Abdx membership is 216 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx

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НазваниеAbdx membership is 216 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx
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September 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 9

Editors Corner:

ABDX membership is 216 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of ABDX.

This month was great for logs and the Journal is at an all time 93 pages long. Thank you to all the loggers for the great work this month. This is exceptional. At ABDX we love your logs and for each log, you get an extra year of membership. J

High School Football is here and along with it the “FCC STA” for small towns who leave the station on high power and day pattern to get the signal for their HS FB team to be heard far and wide. There are a really large number of logs in this months Journal from people listening to HSFB and it led to a lot of new logs. There are a few more weeks left and by Thanksgiving it will be all over and the chance to get new stations this way will be gone. Don’t let it pass you by.

Don’t forget to listen to FM on HSFB night. Especially in the south you can find many FM stations carrying the local high school game.

Shortwave was in high production this month with many many logs. The prodigious numbers are thanks to Richard Bianchino and Glenn Hauser. There were others on the dials with shortwave but none of us had numbers like those two. Thanks guys! There are several prolific HF DXers besides the two mentioned above and HF logs are very appreciated. If you are not too familiar with HF, look at the logs and the stations you can hear all over the earth.

If you have something to sell and want to have it on the ABDX list and have it in the ABDX Journal, please join the ABDX list and you can post it there and I will also make sure it gets in the Journal.

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The ABDX Journal is available to all at no cost. Please pass it around to your DXing friends and also post it on other lists as well. We want as many as possible to see the Journal so we can grow the DX hobby. Please do your part to keep our hobby viable.

You can get your copy of the journal at www.abdx.org

What are you hearing?

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.

Table of Contents

The Broadcast Band – AM 3

Down In The Basement – LW 22

The Whole Earth – HF/SW 23

The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM 76

The Visible Universe – TV 77

Nothing But Net – Net Video and Audio 77

You Don’t Need a Weatherman – Weather Band 90

Extra, Extra – News 91

Bargain Barn – Sale Items 92

Show And Tell – Review of New Toys 92

Testing, Testing… - Upcoming Tests 92

Call Sign Changes – From the FCC 93

I Got The Bird – Satellite 93

The Broadcast Band

James Kearman – Stuart. FL

Homebrew solid state regen and indoor ferrite loop

I'm new here, so HI to all. I DX from South Florida with a home-made solid-state regen and indoor ferrite loop. Been using it about a month, have 17 states. Still need Arkansas! Pretty sure I hear one in there at their sunset but there's too much QRM. SC has been kind to me. Here are the ones I've heard; maybe one of them will work for you:

0351 950 WJKB Moncks Corner "Classic Country" ID 0400 under R Reloj

0406 950 WORQ Spartanburg ID 0406 up over WJKB

1102 1390 WSPO Charleston Sporting News Radio

Times are in UTC. Still messing with the antenna, but here's some info on my receiver: http://qrp.kearman.com/html/mwregen01.html Bagging WWVA last night (finally, thanks to local pest) brought me up to 17 states, 5 countries and 2 continents. TA isn't happening yet, but the antenna work continues. A regen can do surprisingly well on MWBC. I can tweak the

selectivity narrow enough that AM sounds like SSB, and there's plenty of gain. Living in a black-hole of a condo is the problem, so the antenna is headed for the great outdoors!


I noticed the auroral oval had shrunk in intensity and condx seemed better. From South Florida, Boston and NYC were more solid, and the band seemed less noisy. Finally managed to snag WHO when the Cuban on 1040 dipped as WHO faded up and IDed, at 0232Z. Went to bed, got up at 0930Z, 90 mins before sunrise here, and no WHO, but NYC/Boston path still


Using my homemade FET regen, http://qrp.kearman.com/html/mwregen01.html and indoor air-core loop.

Alex Kaminski – Springboro, OH

Sony SRF-49 Nekkid


Well, between the choirs at home and before turning in for the night I logged.several stations. On in a five minute session and the other as a targeted run at adding the tenth station for my states heard award. 

For the five minute session happened at 1800 to 1805 EST l logged these on my stock, Sony SRF-49: 

Time: 1800 (L)

Freq: 610 KHz  

Call: WTVN Columbus, Ohio 

Heard: TOH ID WX report, talk show interview with Steve Lodge. 


Time: 1803 (L) 

Freq:  740 KHz 

Call:   WNOP Newport, Ky 

Heard: TOH ID  Slogan "Sacred Heart Radio" 


Time: 1805 (L) 

Freq: 820 KHz 

Call: WOSU Ohio State University- Columbus, Ohio 

Heard: TOH ID and went in to "Bluegrass Ramble" program 


This was just before turning in for the night I couldn't sleep unless I logged my 10th state for an Award. This run I used the barefoot Sony SRF-37V. 

Time: 2300 to 2327 EST 

Freq: 1120KHz 

Call: KMOX St. Louis, Missouri 

Heard: TOH ID, News / WX / Sports, commercials, music, 

So a modest logging to say I heard them and know who's in the neighborhood and whose the next pest station. But the real prize is the the 10th state, for the award. This will be my first

radio award in my 17 years as armature radio operating and monitoring career.

DATE: 9/08/09 0031 UTC 

Frequency: 1140 KHz 

Call: WRVA Richmond, Virginia

Heard: commercials and Rebroadcast of the Shawn Hannity Show.


Date: 09/08/09 0036-0056 UTC 

Frequency: 1670 KHz 

Call: WTDY 

Location: Madison, WI 

Heard: Loveline with Dr. DREW, Commercials, TOH ID, Adult commercial ads, Madison area carpet cleaning, straight talk on money commercial.


Date: 09/09/09 1130 UTC 

Frequency: 1170 KHz 

Call: WWVA 

Location: Wheeling, West Virginia 

Heard: TOH ID


Date: 09/09/09 1149 UTC 

Frequency: 740 

Call: KRMG Tulsa, OK

Heard: News, WX and Station ID


Date: 09/09/09 1151 UTC 

Frequency: 870 KHz 

Call: WWL New Orleans, Louisiana 

Heard: Station ID, NEWS, "Preservation Resource commission" commercial, other commercials  


Date: 09/09/09 1243 UTC 

Frequency: 1190 KHz 

Call: WOWO Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Heard: Interview with Fort Wayne "Tin Caps" baseball team coach.

 It's a farm team San Diego Padres. 


