Employment and Qualifications gained in Australia

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Introducing Your Host

Herman ODIJK

The Life-Long-Learner

Curriculum Vitae and Résumé

Employment and Qualifications gained in Australia

26 January 1972 – 15 June 2006

According to Chinese wisdom and internationally renowned Numerology Consultant Henry Conlan (23 January 1996), I am:


A strong need for freedom; seeming to be restless; able to do several things at once; a good strong story teller; thinker; refined; perfectionist; quiet (an observing person who enjoys contemplative pursuits). Often thought of as dignified and reserved. Looks for perfection in all situations and people.

Perfectionist and Reclusive

A loner type who appears odd or different. Very selective, as searching for perfection in self and others and can be critical. Has attention to detail; is cooperative; supportive; and balanced (a person who enjoys detailed work. A person who is patient; tolerant; and quick to please. Thries to maintain balance and harmony on all situations.

Tenacity and a Student

A hard working person who perseveres and is most productive when reaching for a goal; dream; or vision. The perpetual student and always learning.

Spontaneous and a Wanderer

I have gypsy tendencies. Use intuition or gut feelings when making decisions. Will be drawn to join in with groups and associations. Uses balance and will not be used.

Leader and Volunteer

Compassion; wise; and humanitarian. A person with high ideals who feels for others and responds in considerable compassionate ways. Seems wiser that his years. Compelled to complete projects. He wants to make the world a better place for all to live. Is able to relate to others with tolerance and love, using natural leadership abilities.

I am also an Introvert and Extrovert according to the test at:




The above seems to be confirmed by statements made in many of my employer references.

I arrived in Australia on Australia Day in January 1972, as an adult, with sufficient English to be functionally literate in this country, but not much more. As my Dutch qualifications were not acceptable in my new country I started all over again. To gain a better fluency in the English language I worked in restaurants for some years (and read lots of books and magazines) and eventually became confident enough to apply for jobs in the field of my expertise. Since that initial learning experience I have studied subjects as diverse as accounting; administration; management; business and taxation law; education; computing (IT); and much more.

Something about my Life-Long-Learning experiences and qualifications gained:

I have been (formally) learning (in Australia) since 1982. Although some people may think that I am a perennial student - I must admit that I enrolled in courses only by necessity. That is, I was once employed as a Bursar of a University College and my employer informed me (very politely and nicely) that I should gain a formal (Australian) qualification in Financial Administration or similar, or else I would have to leave. That was the start of my (University) study time.

Since graduating from The University of New England in 1990, I needed some sort of a formal qualification in Taxation and as a result enrolled once more in a University from which I graduated in 1992. By then I had started to teach long-term unemployed people small business management skills and because the course was subsidised with Government funds, I was required to have / gain a formal teaching qualification. So back to University to gain this qualification. I graduated in 1997. As a result of gaining the teaching qualification I was allowed to apply for Teacher Registration with the Queensland Board of Teacher Registration (QBTR) and once registered, I was allowed to teach in High Schools.

Thinking that this would be the end of my University studies, the Government changed the goal posts in 1999 and required teachers teaching Vocational Education and Training (VET) accredited courses to have a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (BSZ40198) which I gained in 2000.

The Government changed the goal posts again in 2001. That is, they required Computing Studies teachers to have some sort of formal qualification in computing and - to keep my cash flow going, I enrolled in a Master of Education (Education Technology) program to learn more about those subjects. I graduated in 2004.

I guess by now I can really claim to be a life-long-learner. Well, I only studied, in total, for about 17 years and did it all as an external student (print, mail Distance Education and some Online - Internet) – just to stay employable…

Qualifications: [In reverse order - i.e. most recent qualification listed first.]

Queensland Board of Teacher Registration. Since 1998. Registration Number 777601.

(Gained full teacher registration on 15 March 2002 as a result of “Teaching Service of a Provisionally Registered Teacher Principal’s Report” issued and signed by Mr. N. Fuller Principal of Caboolture State High School.)

Education Queensland. (High Schools year 8 - 12). Since 1998. ID No. 2170355.

Education Queensland. (Primary Schools year 4 - 7). Since 1999. ID No. 2170355.

Appointed “Specialist Teacher” Information Processing & Technology (IPT) to the Virtual Schooling Service (VSS) i-School based at Stanthorpe State High School 23 January 2003.

Education Queensland. Teacher Applicant Assessment Record. 17 April 2003. Rating: S2.

Appointed Senior Teacher Education Queensland. Stanthorpe State High School – Queensland. (11 March 2008)

- Certificate ICT Pedagogical Licence Queensland Government, Education Queensland. (Awarded October 2006).

- Certificate in Writing Online Courses. Queensland Government. Education Queensland – the Learning Place. (Awarded April 2004).

