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“Joan Baez,” in Encyclopedia of Women and War (Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC CLIO,
2006), 44-46.

“American Women’s Art: Gender from Pre-Feminism to Post-Feminism,” Canarian Review of English Studies, 53 (November, 2006), 183-200.


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“Entre la ciencia y la vida privada. Biografías de investigadoras universitarias poblanas”, ponencia presentada en el VI Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciencia, Tecnología y Género, Universidad de Zaragoza, España, septiembre de 2006.

“Ese tema no es científico. La violencia simbólica en el conocimiento y discurso académico”, ponencia presentada en el II Coloquio Internacional de Estudios sobre Varones y Masculinidades y el I Congreso Nacional de la Academia Mexicana de Estudios del Género de los Hombres, Universidad de Guadalajara, junio de 2006.

“De ideal, de pasión y de pragmatismo: Avanzan las ciencias, las mujeres y los hombres”, cartel presentado en Mujer Ciencia 2006. Mujeres Latinoamericanas en las Ciencias Exactas y de la Vida, BUAP-UNAM-CINVESTAV-CIO-INMUJERES, mayo de 2006.

“Los aportes de las mujeres en la educación media superior: entre el estudio, el trabajo y la maternidad”, conferencia dictada en el Foro de Mujeres, Genero y Educación, Colegio de Bachilleres de Tlaxcala, mayo de 2006.

“Género,  poder y universidad. Los techos de cristal en la BUAP”, ponencia presentada en Coloquio Conmemorativo a los 475 Aniversario de la Fundación de la muy Leal y Muy Noble ciudad de Puebla, Cuerpo Académico de Estudios Históricos, Colegio dee Historia de la BUAP, abril de 2006.

“De la vida privada a la vida científica. Los silencios e inequidades en la investigación”, ponencia presentada en el Encuentro Mujeres en la Ciencia, 8 de marzo, Instituto de Física y la Facultad de Físico-Matemáticas de la BUAP, marzo de 2006.

“Los derechos sexuales y reproductivos”, conferencia dictada en las Jornadas de Conferencias sobre salud sexual y reproductiva de las mujeres, Consejo Estatal de Población, marzo de 2006.

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“Los silencios en la historiografía sobre las universidades. Las académicas en la educación superior”, ponencia presentada en el Primer Encuentro Nacional de Estudiantes de Maestría y Doctorado en Historia, Universidad  Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, febrero de 2006.

Elva Rivera Gómez (Publications):

“Yo quiero ser… pero… participación política de las mujeres en la universidad, en Memoria del 3er. Encuentro Nacional sobre Empoderamiento Femenino. México,  Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, 2007. ISBN: 970-769-095-X.

“De la afición al reconocimiento. La participación de las mujeres en la ciencia,” en  Hartog, Guitté (Ed.). Mujeres en la selva: entre la razón y la transgresión, México, BUAP, 2007. ISBN: 968-918-247-1.

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“Relaciones de género y universidad. Estudios de caso en el ámbito internacional”, Graffylia, 3, No. 3, 2006, pp. 85-93. ISSN: 870-1396


Rapport d’activités de l’Association Portugaise pour la recherche en histoire des femmes (Associação Portuguesa de Investigação Histórica sobre as Mulheres, APIHM).


Depuis sa création, en 1998, l’APIHM a organisé plusieurs colloques dont les actes ont été publiés :

Anne Cova et Maria Beatriz Nizza da Silva (sous la direction de), Estudos sobre as mulheres, Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, Colecção de Estudos Pós-graduados, 1998.

Maria Helena Vilas-Boas e Alvim et Anne Cova (sous la direction de), Mulheres, História e Sociedades. Linhas de investigação nos finais do século XX, Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, Colecção de Estudos pós-graduados, 2001.

Maria Helena Vilas-Boas Alvim, Anne Cova et Elvira Mea (sous la direction de), Em torno da História das Mulheres, Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, Colecção de Estudos pós-graduados, 2002.

