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not recommend any non-fiction by Robert Graves (on Celtic topics), D.J. Conway, Douglas Monroe, Lewis Spence, H.P. Balvatsky, Edward Williams (aka Iolo Marganwg), or any works by others based on their writings, nor those of Merlin Stone, Barbara Walker, or other revisionist idealogues. Much of what is available in print about the ancient Druid is hogwash, so read carefully and beware of unverified assumptions, nationalistic biases, monotheistic reinterpretations, or claims of intact underground family traditions of Druidism. When in doubt, consult your nearest tree…

Isaac Bonewits has been a Druidic priest for over 25 years, and a Wiccan priest for 15 years. He is one of North America’s best known authorities on Neopaganism, Druidism, Witchcraft and the Occult. He hold the only accredited (B.A.) degree ever given in Magic, (U.C. Berkeley), and is the author of the classic introductory textbook, Real Magic, as well as the infamous FRP game magic system, Authentic Thaumaturgy. He is the founder and Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), the largest and best known Neopagan Druid movement in North America, and co-leads a Gardnerian coven with his wife, Deborah Lipp. He is also a singer and songwriter of Pagan songs, some of which have appeared on two albums: ‘Be Pagan Once Again!’ and ‘Avalon is Rising!’, with a third, ‘We Are One Family!’, to be released in Winter 1995/6. He was an early fighter for Aquarian civil rights, having written the Aquarian Manifesto and started the seminal Aquarian Anti-Defamation League in 1974. On January 1, 1996 he resigned his position as Archdruid of ADF and is currently finishing books on Neopagan polytheology and liturgical design, as well as his own histories of Druidism and Witchcraft.

He can be contact through P.O. Box 1021, Nyack NY, USA 10960-1021, as well as through and via other online services. He is especially interested in hearing from European and South American Druid organizations.

RDNA and It’s Offshoots

By Isaac Bonewits

1996, 2001

The Reformed Druids of North America (“R.D.N.A.”) started out as a quasi-religious Mesopagan protest against coerced religion at a small Midwestern college, back in 1963 c.e. The RDNA was invented in order to test the freedom allowed by the college’s rules requiring all students to attend church. Much to the surprise of the founders, even after they had won their protest, many of the Druids wanted to continue the movement. The prayers to the Earth-Mother and the old Celtic divinities, combined with Zen meditations, Christian mystical writings and the Founders’ anarchistic philosophy now represented a valuable part of their spiritual lives. Graduates of Carleton College spread the Reformed Druid movement wherever they went.

It was in Berkeley, California that one of these alumni, Robert Larson, became the local Archdruid for a group of people, including myself, who were already thinking of ourselves as Neopagans. Under our influence (and my own not-entirely-appreciated agitation) an increasing overlap between RDNA and the Neopagan community began to form. Today, the handful of active RDNA groves (congregations,) such as those led by Stephen Abbot in California and Joan Carruth in New Hampshire (see photo on right) are almost all Neopagan and are using the name “NRDNA” (for New RDNA,) while other Druidic movements, such as ADF and Keltria, have grown from the RDNA’s trunk as specifically Neopagan branches.

According to one Reformed Druid document, The Book of the Law, the Basic Beliefs of Reformed Druidism run thusly:

“The object of the search for religious truth, which is a universal and a never-ending search, may be found through the Earth-Mother; which is Nature; but this is on way, yea, one way among many.

And great is the importance, which is of spiritual importance, of Nature, which is the Earth-Mother; for it is one of the objects of Creation, and with it do people live, yea, even as they do struggle through life are they come face-to-face with it.”

This has since been abbreviated, in The Outline of the Foundation of Fundamentals, to the following statements:

“1. Nature is good!

and the second is like unto the first:

2. Nature is good!”

The material realm is personified as the “Earth-Mother” (or Mother Nature,) one of the oldest archetypes known to humanity. Many now apply this name to the biosphere as a whole, in order to emphasize our dependence upon Her (though She is usually called “Gaia” then.) The nonmaterial essence of the universe(s) is called “Béal” (which is believed to be an ancient Celtic name of an abstract divinity, based on “Bel” or “shining one,”) and the concept is rather similar to some versions of the Native American idea of the Great Spirit. Thus a polarity (not a dualism) of matter and energy, female and male, darkness and light, is established; but it is vital to realize that neither half of the polarity is believed to be superior to the other.

