Abdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership

НазваниеAbdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership
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November 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 11

Editors Corner:

ABDX membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of ABDX. This is definitely an all time high for membership.

This month set the record all time for the Journal at 135 pages. What a lot of logs we got for shortwave. People are still listening. We got some nice FM logs as well. Your great logs show what the DX hobby can be when many contribute. There are 98 pages of HF logs from 7 DXers. At ABDX we love your logs and for each log, you get an extra year of membership. J

Testing, Testing… We have an announcement of a DX test upcoming from WGGH! There are test results from the WSRY test and an unusual impromptu HF test from WWCR. If you heard this test, then send in a log. I already received a paper QSL, the first in 20 years for me.

Its time for High School basketball and just like football the “FCC STA” for small towns who leave the station on high power and day pattern to get the signal for their HS BKB team to be heard far and wide. For sports DXers, there is a plethora to choose from. FB, Hockey, BKB from pro and college are going gangbusters. Many of us got started DXing by listening to distant sports coverage.

Don’t forget to listen to FM right now the Geminids Meteor Showers are going on and you may hear something via a “ping” on Ms. Also in December the winter E skip DX season comes around. You can get 1500 miles or so out on FM! This is a short season unlike the summer and may give you something to do during the MW midseason anomaly while MW is kind of dormant.

On a sad note, we lost two very prominent DXers who were instrumental in the early days of ABDX, Paul Lafrieniere and Harry Helms. Paul was one of the earliest on ABDX and was always a prodigious logger and a friend to DXers who were young or had fallen on harder times. He was generous enough to help people belong to one of the pay for membership clubs. Harry Helms was a giant in the DX world as an author for the hobby. He was a great friend to me and a great supporter to ABDX. We will miss them both greatly.

If you have something to sell and want to have it on the ABDX list and have it in the ABDX Journal, please join the ABDX list and you can post it there and I will also make sure it gets in the Journal.

This is the site to join ABDX. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ABDX/

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The ABDX website URL is: www.abdx.org

The ABDX Journal is available to all at no cost. Please pass it around to your DXing friends and also post it on other lists as well. We want as many as possible to see the Journal so we can grow the DX hobby. Please do your part to keep our hobby viable.

You can get your copy of the journal at www.abdx.org

What are you hearing?

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz, the ABDX crew.

Table of Contents

The Broadcast Band – AM 3

Down In The Basement – LW 21

The Whole Earth – HF/SW 23

The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM 121

The Visible Universe – TV 124

Nothing But Net – Net Video and Audio 124

You Don’t Need a Weatherman – Weather Band 124

Extra, Extra – News 125

Bargain Barn – Sale Items 115

Show And Tell – Review of New Toys 116

Testing, Testing… - Upcoming Tests 128

Call Sign Changes – From the FCC 130

I Got The Bird – Satellite 135

The Broadcast Band

Rick Dau – Omaha, NE

Sony 2010 and Quantum Loop

1310  UNID  11/15 2230 ELT - someone here with classic country music (Red Sovine's "Teddy Bear" and Dolly Parton's "9 to 5") using the same satellite service as KQAQ-970.  Seemed to be looping almost straight N-S from Omaha.  I know it's not KNOX or KZRG.  Any guesses?

800 Getting someone on here at 11/22 2110 ELT with classic country music fighting it out with XEROK and someone with Christian programming (probably KQCV).  I have my Quantum Loop pointed in a direction towards Wichita (back end would be right at Minneapolis-St. Paul), so Moose Jaw would be unlikely.  Any guesses, fellow knob-twisters?

Mystery solved.  It's WDUX in Waupaca, WI, which explains why it was coming in better when I had the loop pointed towards Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Don Kaskey – San Francisco, CA

Drake R8 and Kiwa Loop

It was rather fun a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd try again.  I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that despite my horrid noise level the conditions were excellent (e.g. WBBM under KKOH on 780) and lots of mix & matches on the regional frequencies.....PST used thru-out

830 KNCO CA  2135 HSFB with 2 minutes to go Nevada Union of Grass Valley was leading the Davis Bluedevils 56-0.  Oogies.  KNCO in Grass Valley CA

860 KTRB  CA 2132 San Francisco...with wrap up of Stanford BKB game. Gonna be a longggggggggggg season as they lost to UC San Diego Toreros 77-64.

