A bibliography of music in literature, art and society

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НазваниеA bibliography of music in literature, art and society
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Nineteenth-Century Music 1990 or 1991, article on music and painting

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Northrup (see above under 19-20th Century)

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(see Annual Review of Jazz Studies)

New York Public Library exhibition on "degenerate" art and music in Nazi Germany, 1993

That's Jazz: Der Sound des 20. Jahrhunderts, Darmstadt Museum, 1988 [huge catalogue]

Anderson, Paul, "From Spirituals to Swing: Race, Modernity and the Culture of Jazz in America," Ph.D., in process, History Dept., Cornell

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Zilczer, Judith, "Synaesthesia and Popular Culture: Arthur Dove, George Gershwin and the 'Rhapsody in Blue'," Art Journal, 44, 1984, 361-6

Zwerin, Michael, La tristesse de Saint Louis. Jazz Under the Nazis, New York: Beech Tree, 1987 [rev NYRB feb 87)


- Thomas Hart Benton, Arts of Life has jazz

Music of the Spheres, Pythagorean Music: Cornford, McClain, Haar (1973), Boyancé, Waerden, Reinach, Jan,

Deschamps's Art de Dictier et de Fere Chançons, 1392

Gerson, Jean, Tractatus de Canticis, ca. 1426

Coldwell, Maria Fowler, "Guillaume de Machaut and Medieval Romances with Musical Interpolations," Musica disciplina, 35, 1981, 55-86; xerox 58, 66

Amphion: Marotta, Becker

Orpheus: Atkinson, Barnard, Brooks, Brown, Brownlee, Cain, Cochrane, Costa, De Tolnay, Gros-Louis (2); Madgdalino, MacQueen, Medina, Paterson, Possiedi, Simonds, Smits-Veldt, Steinle, Warden, Williamson, Wright (2)

for more Orpheus MLA bib, see Vermeer file

Conty, Evrart de, The Chess of Love, chs. 23-2X; see Reginald Hyatte and Maryse Ponchard-Hyatte, eds. L'harmonie des sphères. ... "Les echecs amoureux", ed. New York and Bern: Peter Lang, 1986

Sadoleto, Jacopo, On Education, Venice, 1533,

Gaffurio, De harmomia, 1518, trans. Clement Miller, 1977

Giorgio, Francesco, De harmonia mundi, Venice, 1525

Piccolomini, Alessandro, On Education, 1545, two chapters on music based on Plato and Aristotle,

Huygens: also see Jonckbloet, Vries, Land, Grijp, Legêne,


Hague, Gemeentesmuseum, has Venetian instrument with lid painting of nude asleep in landscape

Bacchiacca, Young Lutenist with Hourglass, New Orleans Museum, scattered in the landscape background: 1) a chariot with the Triumph of Love, 2) Samson and Delilah, 3) Apollo and Daphne, Kress Bequest

Roy Sonnema had good slide of ornate, painted musical instrument as image


see extensive print-outs from HA; also do MLA for 93 and 94.


"Freude an der Musik," Du, 6, 1984, 32-67 [5 articles on music in art]

Chambure, Alain de, "Quand la peinture dechiffre la musique. (Inventaire des sujets musicaux dans la peinture)," Conaissance des arts, 423, May, 1987, 104-113

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MLA 1984 I.1543 (music cures melancholy)

Rifkin, Adrian, "Musical Moments," Yale French Studies, 73, 1987, 121-155
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