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11. List of the made to order educational literature.

Basic educational literature

  1. Educational technologies. / for editor O.M. Pekhoti. it is ê., 2002

  2. Levin S. Vash ребенок рисует. it is M., 1979

  3. Rostovcev n.N. Method of преподавания изобразительного искусства in школе. it is M., 1998

  4. Nemeckiy B. Mudrost' красоты. it is M., 1987

  5. Sokol'nikova n.N. Izobrazitel'noe искусство è method of его преподавания in начальной школе. it is M., 1999

  6. Konovec' S.Pidgotovka teacher of fine art. it is Rivne, 2002

  7. Program of teacher of дополнительного образовани: Here разработки to реализации /Ñîñò. N.K.Bespyatova. – М., 2003

  8. How to help a child to become creative personality of /Óïîðÿä. L.Shelestova. it is ê., 2003

  9. V.A.Romenec' Psychology of creation: Navch. manual. 2-ге kind. it is ê., 2001

  10. Modern school technologies. Ch.I – ²² /Óïîðÿä. I.Rozhnyatovska, V.Zoc. it is ê., 2004.

  11. Vygotskiy L. S. Psikhologiya искусства. — M.: Pedagogika, 1987.

  12. Vygotskiy L. S. Pedagogicheskaya психология / Pod of editor V.V.Davydova. — M.: Pedagogika, 1991

  13. Gamayunov v.N. Арт-дизайн of изящных фигур. — M.: MGOPU, NOU, 1998.

  14. Gerchuk yu.Ya. Osnovy художественной грамоты. — M.: Uchebnaya литература, 1998.

12. Teaching methods.

Activity of student:

  • an acquaintance is with school ( by its features, guidance of school, contingent of students, by a pedagogical collective, by the order of work, by the presence of the proper sections, creative groups and others like that);

  • analysis of plans of an educational-educate process of school, to define them pedagogical, didactics, elucidative orientation;

  • an analysis of plans of compendia of work of teacher-teacher is taking into account the age-old features of contingent of students, educational, artistically creative, developing, educate tasks;

  • attendance of employments, which conduct specialists, analysis of 2-ох of lessons;

  • conduct the diary of practice, in which to fix the work executed in practice;

  • development and leadthrough of the unfolded plan-compendium of leadthrough of employment is in a middle age-dependent group.

  • A leadthrough is 2 lessons of fine art and extracurricular measure of artistic direction.

Current control:


Control form:


13. Evaluation criteria (in %)

A semester rating estimation settles accounts, coming from criteria:

- KSR 60 %

- Methodical providing of lessons, extracurricular measures 10 %

- Conducting a lesson 15 %

- Current document 15 %

Card of evaluation of SRS


Types of independent work of student

A maximal mark of rating is for a kind



Visit and analysis of lessons of leading teachers of school, determination of specific of method of teaching of different lessons.



A visit of lessons is in a class, fastened after a student-practice in quality of class leader.



A visit and self-examination of lesson is from a fine art. Acquaintance with the program, scientifically methodical providing in relation to teaching of fine art at school.


Determination of the modern scientific and practical going is near a design and organization of an educational-educate process at general school


Development of the methodical providing of 4 lessons is from a fine art in the context of on-line tutorials.


Self-examination of efficiency of the conducted employments is from a fine art.


Development of an educational-educate measure is in a class.


Self-examination of efficiency of the conducted employments is from a fine art, educational-educate measures.


Development and registration of current document is as a result of leadthrough of pedagogical practice at school.


14. Teaching languages.

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