980 KFWB CA 2129 Los Angeles early in 4th quarter with NBA game betwixt the Clippers and the Toronto Raptors. Clippers leading 76-74.  Heavy QRM from numerous stations.

1080 KFXX OR 2127 Portland o/u KSCO with HS FB game but QRM & noise too much to get decent copy.

1120 KPNW OR Eugene 2122 HSFB game Sheldon (Eugene) whopping Tigard in state playoff game 64-26 with about 9 minutes left.

1140 KHTK CA Sacramento 2119 w/NBA BKB...Kings leading Rockets 107-98 with 52 seconds left.

1160 KSL UT Salt Lake City 2114 with BKB wrap-up of BYU's 70-60 win over Bradley.

1380 KTKZ CA Sacramento 2101 HSFB between Christian Bros (Sacto) and unknown opponent.  QRM from KLPZ & assumed KRKO/KSRV that I never did get the opponent. Gather that the Catholics were getting beaten.  Amazes me how these HSFB local announcers can hide the score & even the teams competing while they babble between themselves over trivial subjects.

1430 KFIG CA Fresno...real mess on 1430 with 2 FB games and a BKB game all mixing with each other. Heard at 2055 with HSFB. Halftime with Buchanan HS leading unknown opponent 28-20.

1430  KLO UT Ogden 2055 wrap up of Utah State Aggies win over Weber State 66-60.

1430  KYKN OR Salem 2055 HSFB game mixing with KFIG/KLO etal....

1440  KVON CA Napa 2048 local big game between 2 local HSs--Napa & Vintage. First half almost over with Napa up 14-0

1460  KION CA  Salinas/Santa Cruz 2043 Palma Chieftains up over Alisal Trojans 20-7 with 2 minutes remaining in the half.

1550  KFRC CA San Francisco 2039 with game between De La Salle of Concord (always one of the nations top teams) and California High located in one of those suburban Contra Costa County urban centers. DLS leading 35-3 in the 3rd quarter.  Interestingly this local was severely bothered by a SS station which was probably KXTO in Reno.

1560  KNZR CA Bakersfield with BKB game between Fresno State & San Francisco State with 8 minutes left & FSU up 53-47.  This too was bothered severely by a SS station.  I wonder if Willows is back on the air nowdays?  Heard first at 2035.

1600  KUBA CA Yuba City 2033 HSFB game at halftime with Yuba City HS ahead 14--0 over mystery opponent.

1700  XEPE MEX Northern Baja 2030 with HSFB game between Oceanside & Ramona HS. Oceanside up 31-0 at the half.

Ira Elbert New – Watkinsville, GA


990 WEIS AL Centre - 11/27/09 2300  - Alabama High School Football Playoffs. Final seconds of the Class 4A game with Cherokee County defeating Deshler. Good signal at times, but signal was just above the mix for the post part. “WEIS, AM 990, Centre”. (IEN-GA)

Allen Willie – St. Johns, NF


Good result last night bagging another Transatlantic and adding  another new  country to my total .I was sitting on 960 trying my luck for Alberta with all the recent reports when lo and behold Russian came through adjacent, moving up  to 963 to my surprise was the following:

963 khz - Finland - China Radio International via Pori Relay   Nov7/09 3:25 UTC w/ Russian language programming, CRI  mentioned , musical interval signal type repeated occasionally, SRF-M37V barefoot  Country # 71

1360 khz - WDRC Hartford, Conn  Nov 7/09  2:00 UTC  w/ " The Talk Of Connecticut " slogan then into news 

720 khz - WGN - Chicago, Illinois   Nov 7/09  2:07 UTC  w/ Hockey talk , ID 

760 khz - WJR - Detroit, Michigan  Nov 7/09  1:51 UTC  w/ Rosetta Stone Ad, 760 - Newstalk WJR ID 

1570 khz - CKMW - Winkler, Manitoba  Nov 7 / 09  1:55 UTC  w/ "1570 Country "ID, country songs  mixing with CFAV 

1540 khz - KXEL - Waterloo , Iowa  Nov 7/09  2:10 UTC  w/ Bruce Williams talk show 

1550 khz - CBE Windsor, Ontario  Nov 7/09  2:13 UTC  w/ talk about industry (stronger than usual signal ) 

1630 khz - KCJJ - Iowa City , Iowa  Nov 7/09  2:19 UTC w/ football game in progress, KCJJ ID 

1610 khz - CJWI - Montreal, Quebec  Nov 7 /09  3:42 UTC  w/ Haitian music, french talk 

