Catalogue numbers from Catalogue Supplements.

10). Please checkout John Sefton’s exciting new website

and where a lot of information on Union Castles can be found.

Recent additions: Ascension, Austria, Azores, Bermuda, Bulgaria, Canada, C.Af.Rep., Cyp.(T), Ecuador, Falks, Guinee, G-Bissau, Hungary, Ireland, IOM, Israel, Italy 2011, Madeira, NZ(1998), Portugal, St.M., St.P., Solomons, Thai., Togo, Tuvalu, Uruguay 2010, Aland, Aruba, Alderney, Belgium, BAT, Burundi, Cuba, Finland, Fr.Ant. Terr., Gambia, Germany, Gib., Iceland, Indonesia, Jersey, Liberia, Monaco

Aden 1939 HMS Volage & Cruizer (1v): lightly mounted, SG22, 0.30

Afghanistan 1997 Ancient Ships (6v+SS): N.European Dromon, Hanseatic Kogge + ancient

Egyptian maritime merchant Ship souvenir sheet, Scott#1456-62, 7.25

Aland 2003 Pommern (1v): full rigged masted vessel, SG234, 1.20

Aland 2004 Flag on board ship & yachts (1v): SG251, was £1.05 Special Offer, 0.70

Aland 2005 Sailing Ship (1v): Linden, SG270, was £1.20 Special Offer, 0.75

Aland 2008 Masted vessel 19thC.(1v): EUROPA issue, SG310, 1.95

Aland 2008 Lighthouses(4v): Marhallan, Gustaf Dahlen, Bogskar, SG311-4, 5.70

Aland 2009 Shipwreck of 3-Masted iron barque “Plus” (1 value): SG325 1.75

Aland 2009 Authors (3v): one clipper on Lundberg SG321-3, 7.50

Aland 2009 Ferries (2v): SS Viking & Newbuilding, SG327-8, 3.90

Aland 2010 Ferries (2v): SS Skandia & SS Prinsessan, SG339-40 8.50

Aland 2011 Ferries (2v): M/S Apollo and M/S Alandia, SG350-1, 4.50

Aland 2012 Ferries (2v): SS Birger Jarl, Sally Albatross, 2.90

Aland 2012 100th Anniv. Sinking of R.M.S. Titanic (1v): ship, 3.25

Aland 2012 Norden MS: fishing vessel, (+ seabirds, 1.95

Alderney 1991 Braye Inner Harbour (1v): moored fishing vessels, SG12b, 0.50

Alderney* 1992 300th Anniv. Naval Battle of La Hogue(4v):SGA52-5,was £4.75 Offer, 3.90

Alderney 1998 Diving (5v): Stella, Liverpool, Point Law (tanker),

helmets, SGA110-4, was £3.85 on Special Offer, 3.25

Alderney 1998 Diving MSA115: (5v shtlt): designs as above Stella, etc. was £3.90 3.30

Alderney 2005 Trafalgar (6v: Victory, Nelson, enemy in sight, Saumarez, SG253-8 5.20

Alderney 2009 Naval Aviation (6v): U-Boat, Scharnhorst, HMS Daring,

Felixstowe flyingboat, (+ 6 aircraft), SGA369-74, 6.70

Alderney 2010 Masted vessel – pirate ship from Peter Pan (1v): SG403, 1.50

Alderney 2012 Titanic 100th Anniv. (6v): orchestra,ship,grand staircase,SG448-53, 5.95

Algeria 2009 Fishing Ports (3v): vessels, SG1626-8, 5.50

Algeria 2010 O.P.E.C. (2v): oil tanker, symbol, SG1656-7, 4.60

Algeria 2011 The Economy (1v): ship, (+ small modern electric train), SG1678, 1.80