Maria Helena Vilas-Boas Alvim et Anne Cova (sous la direction de), Fazer a História das mulheres, Lisboa, Universidade Aberta, Colecção de Estudos pós-graduados, 2004.

Pour commander ces ouvrages :

Pour un programme détaillé sur tous les colloques organisés par l’APIHM :

En 2006, l’APIHM a organisé  un colloque sur « Biographies de femmes » et en 2007 aura lieu un autre colloque sur « Femmes et Religions », les 9 et 10 Novembre 2007.

Pour plus de détails :

Anne Cova

Vice-presidente de l’APIHM


Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival will take place 10 – 20 May 2007 for the 10th time. The results of this year’s short film story competition and the poster competition have been recently announced.

The Short Film Story Competition

This year’s topic of the traditional Short Film Story competition of the Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival was “the early-age marriages”. In the competition, 237 short film stories have taken part, and as a result of the pre-assessment of the jury members 10 short film stories have deserved to take part in the screenplay workshop which will be led by Işıl Özgentürk during the festival.

Honorary Award

This year, the Flying Broom Honorary Award will be given to the works of women who have served cinema in the field of directing or acting, to the unforgettable actress of women’s films who helped the women’s problems to become visible. Mujde Ar is her name. The movies she acted especially after the 80s provided a change in the representation of woman and brought a new perspective to woman sexuality. Müjde Ar also tore apart the cliché symbol of woman in Turkish cinema by characterizing the “real” women and led us all into a new era. She will receive her award in the opening ceremony of the festival on the 10th of May.

First coffee shop run by transsexuals, gay and lesbians in Turkey is opened in Bursa (April 19, 2007). Its name, Güllüm, comes from the slang word “güllüm” which means “chat, conversation” in Turkish among gay community. The founders of LGBT Association came up with the idea; however, the director stated that everybody is welcome to the café, not only the members of LGBT association.

METU Women and Gender Studies MA program started its first series of graduate students’ seminars last month. The new director of the program, a renowned academic and activist in Turkey, Professor Yildiz Ecevit, is the key person behind this initiative. Seminars are referred as Thursday Seminars due to the day it usually takes place. For further information or joint future projects visit or e-mail

Amargi Feminist Journal published its 4th issue. Amargi is known by its successful feminist campaigns about honor killings, sexism in media, minority women in Turkey and the feminist group always keeps its agenda updated. Last month’s debate on whether or not to enforce positive discrimination in the Turkish Parliament for the coming elections is among them. Amargi means freedom and return to mother/womb in Sumerian language.

Some New Publications in Turkish by women:

Vesikali Sehir (My Prostitute City) was published by Metis Yayinlari in April 2007. Feride Cicekoglu who is an associate Professor at Bilgi University, Department of Visual Communication Design in Istanbul, published a collection of essays in which she questions the representations of cities in cinema. What can the images from movie screens tell us about the collective subconsciousness of a city? Inspired by the cult Turkish film “My Prostitute Love” (Vesikali Yarim), Cicekoglu draws attention to the frequently repeated crossings between city images and split women identities. The images of Istanbul is in accordance with the split woman image at home (as the mother, wife and affectionate being), and outside (provocative, enjoyable and prostitute-like). She claims that Istanbul is not the only city but she provides several other examples drawn from many classical movies where the split and fetishized women sexuality is reflected through the eyes of men.

Yelda Karatas Bir Kadinin Kaleminden Sems ve Mevlana (Shams and Rumi through the Eyes of a Woman) is published by Alfa Yayincilik.

To celebrate the 800th birth anniversary of mystic poet Rumi UNESCO has announced that the year 2007 will be the International Year of Rumi whom the Turks commonly refer as Mevlana. His philosophy is based on tolerance, openness, and the overwhelming power of universal love. Karatas’s book is the first one about Mevlana on Turkish language that is written by a woman’s perspective.

Karatas received the first prize in International 10th Haiku competition in March 2007 in Tokyo. It is considered as the Nobel Prize of Haiku Poetry.