 840  khz - WHAS - Lexington, Kentucky  Nov 7 /09  3:21 UTC  w/ Weekday program promo, ID

1010 khz - CFRB - Toronto, Ontario  Nov 7/09    3:44 UTC  w/ traffic report  1010 CFRB ID

Had a sleepless stretch early this morning so concentrated on 960-980 on the dial . Signals on 960 this morning produced 3 new ones and my 8th province , my native province of Alberta finally  for the log  in a short period of time as signals seemed to be walking on top of each other 

All logged with SRF-M37V Ultralight w/ Terk Advantage loop 

960 khz - CFAC - Calgary,Alberta  Nov 11  8:35 UTC  w/ The Fan  and ESPN ID's , Calgary mentionNEW Province # 8     ULR Station # 429

 960 khz - WFIR - Roanoke, Virginia  Nov 11 8:30 UTC  w/ Fox News Radio ID local ad, news ULR Station # 430

960 khz - WTGM - Salisbury, Maryland  Nov 11  8:40 UTC  w/ Fox Sports Radio , Sportsradio 960 The Team ID ULR Station # 431

980 khz - WOFX - Troy, New York  Nov 11 8:17 UTC  w/ Fox Sports ID, sports talk about USC football

Peter Jernakoff – Wilmington, DE


01-Nov-09 // 1900 local // 1400 khz. // WAMC // 1 kw // Albany, New York //

Graveyard mush then a faint mention of WAMC and WAMC-AM. // New. A 226 mile


08-Nov-09 // 1700 local // 590 khz. // WLES // 0.6 kw day, 0.028 kw night // Bon Air, Virginia // Male with "You're listening to Richmond's voice of truth, AM 590 The Truth and around the world at WTRU.com, WLES Bon Air." Into SRN news. // New. A 183 mile catch.

08-Nov-09 // 1700 local // 650 khz. // WSRO // 0.25 kw day, 0.009 kw night // Ashland, Massachusetts // Male with "AM 650, WSRO, Ashland-Boston." // New. A 281 mile catch.

08-Nov-09 // 1700 local // 680 khz. // WPTF // 50 kw // Raleigh, NorthCarolina // Male with "Newstalk 680 WPTF Raleigh, a Curtis Media Group station with the news you need at AM 680 and WPTF.com." // New. A 320 mile catch.

08-Nov-09 // 1802 local // 540 khz. // WGTH // 1 kw day, 0.097 kw night // Richlands, Virginia // Male with weather report: "Right now it's 54 degrees at WGTH." Into female with "WGTH, AM and FM..." // New. A 378 mile catch.

08-Nov-09 // 1800 local // 560 khz. // WFRB // 5 kw day, 0.055 kw night // Frostburg, Maryland // Male with "Broadcasting worldwide at Talkradio560.com, this is WFRB AM Frostburg." // New. A 175 mile catch.

Bruce Winkleman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 and Quantum Phaser

11/1 0100CDT XECPN COAH Piedras Negras Mexican NA followed by what is apparently the Coahuila state anthem, La Poderosa slogan and lots of mentions of "Radiorama"

11/1 0400CST and 0500CST Loud "AM 10-50 KCHN Brookshire-Houston" by deep voiced male and gone. KCHN 1050 and KXYZ 1320 have the same mailing address per the NRC log 30th ed. so presume this was KXYZ with some sort of automation "glitch"?

11/1 0600CST a real rarity now-days: instrumental SSB in the mix but nothing IDable at the end, just a jumble with XECPN dominating.

Listened to 1320 on the way home this evening and found c&w on top around 1710CST 02NOV09. Then at 1714CST a female announcer appeared giving a full sign-off with power, ownership info, transmitter location and call-letter ID as KNCB Vivian LA, followed by "Ladies and Gentlemen, our National Anthem" into instrumental SSB.  Listening to the sign-off

announcement and SSB really made me nostalgic for the "good ol' days" when stations signed off--a real pleasant trip down memory lane!


Noted KEOR-1120 with dual ID at 0808CST as "KEOR 1120 Sperry, Tulsa and  KJMU 13-40 Sand Springs" and mention of "Hartman (sp?) Broadcasting". Note that they did *not* use "Catoosa" (the city-of-license) in the ID.  //KJMU-1340 at all times checked during the day today and at the present time. 1120 KEOR xmtr seems to cut in and out at times leaving

only OC. KMOX clearly audible now (1650CST) u/KEOR OC.

