Abdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of

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НазваниеAbdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of
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December 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 12

Editors Corner:

ABDX membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the ABDX mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of you for being members of ABDX. You have made the group what it is today.

When the year 2009 began there were 202 of us. Sadly Chris Taylor, Harry Helms and Paul LaFrieniere became SK over the past year.

We got excellent logs for shortwave. People are still listening. We got some nice FM logs as well. Medium wave logs are always in abundance. At ABDX we love your logs and for each log, you get an extra year of membership. J

Testing, Testing… We have an announcement of a DX test upcoming from WGGH!

Its time for High School basketball and just like football the “FCC STA” for small towns who leave the station on high power and day pattern to get the signal for their HS BKB team to be heard far and wide. For sports DXers, there is NFL playoffs, Hockey, BKB from pro and college are all over the air.

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You can get your copy of the journal at www.abdx.org

Turn your radio on. What are you hearing?

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz, the ABDX crew.

Table of Contents

The Broadcast Band – AM 2

Down In The Basement – LW 15

The Whole Earth – HF/SW 19

The Line of Sight and Beyond – FM 73

The Visible Universe – TV 75

Nuthin’ But Net – Net Video and Audio 75

You Don’t Need a Weatherman – Weather Band 78

Extra, Extra – News 79

Bargain Barn – Sale Items 82

Show And Tell – Review of New Toys 82

Testing, Testing… - Upcoming Tests 82

Call Sign Changes – From the FCC 83

I Got The Bird – Satellite 83

The Broadcast Band

Byron Johnson – Roseville, MI

Kenwood TS-450S, indoor 34 in sq Litz loop

MW sure has been great the last few nights: heard:

850 KOA Denver Co S-7 at 0001 EST  12-08-09. also heard them two nights ago from 2350 to 0030. KOA is about 1150 miles from here. as the vulture flys.

the last few weeks have been amazing:

690 WOKV Jacksonville Fl

750 WSB Atlanta Ga

790 KFGO Fargo ND

820 WBAP Fort Worth Tx

870 WWL New Orleans La

940 WCPC Houston Ms

990 CBW Winnipeg Manitoba

1170 KFAQ Tulsa Ok

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City Ok

and the Canadian stations on 530 sound like they've raised their power, should be able to get an ID soon. I'm beginning to appreciate the bottom of the solar cycle i'm up to 30 states heard

Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Perseus SDR with 2 Wellbrook ALA1530 Outdoor Broadband Loops


WKRC 550 Cincinnati OH with KRC mentions and local ads into Michael Savage at 0208 UTC.

Bob Carter – Utica, NY

Receiver, Antenna

** U S A. *** NEWSFLASH - WAMC's Mt. Greylock transmitter is is back on the air. WAMC FM 90.3: Was off the air for several hours on 11/30/09 due to a scheduled power outage by National Grid. Power has been restored and so has our signal. Thanks for your patience.

Overnight in the wee hours of 12/03/09 (Thursday), a friend of mine on the way home from work, caught WRUN 1150 on the air again with frequent "WRUN, Utica" IDs and what amounted to automated light adult contemporary and instrumentals.

The new owner is DIGITAL RADIO BROADCASTING, INC. There is a CP to change WRUN from 5kw day 3 tower DA, 1kw night 5 tower DA to 4kw day 4 tower DA, 370 watts night 4 tower DA and change the city of license from Utica NY to nearby New Hartford NY.  The COL change is a result of the change in power and pattern as the present city grade signal will no longer fall over the city of Utica.

WRUN-AM 1150 isn't gone, it is just going through some major changes.


WIZR-930 Johnstown NY still on and has been on day power at night all week.

Playing a mix of Hot AC and Christmas music. Station is IDing as 'B 95 point 5.

WIZR-AM 930 has been dark and is suspected to be on only to preserve the license.

Catch it while you can.

Steve Ponder – Clear Lake, TX

Sangean DT400W

880 kHz  WCBS  NY  New York City - 0004 EST with local news, weather

forecast, several items about the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority),

and a good ID at 0007 EST - "880 WCBS News and Weather."  Surprised to

hear this one, since KRVN Lexington, NE, had a strong signal, too!  I

continue to be amazed by this little radio!

Powell Way III – Silverstreet, SC

2006 Ford Ranger radio or as listed

1540   KXEL   IA  Waterloo  19:30 hours.... bubbled up momentarily over the jumble with "KXEL"  Newberry, SC in 2006 Ranger with aftermarket Kenwood radio  12/02/2009 PEW - SC

Friday morning  December 4, 2009,   woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep.  The new Grundig G3:

1320  WHIE  GA  Griffin,  talking about HS playoff games  7:11 AM

1320  WBOB  FL  Jacksonville,  Talking about USF games up and over WHIE  7:20 AM

690   WOKV  FL  Jacksonville,  doing JAX weather and traffic....   7:26 AM

940  WMAC  GA  Macon local break  7:30 AM

960  WRFC  GA  Athens,  with local Athens Football promo  7:31 AM

970  WVOP  GA  Vidalia,  with talk about Home for the Holidays even Vidalia animal sheter 7:35 AM

1150  WCRK  TN  Morristown,  local news and events around Morristown 7:39 AM

1500  WDPC  GA  Dallas   with PSA for Atlanta Men's  Homeless shelter ....  7:59 AM

1470  WRGA  GA  Rome  with WRGA. COM promo, TOH ID and then ABC news 8:00 AM

1300 WNQM  TN  Nashville,  Love worth Finding.... + WNQM micro ID.   8:04 AM  

John Callarman – Krum, TX

Car Radio


As I was on my way to a basketball game Friday afternoon around sunset, tuning around the dial, I got a surge from a country music station on 1510 briefly atop dominant WLAC, just in time to hear it identify as "All New Classic Country 1190, (and call sounded like KGTC)." Not sure how I could have heard QQ as GT, but I really wasn't paying that much attention.

 John Tudenham relays a note from Eric Buenaman that the 1190 St. Louis area station has changed CoL to University City, and call to KQQZ, relaying WQQW, Highland IL on 1510, which also plans a move closer to St. Louis. Annct I heard indicates that WQQW relays KQQZ.

Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA

Car radio


I have done very little DXing lately, because I am so busy with work, and even DXing from the car is tough due to really bad tire static. 

This morning I figured I'd give it another try on my way in to work, since it was raining (which kills the tire static) and since we're in those short days that seem to produce nice morning conditions. 

I was correct.  KOMO-1000 (a reliable nighttime regular) was in fairly strong, and on 1350, KTIK was in nicely at first, but later started mixing with KSRO, which is usually dominant.  I don't get to hear KTIK very often so that was a nice treat, especially considering that it was after 8:00 AM here, well after sunrise. 

Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Sangean PR-D5


The Dog had us up early this morning, and while laying in bed, with the Sangean PR-D5 sitting on 780, suddenly the frequency went quiet, and then “God Save The Queen” was playing like a local, then a sign on announcement, then after a few prayers on to Christmas music. They were in strong for at least 10 minutes, until WBBM came back and took over. Sign on was at 4:30 am, and that was interesting, but anyway, it woke me up, for sure. 

This is a new one for me. It’s not surprising that I eventually heard them, but how strong it was, made me wake up from my semi-sleepy state. I mean, the frequency got almost silent when they flipped the carrier on. 

I then spun the dial, and heard Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and then went to 740, where Toronto was like a local too. They are not a regular, and even more rare, that they are strong here. 

For sure, a weird, but Interesting morning. Goes to show, you never know what you can hear until you try…..

Bruce Winkleman – Tulsa, OK

Drake R-8 and Quantum Phaser

On a frigid morning drive, found my local 1430-KTBZ off at 0810-0830CST 10DEC09. KRGI Grand Island, NE dominating most of the drive with weather, local ads and comments about community events. During fades, heard a couple of mentions of area code 713 so presume this was KCOH Houston, TX. Not sure when KTBZ went off the air or came back on but

they were back on this evening on the drive home around 1745CST.

Not really a surprise but found a strong OC on 1120 on the drive home as well with only traces of KMOX underneath. Almost surely KEOR.

James Kearman – Stuart. FL

Homebrew solid state regen and indoor ferrite loop


If anyone is listening on 1680 right now -- 0120 UTC -- WOKB is playing Carib-Reggae music w/F ann w/lively Carib-English accent.


The Florida Panhandle is some 400 miles from me, and in a different time zone, so I was doubly lucky tonight.

2352Z 1370 WCOA Pensacola FL Local ads with local area code phone nrs then....

2357Z 1370 KFRO Lakeview TX with ID, then back into the mud.


0140Z 1140 WKCM, Hawesville, KY. Faint C&W music, strong enough at 0140Z to copy ID. New.


0725Z 1170 "Oldies 1170 and 104.9." I assume the FM refers to KBOB. 60s and 70s Oldies format.

Bogdan Chiochiu – Montreal, OC

Sanyo MCD S830

1310 WORC Worchester, MA "Power Trece-Diez" DEC 12 1940 EST - man announcing in Spanish they have the best salsa, merengue, bachata, raeggetón and Freestyle classics (Latin Freestyle Dance Music - Bogdan) of all the time and to come up and party at a nightclub playing the same type of music as on "Power Trece-Diez". Heard while driving toward a help center for becoming a radio jock and overpowering semi-local CIWW in Ottawa, ON. I think CIWW is using their required nighttime pattern, while WORC Massachussets is sending out their 1 kW daytime power instead of their nighttime power which is a lot LESS than 1 kW and which would sent less signal our way and less signal in the way of CIWW too ! (BC-QC) 

1340 unID "WSPJ Storm Center forecast" DEC 21 1540 EST - Heard several call IDs as "WSPJ", but Google makes something on 1400 as WSPG or WSPJ and nothing on 1340. QRMing semi-local WIRY in Plattsburg, NY as the local "graveyarders" are starting to make this frequency a real mess. Any ideas ? I think the minute I will have an AM Stereo receiver I will give North American short-haul domestic DX more attention, as I'm YET to hear FOR REAL something in Stereo on a broadcast band other than the FM one (ultrashortwaves in Romanian or "unde ultrascurte") ! WSTJ St. Johnsbury, VT ? Where are they located ? Are they further than Newport, Burlington or Montpellier for a real not-that-short-skip DX challenge ? Ore are they another run of the mil catche ? Maybe they are in the Rutland area which would be NICE ! (BC-QC)

 1340 WSTJ St. Johnsbury, VT DEC 21 1553 EST - finally IDed. NEW ! Wow ! It's been a long time since I gave up on North American short-skip DXing, but hearing endlessly the same TAs and Latins is certainly making me want to try a new kind of DX, so here it is. This is perphaps my closest unheard ! (BC-QC)

612 MOROCCO   RTM, Sebaa-Aioun DEC 19 2302 (tentative) - Tentatively them with a fair-strength TA het on the high-side of megapest CHNC-610. Too much CHNC splatter to get ANY audio. Unfortunatly, they don't seem to know when to unplug their mediumwave transmitter in order to allow adjacent channel Morocco to get through ! That being said, the rising solar activity probably won't allow our dearly ionosphere to skip through the ever-normal "mid-winter anomaly" either which harms east-west Trans-Atlantic paths. (Chiochiu-QC)

550 VENEZUELA   YVKE, Mundial, Caracas, DF DEC 20 0632 UTC - Px of trad YV mx w/ W host that announced an UN SOLO PUEBLO song was about to begin which is exactly what happened. Played an even mixture of joropos and gaitas. Very good at times, but with flutter due to slightly weaker domestics coming in behind at the same time (mostly WEVD and the Rhode Island Disney station). SINPO 43523-2. (Chiochiu-QC)

 555 ST KITTS   ZIZ, Basseterre DEC 21 0856 UTC - Dude taking call from his listeners and talking with them. He talked with one of them about global cooling saying the temperatures will drop from 20 to 17, to 15, to 10 and then to 7 ! Very interesting chatter... The break in the chatter was used to insert some gospel and calypso mx selections, included a Xmas-related calypso. Huge signal, mostly in, with a nice and clean good signal strength. SINPO 44534 (Chiochiu-QC) 

570 CUBA   CMDC, Radio Reloj, Pilón DEC 20 0502 UTC - clock ticks behind megapest WSYR and semi-regular WMCA. I didn't had the patience enough to wait for the RR morse code IDs though. SINPO 21522. Happily, I found a way to tune the PK passive AM loop in order to totally avoid the computer growl hammering the low-side of this channel. (Chiochiu-580 PUERTO RICO   WKAQ, Radio Reloj, San Juan DEC 20 0503 UTC - a completly different format than the news/time station logged the previous minute on the previous channel. Heard with health issues px, about food and alcohol. Very strong, atop domestics. SINPO 44544. Semi-regular here. (Chiochiu-QC) 

600 CUBA   CMKV, Radio Rebelde, Urbano Norrís DEC 20 0511 - Cuban salsa dura slightly over WICC in CKAT (North Bay, ON) null, but mostly inaudible with WICC (Bridgeport, CT) overwhelmingly strong...and WICC is officially in C-Quam stereo, so since it is often stronger than co-channel Radio Rebelde, its C-quam signal might reach the Montreal area, who knows ? (Chiochiu-QC) 

