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Lord Mayor’s message

Council is committed to keeping Melbourne safe at night. Many great ideas for safer streets have come from residents and visitors, Victoria Police, the media and organisations like the Salvation Army.

Violence in Melbourne cannot be tolerated, and most of us would agree the culture of city life would benefit from change. If you are in the city at 8pm it is a pleasant place to be. People enjoy after-work drinks, they visit restaurants, theatres and shows. At about 11pm the volume and the heat goes up a little and the dynamic starts to change. Some people decide to head home, or have one last drink. Others decide to kick on and by 2am things have changed – fewer people, a harder edge to their behaviour and a different feel, a different culture spreads across the city.

We need to activate a different style of city. We need new pastimes and activities to become the lifeblood
of our city at night. At the City of Melbourne we call it late night activation – entertainment options that don’t rely on the consumption of alcohol. Night markets and sporting events like midnight basketball. Dance events like the hugely popular silent disco.Moonlight swimming at the North Melbourne Recreation Centre. Late night activities at the young people’s creative studio, Signal, on Northbank.

These are just some of the activities that can change the atmosphere of the city at night, in tandem with our established festivals – the Comedy Festival, Fringe Festival and Melbourne Festival to name a handful. That’s what I mean by cultural change.

In an ongoing response, the City of Melbourne has a strategy for a safer city. This includes a safe city camera program and patrol vehicles equipped with CCTV. Our programs for young people aim to reduce violence, and we’ve developed the ‘Grogger – don’t get smashed’ online game. We also talk to venues.

The battle is not over yet but if it is to be won, it will be about changing the culture late at night. We believe that our approach is making a difference and we will continue in our efforts to make Melbourne an even safer city.

Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor

The art of winning

Winning a 2010 Melbourne Award was ‘humbling and thrilling’ in equal measures for patron of the arts Betty Amsden.

As a loyal Arts Centre patron, Miss Amsden has donated more than $500,000 over the past two decades. More recently, she pledged $5 million to establish the Betty Amsden Arts Education Endowment for Children.

Supporting education initiatives such as music therapy classes for children with special needs and an artists-in-schools program, Miss Amsden was recognised for her individual contribution to the arts in the community category of last year’s Melbourne Awards.

She said winning the award had resulted in significant recognition for her cause.

‘It has been an interesting year. I think (the award) has had an impact on a lot of people. The feedback I have received has been very positive.’

Miss Amsden was joined by Energy Matters, Victoria Racing Club’s

‘Melbourne Cup Carnival’ and Melburnian of the Year Jim Stynes as some of last year’s winners.

It’s not too late to enter yourself, or a friend, colleague or company in the 2011 Melbourne Awards.

Nominations are now open for our city’s highest accolade, and the City of Melbourne wants to hear from anyone who has worked hard to make a difference, or knows someone who has.

People could enter in one of three categories: sustainability, community and profile, Future Melbourne (Economic Development and Knowledge City) Committee Chair Councillor Carl Jetter said.

‘The Melbourne Awards is our chance to say thank you to those people who work tirelessly to make our city a better place to live, work or visit,’ Cr Jetter said.

Finalists and winners, including Melburnian of the Year, will be honoured at a gala awards ceremony on Saturday 27 August.
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