Date: 09/09/09 1315 UTC 

Frequency: 1550 KHz 

Call: WIGN Bristol,TN

Heard: station ID, News


Date: 09/09/09 1321 UTC 

Frequency: 1110 WGNZ Fairborn, Ohio   

Heard: Gospel music, interview with a Gospel singer about a

 new record " A few good Miles" 


Date: 1333 09/09/09 

Frequency: 1180 

Call: WHAM Rochester, NY

Heard: News, traffic, station ID, Commericals


Frequency: 1110 

CALL: WBT Charlotte, North Carolina 

Date: 09/10/09 0017 TC

Heard: Commercials, station ID,


Frequency: 1580

 CALL: WLIJ Shelbyville, TN

 Date: 09/10/09 0131 TC  

Heard: Bluegrass Music, WC Report


Frequency: 750 

Call: WSB Atlanta, Georgia 

Date: 09/10/09 0138 TC  

Heard: Herman Cane Talk Show, discussing Health Care debate, commercials, multiple station ID's

Powell E. Way III – Silverstreet, SC

Grundig G8


Well I finally ID'd this station that has been clobbering WLAC the last few nights. I guess they decided they could stay on at night on high power. This is a daytimer.

1510 WWBC FL Cocoa daytimer running either 50 or 25 KW. 0100 got clear ID. OVER WLAC at times.

1270 WLIK TN Newport, with football. Not on their 500 watt directional pattern.... it's DA away from me. It's likely 5000 watts non directional. 09-18-09 PEW- SC


1370  WVIE  MD   Pikesville   with story about teams in Baltimore county  1915  hours

850  WKNR  OH Cleveland  ...   Whining about Cleveland's NFL team being taken to the woodshed   1720 hours

Near Silverstreet on Sandy Run Creek road with Miss Jolene doing the walk.  Radio Sangean DT-400W.


1560 WYZD NC Dobson, NC with sign off at 1930 or abouts

1560 WPAD TN Paducah KY with sports.

Kaito 1103 on Sandy Run Creek road 5 miles from Silverstreet, SC

Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, BOG antennas


Was fun in the truck when driving from Grafton to Madison WI last night to listen to KWKH clobbering WISN with Bird High vs Ruston HSFB. At times there was some serious Hetting from Croatia going on as well. A load 4000 hz tone. At other times IBOC, likely KMOX's was a big nuisance.

Re: KWKH..I have been noting them lots this late summer at night and suspect their DA is outta whack and not just for HSFB.

Re: Croatia 1134..this tends to be the easiest TA to get far inland and the het was strong enough that if the truck rx had a good selective filter like 2.3 Khz, I'd have had some audio.

Anyhow..the season is here when I am getting TA's hetting domestics in central WI just driving around with a normal Dodge Dakota pickup rx and its omni whip.


Great cx towards the NW last night. Making me think that I was DXing from MN or even MB...... 

In there but not dominant but loggable... CFPR 860..NEW finally with CBC news ment and bits of CBC pgmg occ in when I phase CJBC.. so it is mixing with SK CBC French but different and KNUJ MN's 5 watts ... CJDC 890.. KFQD 750 !!!!!! ALASKA State 49 ..finally pulling enough of the talker occ. mixed with SK's pest when I phase WSB to be certain it was same as internet stream (Clark Howard earlier) . News 1130...CKST 1040 backgrounding WHO. CJCA 930

CFRN 1260 mixed with KROX from far NW MN.  Manitoba 950//1220//1250(rare) with nice classical mx. 950 and 1220 owning channel. 1330 CJYM(2nd time hrd) at times dominant..and WOW... 250 watts 1175 miles..new CFYM 1210 SK // oldies mx and it's own ID sometimes thru KOKK with WPHT easily phased. AB on 1140 arm chair as are almost all usual Western Canadians including CKOM 650 on peaks with WSM phased out. (No trace of AK u/CKOM..and no trace of new progressive talk stn in Juneau on 1330)

Too tired to stay up any longer and try to ID the occ C&W that sb needed SK u/MN on 1280 and the weak C&W mixed in on 910 that wasnt usual KJCB which was IDing and into ads at the time (likely needed AB)

And oops...KYES 1180 MN is just mauling WHAM in general...cx or day power or ??

 Things did seem to taper off about 12:45 am CDT. I tried to get something more positive from KFQD ..ie some of their channel 2 newscast relay at 1 am my time but nada. As for CFPR finally something I could pin down as CBC English. I did try to // it to CBU but when I phased Montreal, WLW 's IBOC wasn't phased and I couldn't really tell what was in the mess.  When I

report these two, I will play it safe until I can get something more positive and call them tentative.

I was shocked by CFYM 1210. If this is really 250 watts at night (Any Alberta DXers here know if they reduce to night power) at 1175 miles it is quite a catch.

KYES 1180 MN on day power ?

Really strong at times here with Relevent Radio religous pgmg and didn't

seem to switch power at sunset.

Cx seem about the same as last night from here in IL. Lots of western Canadians.  The English talker on 860 under CJBC (not strong tonight) when I phased WOAY (day power tonite) has Laura Ingraham and thus is probably KPAM from OR !! I have had them at sunset but not at night before. 

CJDC 890 is fading up past phased WLS about the best I have ever had. I finally logged CKDq 910 from AB.. wx report in Celcius and call ID into modern C&W mx mixed with others. Stunning signal from CJCA 930 for a few minutes around 2200 CDT ID time and a nice full ID and into Back to the Bible.

Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

Panasonic RF-2200 (MW)

980 KSVC Richfield, UT 0829 ID by male "You've got KSVC" , to news at BOH. (8/3 Barton-AZ)

740 KCBS San Francisco, CA 1113 News and male w/ "KCBS newstime 4:13". heard by nulling out local KIDR with "wavemagnet"

loop. (8/3 Barton-AZ)

1140 CHRB High River, Alberta , Canada 10:50 with religious talk pgm to ID by male at TOH "Your community radio for Southern Alberta", then to what sounded to be Christian pop music pgm. no co-channel station noted. (8/4 Barton-AZ)

890 KDXU Saint George, UT 11:30 break from George Noory and C-T-C show to ID by OM, then wx for southern Utah area by YL. male anncr "this report brought to you by the Washington City Community Center". (8/4 Barton-AZ)

1290 - Ciudad Obregon, Son. , MEX. 1045 and mixing with "AM 1290 , The Sport" (KCUB , Tucson). (9/9 Barton,AZ)

1330 - KCKM Monahans, TX 1143 male with wx " ...from the KCKM Weather Center"...to country music. heard while scanning between 1310 and 1340....just moments before, KGAK (New Mexico) was alone on frequency. now This one, a new log for me, was dominant, with KGAK just barely heard underneath. I9/9 Barton-AZ)

1450 KNOT Prescott, AZ 1517. first logging here of this one. local spots, nursery & gardening pgm. ID by perky sounding YL "1450 KNOT". have heard before when i was in thier area. (9/12 Barton-AZ)

