Grigg Whakapapa Roots in Thanet of the Grigg Family in New Zealand1

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Re: Grigg @ St Nicolas/Wade in Kent Posted by: Neville Grigg (ID *****5575) Date: June 21
The descendants of Phillip GRIGG (b 1727) are outlined as follows:
Phillip GRIGG - born circa 1727: Married Hester BONKEY
Phillip GRIGG - born 1742 Married Elizabeth RANDALL
John GRIGGS – born 1771 (Note: GRIGGS is not a spelling mistake) Married Sarah WOOTON
John GRIGG – born 1795 Married Susannah HOLMES
James GRIGG – born 1827 Married Jamima BROWN
Note that I also have a “fragment” family that is close, but still disconnected from the Grigg – Bonkey clan. I am reasonably certain that this group is related, but I cannot seem to connect the dots...
Edward GRIGGS Married Ann 2 Sep 1733. Children
- Richard GRIGG - Born 2 Sep 1733, St Nicholas at Wade, Thanet, Kent, England.
- Sarah GRIGGS - Born 4 May 1735, St Nicholas at Wade, Thanet, Kent, England.
- Edward GRIGGS - Born 13 Oct 1731, St Nicholas at Wade, Thanet, Kent, England.


93 Margate clan

In 1769 in Margate there is Griggs, Stephen, Shipwright (Margate Directory). Was he brother, cousin to William (0) Griggs?

Son is likely Charles Grigg, Mariner, m Mary, Father of Sarah Ann (see Entry 2165 below)

Likely the following are his children or grandchildren of Stephen Griggs through another son

1. Kentish Chronicle: Coastguard Samuel GRIGGS ca 1831 [0.654806]

Hi, I have uncovered some intriguing information about my 3xG grandfather Samuel GRIGGS, who was a commisioned boatman in the coastguard, stationed from 13 April 1831 at Newgate coastguard station, which I understand is near Margate. The following article appeared in the Times newspaper: 13 July 1832 An inquest was held on Monday last, as stated in our last paper, before Matthew Kennett Esq., on the body of Daniel Churchman, who, it was supposed, was wilfully murdered by Samuel Griggs, of the Coast Guard
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 11:58:59 -0000 From: "Deborah Griggs"

2. Entry 2165 - November 13th (1823). Sarah Ann daughter of Charles & Mary GRIGGS of Margate. Charles is described as a Mariner. The officiating priest was W. Frederick Baylay, Vicar. Stan Weeks

4. Benjamin GRIGG (b c1820) and Mary PHILPOTT

  • Son, Walter GRIGG b.1850c at Margate, Kent.
    Walter Grigg married Louisa COOPER in Chepstow, she was the daughter of
    Edwin COOPER.
    Arrived NZ 1874. Louisa died 1880 (Heather Walden, Pukekohe, NZ.

94 Sheppey Clan: Grigg, William, Minster in Sheppey (1526 PRC17/17/101 PRC3) Eastchurch

Grigg, Oliver at Minster in Sheppey 1535 (PRC17/20/128)


95 1851 census: St Nicholas at Wade. Registration District: Thanet Thomas Grigg: Head, Widow, 44, Ag lab, born St Nicholas Jane, Daughter 12 Eliza, Daughter 10 Louisa, Daughter 8 Martha, Daughter 4 William Brice, Son in Law, 21 born Canterbury, Shepherd Sarah

Griggs,-Miss Eliza, milliner and dressmaker, Market place (1858 Margate directory).

Eliza Griggs was baptised 1840 September 27th daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Grigg, there were 7 siblings all girls. (Switched from Grigg to Griggs!!!)
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 19:03:14 +0100 From: "barbara marsh"

96 “George Grigg walked out on his wife in September of 1846. Soon after Mary Ann Grigg became destitute and applied for poor law aid in the parish of St Martin in the Fields of London, where the family was living. Overseers took the family into the workhouse…. Five months later, when Grigg had not reappeared, guardians established that the legal settlement of the family was in Margate, Kent, and began to remove them (St Martin of the Fields, Board of Guardians, Sworn Examinations, 1840-1870. 2 March 1847 Greater London Record Office).

