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CE Product Design and Technology
Resources 2012–2016

Some of the print resources contained in this list may be out of print. They have been included because they may still be available from libraries, bookshops and private collections.

At the time of publication the URLs (website addresses) cited were checked for accuracy and appropriateness of content. However, due to the transient nature of material placed on the web, their continuing accuracy cannot be verified. Teachers are strongly advised to prepare their own indexes of sites that are suitable and applicable to the courses they teach, and to check these addresses prior to allowing student access.



Aimone, S 2007, Design! A Living Guide to Design Basics for Artists & Craftspeople, Lark Books, New York.

Bayley, S (ed.), 1985, The Conran Directory of Design, Conran Octopus Ltd, London.

Best, K 2006, Design Management. Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation, AVA Book Publishing SA, Switzerland.

Boradkar, P 2010, Designing Things. A Critical Introduction to the Culture of Objects, Berg, Oxford International Publishers Ltd, UK.

Buchanan, R & Margolin, V 1995, Discovering Design. Explorations in Design Studies, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

Chapman, C & Peace, M 1998, Collins GCSE Design and Technology – Design Realisation, HarperCollins Publishers, UK.

Faimon, P & Weigand, J 2004, The Nature of Design. How the Principles of Design Shape our World – from Graphics and Architecture to Interiors and Products, HOW Design Books, Ohio.

Fiell, C & Fiell, P 2006, Design Handbook; Concepts, Materials, Styles, Taschen, Koln.

Lawson, B & Dorst, K 2009, Design Expertise, Architectural Press, Oxford, UK.

Lidwell, B, Holden, K & Butler, J 2003, Universal Principles of Design. 100 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, and Teach Through Design, Rockport Publishers Inc., USA.

Marcus, GH 2002, What is Design Today?, Harry, N. Abrams, Inc., New York.

Martin, R 2009, The Design of Business. Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage, Harvard Business Press, Massachusetts, USA.

Mayall, WH 1979, The Principles of Design, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, London.

McCreight, T 2006, Design Language, Interpretive Edition, Brynmorgen Press, UK.

McDermott, C 2007, Design: The Key Concepts, Routledge, UK.

Morrison, J & Twyford, J 1994, Design Capability and Awareness, Longman Group UK Ltd, England.

Nelson, HG & Stolterman, E 2003, The Design Way. International Change in an Unpredictable World, Educational Technology Publications, New Jersey, USA.

Norman, DA 2007, The Design of Future Things, A Member of the Perseus Book Group, USA.

Phillips, PL 2004, Creating the Perfect Design Brief. How to Manage Design for Strategic Advantage, Allworth Press, New York.

Shimizu, Y, Kojima, T, Tano & M, Matsudo, S 1991, Models & Prototypes, Clay, Plaster, Styrofoam, Paper, Graphic-sha Publishing, Co., Ltd, Japan.

Wassreman, M 2004, Re:Think Re:Design Re:Construct, HOW Design Books, Ohio, US.


Conran, T & Fraser, M 2004, Designers on Design, Conran Octopus Limited, London.

Couturier, E 2010, Talk About Design, English language edition, Flammarion SA, Paris.

Dorst, K 2003, Understanding Design. 150 Reflections on Being a Designer, BIS Publishers, Amsterdam.

Hannah, B 2004, A Guide to Careers in Design: Becoming a Product Designer, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New Jersey.

Lawson, B 2006, How Designers Think. The Design Process Demystified, 4th edn, Architectural Press, Oxford, UK.

Stungo, N 2000, Charles & Ray Eames, Carlton Books, London, UK.

Teboul, D 2002, Yves Sanit Laurent, 5, Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris, France, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, France.

Wilcox, C, Mendes, V & Buss C 2002, The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace, V&A Publications, London.


Evans, DH 2007, Cool Hunting Green. Recycled, Repurposed and Renewable Objects that Inspire a Greener World, East Street Publications, Australia.

Fuad-Luke, A 2004, The Eco-Design Handbook: A complete Sourcebook for the Home and Office, Thames & Hudson Ltd, London.

Lewis, H & Gertsakis, J, Grant, T, Morelli, N & Sweatman, A 2001, Design + Environment. A Global Guide to Designing Greener Goods, Greenleaf Publishing Ltd, UK.

McDonough, W & Braungart, M 2002, Cradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things, North Point Press, New York.