The “object of Humanity’s search” is called “awareness,” and is defined as “unity with Béal.” a task that can only be accomplished by also attaining unity with the Earth-Mother. Thus Reformed Druids are urged to develop all the different aspects of their beings — physical, mental, emotional, psychic, artistic and spiritual — in order to attain the required state of dynamic balance that will lead them towards awareness.

Beyond these fundamentals, the philosophy and (poly)theology of Reformed Druidism are kept deliberately vague. It is up to each Reformed Druid to work out her or his own path towards awareness.

The Reformed Druids are organized into congregations called “groves,” each with from three to ten or more members (though dozens of others may show up for major holiday celebrations.) Only a handful of these are still active, though a couple of dozen have been founded over the years. Every grove is an independent entity, and each may operate its own “flavor” of Reformed Druidism. At times there have been groves practicing (among the Neopagans) Norse, Wiccan, Eclectic, Zen and even Hasidic Druidism. The older RDNA groves (i.e., the ones run by original Carleton graduates) often continue to mix Christian, Taoist, Native American, and other mystical traditions with their Druidism. Individuals frequently follow more than one variety at a time, depending upon their personal interests.

Attempts to keep any sort of national structure going have been fruitless due to the strong individualism of the members.

Obviously, Reformed Druidism is a uniquely American phenomenon. Because of its tolerance for theological and philosophical differences, its lack of discrimination against women and other minority groups, its sense of humor about itself, and its distrust of all organizational structures, it is drastically different from most other philosophical and religious movements that have called themselves “Druidic” previously.

And yet the Reformed Druids do have some fundamental concepts in common with the Paleopagan and Mesopagan Druids who preceded them and the Neopagan Druids who developed from them. Down through the ages, their communities have known how to tell who the Druids among them were, because the role of the Druid has always been clear — scholar and artist, poet and priest, philosopher and magician — the one who seeks, preserves and extends the highest wisdom her or his people are capable of handling safely, and who uses that knowledge and inspiration for the benefit of their community.

Currently Existing Druid

Groups and Friends

Copyright © 1999 c.e., Isaac Bonewits

Introductory Comments:

The Paleopagan Druid organization(s,) if there were any, vanished long ago. This does not, naturally, stop some modern Druid groups and individuals from claiming to be surviving underground Paleopagan Druid organizations or the offspring thereof.

Mesopagan Druid orders are among the oldest fraternal groups still in existence, and were once very popular across the USA and Canada. Closely related to the Freemasons in history, liturgy, and theology, they have kept the ideals of Druidism alive for over two centuries. Their activities are generally open to all sincere participants, save that the older ones tend (in the U.S.A. at least) to have separate gender-based groups ("Ladies Auxiliaries.”) Read Elements of the Druid Tradition by Philip Carr-Gomm for details.

Neopagan Druids are reviving the best aspects of ancient Earth-centered religions in a modern context. Their activities are generally open to all sincere participants, regardless of ancestry, gender, sexual orientation or membership in other Pagan or Druidic groups. Read Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler, People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak Out by Ellen Evert Hopman and Lawrence Bond, or The Druid Renaissance: the Voice of Druidry Today by Phillip Carr-Gomm (with a chapter by myself on "The Druid Revival in Modern America") for details.

You can exchange ideas with Neopagans Druids on the Internet newsgroup called "alt.religion.druid,” as well as on the "Pagan Message Boards" of all the commercial online services, including America Online, Compuserve and Pagans Online.Com.

You can do live chatting about Druidism with others off the commercial services by using "IRC" (Internet Relay Chat) and special "java chatters" on specific websites, and join private emailing lists about Druidism and Celtic Studies.

