CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours)

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НазваниеCS540 Software Design (3 credit hours)
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Course Outline

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours)

Fall 2006


Days: Mon and Wed

Time: 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.




Anita Malik


Email: anitamalik@umt.edu.pk

Phone Extension: 338


Opposite Physics and Electronics Lab,


52-L Gulberg III

Office Hours

Mon to Thur (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m)

Fri (9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m)

Teaching Assistant






Office Hours


Course Description

The course provides a general introduction to software design, its role in the software development process, nature of the software design process and design quality issues. Well established design methods such as structured design, formal approaches and object-oriented design are discussed in detail. The rationale and applicability of each method is examined by analyzing problems representing a wide range of application domains. Some basic object-oriented design patterns are introduced. An overview of design issues in user interfaces and the concepts of reusability, portability and robustness in design are also given in the course.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will have a general understanding of methods and techniques used in software design


Recommended Text

  • Schach, S. R. (2005). Object-Oriented and Classical Software Engineering. Mc Graw Hill.

  • Roques, P. (2004). UML in Practice. Wiley.

Additional Reading

  • Budgen, D. (2003). Software Design. Pearson Education.

  • Gamma, E., Helm, R., Johnson, R. and Vlissides, J. (2000). Design Patterns. Addison-Wesley.

  • Jalote, P. (1999). An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering. Narosa.


6 Assignments

  • Assignments are individual

  • Late submissions will be penalized on a case by case basis


6-8 Quizzes

  • Quizzes can be un-announced

  • No make-ups will be offered for missed quizzes


A single midterm exam that will cover all material covered till the midterm


Will cover the entire course

Project/ Paper

Group Project

Academic Dishonesty Policy

Maximum punishment for academic dishonesty (cheating or using unfair means) can be an F grade in the course and case sent to the disciplinary committee.

Classroom Policy

  • Review recommended material before coming to class

  • Must be on time

  • Turn off cell phones

Attendance Policy

Students missing more than 20% of the lectures will receive an “F” grade in the course.

Grading Policy

  • Quizzes: 15%

  • Assignments: 15%

  • Mid term Exam: 25%

  • Group Project: 10%

  • Final Exam: 35%

Lecture Plan



Recommended Reading


Introduction to Software Design

  • Introduction to Software Design

  • Architectural Design and Detailed Design

  • Modularity, Cohesion and Coupling

Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Budgen 2003)

Chapter 1 and 7 (Schach 2005)


Structured Design Techniques

  • High Level Requirements Specification (independent of design technique used)

  • Structured Analysis and Design

Chapters 10, 11, 13 and Appendix E (Schach 2005)

Chapters 7, 13 and 15 (Budgen 2003)


Formal Approaches

  • Finite Machines

  • Z Specification

Chapter 11 (Schach 2005)

Chapter 18 (Budgen 2003)


Mid Term Exam

Object-Oriented Design

Chapter 12 and 13 (Schach 2005)


Object-Oriented Design Patterns

  • Singleton

  • Abstract Factory

  • Factory Method

  • Observer

  • Strategy

  • Composite

  • Decorator

Gamma et.al


User Interface Design

  • Design Heuristics

  • Paper Design

  • User Testing




Reusability, Robustness, Portability and Interoperability

Chapter 8 (Schach 2005)

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CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconCourse Title Credit Hours

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconEac’s Credit Hours Equivalent 3

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconEac’s Credit Hours Equivalent 3

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconSemester : I hours/week : 3 Code : 04uca1401 Credit : 2

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconDepartment of National Security, Intelligence, and Space in519 Collections Spring c 2008 3 Credit Hours 16 Weeks

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconArchitecture Independent Parallel Design Tool: a refinement-Based Methodology for the Design and Development of Parallel Software

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconElissa T. Purnell, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Biology/Biology Program Coordinator Credit Hours

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconStresses, Stress tensor, Principal Stresses. Engineering Materials and their mechanical properties, Stress-Strain diagrams, Stress Analysis, Design considerations: Codes and Standards. 05 Hours unit- 2 design for static & impact strength

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconM. A. Graphic design (syllabus for credit semester system)

CS540 Software Design (3 credit hours) iconDesign, Implementation, and Validation of Embedded Software Contract #F33615-00-c-1707

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