Did a bit of searching and found a Wikipedia entry for KJMU-1340 that shows "owner" as "Birach Broadcasting Cort (leased by Hardman Broadcasting)".

1120 went to OC at 1710CST 05NOV09, then off right at 1715CST 05NOV09 (FCC SS time for November in Tulsa) with no announcement or ID.


I've been monitoring 1120 during drive-time this week and it seems that KEOR is definitely "on" and //1340 KJMU. Hearing dual IDs "Hot 13-40 The Groove and Hot 11-20 KEOR" and "Today's R&B and yesterday's old school" slogan. This evening KEOR went to OC at 1714CST in the middle of a sentence, carrier gone right at 1715CST leaving KMOX and KFAB IBOC fighting. KEOR seems to be about 2-3 seconds "behind" KJMU. For those DXers that can get past KMOX/KFAB IBOC with phasing/nulling, give KEOR a try.

James Kearman – Stuart. FL

Homebrew solid state regen and indoor ferrite loop

RVC 530 kHz. 2300Z 1 Nov 09 (just now) Clear ID in English, where the YL ann gave their other callsigns first, finishing with "British West Indies."

11/20 0023Z 1370 WGIV Pineville NC Modern gospel, ads for Charlotte Thanksgiving Day parade, Family Dollar, local barber college

They are supposedly 45 W night (Wikipedia says 450 W but FCC says 45) and NDA, but strong enough 100 miles north of Miami, FL, to record ID at 0023 and 0028Z. New.

Think I just caught another one. 11/21 0700Z 1560 kHz KGOW Bellaire (Houston) TX w/sports talk and local ads. They seem to be looking for auxiliary nighttime power of 15 kW but are licensed for 100 W. Uh-huh.

Bogdan Chiochiu – Montreal, OC

Sanyo MCD S830

780 WTME Rumfort, ME NOV 2 2235-2300 EST + - playing an eclectic blend of soft rock, new country and 80s pops with weather forecast for Maine and WEZR-1240 simulcast announcements. Excellent, way over both WBBM and Venezuelan Radio Coro... Definitively using 10,000 Watts daytime power rather than 18 Watts nighttime power ! New ! Looking on Google, I saw they had a DX test with the IRCA a few years ago during semi-auroral conditions... The semi-auroral conditions still allowed the signal to be heard on both coasts. Well... (BC-QC)

600 CUBA   CMKV, Radio Rebelde, Urbano Norrís NOV 8 0214 UTC - relaying their FM feed with IDs such as "Música Viva 96.7 Potencia FM" and heard with requests from listeners living in QTHs like Pinar del Río. One of them requested a song by Ricardo Arjona which is one of the most popular Central American rockers (outside Mexico) and who cames out of Guatemala ! Huge, over / under WICC and CKAT on the Sony XR-A33 car-radio / omnidirectionnal whip combo ! //670 and 710 ! Is WICC in stereo ? They were playing a weird mix of English oldies and Italian pops, both old and new ! (Chiochiu-car-Pierrefonds-QC) 

670 CUBA   CMBA, Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arrenas NOV 8 0404 UTC - playing an instrumental version of the Cuban classic "Guantanamera". Good, over QRM ! WFAN had it's IBOC exciter turned off all night long, so no more QRM even after local midnight. Heard far from the powerlines ! (Chiochiu-car-Pierrefonds-QC) 

710 CUBA   Radio Rebelde synchros NOV 8 0406 UTC - woman happily announced things undergoing inside the Solo Música px. Briefly good with echo sound, then overtaked by IBOC hash from WLW-700 Chicago. 690/730 next-to-adjacent local splatter not much of an issue with the car radio in the Normal filter position ! (Chiochiu-car-Pierrefonds-QC)

 760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ, RCN Cadena Basíca, Barranquilla NOV 8 0425 UTC - Excited Spanish announcers apparently live from a remote place. Poor under megapest WJR, in it's uneffective null using the Sanyo MCD-S830 / PK AM loop combo. (Chiochiu-home-Pierrefonds-QC) 

780 VENEZUELA   YVNM, Radio Coro, Coro, Falcón NOV 8 0421 UTC - an old-fashionned cumbia song ended, then promo for "La Bailanta Siete Ochenta" followed by a commercial merengue track. Very good, in WBBM Chicago's null ! (Chiochiu-home-Pierrefonds-QC)