610 CUBA   CMAN, Radio Rebelde, Bahía Honda DEC 20 0511 - Cuban salsa music under WIP in null of megapest CHNC New Carlisle, Gaspésie, QC. Rare ! (Chiochiu-QC) 

750 VENEZUELA   YVKS, RCR, Caracas, DF DEC 21 2320 - Ad for a restaurant with chicken meals. Huge / very good, totally killing WSB Atlanta also on 750 AM ! (Chiochiu-QC)  

760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ, RCN Cadena Basíca, Barranquilla DEC 20 0248 UTC - Cumbia music sample, followed by a vallenato one, then the follow-up of an interview in Spanish. Good signal, but in a tricky null of megapest WJR in Detroit, MI and a slight amount of splatter from huge WABC-NYC on 770, but more out than in. SINPO 43522 (Chiochiu-QC) 

780 VENEZUELA   YVNM, Radio Coro, Coro, Falcón DEC 20 0628 UTC - an upbeat mainstream merengue song followed by station promos and a brand new canned ID. Fair with some local splatter from overmodulated CJAD-800. WABC-770 was splattering less than usual, even though it was local-like, maybe the structure of its signal was different. SINPO 34322. DEC 21 2249 UTC - fading up with transmitter-site sunset with canned ID "...señal de Radio Coro" then "El Burrito Sabanero" by Hugo Lopez which is a wild blend of tropical cumbia and traditionnal música llanera I've downloaded several years ago. Hugo Lopez was a Venezuelan harp genius, having learned perfectly to play that instrument the day he received it as a gift ! SINPO 33221, but my earliest reception of them ! One of my dreams and favorite hobbies-whithin-a-hobby is/was to hear early fade-ins of Latins or Caribbean signals in the 4PM to 6PM time slot during the winter when sunset is slightly BEFORE 6PM in order to enjoy some highly intriguing challenge ! isn't working right now, so mediumwave DXing is the only way to get in touch with this Venezuelan station. (Chiochiu-QC) 

910 VENEZUELA   YVRQ, RQ-910, Caracas, DF DEC 20 0644 UTC - another one playing música llanera and something I haven't listened to in a big while. Poor, but nice signal, nevertheless and quite clear... SINPO 25532. The Connecticut tropical CHR Spanish station "La Mega" seems to have learned to drop power at sunset, as required by the Federal Communications Commission. No sign of Cuba either, which is dominant on 910 usually (playing cha-cha-cha when propagating here) when and while WTAG La Mega respects his nighttime power pattern. (Chiochiu-QC)

Rick Barton - Cave Creek , Arizona

Panasonic RF-2200 (MW)

1120    KENN  Roy , UT  1555-1605   Christmas music to clear ID by male "KENN Roy-Ogden-Salt Lake City". into SRN News at TOH. interesting that this is pretty late in the day for them - 1600 UT here is 9:00A.  still barely audible at 1630 recheck ; gone after. (  * 12/7  Barton-AZ)

1310     KFKA  Greeley , CO  0930  local spots , 2 clear IDs by male, to Mike Gallagher, more discussion of wot else?....Tiger.  Very strong and alone on the channel.  (12/6  Barton-AZ)

1100   KNZZ   Grand Junction, CO  0300   Heard underneath of local KFNX talk show  , unintelligible at 0250 to TOH. heard ID perfectly at TOH while talk show went on w/o ID on KFNX.  (12/8  Barton-AZ)

1260  KTRC Santa Fe, NM  02:00 / 0900 UTC "1260-KTRC" bubbled up out of the mumble jumble. silence, then signal suddenly ramped up to S-9 with talk host "Jack" interviewing US soldiers re: Afghanistan. Held that level for good half hour. (12/9   Barton-AZ)

1260   KSFB  San Francisco , CA   3:00 / 1000 UTC   Fading in and out much of early morning with local spots and Catholic Programming .   (12/9  Barton-AZ)

1640    KDIA  Vallejo , CA   4:23 AM / 1123 UTC long sermon to ID : "on AM 1640 , KDIA", by male. a non-profit spot where minister introduces "my friend, Dr. Gene Scott", followed by short announcement by Dr. Gene himself.  have heard MORE of him

since his death than before it seems. (12/10 Barton-AZ)

1260  KGIL  Beverly Hills , CA  1629 / 2329 UTC  adult standards and old Christmas music with big-band accompaniment , ID by male " on Retro

1260".  very strong for a moment, then was gone making a few reappearances between 2330-2400, but never strong as at BOH. 1260  KGIL  Beverly Hills , CA  1629 / 2329 UTC  adult standards and old Christmas music with big-band accompaniment , ID by male " on Retro

1260".  very strong for a moment, then was gone making a few reappearances between 2330-2400, but never strong as at BOH. first time heard so early and with this new format.(12/13  Barton-AZ)

1690  KDDZ (p)  Arvada, CO 1030 blasting in with lots of "Radio Disney" IDs, no legal ID. raising meter all the way up. (12/28 Barton-AZ)

810  KGO  San Francisco, CA  1035 Ray Taliaferro show with discussion of Radical Islam. (12.28  Barton-AZ)

640   KFI  Los Angeles,CA  1125 with presumed "Coast-to-Coast" ; discussions of flying "Black Triangles" .  (12/28  Barton-AZ)

820  XEABCA  Mexicali , BN, MEX  1130  several clear BOH IDs by both OM and YL anouncers . Totally covering WBAP (that usually dominates here. (12/28  Barton,AZ)

1000   KOMO  Seattle, WA  1140  "KOMO News Radio" was first thing i heard when i dialed into the channel - so much for waiting for that ID !  KOMO heard here only off and on, so this was nice. (12/28  Barton-AZ)

1140   KYDZ  N. Las Vegas, NV 1150  with R. Disney-ish pgm. About the only thing heard here until a cupola months ago, then 4 or 5 other stations were the usual. Now they're back with huge signal today. (12/28 Barton-AZ)

Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

R-390A LFE M601C active omni whip with ground addition – As Listed


A quick spin around the lower end of the MW dial here is showing up a lot of LA [Latin American] activity.  PEI's favourite LA, YVKS Caracas Venezuela, is pounding in.  710 WOR is being trashed mightly by Cuba.  And, who shot WJR?  760 is being dominated by WJR's LA rival for the frequency.


I sprayed the pots on the Quantum Phaser [QP] with Caig Cailube [now called DeOxit fader lube, IIRC].  Now the QP works great!

I just point the Wellbrook 1530 at New York City / Boston, then adjust the QP antenna pots by flicking back and forth between the Wellbrook and the LF Engineering M601C to approximately balance the levels.  Then, put the antenna to A+B, twiddle the phaser control until 1130 WBBR almost dissapears, then wait for 1130 CKWX to pop up.  And, pop up it did, informing me that flurries are falling in Vancouver BC. I tried it on 920 and was greeted with armchair copy not of pesky CKNX Wingham ON but CFRY in MB.  Right now, I'm getting armchair copy of 960 CFAC Calgary AB, listening to the Flames v. the Kings broadcast live from the Saddledome. 1010 CFRB sounds like a local.  WINS?  WINS who?  It is gone.