690 KCEE Tucson , AZ 1550 with Olivia Newton-John song, Dean Martin, and ID by male before and on the hour "690 KCEE" and reference to "kcee.com". first logging of this one on new frequency. more on that later. (9/12 Barton-AZ)

1380 KLPZ Parker, AZ 0000 Country music cuts , IDs TOH, local spots for Chevrolet dealer , phone number , "in the Industrial Park in Parker" to mucis. (9/13 Barton, AZ)

1380 KHEY El Paso , TX 0030 coming in over Parker station. was hoping to catch the UTEP vs. Kansas game; got Texas Tech game instead. mixing and trading off with unid. Mexican or Spanish lang. station for next half hour. (9/13 Barton,AZ)

600 KOGO San Diego, CA 0635 ID and into local S.D. Ad spots. (9/13 Barton-AZ)

690 KCEE Tucson , AZ 1556 Olivia Newton John, Dean Martin, other "adult standards" tunes. ID by male "690 - KCEE" and reference to "kcee . com". this is my first log of KCEE on this frequency , after they traded thier 1030 frequency with KBUI. (Barton , AZ)

1340 KKAN Lubbock , TX 1030 ID suddenly emerged from the soup , nothing else heard after that but more rumble. almost didnt believe i heard what i heard until i looked it up. had nightstand DX-375 aimed for East-West rx. (9/17 Barton-AZ)

KFKA Greeley , CO 0830 Listening to the soup boil, caught clear ID emerging "on 1310, KFKA" by male at the bottom. (Barton-AZ)

Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

As Listed

Heard on an Icom R-75 fed by a Wellbrook 1530 loop mounted in the basement at ground level on a stand:

10:10 p.m. ADT September 2, 2009

1380 KHz CKPC Brantford ON

MW conditions are pretty good here in PEI now. T-storm QRN is pretty much gone, although it ocassionally messes up the AGC of the more modern gear in the radio room. The R-390A and R-392 are pretty much immune to T-storm sabotaged AGC.

The more I use the Wellbrook, the more I like it as an inside loop. My wife says it reminds her of a ring of fire hoop that somebody would try to jump through. Personally, I think it looks like modern sculpture.

I installed a D-Link WiFi system today. Of course, it uses a nasty little switching supply wall-wart. But, that nasty little wall-wart is really tames by winding its output wire [near the wall-wart] through a little square sanp together ferrite device and then plugging the AC end into one of my isoblocks. The dirty mess of RFI is rather nicely contained using this dual filtering approch - keep it from contaminating the AC wiring in the house and keep the wire lead running from the wall-wart to the wireless router from acting as an antenna. Being able to use my laptop while my daughter is on Webkinz or barbie.com is rather nice. With the aid of a little USB wifi device, I'll be able to connect the old radio room Dell 8200 to the net for the first time.

When I tried the sitching wall-wart direct into the wall socket without the isoblock, well, lets say it would have been 'cold war jammer worthy'. Those little isoblocks do work, and work rather well.


Last night at roughly midnight or so ADT, while keeping watch on 960 KHz for CFAC Calgary, there was, as per usual, a strong 3 KHz het. But this time, when I tuned the Icom R-75 to 963, then flipped it to USB mode for ECSS reception, I got loud, clear audio of what sounded to me like a Scandanavian type language. Checking direction with the Wellbrook 1530, the signal appeared to be coming from the NE. Thus, I suspect I caught Finland.

Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

Receiver, Antenna


I had some Koranic-sounding music on 702 around 0130 UTC, but nada there now (well past sunrise in the Middle East now). Still have some audio from some of the big guns, though - UK on 693, 882, 909 and 1215, France on 603, 864 and 1377, and a handful from Spain.

Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed

Heard on an Eton E1 and 266 foot wire 9/4:

1180 WZQZ Trion, GA 1830 HSFB and ID.

1270 KRVT Tulsa, OK 1830 with Cardinals baseball.

1270 WYXZ Cartersville, GA 1832 Cardinals HSFB.

1320 WHIE Griffin, GA 1834 HSFB pregame.

1410 WLAQ Rome, GA 1842 HSFB one team was Darlington.

1430 WFHK Pell City, AL 1858 HSFB mention of Irondale.

1490 WYYZ Jasper, GA 1859 PHS Dragons vs. West Hall HS.

1490 WHOC Philadelphia, MS 1900 ToH ID and CBS News.

1520 KRHW Sikeston, MO 1903 Bulldog HSFB.

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City, OK 1905 HSFB one team Jaguars then Honda ad.

1550 KLFJ Springfield, MO 1907 Branson entertainment news.

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 1908 Warriors v. Flyers HSFB.

790 WMC Memphis, TN 1912 South Panola Owls v. Tigers HSFB.

800 WHOS Decatur, AL 1917 HSFB Austin Black Bears v. Thompson.

810 WHB Kansas City, MO 1920 HSFB Game of the Week Liberty v. Ray

Tech, ad for Capital Federal Bank, ID.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 1924 giving HSFB scores rundown.

910 WEPG South Pittsburg, TN 1929 Warrior HSFB.

980 UNID 1932 Dragons playing HSFB.

1130 HSFB 1936 one team was the Bearcats.

Heard on an Eton E-1 and 150' wire

880 KLRG Little Rock, AR 8/6 0815 with the Alex Jones Show saying we are all going to die and the Government is going to kill us all or some such thing. NEW!

1110 WBIB Centerville, AL 9/7 2044 under withering IBOC hiss with local ad and ID Dubya Bee Eye Bee. God must have told them to be on after hours because they are playing Gospel.

I have the 1 kHz het on 1521 presumed to be BSKSA 9/7 1948.

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 9/13:

1460 WZEP DeFuniak Springs, FL 1823 ID and good neighbor ad. NEW

1150 WCRK Morristown, TN 9/15 0600 with ToH ID and into news and fade out.


1210 KGYN Guymon, OK 1958 with Guymon Tigers HSFB. NEW

1420 WIGG Wiggins, MS 2033 with half time at the HSFB game and ad for Singing River Electric Coop.

Heard on a 2006 Red Saturn Vue radio and 31" whip 9/25:

940 WMIX Mt. Vernon, IL 1906 with Mt. Vernon Rams High School Football prep for kickoff.

Heard on an Eton E-1 with 150 foot wire:

950 KXJK Forrest City, AR 1925 with HSFB pregame and Radio Reloj beating the heck out of it.

Other Logs:

900 WATV Birmingham, AL 1922 with editorial about asking blacks to buy at black owned businesses. NEW

Heard on an Eton E-1 with 150 foot wire 9/25:

1440 WHDM McKenzie, TN 1933 with Red Rebels HSFB. NEW!

1560 WCNZ Cedar Falls, IA 1944 with Cedar Falls Tigers HSFB. NEW!

1050 WBNM Alexander City, AL 0955 with ID and Wildcats HSFB where someone just ran a long way and scored a TD. NEW!

1680 KRJO Monroe, LA 2056 with Warrior HSFB. They are playing the Panthers and lead 7-0.

1630 KCJJ Iowa City, IA 2131 with Regals HSFB. Weak. The signal must be mostly jumping over me. NEW!

1030 KFAY Farmington, AR 1929 with BoH ID and mention of the Phll Valentine Show.

1000 WNSI Robertsdale, AL 2010 with ID out of the blue and FSR. Went under the Chicago 1000.

Heard on a Digital Superadio 7-2882A on 9/29:

550 KTSA San Antonio, TX 2130 Help ad and then KTSA promo at BOH.

600 WMT Cedar City. IA 2145 running Jim Bohannon talking about health care,

W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK


** U S A. Notes from a MW bandscan on the caradio parked at Mazzio`s in west Enid the afternoon of Sept 6, starting at 1930 UT, just an hour after local mean noon, so strictly daytime/groundwave conditions; I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of line noise despite a high-voltage line along main drag Garriott just a few metres away:

700: the sesquikilowatt outlet in The Metroplex, KHSE (COL Wylie TX), maintains a respectable marginal signal here some 400 km away on a `clear` channel; at 1936 hearing a call-in show hosted by a YL, in a S Asian language, a few words of English mixed in occasionally, and bits of S Asian music. Later found program schedule at http://funasia.net/Files/rad_sunday.html

which says during the 2-3 pm CT Sunday hour, it`s ``Shiny Phillip, with Seven Tone Malayalam Radio, content being Malayalam Songs, Current Issues.`` It seems FunAsia also runs movie theatres, plus radio in Houston, etc. And ``Asia`` also extends to Ethiopia, at least Sunday nights 9-11 pm.

760: Whatever became of Paul Harvey News & Comment, the Mon-Sat noontime show on hundreds, thousands? of radio stations, since Harvey died early this year? I really don`t know, as quickly lost interest in looking for it at various offset times, and usually had only found it convenient to listen when rarely in the car midday.

If there is a similar successor show on the ABC radio network, bound to be less of a cash cow worth the multimillions PH earned, who`s the successor, Paul Harvey, Jr.? Googling around, there was a lot of speculation about this the week after Sr. died in late Feb, but have not found a permanent answer. Home station WGN no longer has any 15-minute show on its sked around noon, just the hour-long Noon Show with Bob Sirott.

Anyhow, kinda miss the old guy so was pleased to run across him tho with a much younger unimpaired voice from his primer years, Sunday Sept 6 at 1933 UT on 760 which is KCCV Overland Park KS (Kansas City), which running only 6 kW daytimes, has quite a respectable coverage area on lowish frequency combined with superb ground conductivity over Kansas and Oklahoma; tho the website coverage map shows it not quite reaching Newkirk OK near the KS border, we are right in one of its main NE/SW lobes, and the signal does reach here.

Harvey was talking (preaching?) about the Cold War years, and so on; not a short feature apparently, and still going at 1946 recheck. Found the program schedule at


and 2:30-3:00 pm CT Sundays is ``The Complete Story``, the speaker supposedly Mr Dick Bott, founder of the Bott Radio Network which owns this station and several others in KS and surrounding states including KQCV 800 in OKC. This week he must have turned over the mike to the late Paul Harvey, who was also known for ``The Rest of the Story``. ``The Complete Story`` is also on the schedule at various other times during the week, probably filling unsold semihours, and just about all the other programming is more overtly religious, indeed with each show under the heading ``Ministry``.

840: I always look for 5 kW KTIC West Point NE when doing a low-noise daytime bandscan here, and there it was Sept 6 at 1945 with music noted as nostalgia, ad mentioning 605 area code phone number several times. Well, 605 = the entire state of South Dakota next door, so must be close enough to presume, as IDed before and there`s nothing closer or more likely. NRC AM log says C&W however, and slogan ``The Information Center``.

1110: KFAB Omaha used to be the weak but dominant daytime occupant of frequency, but now it`s something with a Spanish announcement, norteña music, with KFAB only providing signs of a SAH, Sept 6 at 1943 UT. It`s the new Metroplex outlet KJSA, daytimer with 20 kW, but at this higher frequency no better than the sesquikilowatt on 700, some 400 km away. The new NRC-AM Log 2009, which I have also consulted for info about the other logs here, says format is Tejano and has CP for 50 kW day, 39 kW critical hours.

The station exists tnx to getting rid of KEOR Atoka in SE OK too near TX and too near 1110, on 1120 by moving it to Catoosa near Tulsa where it remains silent after some music tests early this year, and a pending sale to the Catholix which fell thru.

1280: do not hear het on 1280 daytimes, but just to be sure it`s not my semi-local KSOK Ark City KS, I BFO its frequency once I get home at 2015 UT on the YB-400, and no, it`s not significantly off-frequency. O, never mind, as KSOK is a daytimer anyway, and thus unlikely to be on in the nightmiddle when the het was heard.

1580 and 1590: at 1940 UT Sept 6, noticed KOKB-1580 Blackwell OK and KVGB-1590 Great Bend KS were // in talk show, several speakers, something about Las Vegas. Not sure if sports oriented, expected with KOKB, as did not stay with them long. Looked up later, none of the networks for KVGB in NRC AM Log match Fox Sports Radio on KOKB. I am assuming KVGB since it`s the nondirexional dominant here daytimes; altho KWEY Weatherford OK may be a bit closer, it`s direxional away from us.

1670: once again hearing talking house somewhere in Enid, weak but quite readable here at 1938 UT Sept 6 with loop from Greg Winklejohn, 231-0992, http://www.enidhomes.com --- I soon recognized the house described as the very same one last heard on this frequency Aug 8, the one with all the bedrooms on the third floor, in Whispering Hills, detailed at http://www.enidhomes.com/homes/684398.htm

Ha --- spiel includes how quickly your property will sell tnx to his services, but this one is still available a month later! Or at least its transmitter is still running unattended. Have not yet visited the place to see how much of a part 15 signal it puts out over a radius of a few miles.

Ron Gitschier – Palm Coast

Ron’s GE Cassette Box


1370 WGIV Pineville, NC. High School Football game. DX 398, Dominant on channel with other football games. Ten LCD Bars out of Ten on Radio Shack DX 398 with Law Firm Advert with  several prominent mentions of "Pineville" recording into hard drive with other stations monkey-piling on 1370, second one presumed a FL broadcaster, with "Auto Owners Insurance" ad, which is a company doing business in FL (I've aired thier spots on several FL stations).... 