 North American domestic DX 

1600 WWRL New York City, NY NOV 7 2150 EST - with an English Caribbean music program and frequent IDs... Often excellent and thrashing local CJWI-1610 with the Sony SR-A33 car radio in AM Wide position ! Author's comments: I could feel some separation between the right and the left channels, even though they don't broadcast in STEREO anymore ! (BC-QC)

Bob Smoak – Bamberg, SC

Zenith Royal 3000-1 and OEM Zenith Power Supply or as listed

Logged between 6:00 and 6:15 P. M. Eastern, WIGN, 1550, Bristol, Tennessee.  Daytime power:  35,000 watts.  It certainly wasn't the 6 watts nighttime authority.  Received over a distance of 235 miles.

The receiver was an RCA Victor 4-Volt pocket portable, Model 3 RH21G.

Martin Foltz - Mission Viejo, CA


In right now 5:19 PM PDT 11/25. 

1600 KUBA Yuba City, CA 11/25 4:52 PM PST tune in to Classic Rock, IDs, ads, CBS news at 5:03, local news, back to Classic Rock.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, BOG antennas


WBBM has their IBOC off for once, presumably for Bears coverage so I can DX 790 by phasing WBBM (13 miles SSE) and sometimes atop 790 is Steven Chwok with the Ukranian program from CFCW for a new catch for me. I caught one call ID and a bunch of local ads for area Ukranian events...a Ukranian church in Edmonton etc.

CX are decent to western Canada tonite, but not outstanding. Not much CJDC at all with WLS phased down, and not that much News 1130 from BC. Bits of Operatic type stuff on 580 matched what CKUA had online, but was only barely in the mix.

Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

Panasonic RF-2200 (MW)

1600   KYBC  Cottonwood, AZ  local station with Mingus Unified HS game at  0145.  (10/31 * Barton-AZ)

1320  KFNZ  Salt Lake City, UT  noted 0155 with HS

game .(10/31  Barton-AZ)

810  KGO  San Francisco  1420  local spots and references Bay Area on car radio well after local S.R. with still strong signals .  (10/31  Barton-AZ)

1340   KPGE  Page, Arizona with "Classical Gas" at 1400 and ID at 1403, to ABC news. later gave way to very strong ID from KIKO , Globe, AZ .   (11/1  Barton-AZ)

640   KFI  Los Angeles , CA  still hanging in there 1530 , newsbreak , local traffic.

didnt note if "the405" was backed up.  640   KFI  Los Angeles , CA  still hanging in there

760  KFMB   San Diego , CA  with break from "Rick Roberts" to spots at 1550. 2 hrs. + after local S.R. (11/1  Barton-AZ)

1440   KAZG  Scottsdale , AZ  1600   Oldies music format, jingles. not always heard well locally, disappears after 90 miles when going to Tucson, but coming in with fair-good signal here in high desert 100 miles north. (11/1  Barton-AZ)

Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

R-390A LFE M601C active omni whip with ground addition – As Listed

Heard from 2:45 p.m. AST to 3:55 p.m. AST on November 1, 2009

was just doing a casual daytime bandscan, and then I noticed:

1134 KHz Croatia.  Hmmm, Croatia in mid afternoon.  Even with the time change, this was interesting.

1179 KHz Sweden - with news item in English on Afghanistan then into a nice clear "This is Radio Sweden International".

1206 KHz France in Bordeaux

1215 KHz classical music, made me suspect Russia, then Absolute Radio in England rose above the classical music.

1377 KHz France Info in Lille

1413 Unid - so weak, all I could detect was that a human being was speaking a language

1431 KHz Radio Ukraine, then the hip sound of Radio Sawa faded up and over.

1548 KHz Trans World Radio

1550 KHz Algeria parallel to their SW outlet on 6300 KHz.  See, SW is usful to the MW DXer.  Also very useful, Herman Boel's EMWG!

1575 KHz UAE Radio Farda

Now, to try lower down the dial, and with the Icom R-75 tag teaming the R-390A - the Icom loves to shine on ECSS:

1089 KHz Talksport England

1053 KHz Talksport

999 KHz Spain COPE

972 KHz Unid with some jazz

945 KHz France Info Toulouse

774 KHz Spain Radio Nacional

765 KHz Switzerland

756 KHz  Deutschland Funk parallel to 6190 KHz

720 KHz Greenland with a very strong signal

Oh yes, I noted the following domestic:

1320 KHz WDER in NH

Heard at 12:00 a.m. midnight AST, November 3, 2009:

Receiver: Icom R-75

Antenna: Wellbrook 1530 loop [located in the basement, on a stand, the centre point of the loop right at the level of the soil]

1140 CHRB High River AB - playing C&W [sounded rather like Country Gospel], then into a non ID blathering about being a 'Community Radio Station', then into Perry F. Rockwood's The People's Gospel Hour.