Walker, S 2006, Sustainable by Design. Explorations in Theory and Practice, Earthscan, London, UK.

Walton, S & Walton, S 2000, Eco Deco. Chic, Ecological Design Using Recycled Materials, Anness Publishing Ltd, London.

Historical Movements and Eras in Product Design


Buxbaum, G (ed.) 2005, Icons of Fashion: The 20th Century, Prestel, Munich.

Byars, M & Barre-Despond, A 1999, 100 Designs/100 Years, Rotovision SA, Switzerland.

Calasibetta, Mankey, C & Tortora, P 2003, The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion, 3rd edn, Fairchild, New York.

Callan & O’Hara, G 2008 The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers, 2nd edn, Thames & Hudson, New York.

Cawthorne, Z 2005, Australian in Fashion. Six Great Designers, Australian Postal Corporation, Australia.

Harris, J, (ed.) 2004, 5000 Years of Textiles, The British Museum Press, London.

Jones, T & Mair, A (ed.) 2003, Fashion Now: i-D Selects the World's 150 Most Important Designers, Taschen, Köln.

Kellogg, AT et al. 2002, In an Influential Fashion: An Encyclopedia of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Fashion Designers and Retailers Who Transformed Dress, CT: Greenwood Press, Westport.

Martin, R 1988, Fashion and Surrealism, Thames & Hudson, London.

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Steele, V (ed.) 2005 Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, 3 vols. Thomson/
Gale, Detroit. 


Albus, V, Kras R, & Woodham JM (Ed. Committee) 2007, Icons of Design! The 20th Century, Prestel, Munich.

Bhaskaran, L 2005, Designs of the Times. Using Key Movements and Styles for Contemporary Design, RotoVision SA, Switzerland.

Bogle, M & Landman, P 1989, Modern Australian Furniture. Profiles of Contemporary Designer-Makers, The Craftsman’s Press Pty, Ltd, Australia.

Burdek, BE 2005, Design. History, Theory and Practice of Product Design, Birkhauser, Publishers for Architecture, Switzerland.

Byars, M 2005, The Best Tables, Chairs, Lights. Innovation and Invention in Design Products for the Home, Rotovision Book, Switzerland.

Colombo, S 1997, The Chair. An Appreciation. The Ivy Press Ltd, Great Britain.

Crafti, S 2002, Request Response Reaction: Designers of Australia & New Zealand, Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, Australia.

Craig, C, Fahy, K, & Roberston, EG 1972, Early Colonial Furniture in New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land, Georgian House, Melbourne.

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Fiell, C & Fiell, P 2002, Chairs, Taschen, Germany.

Fiell, C & Fiell, P 2003, Designing the 21st Century, Taschen, Germany.

Fitoussi, B 1998, Memphis, Thames & Hudson, London.

Hauffe, T 1998, Design: A Concise History, Laurence King Publishing, London.

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Marcus, GH 2007, Design in the Fifties: When Everyone Went Modern, Prestel, Munich.

Marcus, G H 2006, Functionalist Design: An Ongoing History, Prestel, Munich.

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Sparke, P, Hodges, F & Williams-Aldersey, H 1997, The New Design Source Book, Knicherbocker Press, Great Britain.

Fashion Design

Baskett, M 2006, Jazzy Jeans, Sterling Publishing Co. Ltd, New York.

Chauncey, B 2008, Denim by Design, Krause Publications, Iola.

Dawber, M 2007, The Big Book of Fashion Illustration, Batsford, UK

Drudi, E & Paci, T 2007, Figure Drawing for Fashion Design, The Pepin Press, Milan.

Fernandez, A & Martin Roig, G 2007, Drawing for Fashion Designers, Batsford, London.

Hagen, K 2005, Fashion Illustration for Designers, Pearson Education Inc., New Jersey.

McKelvey, K 1996, Fashion Source Book, Blackwell Science Ltd, Oxford, UK.

Mitchell, L, (ed.) 2005, The Cutting Edge: Fashion from Japan, Powerhouse, NSW, Australia.

Morris, B 2006, Fashion Illustrator, Laurence King Publishing, UK.

Oriol, AL (ed.) 2008, Essential Fashion Illustration Color + Medium, Rockport Publishers, USA.

Searle, K 2008, Knitting Art: 150 Innovative Works from 18 Contemporary Artists, Voyageur Press, USA.