If you decide to send regular or "snailmail" letters to any of the groups listed here, expect to wait a few weeks for your reply, as each of these groups is run by a handful of volunteers working part-time. And it doesn't hurt for you to include a few dollars to help them with their postage and printing costs.

Druidic Organizations:

The United Ancient Order of Druids is the oldest of the surviving Fraternal (what I call "Mesopagan") Druid organizations. For an explanatory essay about them, you can jump to The Story of Druidism: History, Legend and Lore (U.A.O.D..)

They are primarily active in the Ohio, Nevada and California regions. On the East Coast, Iona Grove #1, UAOD, meets in the Washington, DC, area, at least 4 times each year, on the Solstices and Equinoxes, for dinner, good conversation, and the presentation and discussion of a paper relating to Druidism (as a fraternal organization, not a religious movement) and/or fraternalism in general. They have been in existence since 1994 and have grown very quickly to a membership that now numbers over fifty. Some of these members are in New York, West Virginia, Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, Minnesota, and California. I was recently privileged to be initiated into this organization, as a Bard, Ovate and Druid (3º.)

The Secretary for Iona Grove #1, UAOD is Paul M. Bessel, at 703-418-1172, fax 703-418-6625. You can e-mail him at

Via snailmail, you can write to Iona Grove #1, UAOD, Paul M. Bessel, 2301 Jefferson Davis Hwy., #1521, Dept. IBWS, Arlington, VA 22202-3855.

The UAOD is also active in Sweden, so here's their Swedish UAOD website.

The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, also known as OBOD, is a modern offshoot of The Druid Order (British Circle of the Universal Bond,) and is evolving into a Neopagan movement with over 1,200 members around the world (including myself.) To receive a packet of information about them, just write to: OBOD, Dept. IBWS, PO Box 1333, Lewes. East Sussex BN7 1DX England, and enclose several International Postal Reply Coupons, or send email to OBOD publishes an excellent monthly newsletter Touchstone, for members only. Excerpts from previous issues are online at the OBOD site.

OBOD's current Chosen Chief (they don't use the term "Archdruid") is Philip Carr-Gomm, psychologist and author of some excellent books on Druidism. You can email him at The Insular Order of Druids or IOD is a new Druid order, founded in 1993 c.e. They appear to be more Neopagan than Mesopagan, with Wiccan elements, and their Arch Druid Dylan Ap Thuin is a poet and tattoo artist/body piercer! Definitely a 1990's kinda group, appealing to a younger generation of British Druids but enjoying warm relations with other members of the Council of British Druid Orders.

You can send them email at: or write to them via snailmail at: IOD, c/o Labyrinth, 2 Victoria Road South, Southsea, Hants, England.

The Mother Grove of The British Druid Order or BDO "was formed in 1979 as part of a personal quest to recreate a native British spirituality." "The Order is currently under the guidance of founder, Philip Shallcrass (Grey Wolf, aka Wolf Walks With Fire) and Emma Restall Orr (Bobcat) as joint Chiefs, their role being that of facilitators and guides. Philip is a musician, artist, poet and writer. Emma is a writer, teacher and soul counsellor. Both lecture and present workshops on many aspects of Druid tradition. Both have links with other Druid groups in Britain and overseas."

"The Order also works with other faiths and traditions, finding common cause and common sources of inspiration with those who follow other spiritual paths. Philip and Emma have wide practical experience in numerous magical, mystical, spiritual and shamanic traditions, all of which they bring together in the BDO to create a unique brand of pagan Druidry."