Stay tuned...  Wikipedia says WGIV has 16kw day power and I can't recall the night power, somewhere around 200 watts...

1270 ____ Patriots football game in progress. Denbeigh (sp) Newport News High School Team are the Patriots, and they have a 1270 in Newport News/Hampton, VA... hmm... a review of this recording is in order.

1290 WTKS Savannah, GA HSFB "Yellowjackets" fair to poor, in LSB mode, recording.

1330 AM "Rebels Football ON WORD" heard passage. LSB mode, fair to poor. Ad in Town of "Malden?" and "Dan Walker" Others... on PC Recorder...

1570 "On Fifteen Seventy, W C L E" in the clear, occasionaly peaking with another Football game in background, in noise.

1570 WCLE Cleveland, Tennesee signing off from HS Football game. Weak at 2148.

1460 WRKB Kannapolis, NC, NEW, Heard "IN Charlottetville" in noise floor with radio in LSB mode. On hard drive recording for further review.

"Solis Law Firm 115 Courthouse Square Whiteville 640-2993, 108 Live Oak Street Tabor City" commercial into HS Football PBP 

Signal 10 of 10 LCD Bars, Good Copy, others on the channel.

1370 WTAB Tabor City, NC, Sep 18, 2009, Approximately 9PM =/- Eastern. Presumed, based on above commercial. Team or call sign not heard.

950 WJKB Moncks Corner (Charleston), SC. 10kw days 6kw nights. Classic County format broadcasting HSFB PBP one team James Island... Reference to "Boardwalk 1340" station... co-owned Kirkman Broadcasting Station... which is WQSC,1340 Charleston, SC. NEW

Sep 25 2009 9:10 PM Eastern. DX 398. Fair Atop Radio Reloj at times.

Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Perseus SDR IQ and EWE Antenna

702 | IRAN | IRIB, Kiashahr  08Sep09 0030 - Man with "Radyosidan" ID then man and woman in presumed Uzbek (did not sound Arabic). - Recorded - fair - per Mauno Ritola this is local programming from Tabritz studios near Rasht in Gilan province. [Black-MA]

640   GUADELOUPE   R Guadeloupe, Point-à-Pitre  09Sep09 2359 - Man in French, TOH ID Guadeloupe mentions - Very good -  [Black-MA]

This may or may not be related to domestic broadcasting, but for the first time in my travels up and down the dial, I heard a CW "V" (dit dit dit dah) at the TOH 0000 on 1080 right over the baseball commentary.  WTIC was dominant, although there was some unid SS underneath, but I suspect the CW ID came from WTIC. 

Does anybody know what this represents? There was no other official station ID, maybe this is supposed to pass for one. If I heard this in the past, I guess I just spaced it out. – WTIC has done this at ToH for many years. : ed.

540   MEXICO   XEWA  "W Radio", San Luis Potosí  13Sep09 1030 - W-Radio ID and jingles into Mexican pop music - Good [Black-MA] 

I ws trying for Grenada but since they moved off of 535 it's tough. Lots of WFLF-FL with Coast-to-Coast and then this came up quite nicely.

890   COLOMBIA   HJPM Radio Galeón, Santa Marta  15Sep09 2359 - Man with Latin news then fanfare and woman with "Radio Galeón" and Santa Marta ID, then station promos with R Galeón and Santa Marta mentions. - Very good - recorded [Black-MA]

747 | IRAN | (pres)IRIB 1, Bandar-e-Torkaman  16Sep09 2321 - Chanting under dominant Spain RNE5 with man and woman in SS - Fair [Black-MA] 

1062 | DENMARK | DR P5, Kalundborg  17Sep09 0358 - Elvis "Blue Suede Shoes" then announcer in Danish into TOH news with man and woman. - Very Good [Black-MA]

549 | KALININGRAD (RUSSIA) | Radio Mayak, Kaliningrad  20Sep09 0200 - Sign-on with Mayak interval signal, time pips and woman and man in Russian. Algeria, normally dominant apparently off per EMWG. - Fair - recorded [Black-MA]

 1089   RUSSIA (EUROPEAN)   R Rossi/Voice of Russia, Sodrozhestvo  20Sep09 0158 - A series of unid six second tones, then 0200 CW "V" TOH announcement and woman in Russian under UK Talksport. Re-check at 0300 also had the same TOH CW "V" and woman in Russian. A 1088 carrier was visible from presumed Angola, but no audio- Fair - recorded [Black-MA]

864 ARMENIA Radio Liberty, Gavar 27Sep09 0212 - Man in Turkmen with Turkmenistan mention. - Recorded - Good, verified via Dmitry Mezin via RealDX [Black-MA]

1062   DENMARK   DR P5, Kalundborg  28Sep09 0340-0415 - Five minutes of interval signal and s/on announcements by woman in Danish, then man and music program including Paul simon "Kodachrome" and Shakira, "Illegal - You don't even know the meaning of the words I'm sorry" - Recorded - Excellent [Black-MA]

1020   CUBA   R Reloj, Jorobo  30Sep09 0400 - Series of chime tones then single beep and more chimes, then man with "Radio Reloj doce" and woman "Transmite Radio Reloj desde La Habana, Cuba" - Recorded - poor/fair -verified by Mauricio Sánchez via Real DX [Black-MA]

John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Sangean DT400W


I drove up to the NRC/WTFDA convention in Allentown yesterday. I could only stay a few hours and missed the banquet and auction (drat!) but it was good to put some faces to the names on this list.

Naturally, the car radio in my ancient 2000 Taurus was on up and back (about a 135-mile drive) and a few interesting things were spotted.

1640- I heard the station in Wilmington DE here, WQFL-338., IDing as "City Radio 1640" with info loops, about evacuations in case of emergencies and a thrilling segment on a new Abandoned Property Program in Wilmington. I heard them as far as the Route 1 bridge over

the C&D Canal. I think they are at 10 watts.

1610- A HAR was heard at Christiana DE, IDing as a Maryland Department of Transportation station, probably from the Elkton area.

1700- Someone was relaying the National Weather Service broadcasts from Philadelphia here, heard in the Christiana area.

790- As has been reported, WAEB in Allentown had a tower cut yesterday but they were still on the air, but I don't know if they were on full power or using their usual pattern.


A good haul on 1300 tonight, two new stations!

1300 WSSG Goldsboro NC, 1955, gospel music, short call ID between some of the songs. Didn't catch a TOH ID.

1300 WGDL Rensselaer NY, 2000, ads that mentioned the Capital District and Albany, ABC news at TOH, no call ID but did catch "Talk 1300" liner. Both heard on the DX-150B spotter and the DT-400W barefoot.

Now up to 575 UL stations- 25 to go to 600!


