The Mayor of London’s Annual Report

НазваниеThe Mayor of London’s Annual Report
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The Mayor of London’s Annual Report


June 2012


A vital economy 6

Vital high streets, vibrant economies 8

Generating growth 9

An efficient and responsive City Hall 15

A safer city 17

A stronger police force 18

Bearing down on crime and disorder 19

Tackling youth violence 21

A world-class transport network 23

A 21st century Tube and rail network 24

Smooth-flowing traffic, safer roads 26

Red buses, blue bikes, greener transport 28

A better quality of life 30

Investing in housing, investing for growth 31

A greener, cleaner, healthier city 32

Strengthening London’s cultural and civic life 36

A summer like no other; A lasting legacy for London 39

A summer like no other 40

Capturing the legacy for London 43

Nurturing a grassroots renaissance 44

I am immensely honoured to have been re-elected as Mayor of London. It would be a great privilege to lead the World’s Best Big City at any time but 2012 is a year that our city will not see again for generations. This summer really will be a summer like no other.

Despite everything the heavens could throw at it the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was a triumph. But it was just the start of an amazing series of events, which will see the eyes of the world focussed on London in a way that will not happen again in any of our lifetimes. And we must make the very most of this opportunity.

The reality is that Londoners would not have re-elected me if they had not looked at the record of the GLA over the last four years and decided that it was respectable. In fact it was more than respectable – it was excellent as this Annual Report lays out.

Over the past four years crime has been driven down by almost 11 per cent and we have seen a record number of affordable homes delivered. Tube delays are down by 40 per cent and there is a real improvement in London’s air quality.

We have improved Londoners’ favourite parks, planted many thousands of trees and created hundreds of growing spaces across the capital. We have delivered the world’s best cycle hire scheme and the UK’s first urban cable car is almost ready to welcome its first passengers.

We have also continued to champion the cultural industries in the capital, most visibly by commissioning the ArcelorMittal Orbit, which is the country’s largest piece of public art and will be a major visitor attraction in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

People had seen that this is an administration that had kept its promises. We have Oysterised the suburban rail services, banished the bendys and developed and introduced from scratch the beautiful New Bus for London.

Now there are new commitments to deliver but in fact they all lead to just one: to do everything the GLA Group can do to create jobs and foster economic growth. 

Therefore I will continue to keep police numbers high because a safe city is not just an end in itself. It is a vital prerequisite for economic confidence and a driver for inward investment.

We will deliver our plans for transport, housing and regeneration. These projects will not only create the platform for future growth and prosperity but in themselves generate the tens of thousands of jobs when Londoners most need them.

We need to look at all the steps we can take to make sure Londoners get those jobs. We need to ask ourselves why it is that so many Londoners are unable to grab the opportunities this city offers. That’s why I have set up the Education Inquiry to have a proper look at why so many young people leave school unable to read and write properly. That’s why we will deliver 250,000 apprenticeships in this Mayoral term because it is the experience and discipline of work that will get so many of our young people on that first rung of the career ladder. 

The GLA will continue to improve the environment and the quality of life because a city that is clean and green is more likely to attract investment. So we will take further measures to build on my first term’s achievements in improving London’s air quality and green spaces.

It is essential that we frame and focus the vision for the city and how it will look in the future. The GLA is producing a 2020 Vision paper, which will encompass everything from spatial and transport developments, opportunity areas, new river crossings to our air quality, how to increase cycling and improve Londoners’ health outcomes.

Vision 2020 will include projects that will not only be completed but which must be underway to meet the challenge of London’s growing population. We must avoid the mistakes made in the decades after the Second World War when we allowed London to decline.

My first term saw the creation of the London Datastore, which is a home of many of the statistics held by different bodies across London government. We are going to build on this resource to ensure that policy makers, journalists and – most importantly – Londoners can see what is really happening on gun crime, affordable home starts, air quality. It is through more transparency and openness that Londoners can see whether or not I am delivering on my promises.

It is now just a few short weeks until the Olympic Torch arrives in London and the beginning of the Games. This Annual Report gives a snapshot of how the GLA has made London more than fit to put on the Best Games Ever.

London will wow the world and immediately afterwards Londoners should be assured that I and everyone in the GLA Group will be hard at work to build a lasting Olympic legacy and to create the jobs and growth that will get London – and the rest of the UK – out of our current economic difficulties.
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