Sorger, R & Udale, J 2006, The Fundamentals of Fashion Design, AVA Book, Switzerland.

Tatham, C & Seaman, J 2003, Fashion Design Drawing Course. Principles, Practice and Techniques: the Ultimate Guide for the Aspiring Fashion Artist, Thames & Hudson, UK.

General Product Design

Bramston, D 2009, Basics Product Design 01. Idea Searching, AVA Publishing SA, Switzerland.

Bramston, D 2010, Basics Product Design 03. Visual Conversations, AVA Publishing SA, Switzerland.

Dangel Cullen, C & Haller, L 2006, Design Secrets: Products 2. 50 Real-Life Projects Uncovered, Rockport Publishers, Inc. Massachusetts, USA.

Goodrich, K 2001 Design Secrets: Products: 50 Real-life Product Design Projects Uncovered, Rockport Publications Inc. Virginia, USA.

Hudson, J 2008, Process. 50 Products Designs from Concept to Manufacture, Laurence King Publishing, London.

Morris, R 2009, The Fundamentals of Product Design, AVA Publishing SA, Switzerland.

Pipes, A 2007, Drawing for Designers, Laurence King Publishing Ltd, London, UK.

Slack, L 2006, What is Product Design? Essential Design Handbooks, RotoVision SA, Switzerland.

Tourtillott, SJE (ed.) 2004, 400 Polymer Clay Designs. A Collection of Dynamic & Colorful Contemporary Work, Lark Books, NY.

Ulrich, KT & Eppinger, SD 2004, Product Design and Development, 3rd edn, McGraw Hill/Irwin Companies Inc., USA.

Metal Design

Butor, M 1994, Ethnic Jewelry; Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, Vendome Press, US.

Fisch, AM 1996, Textile Techniques in Metal for Jewelers, Textile Artists & Sculptors, Lark Books, UK.

Fisch, D & S 1998 Metal: Design and Fabrication, Whitney Library Design, UK.

Lark Books, 2006, 500 Pendants & Lockets: Contemporary Interpretation, Lark Books, UK.

Le Van, M 2005, 500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body, Lark Books, UK.

McCreight, T 1998, Jewellery – Fundamentals of Metalsmithing, A&C Black Publishers, UK.

McCreight, T 1997, Metals Technic: A Collection of Techniques for Metalsmiths, Brynmorgen Press, UK.

McCreight, T 2005, The Complete Metal Smith, an Illustrated Handbook, revised edition, Davis Publications, UK.

McGrath, J 2004, Encyclopaedia of Jewellery Making Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional and Contemporary Techniques, The Bookshop Pty Ltd, Singapore.

Nichols, S, Antonelli, P, Friedel, R, Sparke, P, Doordan, D & Vogel, C 2000, Aluminium by Design, Harry N. Abrams, UK.

Untracht, O 1982, Jewellery Concepts and Technology, Doubleday/Random House, USA.

Wicks, S 1992, Jewellery Making Manual, A Little Brown Book and Company, UK.

Textiles Design

Carron, C 2005, Hip Knit Hats, Lark Books, London.

Dahl, CA 2004, Transforming Fabric. 30 Creative Ways to Paint, Dye, and Pattern Cloth, Krause Publications, Iola.

Grey, M & Wild, J 2007, Paper, Metal & Stitch, Batsford, London.

Hedley, G 2004, Surfaces for Stitch Plastics, Films & Fabric, BT Batsford Chrysalis Books Group, London.

Houghton, L 2009, Felting Fashion: Creative and Inspirational Techniques for Felt-Makers, Batsford, London.

Issett, R 2007, Print, Pattern and Colour for Paper and Fabric, Batsford, UK.

Johnson, J 2006, Feltmaking and Wool Magic, Contemporary Techniques and Beautiful Projects, Quarry Books, USA.

Searle, T 2007, Fabric Jewellery. 25 Designs to Make Using Silk, Ribbon, Buttons and Beads A&C Black Publishers Ltd, London.

Thittichai, K 2009, Experimental Textiles. A Journey Through Design, Interpretation and Inspiration, Batsford, London.

Thittichai, K 2007, Hot Textiles; Inspiration and Techniques with Heat Tools, Batsford, London.

Furniture Design

Buchanan, G 1998, Making Country Furniture. 15 Step-by-Step Projects, The Taunton Press, USA.