97 History, Gazetteer and Directory of Kent, Vol II, 1847, p143. , accessed July 20, 2009

98 Date based on news story from the Daily Universal Register (London, Middlesex and England), 30th November 1786.

99 Was this the same as: Griggs Sarah Dover Will Made 1782 Prob 1782 Ref: PRC32/66/281 Griggs, William Dover 1765 Prob 1774 (Consistory Court of Canterbury Will Index, Source: DCb/PRC32/ Vol 27 – 72 Circa 1557 – 1857, Canterbury Cathedral Archives, ©   M.J. Cozens – March 2005) The different death date indicates this may have been a different person, in fact a different couple.

100 Ebay Abstract of Title mentions Tomlin, Griggs Dixon, Clark, Mummery, Chapman Darby, Rowe and many more [0.585767]

Title of Tomlin to property in Birchington 1689-1782 Item number: 6503978817 Abstract of Title of William Tomlin to 15 houses in Brunswick Place, Birchington, Isle of Thanet and a house & carpenters shop in Birchington Street. 1782. Massive and detailed 30 page document, handwritten in ink on handmade paper watermarked J. Green & Son 1832. 16" x 13", folded. Cover a little dirty otherwise in excellent condition Solicitors draft Abstract, commencing 1689. 17 & 18 July 1689, (See Appendix 3)
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 19:39:04 -0000 From: "suzannah.foad"

101Matthew Henderson Grigg, John Grigg, F.R.A.S. of Thames, N.Z. c1971.

102 Manston, Ramsgate has bank accounts details of a Samuel Grigg at Margate c 1817

Grigg, Samuel of St. Nicholas at Wade  EK-U1453/B3/15/830  [n.d.]

3 docs Contents: Bank account and insurance, Around 1821 (East Kent Archives CentreCobb of Margate, Family and Business Papers [EK-U1453/B3])

117. Jane, wife of John GRIGG, of Manston, died 6th April 1792 aged 50 years. Also John Grigg died December 1819 aged 86 years.


Name: John GRIGG

Birth: ABT 1780 in Acol Kent

Marriage 1 Mary ANDREWS b: ABT 1780 in Minster Thanet

Children Eliza GRIGG b: 1811 in Birchington Kent c: 30 JUN 1811 in Birchington Kent

104 Or, William Grigg (3) b 1813 m 1835 Ann Martha Smith (not likely).

105 From 1851 Census of Birchington

Staplegate CSG 012 GRIGG William Head M 48 Butcher KEN Birchington 18

Staplegate CSG 012 GRIGG Emma Wife M 42 - KEN Hothfield 18

Staplegate CSG 012 GRIGG William S. Son U 17 Butcher KEN Canterbury 18

(I am not sure what this Staplegate is?)

106 There is a Henry Griggs in Dover died 1851 (Griggs, Henry Dover, 1828 Prob 1851 PRC32/72/27a)

107 Is this? 1812 5 Jul GRIGG James John & Sarah 6 Jun (Barbara Stow list of Baptisms at St Nicholas at Wade).


Might have a match here, where she married William (2) Needs research

109 Jane Griggs witnessed the baptism of one of the sons, and a daughter is called Jane, so this is the most likely name of the wife.

110 Louisa Ann Grigg of Acol was baptised 5th April 1829 at All Saints Birchington Kent to Edward a Labourer and Mary of Acol. Siblings Ann b.16th Feb 1823, John Edward 15th May 1831, Sarah Anne 12th Sep 1824, William Smith 12th Nov 1826.

William Miller and Louisa Ann Grigg married 10 Feb 1849 at St Lawrence. Both of full age, William a Labourer and son of William also a labourer. Father of Louisa was Edward Griggs a Labourer. Witnessed by John Cogers and Jane Griggs Baptism Full Name Emily Louisa Miller

By 1858 there were no Grigg(s) in Minster, Acol, Birchington, one in Margate, St Peter in Thanet, Sarre, Monkton, St Lawrence, just 5 in Ramsgate; Griggs, Robert, post-house master, Council House street
Griggs, Miss Elizabeth, apartments, Esplanade, both in Dover, William Grigg, Butcher in Staplegate, Canterbury. They had all migrated to London or the colonies.