Compiled by Ozlem Ezer



The West of England and South Wales Women's History Network 13th Annual Conference

St Matthias Campus, University of the West of England, Bristol
Saturday 23 June 2007

Women on the move: Refugees, Migration and Exile.
Plenary speaker: Raingard Esser (University of the West of England), 'Out of sight and on the margins? Migrant women in Early Modern Europe'.

Key themes:
- Religion and exile
- Politics and diplomacy
- Refugee voices, experience and memory
- Political intervention and organisation
- New Communities and identities

Including, Jo Wall's 'The Wellpark story', a film about Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s, and winner of the Imperial War Museum's Annie Dodds Award for best student documentary in 2006.

FFI: Fiona Reid, HLaSS, University of Glamorgan, Wales CF37 1DL (

The 16th Annual Conference of the Women’s History Network UK will be held this year at West Downs Conference Centre, University of Winchester, from 7th to 9th September 2007. The theme of the Conference is ‘Collecting Women’s Lives and Keynote Speakers include Barnita Bagchi, Institute of Development Studies, Calcutta and Dorothy Sheridan, Mast Observation Archive, University of Sussex. Papers are welcomed on the following themes : Everyday Lives, Working Lives, Material Culture, Oral History and Theory and Historiography.

For further information please contact one of the organisers – Joyce Goodman, Andrea Jacobs, Zoe Law, Camilla Leach or Stephanie Spencer at the Centre for the History of Women’s Education, Faculty of Education, University of Winchester, Hampshire, S)22 4NR, UK; email telephone 01962 841515. Bursaries may be available for UK and international delegates who are students on a low income (application deadline 8 June 2007).




News of the Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH)

The Coordinating Council for Women in History began 2007 at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The CCWH sponsored numerous panels, hosted a graduate student drop-in room, and held its annual board meeting. Its luncheon featured a talk, ’Until Death or Distance Do You Part’: Slavery and Marriage in the Nineteenth Century.” Barbara Ransby (University of Illinois at Chicago) presented the paper for Tera Hunter (Carnegie Mellon University) and acknowledged Linda Rupert (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), this year’s Prelinger Award Winner. Plans are already underway for CCWH’s events at the 2008 American Historical Association meeting in Washington DC.

The CCWH has witnessed several new additions to its governing board. Carolyn Brown (Rutgers University) is the new co-president. Katherine Parkin (Monmouth University) has begun her term as Treasurer. The new mail address for the CCWH is Coordinating Council for Women in History, Inc.; Department of History, Monmouth University, 400 Cedar Avenue, West Long Branch, NJ 07764-1898. Amy Essington (California State University, Long Beach) is the new newsletter editor. The new Graduate Awards Committee Chair is Whitney Leeson (Roanoke College) and Nishani Frazier (Bates College) is the new Public History Representative.

The Coordinating Council for Women in History publishes a newsletter twice a year and continues to advocate for women in the historical profession. Please check us out online at The CCWH also promotes conference announcements and job advertisements on our website. If you are interested in announcing jobs or conferences on the website, email Amy Essington (

News of the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians (Berks)

The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians (“Little Berks”) sponsors the triennial Berkshire Conference on the History of Women (“Big Berks”).  The Big Berks will be held on June 12-15, 2008, at the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  Proposal submission has now closed; those who submitted will be informed in June whether their submission has been accepted.  Conference registration information will be available at by January of 2008.  For further information check that web site or contact  

The Little Berks is an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of women in the historical profession, collegiality among women historians, and the study of history, especially women’s history.  Its best-known activity is its sponsorship of the Big Berks, but it also has meetings once a year, usually at a country inn, for a weekend of hiking, conversation, sports, and general socializing, in addition to a business meeting where the officers for the Conference are elected and broad plans are laid for the Big Berks. Each evening there is a session where members discuss recent research in history. We encourage all women historians to join the group, and especially encourage graduate students, junior faculty and independent scholars to attend these retreats.  The 2007 meeting was held on April 27-29 in Stockbridge, MA.  The 2008 meeting will be held in the fall because of the Big Berks in the spring. 

Ruth Mazo Karras

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