Burch, M 2008, Tool School; The Missing Manual for your Tools, Betterway Books, Ohio.

Editors of Fine Woodworking, 1985, Fine WoodWorking on Boxes, Carcases and Drawers; 41 Articles Selected by the Editors of Fine Woodworking Magazine, The Taunton Press, USA.

Finney, M 1997, The Stanely Book of Woodwork, B.T. Batsford Ltd, London.

Hamlyn (ed.) 2001, Woodworking Workshops; Joints and Jointmaking, Professional Skills Made Easy, Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, UK.

Haxell, P & K 2002, Simple Handmade Garden Furniture; 23 Step by Step Weekend Projects, Cico Books, London.

Hemachandra, R (ed.) 2007, 500 Tables. Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style, Lark Books, New York.

Jones, P 1987, Shelves, Closets & Cabinets, From A-Frames to Z-Outs, Popular Science Books, New York.

Levell, S 2009, Limited Edition. Prototypes, One-Offs and Design Art Furniture, Birkhauser, Berlin.

Mackenzie, D 1998, Pine Furniture Projects for the Home, Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd, East Sussex.

Matthew, C, Morrison, A 2001, Simple Handmade Furniture; 23 Step-by-Step Weekend Projects, Cima Books Ltd, London.

Saville, L & Stoddard, B (Curator) 2008, Design Secrets: Furniture. 50 Real-Life Projects Uncovered, Rockport Publishers Inc. Massachusetts, USA.

Stack, J 2002, Design your own Furniture, from Concept to Completion, F&W Publications, Ohio.

Simpson, C 2000, The Essential Guide to Woodwork, Murdock Gooks Australia Pty Ltd, Australia.

Stender, T 2000, Making Contemporary Wooden Tables. 18 Elegant Projects from Designer-Craftsmen. Lark Books, NY.

The Woodworker’s Library, 2000, Practical Design Solutions and Strategies. Key Advice for Sound Construction from Fine Woodworking, The Taunton Press, Newtown, USA.

Wood Magazine, Finishing Handbook, 2004, Sterling Publishings Co. Inc. New York.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Design Victoria, IP Australia, The Design Institute of Australia, 2009, Make your Mark. A Guide to Intellectual Property for Australia’s Industrial Designers.

Design Victoria, 2010, Demystifying Design. A guide to designing your business growth, Rothfield Print and Image Management, Australia.

Design Victoria, IP Australia, The Design Institute of Australia, 2009, Protect your Creative.
A Guide to Intellectual Property for Australian’s Graphic Designers.

Materials – Properties and Characteristics

Bramston, D 2009, Basics Product Design O2. Material Thoughts, AVA Publishing SA, Switzerland.

Chapman, C 2002, Resistant Materials – Real World Technology, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, London, UK.

Cuffaro, DF, Paige, D, Blackman, CJ, Laituri, D, Covert, DE, Sears, LM & Nehez-Curraro,
A 2006, Process, Materials, and Measurements. All the Details Industrial Designers need to Know but can Never Find, Rockport Publishers, USA.

Parsons, R 2009, GCSE Design and Technology Resistant Materials AQA Revision Guide, UK.

Thomson, R 2007, Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals. Thames & Hudson, London.

Walker, PMB (ed.), St. J. Braithwaite, N, Lewis, PR, Reynolds & K, Weidmann, GW, (cons. ed.) 1999, Chambers Materials Science and Technology Dictionary, Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd, Edinburgh.


Parker, S 2001, Science Files Metals, David West Children’s Books, London.


Knapp, B 2003, Materials Science Plastics. Making use of the Secrets of Matter, Atlantic Europe Publishing, Italy.


Dunnewold, J 1996, Complex Cloth; A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design, Martingale & Company, USA.

Gohl, EPG, Vilensky, LD 1993, Textiles for Modern Living, 5th edn, Longman Cheshire Pty Ltd, UK.

Hallett, C & Johnston, A 2010, Fabric for Fashion. A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Fibres, Laurence King Publishers, London, UK.

Knapp, B 2003, Materials Science Fibres, Making use of the Secrets of Matter, Atlantic Europe Publishing, Italy.


Gibbs, N 2005, The Wood Handbook. An Illustrated Guide to 100 Decorative Woods and Their Uses, New Burlington Books, UK.