You can email Emma Restall Orr at:

You can email Philip Shallcrass at:

King Arthur Pendragon, Titular Head & Chosen Chief of the Loyal Arthurian Warband, and member of the Council of British Druid Orders, has his own website from whence he rallies "Wizards, Witches and Warriors" to fight for the Earth Mother and for free and open access to Stonehenge for all. He and his followers battle through both nonviolent political protest and through civil and criminal lawsuits, even going so far as to drag the British government before the European Commission on Human Rights. If you're at all interested in these issues (and you should be!), a visit to his website will be quite educational. If you would like to network with him about these and other eco-warrior issues, you may email him at

The Reformed Druids of North America or RDNA, are ancestral to both ADF and Keltria. For historical information, you can read an essay on the Reformed Druids of North America and their Offshoots on this website. For current info, visit A Psuedo-Official Homepage of the RDNA maintained by Michael Scharding, who is a former Archdruid of the Carleton Grove of the RDNA, founder of the International Druid Archives at Carleton College, and the editor of A Reformed Druid Anthology. Michael can be emailed at

Naturally, I have to include the organization I founded, Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, or ADF. To receive a printed packet of information about this Pan-Indo-European Druid Fellowship, just send three US dollars to cover printing, postage and handling, to: ADF, Dept. IBWS, PO Box 516, East Syracuse, NY 13057. You can send email to to get an automated information response or visit the ADF website to find book lists, study materials and several ADF-related internet mailing lists.

If the ADF website is down or busy, you can go back to my Homepage for a list of links to ADF-related essays you can read in my website. Since they're newer versions, and include essays the new board considers "too radical" to be on the ADF website, they won't necessarily reflect current ADF policies, however.

I'm not the Archdruid of ADF anymore, and I haven't been for over two years. For that matter, I'm not on the Board either, and I don't subscribe to the Mother Grove's private emailing list, so I can't tell you anything about current policy discussions inside ADF.

The new Archdruid of ADF is John "Fox" Adelmann, whom you can email at .

Another great Neopagan Druid organization (of which I am also a member) is the Henge of Keltria, which branched off from ADF a few years ago in order to form an exclusively Celtic path of Neopagan Druidism.

"We are a positive path Neopagan tradition dedicated to protecting and preserving our Mother Earth, honoring our ancestors, revering the spirits of nature, and worshipping the Gods and Goddesses of our Celtic heritage. Our focus is on personal growth through the development of mind, body, and spirit. We place special emphasis on spiritual development fostered through study and practice of the Druidic Arts and Celtic Magick. Through training, networking, resource material, ritual participation, and meaningful communication we hope to provide a religious and spiritual framework through which people may reach their full potential."

"We call our religious organization a "Henge." The autonomous local groups working within the Keltrian tradition are called "Groves." Each Grove is free to compose and perform ritual and magick geared to its own particular focus, provided such work remains compatible with the beliefs, ethics, and ritual and structural framework of the Henge."

I can't recommend Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick highly enough. The Journal is no longer being published, but orders are still being taken for back issues. Sample articles, table of contents for the issues and an order form are online at the above address.

You can get information about Keltria by emailing Keltria's President Wren, at . By snailmail, send a Self Addressed Stamped #10 Envelope to: Keltria, PO Box 17969, Long Beach, CA, USA 90807.

IMBAS "is an organization that promotes the religion of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, and traditional Celtic culture and heritage. The Celts are recognized as the tribal Celts of Iron Age Europe and the modern peoples of Alba (Scotland,) Breizh (Brittany,) Cymru (Wales,) E'ire (Ireland,) Kernow (Cornwall,) and Mannin (Isle of Man.) Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism is a votive religion that is grounded in folk tradition, mythological texts, and the archaeological and historical records; and is based around the home, the family, and the community/tribe in honoring the land, the ancestors, and the traditional Celtic Gods and Goddesses. We do not practice our spirituality, we live it."

The IMBAS website is filled with some of the best Celtic scholarship available on the Web, with a wealth of articles and reviews by people who know what they're talking about. They also have live chats via java software at their site, as well as an emailing list.

IMBAS can be contacted directly at or though it's President, Danielle Ni'Dhighe at , or by snail mail at: IMBAS, 1412 SW 102nd St., #139, Seattle, WA 98146-3770 USA.