Earlier I was listening to Feliz Navidad on 1134 Croatia.  All the usual TAs were hammering in, until I flipped to either antenna solo, whereby only some were present and weak.

The combo of a good active whip with the Wellbrook is most impressive.

When I wear out the pots on the QP, I think I'll replace them with really good conductive plastic pots.  The QP is working so well with this antenna combo that there really is no need to upgrade.  

Now, must try for a Sakatchewan station - to work all 9 AM provinces in Canada.

So folks, if you have a QP rattling around, give it a spruce up and try it again.

I got SK!

980 CJME Regina with an ID, then into the news.  First time I've logged them at my QTH [I did get them at Priest Pond 2009 with the DGS EWE.]

Its a sweep of all 9 AM Provinces :)


11:50 AST / 0350 UTC I'm getting rolling pop music on 531 KHz, quite clear and steady.  Tough keeping 530 Cuba at bay.  To keep Cuba out of the mix, I'm using the Icom R-75 on 2.4 KHz bw USB, the R-390A on 2.2 KC bw but tuned to 532 and the Palstar R30A on 2.5 KHz bw tuned to 532 KHz.

11:55 AST / 0355 UTC I'm also getting pop music [for example Boney M Christmas music] on 207 KHz LSB on the R-75 while the two Collins filter receivers hold down the fort on 531 [actually, 532 as noted above].  Its tough slugging keeping the beacons at bay, but the ANF on the R-75 is a big help.

Just to be clear, the music is different on 207 and 531.  Similar format though - rolling pop music.

Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

Receiver, Antenna


CJEU [1670] in Gatineau QC (aka 'Radio Enfant') has finally made an appearance on 1670 today, testing with continuous music (mostly in French, and mostly sung by kids).  No IDs or announcements heard so far.  Monster signal here (transmitter is only 11 miles away, sigh) -

a new one for the log that I'd rather not have!

Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire on 12/5:

860 KKOW Pittsburg, KS 1600 with ToH ID for KKOW and KJML FM in Columbus, KS. At half time of the Pitt State Gorillas BKB game. Big signal.

1100 WZFG Dilworth, MN 12/6 0900 with ToH ID and slogan "The Flag" then into Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music. NEW!


1500 WKAX Russellville, AL 1209 with ID and into GOS MX of the country style.  NEW

1580 WVOK Oxford, AL 1238 with ID and BJ Thomas singing Precious and Few then The Letter.  

Got skywave from R. Encyclopedia out of Habana on 530 at 1303 today. Its the good DX season!

1100 WSGI  Springfield, TN 1415 with WX and then Rockin Round the Christmas Tree.

1190 WEUV Moulton, AL 1420 with ad for a dance party sponsored by WEUV, UC/Motown stuff

1200 KYOO Bolivar, MO 1418 with a stopset of Missouri ads.

1200 WBCE Wickliffe, KY 1430 with GOS MX and stopset

Heard in a gold 2004 Saturn Vue going to Piggly Wiggly...

540 WAUK Milwaukee, WI 1911 with ID and into Marquette basketball. This definitely is the first time for this one.

540 XEWA San Luis Potosi, SLP, MX 12/10 2240 Monterrey Rayados v. Cruz Azul en la primera division de Mexico futbol. SS all the way and the full 150 kW is on fire with the game. They have every squirrel they can get in the cage to spin the wheel tonight. Cruz Azul is my favorite Mexican futbol team. NEW

1630 KRND Fox Farms, WY 1210 0930 playing regional Mex, a corrido and all SS. Not bad, was listening to it for about 20 minutes until fade at 0933 and KCJJ took over. NEW!

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 12/17:

900 XEW Mexico DF, MX, Mexico 2115 Making it to Tennessee with its 250 kW signal.  Slogan Doublay OO Radio into man and woman SS banter and then fade at 1922. Signal quite loud for a few minutes. NEW


750 WNDZ Portage, IN 1615 signing off and giving station info while playing Semisonic's song Closing Time. Interesting catch because my brother in law lives there. NEW


1060 WKNG Tallapoosa, GA 12/24 1615 with s/o PD and SSB. NEW

1610 XEUACH Radio Chapingo, Chapingo, MX, Mexico 1935 Buddy Holly. Rolling Stones sounds like an FM station from the 60s. Nice music. ID 1940 into G_L_O_R_I_A - Gloria! NEW

Heard in a 2004 Saturn Ion 12/26:

920 WBAA West Lafayette, IN 0800 with no ID at ToH and NPRs Weekend Edition. 0805 with weather and call letters given.

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire 12/28:

690 WOKV Jacksonville, FL 0629 ICall letters then into a long stopset.  NEW!

930 WGAD Gadsden, AL 0639 ID then playing Men at Work. NEW!

W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK


** OKLAHOMA. 1210, KGYN Guymon signal is still seldom at its `normal` good daytime groundwave level. Bandscan Dec 8 at a hotspot in western Enid on caradio at 1854 UT did find it audible but poorly with country music.

1120, KEOR, Catoosa-Tulsa-Sperry, Dec 8 at 1855 UT with ID only for the station it is relaying, ``KJMU, Hot 1340 The Groove`` and PSA for The 100 Black Men of Tulsa, an interventionist group. Googling that, I quickly see that there are 100 Black Men chapters all over the US and some abroad: http://www.100blackmen.org/ This early, no skywave QRM from KMOX audible.

1040, on my caradio at 1857 UT Dec 8 I am getting a clear weak signal from local KGWA-960, instead of IA or TX, with local ads matching during national talkshow. Not sure if a genuine spur. I was not parked in the immediate vicinity of the transmitter site. Nor on the 10-kHz step tuner only, can I be sure it was exactly on 1040, but sounded so (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. On caradio at 2045 Dec 10 noticed steady EWTN Catholic programming on 1090, a frequency normally vacant of groundwave here daytimes, so skywave was kicking in. Call-in with an authority cluing in listeners about doctrine; can they take the Old Testament seriously as inerrant?

By 2053 I had switched to the DX-398 and it was looping NE/SW as a SAH of about 3 Hz was developing, likely caused by Little Rock a hefty acute angle apart. And the Catholic station was running about one second behind WEWN on 15610. During rest of hour, was sometimes // and sometimes not, as it must have been cutting in and out of network feed. 2100 ID as ``KESX, the station that cares``, and shortly The Lord`s Prayer.