The Wellbrook really proved itself here.  On the M601C, 1140 was CBI Sydney NS and background jumble.  With the Wellbrook aimed just right, CHRB was crystal clear for several minutes.  Nothing like a B&W antenna switch for making a dramatic A to B comparison!

I logged CHRB for the very first time in early October at the Priest Pond DXpedition.  Of course, there I was right by salt water and had the mighty DGS EWE - plus I was up well before daybreak.  To get CHRB at home in a suburban/small town neighbourhood, with an indoor antenna, is even sweeter!

Heard on an Icom R75 using a Wellbrook 1530 loop on a stand beside my radio room chair:

November 12, 2007 12:05 a.m. AST

1130 CKWX Vancouver BC with talk about Rememberance Day services in Vancouver and into an on location clip with a band playing O'Canada.

1130 WBBR in NYC NY is one tough cookie to null. It is a raging powerhouse here in PEI, and also in my native NS.  The Wellbrook can partly null it, and then it is a matter of listening to the background.  Many nights lately I have heard background chatter, suspected CKWX, but no good clues.  In this case, the background chatter rose enough to be a clear background signal in spite of WBBR continuing to dominate.  I flicked the antenna switch between the Wellbrook and the LFE M601C omni antenna - CKWX was detectable on the LFE but there was no way it could be IDed.  On the Wellbrook, the difference was enormous, enough less WBBR to allow me to ID CKWX with confidence.

I have caught CKWX before, but it took the mighty DGS EWE close to salt water at the Priest Pond DXpedition.  Tonight's catch was sweet since it was using an indoor antenna and right in town.

Heard from 11:55 p.m. AST Nov 27/09 to 12:35 a.m. AST Nov 28/09

Receiver:  Icom R-75 and Palstar R30A tag team

Antenna: Wellbrook 1530 indoor stand mounted active loop

1070 KNX Los Angeles CA "7:55, KNX traffic on the 5"

960 CFAC Calgary AB "Rogers sports radio..."

1290 CFRW Winnipeg MB playing oldies, including lots of Can-con.  Didn't hear any liners or IDs, but confirmed the identical music from their listen live on their website. [Heard lots of WKBK and WRNI of course while listening]

1190 CFSL Weyburn SK "playing all your country favourites AA 1190"

I Tried in vain fo 1130 CKWX in Vancouver BC, but WBBR was just too much to contend with.

I then proceeded to pull in CINW, CFRB, CKHJ, CJCB and CBN.  All easy, but those 5 easy catches plus the AB, SK and MB catches above gave me 8/10 Provinces.  No AM stations in PEI [except for some Alfredo Lites in the basement :)] All I needed was BC.

Brent Taylor – Charlottetown, PEI

Kchibo D96L ultralight, barefoot – As Listed

960 CFAC Calgary - 0326 EST - out of ESPN network sports scores, into commercial break with ads from the Calgary area, an Alberta government Web site, then "Fan 960" ID at 0328 and back to ESPN network. Similar signal level to Priest Pond DX-pedition catch last month. [Taylor - PEI]

As I type this I'm listening to the Rolling Stones' "It's Only Rock and Roll" on Absolute Radio, loud, from the NEXT ROOM.

In addition to the big sig on 1215, there's also 1089, 1521 etc.Big stuff, and a good night ahead.

Put up the new Super Loop today, measuring 60 feet long, by 20 feet high at each end. The loop is oriented to "disfavour" the NE USA. Some stations in NY and Boston are way down in signal strength compared to the usual. Some, like WBBR, seem to have still quite strong signals. I have not actually tuned it yet, and just set it for about 1000 ohms. As soon as I touched the PL259 to the back of the ICOM the signals literally jumped out, and even with all of the preamp off and the attenuator in the TA signals were super. Signals generally were very similar to levels at the DX-pedition last month on the coast of PEI. 