'm hearing R. G. Stair on 1270 at 1945 Eastern, with a weak signal, in and out of the hash. His website does not list any affiliates on 1270. Any ideas, from somewhere along the east coast maybe?

September 15

1270 UNID, heard R. G. ("Brother") Stair here at 1945, no mention of any of his affiliates on 1270. WHGS in Hampton SC has been suggested but again, nothing on Stair's website and WHGS doesn't have a website, as far as I can tell

910 WJCW, Johnson City TN, 2145, area high school football program, lots of mentions of football teams in Eastern Tennessee. New UL station. 423 miles

September 16- good conditions this morning!

1250 WTMA, Charleston SC, 0600, ID “WTMA Charleston”, into news, which I think was ABC News. New UL log, 510 miles

1290 WRNI, Providence RI, 0605, news, NPR reports, a lot of RI-centric items, call ID at 0615. I heard this station in Nova Scotia back in July, nice to catch them from Delaware- a new station. A 280-mile catch

1260 An UNID R. Disney outlet here at 0600, either Boston or Cleveland, couldn't tell which.

Now at 578 ultralight stations.


For months I've suspected that the Delaware Department of Transportation had put up a new transmitter on 1380 in the Smyrna DE area. They run their main transmitter out of Wilmington, WTMC, with HAR stations in Dover and Rehoboth Beach, all on 1380.

Recently, 1380 has been MUCH stronger, even at night. No way the Wilmington station is putting that strong into Smyrna (at 30 miles) with 14 watts night power. The Dover station probably runs 10 watts, so it can't be them. FCC searches and listening to WTMC fail to turn

up anything in Smyrna. Even this morning, WTMC is still only announcing transmitters in Wilmington, Dover and Rehoboth Beach.

On my commute this morning, I notice a new antenna at exit 104 off Delaware Route 1, on the southbound ramp to Route 1. It is about 25 feet tall, with a loop at the top and about a dozen radials. I never noticed it before. I turned on 1380 and the WTMC programming was simply overpowering. As I drove south on Route 1 toward Dover, the signal faded and I began betting the echo effect, as the Dover outlet began to come in.

I'm convinced that DelDOT has put a transmitter in Smyrna on 1380, with the transmitter at Exit 104 (South Smyrna exit) off Delaware Route 1. But I can't find it in the FCC database and DelDOT is not mentioning it. But that's not unusual. I sniffed out the Dover transmitter several weeks before it showed up in the FCC records and before DelDOT confirmed it.


UNID on 1280, strong southern accent, one team is the "Rams".  Can't pull out anything else right now, mixing with the NYC station here and some Christian music has also been heard.

My UNID on 1280 is WANS Anderson SC with "Westside Rams" football.

WJCV-1290 Jacksonville NC just ended its HSFB, ID as "We're WJCV, Jacksonville's Christian Voice"

Bob Carter- Utica, NY

Receiver, Antenna

WCKL - AM 560 Catskill NY has been on the air for a while now...I'm guessing that they are just letting this thing run. ( heard it for a few months continuous now during the day )

Just noticed tonight that WCKL appears to be running at 1kw. Heard in central NY near Utica quite well...often times hammering WFIL pretty hard.

No commericals...just rock music from 60's, 70's and 80's pop and an ID that states WCKL Catskill.

Have fun with this one folks!

Eric Berger – Carleton, MI

GE Superadio III


I'm hearing a C&W station on 1510 under WLAC; the closest thing I have to a null of WLAC is toward the SE, although they're too strong to completely null tonight. On one signal peak, they just went from one record to another without saying anything. Definitely seems to be running on autopilot.

Is anyone else in the Eastern US hearing this?


Everyone, am hearing WDIC-1430 Clinchco, VA right now. They were above the mess for a nice clear ID, but now have faded down into the mess. FCC shows them as five kilowatts, NDD. Right now I hear a Johnny Cash record on there!

"Real Country 1430, WDIC."

Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

Receiver, Antenna


Anyone looking for a logging of 660 KTNN might catch it tonight. They are putting a strong signal into Central Texas, rain and all.

Neil Kazaross – Grafton, WI

Drake R-8 and Phased BOG

Around 2145 9/14 CDT I noted some CBC type pgming occ mixing with WARD (Sunny Country) with WSB phased down (easy enough to phase away). At times WARD would fade and this would come up to fair level, generally with piano jazz type mx. Traces were also hrd // on 990 it seemed when CBW (weak on these BOGs) and CKGM would fade down. Finally on 750 at 2304 a nice Newfoundland and Labrador ment by a gal and into wx. A CBC Radio 1 ID at 2306.

At times a strong and often audible signal from Holland 747 and bad Toronto slop meant that I this was best in USB.

Best I've ever had NL here although a couple seasons back I managed bits of cl mx // defunct CBA 1070 on both 990 and 750.


BOGs aimed 241 deg.. KWRT Boonville MO HSFB super strong.  WTJS Jackson TN Strong mixed with KCLN Clinton IA. 

TA hets..lots of them. Audio off back end of BOGs noted in passing on 1521, 1134, 855 and 1377. Could get lots more TA if I DXed from TA end of wires and wasn't concentrating on IDing HSFB games.  So far nothing new noted. 

KWCK 1300 Very heavy accented ancr with Beebe High Badgers football. They lost again and game has ended. Semi dominent but bits of KGLO/WRDZ/and XEP noted. KSMD ID NewsTalk 99 slogan..NewsTalk 1300 slogan at end.  Rare. 

TA audio loud France 1377 // 1206. Some 1215 UK. Some 603 France. Some 585 Spain, some 747 audio...and more. This is all on the E-1 so those with using an even more selective rx will do better.


The end of Sept is often about the best SSS time of the year. Note that tomorrow most stations in the US and Canada will be switching to night rigs about 45 or even 60 minutes sooner than today. The extra darkness along the paths to these stations makes all the difference in the world.

Here's a few things noted from here in IL the last two nights to give you an example.

1680 KNTS as early as 6:30 pm Seattle time and LOUD prior to reducing power an hour later.

1560 KVAN WA with what I think was KZIZ WA under them (yeah cx were that good)

1550 KMRI UT..Exitos 1550

1550 KRPI WA.. Punjabi talk LOUD prior to switching at 2229 EDT

1510 KLLB UT should be the gospel in there from about 2130 to 2145 EDT

1200 KFNW ND if anyone back east needs them..they were local-like here prior to 2045 EDT switch. Note that my local on 1200 was phased but they were good enough to pound them on the truck rx as well.