So it`s the 3.4 kW daytimer in Excelsior Springs MO, near Kansas City, with a direxional pattern, surprise, surprise, toward the big city, main lobe about 248 degrees, so also favoring Enid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Another quick MW bandscan on the caradio at a hotspot in western Enid the afternoon of Dec 14, times UT!

1200, at 2137, skywave in, something in Spanish atop WOAI, various ads for juguetes, etc., causing slow SAH with WOAI; later mentioned ``Chicago informa … 1,200 AM``. So it`s WRTO, 10 kW, ``La Tremenda`` per NRC AM Log 2009-2010. Strangely enough, per NRC pattern book, its daytime design has a null to the SE, but plenty of signal to the SW. WOAI soon faded up overtaking it, but 1200 is hardly a ``clear channel`` any more!

540, at 2144, KWMT Ft Dodge IA, groundwave, with two or three IDs in passing during info about local events. Usually it`s a mix with KDFT, but no sign of Spanish this time; the latter off the air? If it stays off I may finally have a chance of inpulling KNMX by daytime groundwave, which ought to be possible here.

570, at 2147, usual mix of KLIF with groundwave from WNAX SD, way under but audible with SAH of about 3.5 Hz. Someone was wondering whether WNAX was running usual spex; seems so to me (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Afternoon DXing from caradio, nondirexional whip:

1660, no sign of KXTR Kansas City, but a weak 3-way SAH could be detected at 2015 UT Dec 18, presumably traces of the TX, ND and MI stations. KXTR website has referred to being off the air periodically for antenna work. It currently shows this, now outdated, so they are still not finished:


1250 Spanish and 1090 EWTN from the KC area were in well, so skywave was obviously in play, and KXTR should have been easily audible if on. I hope the `work` does not include diminishing the skywave component.

Talk on 1670 also in, no doubt WTDY Madison WI (I had also heard it Dec 17 around 1800, close to low noon at 1832 UT = 1200 LMT); and no sign of CJEU Gatineau QC.

1210, KGYN Guymon OK still ailing with very weak groundwave signal, but barely audible ``US Country`` slogan at 2020 Dec 18, SAH between two other very weak signals.

1560, at 2015 UT, our nearest groundwave station on that frequency, KOCY, 1 kW Del City (why license to this SE suburb of OKC? It was originally much further off to the SW in Chickasha as KWCO, which stood for Women`s College of Oklahoma; KOCY were heritage calls which should have stayed on 1340); now 1560 is Radio Disney, already getting heavy QRM from a skywave pileup, mainly something with a talk show. And one of them far enough off-frequency to cause a rumbling audible het (such as 30-40 Hz, maybe).

Next check at 2035 it was even worse; besides the rumbling AH, there were also a SAH of 6 Hz, and another faster SAH. So that`s at least three or four stations. At 2100, Houston-orientated sportstalk on top, obviously 50 kW KGOW ``Bellaire`` TX, but no legal ID to be heard. 2101 played PSA for http://texasflu.com and then at 2102 ID only as ``1560 The Game, happily filling the holes in your life``, which I must say is a distinctive slogan altho it leaves me cold; what holes? Is that any way to talk to a proud listener? Probably played then, since a golf ad was to follow, ha2.

Rather tight major daytime lobe is at 14 degrees, and one of the nulls at 330 degrees; we are roughly halfway between them, meaning considerably off the boresight.


This is the same station that got out widely a few months ago during a hurricane/flood emergency when running day facilities at night, and relaying news from a local TV station, KPRC `2`, as I recall. Low sun now means it gets plenty of daytime skywave propagation.

1370, rechecked again in the afternoons of Dec 17, and 18, still no groundwave signal from KGNO Dodge City KS, which used to be a daytime fringe regular here. It`s still on the books as non-direxional, day power 5 kW, an heritage station, but does it exist any more? It`s now part of a 20-station group all over Kansas, so just another cog. I should phone and inquire, 620-225-8080.

Coverage map at http://www.rockingmradio.com/kgno.htm shows the ``0.5 mV/m`` contour extending into OK no further than Alva in Woods county, but it should be audible here over the Ogalalla aquifer with much less signal than that. Er, make that microvolts per meter; what difference does a little factor of three orders of magnitude make? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. X-band scan in the caradio afternoon of Dec 19; it`s harder and harder to find a quiet spot in Enid covering the entire MW band, with all the Xmasdex, powerline and trafficlites, but at 2052 UT I was getting a clear steady signal on 1680 with ad for a jeweler in Vicksburg MS, huh? On 1680? Then another ad for In Style hairdresser mentioning the 318 area code, which is northern LA. At 2053 ``The music you grew up with, Old School 1680 AM``. Has to be KRJO Monroe LA, which NRC AM Log 2009 says is // 1360 KBYO Tallulah LA, but it was silent as of 6/2009 and not cross-referenced to 1680. Address is same for both in Monroe, but different formats.

Tallulah is a lot closer to Vicksburg eastward on I-20. (I made the mistake of driving across LA on I-20 years ago; did they ever get it smoothed out?). Since the slogan heard on 1680 mentioned 1680, yet the 1360 transmitter would (better) serve Vicksburg, is that on the air or not, and which one is the primary station?

FCC shows KBYO with a different licensee, ``FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF TULLULAH, LOUISIANA`` altho the town is spelt Tallulah. It`s not on the 12/1/09 edition of silent AM stations:



** U S A. 1610, the only `open` MW channel in the USA, often has an annoyingly high noise level. This is partly due to the lack of any strong signals to muscle aside splash from 1600 and 1620, as well as whatever local noise sources may be radiating. Forget Anguilla, Mexico, or Canada. At 0733 Dec 21, I decided it was IBOC noise since that was also audible on 1590 despite the pileup of AM signals there. And what was on 1600? Black gospel music, no doubt the dominatrix KATZ St Louis, which runs 5 kW day and night. And yes, NRC AM Log 2009 does show it running IBOC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1120, KEOR, was licensed to Catoosa, NE of Tulsa, but as I found when I tracked down the transmitter site, it`s really in Sperry, N of Tulsa. Yet I was surprised to hear an ID Dec 22 at 2012 as ``Old School R&B, KEOR, Sperry-Tulsa, and Hot 1340, KJMU Sand Springs``. Anyhow it seems to be on the air every day now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1660, KXTR Kansas City back on the air with classical music, Dec 23 at 2039 UT check, some QRM from other skywave stations. Need more checking to decide whether KXTR`s skywave signal has been reduced.