Angola 1970 Mail Ships(1v): Infante Dom Henrique, Principe Perfeito, SG696, 0.30

Angola 1999 Ships MS1468a/d: Madre de Deus 1609 carrack, Junk, 1861 Catamarran

paddlesteamer – Natchez four souvenir sheets 11.70

Anguilla 2002 Sombrero Lighthouse (3v): various views, SG1113-5, 2.50

Anguilla 2002 Royal Navy (4v): HMS Warrior, Dreadnaught,Formidable,Antrim, 3.95

Anguilla 2003 Sailing Ships (12v): Liberator,Finance,Tiny Gull,Lady Laurel,Rose

Millicent,Spitfire,Betsy R.,Excelsior, Ismay, Warspite, SG1131-42, 13.95

Antigua 1972 Definitive yacht “Sol Quest” $1 value (1v): SG332, Cat.£3.00 1.25

Antigua 1972 Definitive tug “Pathfinder” $5 value (1v): SG285, 1.95

Antigua 1989 Cruise Ships(8v): MS Sagafjiord, Song of America, Is. Princess and

Southward, TSS Festivale, MV Cunard Countess,Galileo, SG1281-8, 12.50

Antigua 1992 Caravel in border of Columbus MS1660b; Sea Monster souvenir sheet, 3.30

Antigua 1996 Ships (18v=6v+2x6v shtlts):Resolution,S.Maria,Mayflower,Sovereign of

The Seas, Golden Hinde, Griffin, R.Louis, HMS Victory, SG2283-00, 17.95

Antigua 1998 Lighthouses (8v): Terra Del Fuego (Arg.), Point Albino (Ontario),

Point Loma (Calif.), Green Point (S.Af.), Great Inagua, SG2612-9 6.80

Antigua 1998 Ships (6v=2X3v shtlt): Viking Longship, Greek BC Warship, Dhow,

SS Savanah,Clipper, Norfolk Wherry in border, SG2679-84, 7.75

Antigua 1999 Ships around Antigua (5v):Monarch of the Sea,Missa Ferdie,SG2925-9 2.90

Antigua 1999 Ships (5v sheetlet)MS2931: designs as set, "Freewinds", Yachts, 3.50

Antigua 2001 Cruise Ship "Freewinds" MS3387 in Curacao & in the eclipse, 5.50

Antigua 2006 Columbus 500th Death (4v): all portraits & map,no Ships!SG4054-7, 3.75

Antigua 2006 Columbus 500th Death Anniv. MS4058: Nina, Pinta, S.Maria souv/sheet 3.45

Antigua 2011 American Civil War (4v shtlt)MS4336: USS Minnesota + many others 6.35

Antigua 2011 American Civil War (4v shtlt)MS4338: one features Confed. ships 6.40

Antigua 2011 Titanic (4v shtlt): Ismay, Stead, Guggenheim, Andrews, passengers 7.95

Antigua 2011 R.M.S. Titanic SS: under full steam souvenir sheet 5.25

Argentina 1997 Frigate "Sarmiento" masted vessel (1v): only fine used, 1.50

Argentina 1999 125th Anniv. Corvette Uruguay” MS2715: sailing ship souvenir sheet 2.90

Argentina 2003 Rosario Bridge(2v):Puenta Nostra dela Rosa,ships on river,SG2992-3, 1.15

Argentina 2003 Corvette masted vessel A.R.A.Uruguay (1v): SG3007, 0.95

Argentina 2005 San Martin Antarctic (2v shtlt)MS3125:ship,(+ bird,map,air border) 2.20

Argentina 2006 Lighthouses(4v shtlt):Rincon,Recalada Bahia Blanca,1st May,SG3154-7 2.60

Argentina 2006 Ships (4v):paddle-steamer Lambare,steamer City of B.Aires,SG3194-7 3.75

Argentina 2007 Sail frigate Adm. Brown – masted vessel Hercules (1v) SG3217, 0.80

Argentina 2007 Ice-breaker (1v): Ara Admiral Irizar, SG3246, 2.75

Argentina 2008 Antarctic (2v): A.R.A. Guarani, + maps, shells, fish, SG3294-5, 2.25