1180 KOFI MT with oldies and local nx and wx in well pounding WHAM/Cuba aided by phasing around 2130

1060 KKMX AB Classic Country 1060 fair atop with KYW phased out prior to 2145 switch.

1000 KOMO WA poking thru phased WMVP around 2215.

Charles Taylor – Grifton, NC

Receiver, Antenna


Last night @ 0000 and 0100, I recorded an SS pirate on 1710. According to what I have

read; there's a Mexican-programming pirate here, but this one made mentions of Cuba,

Radio Reloj and Radio 26 (Veinte y Seis).

Anyone know about this, please?


I observed Radio Mil (pirate) 5 watts, 1720 signing off this morning at 0020. Does anyone at ABDX know anything about this station.

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

HQ180 and antenna


This morning at 8:50 AM I heard XESURF with Spanish talk program, at 9:00 Radio Sion IDs and into religious programming. I'll listen more to find out what's going on. 

1420 XEXX Tijuana is now Radio Mexicana, ex-Radio Formula.

Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Panasonic RF2200 Barefoot


CHQR AM 770 50,000 w Calgary Alberta Can. with post game from Calgary Stampeders VS Hamilton Tigercats ,is that Hamilton Montana?

Larry Wild – Aberdeen, SD

DX396 and 20’ wire

About a week ago our local power house, KKAA, 5K (might be 10K by now) on 1560 was silent. Which made it possible for me to log...

1550 KESJ (ex KSFT), St. Joseph MO, 5K, 440 miles, 9/10 @ 11:50pm. Ids as "ESPN 1550, St. Joe"

Justin Wolffing – Green River, WY

Receiver, Antenna


Last night I found myself back into AM DXing when I got:

KDSJ 980 Deadwood, SD 5/1 Directional.

It was coming in fairly decent at times, with nice oldies music including Love is Blue and others. I also confirmed what I was hearing by listening to the station's internet stream. I also recorded an ID at 8:30 PM my time.

Re-logs of KSEI 930 Pocatello and CJCA 930 Edmonton.


That's number 326 from Salt Lake City!

Peter Jernakoff – Wilmington, DE

Perseus SDR IQ and antenna

Drift net MW DX update (SDR-IQ) from northern Delaware:

20-Sep-09 // 1901 local // 1390 khz. // WNIO // 9.5 kw day, 4.8 kw night //Youngstown, Ohio // Male with "Your radio home for Cavaliers basketball all season long, 1390, WNIO" followed by "Your home for the Steelers, Ohio State football and basketball, the Scrappers, the Cavaliers and the best of local sports is 1390 WNIO, Youngstown." // New. Good signal and a 281 mile



20-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1470 khz. // WRWB // 5 kw day, 0.072 kw night // Huntington, West Virginia // GY-like rumble then male with faint "...on WRWB, your red, white and blue patriotic station." // New. Ex-WEMM and a 378 mile catch.


Drift net MW DX update (SDR-IQ) from northern Delaware:

20-Sep-09 // 2300 local // 1380 khz. // WKDM // 5 kw // New York, New York // Male with "AM 1380, WKDM, New York" followed by "The following program is a presentation of the public affairs department here at AM 1380,

WKDM." // New. A 'short' 113 mile catch with QRM from WTMC.


26-Sep-09 // 1800 local // 1160 khz. // WMET // 50 kw day, 1.5 kw night //

Gaithersburg, Maryland // Male with "WMET, Gaithersburg. World radio

at WMET 1160." || New. A 91 mile catch.


26-Sep-09 // 1801 local // 1120 khz. // WUST // 20 kw day // Washington,

DC // Male with "You're listening to [?] radio, on New World Radio, WUST,

1120 AM." || New. A 99 mile catch.


26-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1070 khz. // WKOK // 10 kw day, 1 kw night //

Sunbury, Pennsylvania // Male with faint "Newsradio 1070 WKOK"

followed a few seconds later by "When you think Penn State football, think

Newsradio 1070 WKOK, Sunbury. We *ARE* Penn State." //

New. A 100 mile catch.


26-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1190 khz. // WVUS // 4.5 kw day, 0.022 kw

night // Grafton, West Virginia // Male with "You're listening to WVUS, AM

1190, Grafton, West Virginia. // New. A 235 mile catch.


26-Sep-09 // 1900 local // 1220 khz. // WFAX // 5 kw day, 0.048 kw night //

Falls Church, Virginia // Male with "...1220 AM WFAX, Falls Church,

Virginia" || New. A 100 mile catch with QRM from WHKW.


James Glover – Oklahoma City, OK

Yaesu FT-897D 500 foot wire

I tried out a BOG (Beverage On the Ground) on the MW BCB band for the first time today. Here are some of the details and results.

The nuts and bolts: I used my Yaesu FT-897D, and a 500' spool of stranded 14 gauge green ground wire purchased (for $25) from Lowe's. I simply stripped the insulation from about an inch of one end of the wire, folded the stripped section in half, and inserted it into the center

conductor hole in the SO-239. I put a wooden dowel through the middle of the spool, with a paper sack between the spool and my hand to insulate me from the friction, and began walking. To my surprise, the wire was not too stiff to manage. It did want to coil back up for about 10 or 15 feet at the end, but I solved that problem by folding a few inches of the wire over, and pushing it into the grass. When I was done, I made a little handle on the side of the spool (this is where the aforementioned nut and bolt come into play) and made it a bigger handle by slipping a 5 or 6 inch piece of 1/2" PVC over the bolt. Then, I started cranking.

It wasn't so hard to wind it back up. This actually works pretty well.

Before I got started: I tuned in a weak AM radio station--one that got clobbered any time I got near half the noisy powerlines in Oklahoma City-- and drove around to some places I'd considered as possible sites for trying this out. I needed a place where I could park the car, and from there, stretch my wire out 500 feet. I found it helpful to reset car's trip odometer (so it would be at exactly 0 miles) and drive until it showed 0.1 miles (528 feet) to determine whether I had enough space to roll out my BOG. If I could drive alongside the place where I was

thinking about rolling out the BOG, and not hear any undue noise in the AM radio tuned to the weak station, I figured I had a good spot.

What I did after setup: I put the FT-897D up on the dashboard, and began tuning around, recording the stations I received, their signal strength, and their readability. After I went once through the list, I went back, and started trying to ID the ones that weren't locals. After I'd ID'ed a few of them, I started checking to see if I could hear the stations I heard on the FT-897D on the car radio. Partway through that process, I accidentally tuned slightly below the BCB, and heard a beacon. So, I paused to see how many beacons I could record before moving on. Then, I finished seeing how many of the stations I could hear on the car radio,

spooled the wire back up, finished packing up, went about half-way through the band confirming I could still hear all the stations on the car radio, even after I'd rolled up the wire (yep), then headed home.

Time of Day: I got started around 4:00 PM, and left by 6:00 PM. Local sunset was at 7:21 PM.

My Location: Oklahoma City (I was at Eldon Lyon Park.)

