Field demonstrarion and reservoir depositional class

НазваниеField demonstrarion and reservoir depositional class
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Luff Exploration Company

Red River Formation Amor Field

@ 9,500 ft. Bowman County, ND

Ordovician Age Williston Basin


Contract Period:

3/1/2000 to 9/30/2003

DOE Project Manager:

Daniel J.Ferguson

918/ 699-2047


Luff Exploration Company

1580 Lincoln Street

Suite 850

Denver, CO 80203

Principal Investigator:

Mark Sipple

Luff Exploration Company

1580 Lincoln St., Ste 850

Denver, CO 80203

303/ 864-29734

303/ 861-2481


Objective: Develop an intelligent computing system and apply to reservoir-production models for analysis of seismic and geologic data relating to management, development and exploration problems in Class II reservoirs.

Technologies Used: Intelligent Computer System (ICS) based on clustering and neural networking, 3-D seismic.

Background: Twenty five years of data collected on the Red River formation, a shallow shelf carbonate in the Williston Basin will be assimilated into a computer based reservoir analysis system. The Red River is widespread in the Williston Basin of North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana, but successful drilling locations are often difficult to identify and extensive seismic survey are expensive for small independent operators. The goals of this project are to locate and produce oil reserves that may not be targeted with existing methodologies. This technology will be used to identify and map nonlinear relationships between 3-D seismic, production, geological and petrophysical data in the Red River formation. The method will focus on neural-net computing, fuzzy logic, genetic computing and probabilistic reasoning in conjunction with conventional techniques such as geostatistical and classical pattern recognition.

Incremental Production:

Expected Benefits and Applications: Intelligent Computing System (ICS) is being used for reservoir characterization to identify drilling location s in carbonate reservoirs in the southern Williston Basin. ICS employs clustering and neural network or fuzzy logic techniques to make predictions of reservoir quality and position of oil/water contacts that have guided horizontal drilling on structural features in the Red River formation at 9,500 ft. Phase I version ICS, software is free and can be downloaded from the project website,

Accomplishments: Provided the oil chemistry data to develop source rock report fall 2001. All available for electronic well information has bee provided for Basin Model and Oil Maturation report September 2001. A capillary study has begun from well logs and cores to complete a rock-typing report of the Red River. Seismic data has been incorporated into a seismic model and attribute study. Software tools in ICS are completed for evaluating data sets from seismic, geological and engineering sources. The Intelligent Computing System is being developed as a set of modules for different data sets and reservoir characterization objectives. These modules are organized in a fashion after human-thought processes involved in prospect evaluation. The first module is aimed at characterizing the depositional setting. The next nodule will attempt to characterize the growth history (tectonic movement) after deposition to present time. The next module will attempt to predict reservoir development directly from various seismic attributes obtained from 3D seismic surveys. Related to the 3D seismic-attribute module is a module that will work with 2D seismic data. Another module will also use attributes from 3D seismic survey s but will be focused on predicting fluids, i.e. higher oil saturation. A module for estimating the reservoir entrapment potential will also be developed.


Recent/Upcoming Technology Transfer Events: (1) Luff, K. D. 2000. Intelligent computing system for reservoir analysis and Risk assessment of Red River Formation. National Petroleum Technology Office, DOE, Oil Technology Program Contractor Review Meeting, June 27, 2000. (2) An internet website with update information of the project has been constructed and activated.

Project Status: Budget Period II.

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