Jewitt, J 2000, Great Wood Finishes. A Step-by Step Guide to Beautiful Results, The Taunton Press, USA.

Leadbeatter, B, Leadbeater, M, Keable, J, & Clarke, T (adapting ed.) 2005 Woodworking Part One, 3rd edn, McGraw-Hill Australia Pty, Ltd, NSW.

Parker, S 2001, Science Files Wood, David West Children’s Books, London.

Stacpoole, J 2005, What Timber will I use? The Essential Buyer’s Guide for the DIY or Trade Renovator, Woodwork and Student, The Worsley Press, Australia.

Walker, A (ed.) 2005, The Encyclopedia of Wood. A Tree-by-Tree Guide to the World’s Most Versatile Resource, Quarto Publishing, NY.

Thinking Creatively

Bertwistle, G 2006, The Keys to Creativity. How to Unlock your Imagination and Creative Potential, Blue Moon Publishing, NSW, Australia.

Hanks, K & Parry, JA 1983, Wake up your Creative Genius, William Kaufmann, Inc., California, USA.

Hanks, K, & Belliston, L 1980, Rapid Viz. A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas, William Kaufmann, Inc., California, USA.

Harris, RA 2002, Creative Problem Solving. A Step by Step Approach, Pyrczak Publishing, USA.


There are a wide variety of programs on sites such as YouTube.


Creative Thinking Skills (DVD) 2010, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Australia.

Design: A Team Approach (DVD) 2010, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Australia.

Design Works (DVD) 2003, Avenue Education, Australia.

Developing a Design Brief (DVD) 2009, Classroom Video, Australia.

Elements & Principles of Design (DVD) 2004, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Australia.

Evaluating a Product (DVD) 2008, Classroom Video, Australia.

Genius of Design: The Compelling Five part Series on Designs that Shaped Our Lives (DVD) 2010, BBC 2, UK.

Inclusive Design: How Industry Designs for the User (DVD) 2010, Video Education Australasia (VEA), UK.

Inspiration for Design (DVD) 2005, Video Education Australasia, Australia.

Intelligent Design and Technology (DVD) 2008, Classroom Video, UK.

Redesigning a Product (DVD) 2010, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Australia.

Design for the Environment and Sustainability

Choosing Sustainable Materials: Product Design and Sustainability Series (DVD) 2009, Video Education Australasia (VEA), UK

Design for Sustainability (DVD) 2008, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Australia.

Designing with Recycled Materials: Product Design and Sustainability Series (DVD) 2009, Video Education Australasia (VEA), UK.

Life Cycle Assessment (DVD) 2003, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Australia.

Product Design and Sustainability Series (DVD) 2009, Classroom Video, UK.

Sustainable Packaging (DVD) 2010, Video Education Australasia (VEA), UK.


Ergonomics and Design Matching Products and Tasks with People (DVD) 2002, Classroom Video, Australia.

Ergonomics in the Real World (DVD) 2009, Classroom Video, Australia.

Innovation and Emerging Technologies (DVD) 2009, Classroom Video, Australia.

Vacuum Cleaner Design & Marketing (VHS) 2000, Classroom Video, Australia.

Product Design

Designing, Manufacturing, Evaluating a Product (DVD) 2007, Classroom Video, Australia.

Designing a Lawnmower (DVD) 2004, Classroom Video, Australia.

Electric Dreams Series (DVD) 2009, Video Education Australasia (VEA), UK.

Promoting Your Designs (DVD) 2010, Video Education Australasia (VEA), Australia

Furniture Design and Wood

Designing a Chair; Sitting Pretty (DVD) 2002, Australasia.

Engineered Wood Products: Chipboard, MDF, ply, fibreboard, manufacture and uses (VHS & DVD) 2000, Classroom Video, Australia.

Furniture Design – Part 2, Designers from Australia, Canada, UK (DVD) 1999, Classroom Video, Australia.

Timber: Production and Processing Series (VHS), 2004, Video Education Australasia, Australia.

Wood Properties and Uses: Simple Tests in The Workshop To Find The Best Wood (DVD) 2001, Classroom Video, Australia.

Fashion Design and Textiles

A Textile World (DVD) 2003, Video Education Australasia, Australia.

Blood, sweat and T-shirts: episodes 3 & 4, 2008, BBC.