Argentina 2010 Lighthouse (1v): Eclaireurs - Tiera del Fuego, SG3397, 5.50

Argentina 2010 Regatta (1v): masted vessel, SG3398, 1.40

Argentina 2010 Regatta (2v shtlt)MS3399:Libertad/Esemerelda+11 ships in the border 9.95

Aruba 2011 Classic Ships (6v): Star of India, Unicorn, Sea Cloud, 15.75

Ascension 1924 2d. 3-masted vessel (1v): SG13 fine used, 3.50

Ascension 1972 Naval Crests (4v): HMS Lowestoft,Auckland,Nigeria,Bermuda,SG154-7, 2.25

Ascension 2001 500th Anniv.Discovery (4v): Cockburn, Alburquerque, map, SG819-22 3.70

Ascension 2001 H.M.S.Phoebe (1 value): 1837-1901, SG825, was £0.90 Special Offer 0.75

Ascension 2002 Liberation (4v): HMS Hermes, Landing Craft SG844-7, 3.25

Ascension 2005 Trafalgar (6v) HMS Neptune/Victory/Britannia, Trinidad, SG914-9, 5.75

Ascension 2005 Trafalgar (2v shtlt)MS920:Nelson, HMS Ajax, Neptuno souvenir sheet 3.75

Ascension 2005 2nd Trafalgar issue (3v): HMS Victory, Nelson, fleet, SG933-5 3.80

Ascension 2007 Liberation (4v): HMS Dumbarton Castle, HMS Fearless, SG966-9 4.75

Ascension 2007 Lib.(4v shtlt)MS970b:HMS Antrim,Dumbarton Castle,Atlantic Conveyor, 6.65

Ascension 2009 Naval Aviation (8v): Moraine Saulnier L destroys Zeppelin LZ37,

Corsair bombing warships, 6 more a/c, SG1034-41 6.95

Ascension 2009 Darwin (4v): HMS Beagle, (+ finch, penguins, tortoise, SG1056-9, 6.25

Ascension 2011 HMS Erebus & Terror approaching Ascension (1v): SG1090, 0.70

Ascension 2011 R.A.F. SAR(4v):helis land on Dumbarton Castle,HMS Spartan,SG1103-6 5.15

Ascension 2011 R.A.F. Search & Rescue MS1107: souvenir sheet (QE2 in the border) 4.75

Ascension 2012 Titanic (4v): various views of Titanic 4.15

Ascension 2012 Titanic SS: Abandoning ship, map border souvenir sheet 3.85

Australia 1981 Yachts (4v): Sharpie, 12m., Sabot, Ocean racer, SG833-6, 1.40

Australia 1981 Yachts (4v): Sharpie, 12m., etc. as above but fine used, 1.30

Australia 1983 HMS Sirius & HMS Brig (supply) masted vessels (2v): SG879-880, 2.25

Australia 1989 1830's Immigrant Sailing Ship (1v): SG1203, 0.70

Australia 1999 Polly Woodside MS1850: joint issue EIRE souvenir sheet, 1.15

Australia 2002 Lighthouses (4v Macquerie, Troubridge, Cape Naturaliste SG2187-90, 2.50

Australia 2003 Murray River Ships (5v):Oscar,Ruby,Pyap,Marion, Adelaide,SG2311-5 2.75

Australia 2003 Murray River Ships (5v):Oscar,Ruby,etc self-adhesives, SG2316-20 2.20

Australia 2006 Lighthouses (5v): Casuarina Point WA, Point Cartwright, SG2633-7, 2.75

Australia 2008 Heavy Haulers (5v):one freighter MS Bergestahl, (+ train,SG2972-6, 2.70

Australia 2010 Gov.MacQuarie(4v): 2 with ships in Port Jackson harbour, SG3346-9, 3.30

Australia 2011 Cent.Royal Aus.Navy(2v):HMAS Sydney 1V,HMAS Aus (1913-22),SG3604-5, 2.25

Australia 2011 Cent. Royal Australian Navy (10v shtlt): (5 x SG3604-5 above), 11.25

