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Networked Peers For Business

WP 5

Task T 5.4

Deliverable D5.4

Final report on dissemination

(final, 21.12.2009)

Abstract –

This report, realized by CEFRIEL, with the contribution of UniMo, UniMiB and ISTI, describes the activities regarding dissemination and exploitation of project results within the NEP4B project. The report includes the list of publications and presentations of project results, a partner-specific descriptions of the activities of dissemination and exploitation and a final chapter on intellectual property rights.

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Dissemination, Exploitation, IPR



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NeP4B Consortium


Irene Celino



Francesco Guerra

Claudio Gennaro

Alessio Carenini

Andrea Maurino





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1 Executive Summary 4

2 Dissemination activities performed during the NeP4B project 5

2.1 Journal publications and book chapters 5

2.2 National Congresses and Conferences publications 6

2.3 International Conferences publications 7

3 Partner report on dissemination and exploitation actions 14

3.1 UniMo report 14

3.2 CEFRIEL report 16

3.3 UniMiB report 17

3.4 ISTI report 17

3.5 Future dissemination activities 18

4 Management of Intellectual Property Rights 19

1Executive Summary

This deliverable is aimed at collecting the results of all the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project partners with regards to the NeP4B results during the project time-span.

Those activities were carried out by the partners according to the dissemination and exploitation plans described in deliverable D5.1 “Dissemination and Exploitation plans”, to which this document refers. As a consequence, this deliverable contains a thorough report about all the dissemination and exploitation occasions (publications, conferences and seminars, invited talks, organized events, etc.) both for the NeP4B consortium as a whole and for each partner individually.

For those reasons, this document contains both a complete list of all dissemination opportunities, which contains also joint publications between consortium partners, and a partner-specific section, in which each involved unit report about the implementation of its dissemination and exploitation plan, eventually explaining the future steps after the project end to continue the employment, reuse and advertisement of NeP4B project results.

Moreover, since the project also contributed with a number of software prototypes resulting from the research activities, in this deliverable we also report about the Intellectual Property Rights protection and the licences used, in case, to release the software components.

The remainder of the document is structured as follows: Chapter 2 lists all the dissemination actions performed during the whole project duration; Chapter 3 presents the partner-specific report on dissemination and exploitation activities; in this section each partner briefly illustrates the outcomes of those activities with regards to their respective plan as described in deliverable D5.1. Finally Chapter 4 includes some details about the IPR and licensing of the software results of the project.
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