The Order of the White Oak is "a loose collection of Celtic Reconstructionists, philosophers, and students of Druidry who are concerned with the matter of ethics in the Druidical community and who meet with our peers from time to time to study the Brehon Laws, to search the ancient stories for Celtic tribal values, and to consult our own consciences for the kind of Druid path we envision. Our purpose is not to condemn or judge anyone. We welcome Druids of every denomination as well as independents and those who care about Celtic culture, history and spirituality to join in our discussions."

For more information, you can email Ellen Evert Hopman (Willow/Saille) at She was the founder of the Whiteoak emailing-list that the Order was sparked by. A founder and early officer of Keltria, Ellen is also a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and the author of Tree Medicine-Tree Magic, A Druids Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year and People of the Earth - The New Pagans Speak Out (Lawrence Bond contributor) as well as several videos on the subjects of herbs and Paganism.

The Celtic Traditionalist Order of Druids is "a teaching Order, dedicated to the preservation and rebirth of the worship of the ancient Gods and Goddesses, primarily those of the Celtic Nations - Cymru (Wales,) Eire (Ireland,) Kernow (Cornwall,) Bretagne (Brittany,) Alba (Scotland,) Albion, Galicia (Northern Spain,) Gaul/Galica (France) as well as other related lands and peoples."

"The CTOD, officially founded in 1987, is a semi-monastic teaching order dedicated to the principals of Truth, Honor, and Loyalty. While somewhat eclectic in nature, the Order strives to be as faithful as possible to the spirit of the cultures which have gone before -- while introducing modern aspects to the faithful worship of the Old Gods. The Order considers its self semi-monastic, due to the fact that while group formation is practiced, most members walk a path of solitary reflection and study. It is not 'Celtic Reconstructionalist', more 'Celtic Realist'."

The CTOD can be contacted by emailing Howard and Vicki Mieth at . ]

The Aisling Association of Celtic Tribes "is a Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan organization focused on worship of the Gods, scholarship, and community service. We work to develop a modern form of tribal life, blending Iron Age ideology with modern day practicality and to honor the Gods in all we do. Likewise we are developing reconstructions of many different paths associated with Pagan Celtic cultures that are as true as possible to the ancient ways while being applicable to the society in which we live. We look towards the future of what our paths mean, as much as we learn from the past to develop them."

"We base our ways on research of ancient Celtic culture, mythology,---primarily at this time the Gaels (Irish, Scots, and to some extent, Manx) but as we grow and interest develops among our members we will develop more on the British, Welsh and Gaulish material. We are also deeply influenced by our experiences and do not discount them, although we may strive to validate them on the material out there. We do not make any pretensions to passing on ancient knowledge from unbroken lines, we are a modern religion based on research of the old ---however, we also do not mix our Celtic-based practice with Wicca, Ceremonial Magick, or Shamanism. (This is in no way a statement that our way is better or that we are cultural surpremists --we simply chose to not be eclectic in our practices. Of course, being of Celtic descent is in no way a requirement for involvement ---we wish strongly to disassociate from those misguided individuals who use the terms "Celt" and "tribalism" to promote their agenda of supremism, isolationism, and hatred.)"

"Our primary goal is to develop educated, well rounded members to serve their communities---- their Tribe, their Pagan Community, and their physical neighborhoods. We are in the process of developing a study program to develop clergy, healers, warriors, bards, and others in order to do this. Most of our programs will be individually modified for each participant and will work with standard requirements for professionals in the chosen fields where applicable."

Their email address is . Their snailmail address is: AACT, PO Box 1946, Dover NH 03821-1946.

The Summerlands is an entire Celtic community on the net, with message boards, classes and a multitude of resources! This huge website is guided by well-known Neopagan Celtic scholar Searles O'Dubhain, his "kitchen witch" shaman wife Deborah O'Dubhain, and several other names you'll recognize from various Druidic organizations and chatrooms.

"The Summerlands is a pagan community dedicated to rediscovering, preserving, disseminating, and when necessary, reinventing that which was lost to us... the magick, history, customs, and religions of our ancestors. We are about worshipping and celebrating the old Gods and Goddesses in Ways both ancient and new."