1680, KRJO, seems a regular afternoons here with early skywave kick-in, such as Dec 23 around 2200 UT with ``Old School`` slogan IDs, references to ``The Twin Cities``, TOH ID as pertaining to Monroe-West Monroe-Bastrop, Louisiana --- but no mention of Tallulah or Vicksburg. Is this ``Old School`` stuff something new, a syndication format? I know there are some other stations using that slogan; see OKLAHOMA. Old school could mean practically anything that is not current (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. While bandscanning on the caradio for TA carriers, also happened upon KKOB, 770, Albuquerque NM, Dec 30 at 2349 UT, with 39-degree temp, ad for NYE at a casino, some guy from Oklahoma subbing for regular local talkhost; he`s normally heard on KNML-610. Topic of the moment: ABQ`s DUI policy. Some noise from WBBM 780 IBOC. This is one of the best times to hear KKOB, after sunset here but before sunset there when they go extremely direxional westward.

According to the FCC SR/SS table for KKOB coordinates:


LSS in December is 5:00 pm MST = 0000 UT. In January they gain a quarter-hour until 0015 UT.

Interesting that the *other* KKOB, the nondirexional 230 watt fill-in co-channel relay in Santa Fe, has a different sunset time in December of 4:45 pm:


FCC classifies it as an ``experimental synchronous operation``. But I suppose they don`t turn it on until the primary transmitter goes direxional a quarter-hour later. Even so, at certain places between the two cities the signals interfere with each other, and I believe someone reported they are not precisely zero-beat as one would expect.

While we are there, we see that the sunrise times are 7:00 am MST in Dec, 7:15 in Jan, i.e. 1400 and 1415 UT for both cities, when we should also have a good chance eastward if we are not too far away.

The KKOB ABQ night pattern is a classic two-tower broad cardioid with a deep null toward New York (and Enid, and less precisely, Santa Fe):



Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Perseus SDR IQ and flag / superloop antenna

1215   KALININGRAD (RUSSIA)   Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo  12Dec09 2358 - English announcement "This is the Voice of Russia World Service..we continue our transmission to North America". Frequencies and web site given, then "Great Gate of Kiev" interval signal. - Fair under UK Absolute Radio. [Black-MA]

1215   KALININGRAD (RUSSIA)   Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo  27Dec09 2100 - 2059 with "Great Gate of Kiev" bells interval signal and National Anthem at TOH. Then English announcement, "This is the Voice of Russia World Service broadcasting programs 16 hours every day of the week. You can hear news bulletins every hour on the hour with news in brief on the half hour. We also have daily and weekly features dealing with international and domestic issues. We also have programs which give you an insight to what is happening here in Russia, so tune in to the Voice of Russia World Service." Then news in English. - Fair - Good mixing with UK Absolute Radio [Black-MA]

Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100 barefoot, 16” loop or 120’ BOG


Took a little walk around AM tonight, I finished a switching box for my  antennas so i can use one or both ,the BOG is able to be grounded when not in use .

7:50 central

560  WEBC '560 ESPN'  (Another ESPN station! YAWN) 5000 w class B Duluth Minn. 438 miles. It took almost an hour to get this one.

9:03 central

1700  KVNS  'Classic hit's Radio' (many good songs from the 60's- 70's here) 8,800 w day , 880 w night Class B, Brownsville Tex. 1146 miles !

12/3 1650 Khz 8:00-9:00 central

KBJD    'Radio Luz'   Spanish Christian station    10,000W Day 1,000w Night   Class B Denver Colo.    377 miles

KCNZ  'The sports station'  10,000w Day 1000w Night   Class B    Cedar Falls IA.  317 miles

12/08/09 times PM central

6:31 WIND  'News-Talk 560'  5000w  Chicago Ill.   576 miles

7:18 CKJH  'CK 750'   Greatest Hit's of Rock and Roll  25,000w Class B  Melfort Saskatchewan   771 miles  (Good tunes Here!)

8:01 WKY   'La Indonoble'  Regional Mexican  5000w  Class C  Oklahoma City Okla.  489 miles   Wiki say's this was the first station to broadcast west of the Mississippi River

8:29 KVSH  'Heart City Radio'  5000w day   19 w night Class D  Valentine Ne.  101 miles  

8:40 KMA  'Regional Radio'  5000w Class  B  Shenandoah Ia.  205 miles

10:16 KQAQ  'Classic Country Legends'  5000w day  500w night  Class B Austin Minn.  299 miles  confirmed with Web feed

10:50 KMBZ  'News Radio 980 KMBZ'  5000w  Class B  Kansas City Mo.  315 miles

Fri 5:00 central 12/13

KDDZ 'Radio Disney AM 1690' Arvada Colo. 10,000w 1000w  383 miles

Sun 7:19 PM

780 khz UNID with christmas Music ? ,trading spots with WBBM.

8:17 PM 810 WHB 'sports Radio 810' Kansas City Mo. 50,000w  5000w  314 miles

8:23 PM 800 XEROK 'Radio Canon' Ciudad Jaurez Mex. 150,000w  855 miles ,mixing with 2 others WVAL,and KQAD

8:58 PM 580 khz UNID SS


7:30 PM 1600 khz KATZ 'The new Hallelujah 1600 AM '  urban gospel class B 5000w St. Louis MO. 515 miles   Wiki says they are in HD radio

8:16 PM 980 khz  KDSJ 'Solid Gold 98' Class B 5000w 1000w  Deadwood S.D. 287 miles  , Probably on day power ,with a Girls B Ball Game

8:31 PM 1100 khz  WTAM 'News Radio wtam 1100,The big One'  class A 50,000w Cleveland Ohio 874 miles

Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)

Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, PQ – QC

Grundig G5, PK's Shielded Mag LW Loop


177 GERMANY   Deutschlandradio Kultur DEC 23 2216 - man in German saying something sounding like "Auf Wieder Zein" (Goodbye)... Very weak, but partially readable and stronger than Medi 1 which is very threshold on 171 ! Semi-regular, but never really strong ! (Chiochiu-QC)


Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Perseus SDR with 2 Wellbrook ALA 1530 Outdoor Broadband loops on rotors

6 Dec 2009

Time    ID      Location
0751    X       Kodiak AK
0826    C       San Francisco CA
0835    D       Torshavn Faroe Islands


Freq    ID      Location        Time (UTC)
426     FTP     Fort Payne      AL      0031
515     OS      Columbus        OH      0049
521     GM      Greenville      SC      0210

13 Dec 2009


268     UBY     Bayamo  Cuba            12/13/2009      0612
268     S7      Hanover ONT     12/13/2009      0622
271     HXO     Huntsboro       NC      12/13/2009      0610
272     PFH     Philmont        NY      2/13/2009       0535
274     AKQ     Wakefield       VA      2/13/2009       0518
275     BBN     Babylon         NY      2/13/2009       0456

Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 ProII, Super Loop

Results of overnight DGPS activity over the last couple of days. 