Coco Before Chanel (DVD) 2009, Warner Bros, France.

Eco Fashion. Is Green the New Black? (DVD) 2009, Classroom Video, Australia.

Fashion: How Green are your Jeans? Series (DVD) 1996, Video Education Australasia, Australia.

Hunter Gatherer – A Case Study in Apparel Design & Manufacture (DVD) 2002, Video Education Australasia, Australia.

Part 2 – A Textile World, All About Textile Series (DVD) 2003, Video Education Australasia, Australia.

The Closet Tales of Australian Fashion (DVD) 2007, SBS, Australia.

Yarn Construction and Specialist Yarns: Talking Textiles (DVD, YouTube) 2010, Boulton-Hawker Films Ltd, UK.

Metals and plastics

Essentials of Design and Technology Skills, Drilling, Lathes and Soldering (DVD) 2004, Video Education Australasia, Australia.

Forming and Shaping Metals; Heating, Cold Forming & Milling (DVD) 2002, Classroom Video, Australia.

Journals and Periodicals

Choice Magazine, Australian Consumers Association (Choice), Marrickville, Australia.

Curve, Beesting Publishing Pty Ltd, Mt Eliza, Australia

Designing. The Design and Technology Magazine for Schools, Colleges and Universities, The Design and Technology Association, Warwickshire, UK.

D&T Practice. The Design and Technology Publication for the Profession, The Design and Technology Association, Warwickshire, UK.

G Magazine. Green Living Made Easy, Next Media, NSW, Australia.

GreenPages Magazine, CEO & Founder Katie Patrick, NSW, Australia.

Manufacturer’s Monthly, Michael Northcott, Eltham, Australia.

Sustainability Matters, Westwick-Farrow Media, NSW, Australia.

Technology and Engineering Teacher. The Voice of Technology and Engineering Education, Kendall, N. Starkweather DTE, USA.

The Technology Teacher. The Voice of Technology Education, Kendall, N. Starkweather DTE, USA.


Design Victoria

IP Australia

The Design Institute of Australia

Websites – Design for the Environment/Sustainability


Cradle to Cradle Design

European Union Waste Management legislation

Greenfly – Life Cycle modelling

Good Environmental Choice Australia

Green Peace – Sustainable timbers

Forest Stewardship Council of Australia

International Network for Sustainable Design

Naturally Australian

New & Sustainable materials database – useful resource

On Borrowed Time – useful learning resource for forest management

Product Ecology Experts – Guidelines for eco-design & eco-indicators

Product Stewardship Australia

Recycled Products Guide

Redesign – useful UK site for sustainable design ideas

RMIT Centre for Design

Sustainable Design & Technology – very useful UK resource

Sustainable Design & Technology – very useful UK resource

The Designers Atlas to Sustainability

The Powerhouse Museum – sustainable design resources

Timber database for sustainability – UK based

UK DT site – lots of useful resources including history of design styles

Victorian Eco-Innovations Lab

Victorian Woodworkers Association

Australian Standards

Standards Australia

SAI Global Distributors of Australian Standards

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Australia

Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia


Department of Education & Early childhood Development
OHS and Safety

Niosh Australia – workplace safety

WorkSafe Victoria


Ce product Design and Technology iconMarket Orientation and Partnership Learning in Product Development and Design

Ce product Design and Technology iconSpecialization Track Advanced ManufacturingQuality Mechanical Design and Fabrication Electronics Advanced Technology Alternative EnergyBiomedical SystemsDigital Design and Modeling

Ce product Design and Technology iconItu- faculty of Architecture-Department of Industrial Product Design, Turkey

Ce product Design and Technology iconProduct Form Feature Selection for Numerical Definition-Based Design

Ce product Design and Technology iconDesign a fixture for a given product using clamping principles and locating principles

Ce product Design and Technology iconFluent in both business and technology. 10 years of product management preceded by 10 years of software engineering. Expertise in information security. Masters

Ce product Design and Technology iconInstructional Design and Technology Grounded in Enactivism: a paradigm Shift?

Ce product Design and Technology iconScience and Technology Studies Material Culture and Design: Industrial, Modern, and Beyond

Ce product Design and Technology iconScience and Technology Studies Material Culture and Design: Industrial, Modern, and Beyond

Ce product Design and Technology iconKeywords: graphic design history, envisioning, information design, timeline design

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