Without phasing hooked up yet, I was curious as to how the antenna would perform for western North America. As you can see below, the verdict is in. If I had had the Quantum Phaser hooked up to finish the nulling job on the blowtorches in NY and Boston, I wonder what else I coudl have bagged at the bedside. I did get a clean snip of "KOMO Newsradio" ID under WMVP on 1000 but I wasn't going to turn on the light or my iPod to get the correct time, so I didn't log it "officially."  

910    CKDQ    AB  Drumheller -11/11 0410 - fair in fade up over Latino station with "Red Dirt Road" C&W song, then into "Q91 country dot com" ID @ 0412 and another country song. (BT-PE) 

920    CKNX    ON  Wingham - 11/11 0344 - "I Hope You Dance" segue into another C&W song, and yet another segue with no ID @ 0348. Then finally female with "You're listening to CKNX, AM 920, we'll be right back," and promo for morning talk show and 519 area code phone number given, as well as "am920.ca" web address.  Then back to C&W song. (BT-PE) 

960    CFAC    AB  Calgary - 11/10 2147 - Flames/Canadiens NHL play by play by Peter Maher, fair to good, with ads for the "Fan 960" morning drive show and Calgary area car dealers. (BT-PE) 

1130    CKWX    BC  Vancouver - 11/11 0425 - Mostly buried under WBBR, but up nicely on fades, first with "this day in entertainment history" piece about TV Announcer Don Pardo, then back up again at 0431 with female news announcer. Finally, at 0433, a traffic report mentioning North Vancouver and traffic delays expected around "Cenotaphs" (Canadian fallen soldiers memorials) as it was Remembrance Day, followed by "News1130 dot com" clear promo ID at 0434. (BT-PE) 

1290    CFRW    MB  Winnipeg - 11/11 0335 - Fair, with April Wine's "Bad Side of the Moon," then choral "CFRW" jingle ID and straight into "Yellow River" by Christie @ 0337. (BT-PE) 

BT-PE    Brent Taylor, Stratford - ICOM R75 w/ KIWA mods, 60x20 back yard super loop

Good day ABDXers! Like Phil VY2PR, I had an excellent morning of TP DX here on Canada's Atlantic Coast.

Logs below:

774  JAPAN  JOUB Akita - 13/11 1028 - Man in Japanese introducing the next segment of an English lesson. // 747 and 693  [Taylor - PE]

918    UNID - 13/11 1112 - Sounded like woman in Chinese to me, but I read that Japan is reported here also [Taylor - PE]

972    SOUTH KOREA HLCA - 13/11 1017 - Very loud and dominant with pop music and two announcers, male and female [Taylor - PE]

981    CHINA CNR1 - 13/11 1028 - In solidly with woman and man reading news and talking in what was certainly a Chinese dialect. Nice musical interlude around 1116Z [Taylor - PE]

1116    UNID (4BC Brisbane?) - 13/11 1113 - Woman first, and then man talking. Certainly sounds like English inflection. Will be checking with 4BC producers to see if I can get the station to send me the audio from that time slot for comparison. [Taylor - PE]

1206    CHINA CNR Yangbian - 13/11 1036 - Presumed with their Korean service, woman talking, and musical interlude at 1038Z  [Taylor - PE]

1413    JAPAN JOIF Fukuoka - 13/11 1033 - Man talking in what clearly sounds like Japanese, with musical interlude at 1036 UTC [Taylor - PE]

1557    UNID - 13/11 1031 - Man talking in quite obvious Chinese dialect. Not sure if this is Taiwan WYFR or mainland China. Help!  [Taylor - PE]

Just a couple here. The usual suspects were in this morning, but one relog from Alberta and one new call and slogan not heard before worthy of mention.

910    CKDQ    AB    Drumheller - 15/11 0542 - Good, with male country song, recorded slogan ID "Q-91" and segue right into next song. (BT-PE) 

920    WNBZ    NY    Saranac Lake - 15/11 0541 - excellent on up-fade with full ID at 0545, "A broadcasting legacy with the morning news, information, and America's best music. It's AM 920 and 1240, WNBZ." Then into Carpenters song. (BT-PE)

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Abdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership iconAbdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of

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Abdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership iconPublications of observatory staff members in 2001–2002
Альтарак С. и др. (Altarac S., Berlioz-Arthaud P., Thiébaut E., Foy R., Balega Yu. Yu., Dainty J. C., Fuensalida J. J.): 2001, Effect...
Abdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership iconPredicting high-cost users of medical care and the persistence of high expenditures over time

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