#811 286kHz - FL USA - Key West 1353 Miles
#804 286kHz - NJ USA - Sandy Hook 216 Miles
#918 286kHz - ON CAN - Wiarton 590 Miles
#942 288kHz - NL CAN - Cape Ray 675 Miles
#809 289kHz - FL USA - Cape Canaveral 1034 Miles
#806 289kHz - VA USA - Driver 472 Miles
#869 290kHz - KY USA - Louisville 840 Miles
#799 290kHz - ME USA - Penobscot 204 Miles
#788 291kHz - PA USA - Hawk Run 419 Miles
#836 292kHz - MI USA - Cheboygan 764 Miles
#778 292kHz - SC USA - Kensington 756 Miles
#841 292kHz - MN USA - Pine River 1260 Miles
#803 293kHz - NY USA - Moriches 147 Miles
#771 294kHz - NC USA - New Bern 583 Miles
#939 295kHz - NB CAN - Partridge Is 321 Miles
#843 295kHz - WV USA - St Mary's 597 Miles
#929 296kHz - QC CAN - St Jean Richelieu 297 Miles
#830 296kHz - WI USA - Wisconsin Point 1132 Miles
#792 297kHz - MS USA - Bobo 1231 Miles
#937 298kHz - NS CAN - Hartlen Point 393 Miles
#831 298kHz - MI USA - Upper Keweenaw 985 Miles
#946 299kHz - NL CAN - Rigolet 1019 Miles
#866 299kHz - OK USA - Sallisaw 1397 Miles
#813 300kHz - AL USA - Mobile Point 1270 Miles
#926 300kHz - QC CAN - Riviere Du Loop 421 Miles
#847 301kHz - MD USA - Annapolis 386 Miles
#822 301kHz - GA USA - Macon 962 Miles
#881 302kHz - CA USA - Point Loma 2635 Miles
#901 302kHz - -- PNR - Miraflores 2331 Miles
#356 302.5kHz - -- ESP - Tarifa 3427 Miles
#824 303kHz - NC USA - Greensboro 644 Miles
#816 304kHz - TX USA - Aransas Pass 1790 Miles
#777 304kHz - WI USA - Mequon 916 Miles
#782 305kHz - TN USA - Dandridge 807 Miles
#772 306kHz - MA USA - Acushnett 37 Miles
#934 307kHz - NS CAN - Fox Island 520 Miles
#825 307kHz - AL USA - Hackleburg 1128 Miles
#834 307kHz - MD USA - Hagerstown 422 Miles
#342 308kHz - -- AZR - Horta 2185 Miles
#927 309kHz - QC CAN - Lauzon 358 Miles
#835 309kHz - MI USA - Pickford 765 Miles
#870 309kHz - DE USA - Reedy Point 319 Miles
#944 310kHz - NL CAN - Cape Norman 958 Miles
#859 310kHz - NE USA - Whitney 1687 Miles
#863 311kHz - IL USA - Rock Island 1031 Miles
#340 311.5kHz - -- POR - Cabo Carvoeiro Lt 3128 Miles
#827 312kHz - FL USA - Tampa(Macdill) 1183 Miles
#935 312kHz - NS CAN - Western Head 321 Miles
#874 313kHz - MT USA - Billings 1890 Miles
#1008 313kHz - VA USA - C2CEN Portsmouth 482 Miles
#808 314kHz - FL USA - Card Sound 1274 Miles
#940 315kHz - NL CAN - Cape Race 912 Miles
#800 316kHz - ME USA - Brunswick NAS 153 Miles
#858 316kHz - WA USA - Spokane 2316 Miles
#858 317kHz - TN USA - Hartsville 929 Miles
#864 317kHz - MN USA - St Paul(Alma) 1110 Miles
#823 318kHz - TX USA - Summerfield 1806 Miles
#838 319kHz - MI USA - Detroit 664 Miles
#936 319kHz - NB CAN - Point Escuminiac 457 Miles
#818 319kHz - GA USA - Savannah 915 Miles
#865 320kHz - AL USA - Millers Ferry 1156 Miles
#882 321kHz - CA USA - Lompoc 2736 Miles
#862 322kHz - MO USA - St.Louis 1054 Miles
#839 322kHz - NY USA - Youngstown 461 Miles
#844 324kHz - NY USA - Hudson Falls 204 Miles
#851 325kHz - ND USA - Medora 1663 Miles

Some fairly good early evening Navtex TAs 15Dec09 


<20:30:06> ZCZC DE60
<20:30:09> 15 1639 UTC DEC 09
<20:30:15> NR
<20:30:16> ROUTINE


<20:58:41> ZCZC LB51
<20:58:43> 152025 UTC DES 09
<20:58:46> LGQ
<20:59:10>   STAVERN - LINDESNES
<20:59:32> NNNN


<21:13:36> ZCZC PA81
<21:13:42> NAVIGATIO_AL WARNING NR. 81=151_48 UOC DEC
<21:13:56> NNNN 


<21:28:36> _4._+'6#__ZCZ_ JA47
<21:30:06> 152100 _TC DEC
<21:30:09> SWEDISH NAV WARN 439
<21:30:18> _5__ &433, )8-BUOY IN
<21:30:22> PSN 55-46.0N 012-51.8E
<21:30:26> UNLIT.
<21:30:28> NNNN

<21:30:34> ZCZC JB89
<21:30:36> 151730 UTC DEC


<22:56:25> ZCZC RA28
<22:56:29> 151730 UTC DEC 09
<22:56:32> NAV. WARNING NR 2230/09
<22:56:39> S/V  MOA MOTO , C/S HB-Y4397,
<22:56:49> MMSI 269010000 
<22:56:52> (INM 00870773151091), 
<22:57:01> FUNCHAL, 
<22:57:07> AND IS 


<23:40:11> ZCZC WB95
<23:40:15> GREENLAND 091215 2340 UTC 


<23:43:04> ZCZC WA59
<23:43:11> RNW 353/09
<23:43:14> IRELAND
<23:43:15> WEST COAST 

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

518 NAVTEX 12/5 1220 UTC NMC Pt Reyes CA, tuned in to a strong signal with wx and notices, off 1230.
518 NAVTEX 12/5 1230 UTC VAJ Prince Rupert BC good signal with wx, off 1240.
518 NAVTEX 12/5 1240 UTC NMO Honolulu HI, wx in fair.
518 NAVTEX 12/5 1245 UTC NMQ Long Beach CA, come on over NMO with wx and notices, tuned out at 1305.

Alan Furst – Round Rock, TX

AR7030, Wellbrook 1530

8 Dec 2009

Long wave is jumping tonight.  Morrocco putting good signal into Central Texas on 171.  Others seem to be coming in as well.

Strong French program on 183 Lw.
I shouldn't have skipped that high school French class so much.
Looking for ID, should be Europe 1

I'm hearing stations on 171, 183, 189, 224 Long Wave here in Central Texas.

Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PE, Canada

Icom R75

28 Dec 2009

11:55 AST / 0355 UTC I'm also getting pop music [for example Boney M Christmas music] on 207 KHz LSB on the R-75 while the two Collins filter receivers hold down the fort on 531 [actually, 532 as noted above].  Its tough slugging keeping the beacons at bay, but the ANF on the R-75 is a big help.

The Whole Earth - HF

Steven Wiseblood – Boca Chica Beach, TX

Radio Shack DX-399, Grundig G-8

15 DEC 2009

7455 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Deewa; 1829 phone interview discussion by two Men in Pashto, //7495 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7495 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Deewa; 1833 phone interview discussion by two Men in Pashto, then news and commentary, //7455 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7520 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2111 anmts by M in Farsi, then playing segments of popular Farsi songs, //7580 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7540 UKRAINE, Nikolayev, Radyoya Dengê Mezopotamya; 1837 Turkic-Asian-type instrumental music, 2055  Asian-Turkic type vocal music, 

M in Kurdish 2054 with announcements, 2055 W in Kurdish with ID, clearly heard "Mesopotamia", then gave frequencies, Martial-Instrumental NA to 2100* S/off (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7550 INDIA AIR-Delhi; 2101 EG nx by W, mention of New Delhi, ID "You are listening to the Overseas Service of All INDIA Radio", 2108 commentary by M in EG over INDIA-PAKISTAN relations  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

7580 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2111 anmts by M in Farsi, then playing segments of popular Farsi songs, //7520 (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)

9445 INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; W in EG, //7550 playing Bollywood film favourites, one song sounds like a Bollywood version of  "My Darling Clementine" that I've heard before on Vividh Bharati-9870  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/15/2009)  

22 DEC 2009

5980 TURKEY VoT, Cakirlar; 2040-2050 Middle-eastern/Turkish vocal music, talk by M in Turkish. Fair-Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)   

6180 INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; 2039 anmts by W in Hindi, Bollywood-type vocals; 2050 M in EG w/anmts, subcontinental chanting w/sitar & sliding drums. Fair-Good //7550 better. QRM from DW-Germany's Russian service (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)  

6200 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria-Plovdiv; 2042 W in GM w/anmts. Very STRONG!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)  

7285 ALBANIA China Radio International-relay, Cerrik; 2011 M in EG w/world news. Fair-Good  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

7550 INDIA AIR-Delhi; 2018 W in Hindi w/anmts, 2050 M in EG,  subcontinental chanting w/sitar & sliding drums. (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

7580 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2021 Farsi vocal music, slogan whispered "Radio Farda" //9925 better . (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

9925 SRI LANKA Irana Wila, VOA-relay R. Farda; 2025 Farsi vocal music,  //7580  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/22/2009)

23 DEC 2009

5970 ALBANIA China Radio International-relay, Cerrik;1853 M&W in FR w/anmts, playing taped reports from correspondants  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009)  

6180 INDIA AIR-Bengaluru;1844 W in EG w/nx, gave website email address and P.O. Box to send reports; Hindi Bollywood-film vocal music 1845,  Poor-Fair //7550  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009)  

6200 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria-Plovdiv; 1848 W in EG  with talk about the busines climate in Bulgaria. VG  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

7380 IRAN VoIRI,  Sirjan; 1854 M in FR w/talk, 1907 local flute music then W in FR w/anmts, VG  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

7400 BULGARIA Radio Bulgaria-Plovdiv;   1857 closing anthem, 1859 "This is Radio Bulgaria"  to 1900*  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

7540 UKRAINE, Nikolayev, Radyoya Dengê Mezopotamya; 1900 M in Kurdish w/remote broadcast. 2036 W in Kurdish w/nx, cmntry. 2043 flute music and chanting by M (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009)

7550 INDIA AIR-Delhi; 2038 M&F Hindi vocalists, 2045 W in EG giving frequencies then M in EG with world news (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/23/2009) 

24 DEC 2009

5955 PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1545 W in Vietnamese with English lesson, translating phrases from English to Vietnamese. Fair-Good  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

6195 SINGAPORE BBC relay, Kranji; 1527 Christmas church service, M in EG with sermon "Thank You to god", songs by the choir included "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", //9740 stronger. Fair-good   (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

7520  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1540 M iN EG  ending news in Special English, then "Voice of America Special English Education Report", Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9325  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1444 W in Burmese interviewing another M&W. Good!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9425  INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; 1535 subcontinental vocal music, M w/anmts in Hindi. fair-good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9520  PHILIPPINES  R. Veritas, Palauig-Zambales; M in Tamil w/anmts, brief instrumental music. Good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9525.98 INDONESIA  Voi-Jakarta; 1410 news read by W in Malaysian, 1441 flute solo and then prayers القرآن‎  al qur'an. fair-good (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9555 PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang; 1442 W in EG with phrases about the Seattle Space needle translated by a M in Korean. very good  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9680  INDONESIA  RRI-Jakarta; 1418 discussion by 2 M in Indonesian, Indonesian vocal music, anmts by M in Indonesian with background music of seashell chimes which sound a bit like a xylophone. strong!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9690  INDIA AIR-Bengaluru; 1407 Hindi vocal music,  M in EG "You have been listening to Film Songs on Listeners Choice" , subcontinental vocal music, then M in EG "This is the Overseas service of All India radio" . Very Good!  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

9704.2 ETHIOPIA  R. Ethiopia,  Addis Ababa-Gedja; 1435 East  African vocal music,  then talk by M in presumed Amharic.  fair with severe het  (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9740  SINGAPORE BBC relay, Kranji; 1432 M in EG with world news, 1536 church service with preacher & choir, //6195. VG (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9760  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang;  1430 ID "Voice of America" W in EG with world news, "Voice of America Special English Education Report" at 1540. VG (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9825  PHILIPPINES VoA-relay, Tinang;  1445 discussion by two M in CH. VG (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009) 

9870 INDIA  AIR, Bengaluru "Vividh Bharati" program;  1495 traditional Hindi vocal music, Film Songs (Wiseblood-TEXAS 12/24/2009)

Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, QC

Sangean ATS818

9575 MOROCCO   Médi Un, Nador DEC 16 0840 UTC - Fair-good, with heavy distorted audio, with news. I think that while 171 is undermodulated, 9575 is overmodulated, not necessarily causing as much pain to my ears as the buzz tonight, but certainly making the sound very low-FI. SINPO 35542. (Chiochiu-QC) 

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Abdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of iconAbdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members

Abdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of iconAbdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership

Abdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of iconAbdx membership is 216 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx

Abdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of iconAbdx membership is 233 members and still growing!

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Abdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of iconAbdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx

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