111 From: Tom and/or Lesley Huppert Date: 09/13/06 10:33:07 To:
Subject: [ISLE-OF-THANET] SAYER, Birchington
Jane SAYERShe was born c1829 in Birchington, (according to five sets of census records) and married John GRIGGS (b. 1824 to Patty IMPETT and Edmund GRIGGS) at some point before the 1851 census. Does anyone know who her parents were? She had a sister Called Caroline, if that helps. (Lesley, Constance Bay, Ontario).

112 There are Frederick H Mitchells born in Lambeth, Surrey (part of London, near Kennington Lane). In the 1841 Census there are two Gloucestor born Emma Mitchells aged 4. One was the daughter of George and Maria, the other of Thomas and Hannah. George and Maria had 4 other children at that time: Geoge, 12, Ann, 10, Thomas 8 and Sarah 2. Thomas and Hannah had 3 others: Palina 11, Kezie 9 and George 7 (Names as shown on the census form). From Descendents of John Grigg, by Graeme Osborne, 202 Cormorant Crt, Southern River, WA6110, Australia. I presume the family account of Thomas Legge Mitchell is more accurate, but John Grigg lived near Kennington.

113 H. H. Driver in Pioneer Baptists in Auckland, the New Zealand Baptist Jubilee Issue, 1932

114 Page 3 Advertisements Column 3, Te Aroha News, Putanga 6, 14 Hōngongoi 1883, Whārangi 3

115 Thames Choral Society. Observer, Volume 9, Issue 572, 14 December 1889, Page 14

116 Grigg (crater) From Wikipedia, Coordinates 12.9° N, 129.4° W, Diameter 36 km, Depth Unknown, Lolongitude 130° at sunrise Eponym John Grigg: Grigg is a lunar crater that is located on the far side of the Moon. It lies in the northern outskirts of the huge Hertzsprung walled-plain, to the southwest of Fersman crater and southeast of Poynting crater. The rim of this crater is generally circular, with a small impact crater intruding into the eastern edge. A small crater fills the northwestern part of the interior floor.

117 Edward Hasted, 'Parishes: Wood, alias Woodchurch', The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 10 (1800), pp. 310-311. URL: Date accessed: 18 July 2008.

118 “Zechariah set James, his sixth son, up in a mill at Birchington, Kent. This was believed to be a mill belonging to the Griggs family, who were millers there in 1666. The greatest triumph of all came when I obtained a photo of the old Birchington Mill, which everyone said I would never get. This photo can be seen on a later page. It is, in fact, a photo of a sketch, taken between 1870-80” He has 5 pages about the Griggs mil in Birchington (L.G. Grey, From Wind to Power, 2007).

119 From the October, 1895, Century Magazine.

120 Kealey, E., Harvesting the Air: Windmill Pioneers in Twelfth Century England. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1987, Chapter 7. (

121 TITLE DEEDS  [no ref. or date] Birchington, St. John, St. Laurence, St. Peter, St. Nicholas at Wade, Minster, Monkton and Acol, all in Thanet  [no ref. or date]

Quex, Dandelion and Kingsgate estates  [no ref. or date] Capital messuage called Quex with farmhouse and land (611a.)  R-U1063/T1  1770-1777 14 docs

Contents: Cottage and windmill (2a.), cottages called smith's forge and Shepard's house, mess. and 3a.; capital mess. called Dent de Lion and land (420a.) in St. J.,B. Minster and W.; mess. and 97a. at Reading Street, mess. and 26a. at R.S. 2 mess's., one recently demolished and land (9a.) at the Nord, Noble Captain, land (19a.) at Two Trees, (5a.) at Kingsgate, (5a.) at Lady Robins, building called Convent, capital mess. and 15a. on site of sundry houses, all in St. P.; mess. and 15a. called Mutherix in St. J.; land (8a.) on site of Humber's windmill, St. L.; mess. and 47a. at the Fleet in S.S. J. & L. reciting that Lord Holland erected certain buildings near Noble Captain in St. P., namely Arx Ronchin, Temple of Neptune and pillar to Mr. Harley; docs. including conveyance by Lord Holland to Charles James Fox 1770, and by C.J.F. to John Powell of Fulham, Middlesex 1777, signature of C.J.F., and copy deposition in Exchequer, J.P. versus Lady H., C.J.F. and others c.1775 Original bundle(


123 A Dictionary of English Surnames  By Percy Hide Reaney, Richard Middlewood Wilson, p 206

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