"The Summerlands is the home of the Heartland, the resting place of the Sun, and the reflecting pool of the Moon. Though our accent is primarily Indo-European and Celtic, all are welcome who come in peace to share our fires. Our goal is to develop into a multi-traditional community that works in harmony. Our Ways welcome your Ways."

They have message boards, a library, live chatting and online classes. They charge a modest fee for membership and classes.

Here's a few other groups I have only snailmail addresses for, along with their contact people:

Aos Dana, Fiona Davidson, Invergowrie House, Ninewells, Dundee, DD2 1UA, Scotland.

The Bardic Order Group, Alex Gunningham, Flat 2, 20 The Common, Ealing, London, W5 3JB, England.

The Council of British Druid Orders, Elizabeth Murray, BM Oakgrove, London, WC1N 3XX, England. The Council includes representatives of most of the Druid groups in England and other Druid organizations (as associate members) from around the world (including ADF.)

Druiidica Comardia Eriutalamonos (Druidical Fellowship of the Western Land,) M. G. Boutet, 32 Fourth Ave. South, Roxboro, PQ, H2I 3W3, Canada.

The Druid Order, BCUB (British Circle of the Universal Bond,) David Loxley, 23 Thornsett Road, London SE20 YXB, England.

Druidiactos, the organization founded by Tom Cross/Tadhg MacCrossan, author of The Sacred Cauldron, is defunct. Since Cross is racist, sexist and anti-Semitic, it's no great loss. The last I heard, he was running a "Celtic Christian" group and insisting that "True Celts" should all be Catholics!

The Divine Circle of the Sacred Grove, the organization founded by Janette-of-the-many-aliases, now operating out of Phoenix, AZ, is not recommended. Compare the contents of that essay just referenced with my Cult Danger Evaluation Frame to understand why this group is as close to being a "dangerous Druid cult" as any could be.

Ecole Druidique des Gaules, Bernard Jacquelin, Villa Montmorency 75016, Paris, 45 27 74 79, France.

The Glastonbury Order of Druids, R. Maughfling and J. Paterson, Dove House, Barton-St. David, Somerset, TA11 6DF, England.

The London Druid Group, Gordon Gentry, 74 Riversmeet, Hertford, SG14 1LE, England.

Ollotouta Druidique des Gaules, Pierre de la Crau, B.P. 13, 93301, Aubervilliers, Cedex, France. This group appears to be creating a Gaulish version of Neopagan Druidism, similar in many ways to ADF.

Druidic Online Chats and

Emailing Lists

The #druid homepage contains information about the #druid IRC chat channels that exist on both the Undernet and the PaganPaths servers, as well as transcripts of online classes by Isaac Bonewits. ADF has numerous emailing lists available through their website, including ones devoted to various Celtic and other Indo-European cultures, as well as regularly scheduled online IRC chats. is an online Celtic community that sponsors many Celtic emailing lists as well as Celtic websites. You can subscribe to several Celtic Language emailing lists through by sending a message saying "subscribe __(listname)__.” Included are:

CELTIC-L (Celtic culture)

GAELIC-L (Gaelic Language Bulletin Board)

GAEILGE-A (conversation in Irish Gaelic for fluent speakers/learners) GAEILGE-B (Irish Gaelic for beginners)

GAIDHLIG-A (conversation in Scottish Gaelic for fluent speakers/learners)

GAIDHLIG-B (Scottish Gaelic for beginners)

GAELG (conversation in Manx Gaelic and support for learners) OLD-IRISH-L (Scholars and students of Old Irish) Website

IRTRAD-L (Irish Traditional Music List)

IE-FILK (Irish Filkers List)

WELSH-L (conversation in Welsh for fluent speakers/learners) Website

CYMRAEG-L (Welsh for beginners) The Celtic Studies Group is "an emailing list for beginners to Celtic Studies and Celtic Spirituality -- along the lines of Nemeton-L and IMBAS only beginner oriented."