- Master of Education (Major in Education Technology. The University of Southern Queensland. (Conferred May 2004) Distinction level.

- Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (National - BSZ40198. The University of Southern Queensland). (Awarded October 2000). Distinction Level.

- Graduate Diploma in Further Education and Training. The University of Southern Queensland. (Conferred: April 1998). Distinction level. Grade Point Average: 5.67 (81%).

- Graduate Diploma of Taxation Central Queensland University. (Conferred: 1992). Credit level.

- Bachelor of Arts The University of New England. (Majors in: Accounting & Financial Administration / Legal Studies; Economic History; Political Science.) (Conferred 1990). Pass level.

- Diploma in Retailing (3-year Trade Qualification) (Awarded 1968.)

Author of:

Forty-two (42) Business Management, Business Law, Taxation, Accounting, Computing and Designing Instruction books, numerous articles, and business courses. Twenty-one (21) submissions to various government departments. And as a Photographer have had One hundred and forty-one (141) photographs published in various magazines since 1987 including 8 full colour cover shots plus fifty (50) full colour postcards. Listed in the Who's Who of Australian Writers.

Teaching Experience: (both Competency and non-Competency based)

- Since January 2003. Education Queensland. Appointed Virtual Schooling Service i-School Information Processing & Technology (IPT) “Specialist Teacher” (Year 11 / 12 – Senior Schooling) 23 January 2003 at Stanthorpe State High Delivery School. Contract Full-time. Permanent Full-time appointment as from 20 October 2003. (6 month Probation.) Probationary Teachers: Confirmation of Appointment Report 7 February 2005;

- Since January 2005 also teaching Information Technology Systems (ITS) (Year 11 / 12 Senior Schooling) at Stanthorpe State High School. ITS is offered as a Certificate III in IT and QSA subject. Appointed student Competencies achieved Administrator. Duties include: writing of assignments / exams / practical tasks under the supervision of Head of Department Dr Terry Dwyer.;

- Since 1987 in various institutions such as TAFE, Adult Community Education, SkillShare, various Private Provider Business Colleges;

- As a Tutor, Teacher and Course Coordinator for: Full-time, Part-time and Distance Education students Certificate IV in Small Business Management (NEIS); Certificate IV in Small Business Management; and Small Business and Business Management subjects; and

- As a Secondary (High School year 8 - 12) Teacher - Education Queensland - since March 1998

Industry Experience: (National and International)

Business Mentor & Consultant. Have held senior appointments as and in: Accountant; Bursar; Registrar; Convention Centre Manager; Restaurant Manager; Principal of a Business College; Training Consultant; Training Needs Analysis projects; Develop and co-ordination of training programs; Business Administration and Management in Hospitality, Wholesaling and Retailing; and Owned and operated several businesses.

[In reverse order - i.e. most recent listed first.]

* 2008 Appointed Senior Teacher Education Queensland. Stanthorpe State High School – Queensland. (11 March 2008)

* 2008 Appointed ICT Mentor for the Stanthorpe (Queensland) District cluster schools for the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Certificate. (11 March 2008)

* 2007 Appointed Peer Reviewer (referee) for to-be-considered articles for publication by the Australian College of Educators (ACE) Canberra ACT. Reviewed and Published article: Communities of Practice Driving a Culture of Whole School – Reform, Inquiry and Sustainable Change. By Mary Asikas. Paper No. 10, 2007. Australian College of Educators (ACE). Canberra ACT.

* 2006 Invited to act as a Mediator between Education Queensland Management (at various levels) and Virtual Schooling Service (VSS) teachers regarding VSS teacher conditions of employment and in particular VSS teacher workload (FTE). The work was handed over in May 2008 to a Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) organiser, especially appointed to deal with VSS issues.

* 2005 Nominated for an Award for Excellence by a Teacher National Awards for Quality Schooling – National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership (NIQTSL), November 2005. NIQTSL is now called Teaching Australia – Canberra.

* 2003 (January) Appointed Virtual Schooling Service (VSS) “Specialist Teacher” for the year 11 and 12 (Senior Schooling) Information Processing & Technology (IPT) subject. The position is based at Stanthorpe State High School. The school was appointed a Delivery School for VSS IPT in January 2002.

* 2003 Appointed Project Manager and Team Leader for the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Master of Education degree final project. The full year project required eleven (11) International Master of Education students to design; create; and implement a web site and small business management courses for Developing Countries. The project’s success can be viewed at: www.idogoglobal.org The project was abandoned in December 2005 due to other commitments of the students. (The web site can still be viewed searching the search engine Google archive.) All students graduated in May 2004.

* 2001 Accepted as a Member of the Australian College of Education (MACE) as from 21 August 2001. (The Australian College of Education was renamed to the Australian College of Educators.)