Australia 2012 Transport (5v): Ferry Charlotte(+ trams, light rail, SG3724-8, 4.50

Australia 2012 Transport (5v self-adhesives): Ferry etc designs as above,SG3729-33 4.60

Aus.Ant.Terr. 2001 Famous Australians (20v shtlt): ships, explorers,

Mawson Banzari, Debenham, Taylor, Bernacchi, SG132-51 6.25

Aus.Ant.Terr. 2011 Expedition (5v):Davis,S.Y. Aurora leaves for Macqaurie Is,SG207-11, 4.35

Aus.Ant.Terr. 2011 Expedition (5v shtlt)MS212: designs as above - S.Y. Aurora etc. 4.40

Austria 2007 Lake Steamer – “Wien” (1v): SG2873, 6.50

Austria 2008 Lake Paddle-steamer – “Schonbrunn” (1v): SG2946, 6.95

Austria 2009 Pleasure steamer “Thalia” (1v): SG2979, 1.40

Austria 2009 Passenger ship (1v): MS Osterreich, SG2995, 7.95

Austria 2012 Steamship – Schonbrunn (1v) 2.20

Azores 1992 Ships (4v): Insulano 1868 steamer, Terceirense freighter,SG827-30, 2.95

Azores 2011 Whales & Whaling (4v): vessels, 8.50

Azores 2011 Whales & Whaling (2SS): vessels two souvenir sheets 8.95

Azores 2012 Cruise Liner MV Funchal EUROPA “Visit Portugal” (1v) 1.70

Azores 2012 Cruise Liners MV Funchal EUROPA “Visit Portugal” (2v shtlt) 3.25

Bahamas 1954 2/- definitive (1v): masted vessel in harbour, SG212, fine used 0.95

Bahamas 1954 2/6d. definitive ship building (1v): SG213, lightly mounted, 1.50

Bahamas 1965 Yacht 9d overprint on 8d. (1v): SG264, 0.25

Bahamas 1992 Columbus V1 MS946: Santa Maria Landfall souvenir sheet, 3.95

Bahamas 2004 Lighthouses(5v)Hog Island 1817+liner,Elbow Reef,Gt.Isaac,SG1352-6 3.30

Bahamas 2005 Trafalgar (6v): HMS Boreas/Victory/Polyphemus,”Achille”,SG1380-5, 3.80

Bahamas 2005 Trafalgar (2v shtlt)MS1386: HMS Polyphemus, Collingwood souv/sheet 2.50

Bahamas 2005 Lighthouses(5v) Gt.Inagua, San Salvador, Castle Is., SG1396-1400, 3.40

Bahamas 2009 Naval Aviation (4v): one aircraft carrier, + 2 decks, SG1541-4 3.30

Bahamas 2009 Naval Aviation MS1545: A/c Carrier MV Empire McKendrick 2.85

Bahrain 2009 ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (2v): Dhows, SG821-2, 1.60

Barbados 1989 Watersports (4v: includes Yachting, SG906-9, Cat.£7.75 3.50

Barbados 1995 V.E.Day (1v): S.S. Davisian cargo liner sunk off B'dos, SG1051, 1.60

Barbados 1997 Definitive BLOCK spiral wmk. (9v): "1997" imprint, HMS Victory 1805,

Dutch Flyut, HMS Barbados, R.Viking Queen, Inanda SG1029B-42B, 11.95

Barbados* 2000 Cruise ship corrected version of SG1158 – its mirror image! SG1158a 0.80

Barbados* 2002 Steam packet R.M.S. Esk (1 value): SG1209, 1.25

Barbados 2003 R.Navy (4v): HMS Tartar 1764,Barbadoes 1803,Valerian 1926,SG1226-9 4.95

Barbados 2003 375th Anniv. Bridgetown (4v): one view of ships in harbour SG1230-3,2.90

Barbados 2003 Bridgetown (4v shtlt)MS1231: above designs one ships in harbour 2.95

Barbados 2010 Fireball Sailing (5v): J24 keelboats, yachts, SG1349-53, 3.90

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