The Druids Grove Site is the homepage for the long running Druids Grove chat on America Online. It contains uploads of chat logs, a Druid FAQ, and links to other interesting Druid/Celtic sites.

IMBAS has an emailing list which can be subscribed to at their site, and live Druid chatting on their site.

Keltria has an emailing list available through their website.

Nemeton-L is an emailing list for "Druids and other Celtic Pagans and their friends. It is a place for research, reflection, debate and discussion."

The Summerlands website has both online chatting and classes available to members.

Other Websites of Interest to Druids

Amulets by Merlin is the company and website of Merlin Windsor, "The Official Jeweler to the Archdruid of North America." He's the artist who made the oakleaves and acorns Green Man necklace, with matching bracelet and earrings, that many have seen me wear at festivals. Though there are many fine jewelers in our Neopagan community, Merlin is one of the best -- In My Humble Opinion, of course! If I'm going to mention Celtic jewelry, then I have to tell you about Ancient Circles, a superb source of Celtic-design textiles (including some fabulous capes,) jewelry (pendents, earrings, brooches, torcs,) calendars and other arts. They are well worth paying a visit to!

C.E.L.T. Corpus of Electronic Texts is a website maintained by the University College Cork in Ireland. It contains many historical Irish manuscripts and other documents in electronic format for searching or download, as well as links to other text sites and Irish Studies resources.

The Celtic League is an international organization devoted to the preservation and support of Celtic cultures and languages. If you're going to call yourself a "Druid," then you ought to be paying attention to the issues this organization addresses, even if most modern Celtic activists are Christians. --

The Art of Courtney Davis is the website for one of the world's greatest Celtic artists. Mr. Davis is the artist behind the many Dover Clip Art Books that so many of us use as graphics resources (see how many examples you can find on this and other Druidical websites,) and is a reknowned illustrator of books on Celtic Topics. He deserves Druidical respect and honor for helping to make Celtic Art once again the glory that it was.

Every Celtic Thing on the Web is a cauldron full of links to every aspect of ancient and modern Celtic culture and language.

The Irish Bookshop is a major source of books and tapes about Ireland and the Irish language, with some materials about other Celtic languages. I especially recommend the Buntús Cainte series of Irish language books and tapes. The owner travels frequently across the Pond and can pick up special orders on request.

Lisala's Celtic Studies Resources Website is well worth visiting for anyone interested in real scholarship about Druids and Celtic Studies. Lisa is a professional medievalist, specializing in Celtic Studies.

The Rampant Lion is a website for a couple who consider themselves "paleo-pagan" Celts (I haven't asked if they have the severed heads of any revered ancestors in their house.) Though they rudely dismiss all the Druid groups listed above as fraudulent or delusionary, they do have an excellent Celtic Links page that is well worth visiting by anyone interested in serious Celtic Studies.

Copyright © 1999 c.e., Isaac Bonewits. This text file may be freely distributed on the Net, provided that no editing is done and this notice is included. If you would like to be on the author's personal mailing list for upcoming publications, lectures, song albums, and appearances, send your snailmail and/or your email address to him at PO Box 1021, Nyack, NY, USA 10960-1021 or via email to

(P.E.)Isaac Bonewits, Adr.Em./ADF

Email: Snailmail: PO Box 1021, Nyack, NY, USA 10960-1021 This webpage is copyright © 1999 c.e., Isaac Bonewits Most recently updated: April 29, 1999 c.e.

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Isaac Bonewits on the Internet iconАйзек Азимов Выбор катастроф ocr: Phiper «Айзек Азимов»: Амфора; 2002 isbn 5 94278 135 4
Оригинал: Isaac Asimov, “a choice of Catastrophes: The Disasters That Threaten Our World”
Isaac Bonewits on the Internet iconРоссия, 117312 Москва, ул. Вавилова, д. 47А тел.: (495) 221-10-70
Во время обучения слушатели смогут на практике реализовать решения для защиты приложений и служб с поддержкой pki, например, Microsoft...
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