* 2001 Accepted as a Member of the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE) and the Australian Council for Computers in Education - ACCE ASSOCIATE as from 24/8/2001.

* 2000 Appointed official Community GST? ASK ME! Adviser as from 22 February 2000.

GST Start-up Assistance Office ID 10690 - 24/9/1999.)

* 1999 Appointed as a Member of the Management Committee Caboolture Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (CBEC). 30 September 1998 - September 1999.

* 1997 Member of the University of Southern Queensland Alumni / Convocation since 1997.

* 1995 Listed in the Who's Who of Australian Writers, Second edition 1995.

* 1994 Appointed as a Reader to the Tax Law Improvement Project Consultative Committee, to comment on the Committee's Exposure Drafts as from 18 April 1994 - (Submissions made by invitation - below.)

* 1992 Accepted as a Practising Public Accountant and full member by the National Tax

Agents and Accountants' Association (NTAA) from November 1992.

* 1992 Member of the Central Queensland University Alumni / Convocation since 1992.

* 1991 Accepted as a published author and full member by the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) from July 1991.

* 1990 Member of the University of New England Alumni / Convocation since 1990.

* 1983 Appointed Justice of the Peace, NSW in 1983.

(a) Editor / Researcher / Writer of The Business Law Update - Business Law for non-lawyers, a national newsletter for non-lawyers published by Information Australia Group Pty Ltd, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Victoria 3000, ISSN 1321-5175, March 1992 until August 1, 1994, Volume 1 Number 1 - Volume 3 Number 58.)

(b) Author of: [Publication dates in reverse order - i.e. most recent book listed first.]

The School Report … How the schools rate from 2005 to 2008: Percentage of OP eligible students with OP 1-15. One spreadsheet in alphabetical order as published in the Courier Mail on 5 May 2009, pp.43-46 and one spreadsheet, designed by the author, in Ranking order by school. The document is searchable using the Microsoft Find tool. 8 May 2009. About 4 pages.

Brisbane School of Distance Education (BSDE) Staffing Allocation Methodology Review. Virtual Schooling Service (VSS) Curriculum Coordinator Mr Richard Kelly was invited to attend the review meeting on 10 November 2008 to represent VSS IPT. The reviewer was Ms Christine Woolley – Ex-Principal Charleville SDE in the 1990s. Ms Woolley requested teachers to make a submission based on: “What we (teachers) do on a day-to-day based on standards which involved answering 12 points (in summary) as follows:

  1. Structure flexible and innovative learning experiences for individuals and groups 2. Contribute to language, literacy and numeracy development 3. Construct intellectually challenging learning experiences 4. Construct relevant learning experiences that connect with the world beyond school 5. Construct inclusive and participatory learning experiences 6. Integrate information and communication technologies to enhance student learning 7. Assess and report on student learning 8. Support the social development and participation of young people 9. Create safe and supportive learning environments 10. Build relationships with the wider community 11. Contribute to professional teams 12. Commit to professional practice.

  2. I submitted a copy of my Virtual Schooling Service (VSS) 2004 – 2006 Reflecting on Professional Practice and a 4-page Words Document addressing (explaining) the 12 points “What we (teachers) do on a day-to-day basis.”

The result of the review seemed to be that BSDE West End was to be moved to Cavendish Road some time in 2010 and all BSDE teachers were to teach one (1) Face-to-Face class. VSS was to serve as an example as to the Mode of Delivery to be used in future.

‘Reflecting on Professional Practice - Virtual Schooling Service - Information Processing and Technology’. By Herman Odijk. Paper No 12, November 2008. Monograph in Series: Ed Ventures. ISBN 978-1-920819-97-2. Australian College of Educators (ACE) PO Box 323, Deakin West, ACT, 2600

“Assisting teachers with integrating ICTs in to the curriculum” program. 26 August 2008

The aim (purpose?) of the "Assisting teachers with integrating ICTs into the curriculum" program is to use it as an introduction (stepping stone?) to getting teachers to start on the ICT Pedagogical Certificate; ICT Pedagogical Licence; or the ICT Pedagogical advanced Licence. In other words, I am using the softly, softly approach without telling all participants the full story. Once and if they start looking at things; ideas; and possibilities and are giving it a go in their own area of expertise, I invite them to start the ICT Pedagogical thingy. Well, I thought that might be a better idea rather then the getting stuck into it approach and upset a lot of people along the way.

(NOTE: That 41 Education Queensland State Schools are using part or whole of this program as well.)

The design / creation of the program commenced in May 2008 and was mostly completed and uploaded to the The Learning Place Blackboard web site at:

http://elearn.eq.edu.au/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp on 26 August 2008.
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