Here are some of my observations and reactions:

+ I was able to receive a lot of stations. In fact, I was getting pretty excited about how much I was hearing. It's certainly more than I've been able to copy at home, with an indoor wire, or the multi-band 90-something foot dipole I used to have just barely above roof level.

+ I wasn't so excited after I realized that almost every station I was getting on the BOG I could also hear, just about as well, on the car radio. There were some exceptions, and a couple of cases where the station I was receiving on some frequency on the car radio was different from the one I was receiving on the BOG. There were also some stations I could hear on the car radio, that I couldn't hear on the BOG. (I like my car radio. I really do.)

+ I was very surprised to see that some of the stations I ID'ed were in Texas, almost due perpendicular to the BOG. So I guess the directional virtues of the BOG are not as pronounced as I'd assumed.

+ Signal levels were generally low. Some of the locals were only about S9, and many of the weaker stations were S-zero.

+ I discovered that I could dramatically increase signal levels by placing my hand on the top panel of the FT-897D. S-zero signals would typically increase to about S9, and there would be a noticeable (not huge) improvement in S/N.

+ I thought I was well within daylight, and thus, firmly in "daytime" reception mode. And yet, I noticed some fading on a very small minority of the signals. (Most were rock steady, as I would have expected.) In a couple of cases, the fading was deep. In one case, I was listening to a station on the car radio and FT-897D at the same time, and the signal faded on one, but not the other, then vice versa.

+ For a portable antenna that's not hard to deploy, the BOG works pretty well. On the other hand, my car radio, with its standard fender-mounted whip, does just about as well. But then, I don't know how I can easily duplicate the few-thousand-pound ground plane. In the end, perhaps it's more about location than antenna, anyway.

You will need to know that I use my own signal readability rating system:

F: not readable (or mostly not readable)

D: (Mostly?) readable, but just barely

C: Readable, but noisy

B: A little noise

A: (At least reasonably close to) perfect

And now, here are some of the particulars about the stations I received. (I'm not mentioning the obvious locals.)

Frequency : Station : Signal Strength : Readability : Time : Programming Notes : Comments

540 : UID : 0 : D : 1608 : SS :

550 : UID : 0 : F : 1608 : : Actually two stations mixed together

570 : UID : 0 : D : 1609 : talk :

580 : UID : 0 : F : 1610 : talk : Car radio was receiving a differentstation on 580

620 : UID : 0 : D- : 1610 : music :

660 : KSKY (Dallas/Ft. Worth) : 0 : D : 1613 : talk : Car radio did not receive this one

690 : UID : 0 : D+ : 1614 : game : Mentioned: "Wildcats", "Kansas State"

710 : KGNC (Amarillo, TX) : 0 : C : 1615 : sports talk :

740 : UID : 8 : B+ : 1616 : talk :

780 : UID : 0 : D+ : 1617 : sports talk :

960 : UID : 5 : C : 1622 : talk : Have logged KGWA in Enid, OK here before

970 : UID : 0 : D : 1623 : sports talk :

1020 : UID : 0 : D+ : 1625 : sports talk :

1030 : UID : 5 : B : 1749 : financial talk :

1050 : UID : 0 : F : 1750 : : This is the station that faded separately on car radio

1170 : KFAQ (Tulsa, OK) : 5 : C+ : 1630 : :

1240 : UID : 0 : D : 1635 : sports talk :

1270 : UID : 0 : F : 1636 : sports talk :

1320 : UID : 6 : C : 1639 : financial talk :

1340 : UID : 9 : A : 1640 : sports talk :

1380 : UID : 0 : D : 1641 : sports talk :

1390 : UID : 0 : D : 1642 : game : (Multiple stations audible)

1420 : UID : 5 : B : 1714 : sports talk : Discussing Cowboys/Grambling game

1440 : UID : 7 : B : 1646 : SS music :

1480 : UID : 0 : F : 1648 : SS :

1490 : UID : 6 : C : 1648 : religion :

1530 : UID : 0 : F : 1651 : :

1590 : UID : 0 : D : 1653 : :

1600 : UID : 3 : B : 1654 : talk in some Asian language :

1630 : UID : 0 : D : 1656 : CW : mentioned "South Lake area"; fading deeply

1700 : KTBK (Dallas/Ft. Worth) : 0 : D : 1701 : sports talk :

And now, here are some beacons heard below the AM BCB:

314 GGU Prague, OK

350 RG Will Rogers, OKC, OK

~370 OUN Norman, OK (Supposed to be 260 KHz ??)

388 OFZ Fort Sill, OK

396 CQB Chandler, OK

411 HDL Holdenville, OK

425 PFL Fort Sill, OK

512 HMY Lexington-Muldrow, OK

Tim Hall – Chula Vista, CA

Sony 2010 and Kiwa Pocket Loop

Just got back from a trip to PA/NJ/NY.  This was a genealogy trip, but I brought the '2010 and the Kiwa Pocket Loop and enjoyed logging the following stations running HS FB: 

Fri 9/18 loggings from Pottsville, PA (hotel was down in a river canyon): 

 960  UNID - One team name sounded like "Delmore"

1160 WCCS-PA  Homer Center vs. Marion Center - one team was "Wildcats"?

1220/1440 the "WHK" stations, whatever their calls are these days - St. Ignatius (Wildcats?)

1250  UNID - Calls sounded like "WNBI" or "WNBR"

1290  WJCV-NC  Jacksonville HS - Stallions vs. Bulldogs?

1360  WPPA-PA  Pottsville Crimson Tide vs. Blue Mountain Eagles (another station was trying to poke through this local station with another HS FB game)

1570  UNID 

Fri 9/25 loggings from Port Jervis, NY (old hotel room filled with electrical noise): 

1160  WCCS-PA  Wildcats again

1250  WEAE-PA  HS FB game or maybe just a report?  Over an UNID w/HS FB game

1290  WJCV-NC again

1350  WOYK-PA  York Bearcats vs. Red Lion Lions  (speaking of Red Lion, we drove by the transmitter site for the old SW station there, along I-78)

1360  UNID "Spartans" brought to you by ____son Chevrolet

1370  UNID

1420 The other "WHK" station was running a HS FB game, probbaly //1220,1440 but too much noise to be sure

1490  WDLC-NY  Port Jervis HS (Raiders?) vs. Minisink Valley 

Between my stays in Pottsville and Port Jervis, I stayed in Bovina, NY in the middle of farm country (western edge of the Catskill mountains) with no local stations.  I logged about 38 GY stations in 3 nights, with just the Pocket Loop.  The old Radio West Loop could have cleaned up in Bovina...

Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)

Chris Black – Cape Cod

Icom R-75, 35x90 flag

  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   ...   13


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