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HOME/American Dream Down Payment Initiative (ADDI)

  1. Describe other forms of investment not described in § 92.205(b).

  1. If the participating jurisdiction (PJ) will use HOME or ADDI funds for homebuyers, it must state the guidelines for resale or recapture, as required in § 92.254 of the HOME rule.

  1. If the PJ will use HOME funds to refinance existing debt secured by multifamily housing that is being rehabilitated with HOME funds, it must state its refinancing guidelines required under § 92.206(b). The guidelines shall describe the conditions under which the PJ will refinance existing debt. At a minimum these guidelines must:

    1. Demonstrate that rehabilitation is the primary eligible activity and ensure that this requirement is met by establishing a minimum level of rehabilitation per unit or a required ratio between rehabilitation and refinancing.

    2. Require a review of management practices to demonstrate that disinvestments in the property has not occurred; that the long-term needs of the project can be met; and that the feasibility of serving the targeted population over an extended affordability period can be demonstrated.

    3. State whether the new investment is being made to maintain current affordable units, create additional affordable units, or both.

    4. Specify the required period of affordability, whether it is the minimum 15 years or longer.

    5. Specify whether the investment of HOME funds may be jurisdiction-wide or limited to a specific geographic area, such as a neighborhood identified in a neighborhood revitalization strategy under 24 CFR 91.215(e)(2) or a Federally designated Empowerment Zone or Enterprise Community.

    6. State that HOME funds cannot be used to refinance multifamily loans made or insured by any federal program, including CDBG.

  2. If the PJ is going to receive American Dream Down payment Initiative (ADDI) funds, please complete the following narratives:

    1. Describe the planned use of the ADDI funds.

    2. Describe the PJ's plan for conducting targeted outreach to residents and tenants of public housing and manufactured housing and to other families assisted by public housing agencies, for the purposes of ensuring that the ADDI funds are used to provide down payment assistance for such residents, tenants, and families.

    3. Describe the actions to be taken to ensure the suitability of families receiving ADDI funds to undertake and maintain homeownership, such as provision of housing counseling to homebuyers.

Program Year 3 Action Plan HOME/ADDI response:

The Home/American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI) Program has been discontinued.



The Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) is a federally funded housing program established in 1990 as part of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act (the “Act”). Under guidelines from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Alabama Housing Finance Authority (AHFA) is the designated administrator and designer of Alabama’s HOME Program. AHFA has specifically designed the HOME Program to meet the needs of low- and moderate-income Alabamians consistent with HUD guidelines.


Act - the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act passed in November 1990. This Act contains the provisions for the HOME Program and is further defined in 24 CFR Part 92.

AHFA - the Alabama Housing Finance Authority. AHFA was designated the administrator of Alabama’s HOME Program by the Governor of the State of Alabama on February 22, 1991.

CHAS - the Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy. The CHAS is a required assessment of housing and housing related needs for the State of Alabama. The CHAS was replaced by the Consolidated Plan (Plan) in 1995.

CHDO - a Community Housing Development Organization. In order to qualify as a CHDO, an organization must be a non-profit organization and meet the requirements specified in 24 CFR Section 92.2.

Competitive Cycles - a period of time established by AHFA during which applications for funding under Alabama’s HOME Program may be accepted.

Consolidated Plan (Plan) - a consolidated submission of the planning and application aspects of four HUD Programs, including the HOME Program. Other Plan programs are CDBG, ESG and HOPWA.

HOME Agreement - HOME Investment Partnerships Program Agreement. The HOME Agreement is an agreement executed by AHFA and the entity approved to receive an appropriation of HOME funds.

HOME Funds - funds made available under Alabama’s HOME Program through allocations and reallocations, and may consist of any repayments and interest or other return on the investment of these funds.

Participating Jurisdiction - a state or local unit of government, which has met the requirements of Section 216 of the National Affordable Housing Act and will receive a separate appropriation of HOME funds to be used within its jurisdictional boundary. The State of Alabama is considered a participating jurisdiction. The local participating jurisdictions for this state are: Anniston, Jefferson County, Birmingham, Mobile, Mobile County, Montgomery, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa.

Project - a site or an entire building or two or more buildings, together with the site or (when permissible) sites on which the building or buildings are located, that are under common ownership, management, and financing and are to be assisted with HOME funds, under a commitment by the owner, as a single undertaking. Project includes all the activities associated with the site and building.

Recipient - an individual, public agency, for-profit developer(s), CHDO, non-profit developer(s), or any entity that receives State of Alabama HOME funds.

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General executive Summary iconThe main objectives of this Report, consisting of the executive summary, the extended summary and the full report, are

General executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

General executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

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