08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom )

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Название08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom )
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Wed Jul 20

09:00 -17:00 Tutorials ( Track A )

399 - Tutorial: Doing Bayesian Data Analysis with R and BUGS

John Kruschke

387 - Nengo and the Neural Engineering Framework: Connecting Cognitive Theory to Neuroscience

Chris Eliasmith, Terrence Stewart

09:00 -12:30 Tutorials ( Track A )

1467 - Tutorial on the Icarus Cognitive Architecture

Pat Langley, Dongkyu Choi

236 - Tutorial on Model Comparison Methods

Jay Myung, Mark Pitt

13:30-17:00 Tutorials ( Track A )

369 - ACT-R Tutorial

Niels Taatgen, Jelmer Borst

1197 - Doing Cognitive Science by Hand: A Tutorial on Computer Mouse-Tracking

Jonathan Freeman, Rick Dale, Michael Spivey

1147 - How to use Mechanical Turk for Cognitive Science Research

Winter Mason, Siddharth Suri

1408 - Preparing and Presenting Complex Images for Perceptual Cognitive Studies

Javid Sadr

398 - Tutorial on using the Psychology Experiment Building Language (PEBL) in the laboratory, the field, ...

Shane Mueller

09:00 -17:00 Workshop ( Track A )

246 - PRE-CogSci 2011 – Bridging the gap between computational, empirical and theoretical approaches to ...

Kees van Deemter, Albert Gatt, Roger van Gompel, Emiel Krahmer

383 - New Developments in the Cognitive Science of Religion. Hosted by the International Association for ...

Robert N. McCauley, Armin W. Geertz, Joseph Bulbulia

667 - Workshop on Computational Models of Spatial Language Interpretation -- CoSLI-2 in conjunction with ...

Joana Hois, Robert J. Ross, John Kelleher, John A. Bateman

09:00 -12:30 Workshop ( Track A )

715 - Optimality Theory as a General Cognitive Architecture

Tamas Biro, Judit Gervain

1027 - Perspective and Embodiment

Holly Taylor, Elena Andonova

1170 - Half-Day Workshop on Social Computing and Collective Intelligence

Yasuaki Sakamoto, Wai-Tat Fu

528 - Workshop: The Psychology of Negotiation: When, Why and How

Hannah Riley Bowles, Laurie Beth Feldman, Janet van Hell, Judith Kroll, Suparna Rajaram

Thu Jul 21

08:30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A , Imperial Ballroom )

09:00 Keynote: Anjan Chatterjee ( Track A , Imperial Ballroom )

1481 - Space, Time and Causality: Some Neural Observations

Anjan Chatterjee

10:10 Symposium: Finding your way: The cognitive science of navigation ( Track A , Imperial Ballroom )

1486 - Finding your way: The cognitive science of navigation

Benjamin Kuipers, Neil Burgess, Russell Epstein, Verner P. Bingman, Francesca Pazzaglia

10:10 Education and Tutoring Systems ( Track B , Plaza )

Chaired by David Landy

684 - Does Teaching Experience Help? Differences in the Assessment of Tutees’ Understanding Between Teacher ...

Stephanie Herppich, Jörg Wittwer, Matthias Nückles, Alexander Renkl

673 - Measuring Learning Progress via Self-Explanations versus Problem Solving - A Suggestion for ...

Christine Otieno, Rolf Schwonke, Alexander Renkl, Vincent Aleven, Ron Salden

1060 - Exploring the Assistance Dilemma: The Case of Context Personalization

Candace Walkington, Keith Maull

829 - An Investigation of Accuracy of Metacognitive Judgments during Learning with an Intelligent ...

Reza Feyzi Behnagh, Zohreh Khezri, Roger Azevedo

1359 - Modeling Abstract Numeric Relations Using Concrete Notations

David Landy, David Brookes, Ryan Smout

10:10 Human Memory ( Track C , Arlington/Berkeley )

Chaired by James Pooley

1276 - Modeling Multitrial Free Recall with Unknown Rehearsal Times

James Pooley, Michael Lee, William Shankle

853 - Criterion Setting and the Dynamics of Recognition Memory

Gregory Cox, Richard Shiffrin

464 - N-back Training Task Performance: Analysis and Model

J. Isaiah Harbison, Sharona M. Atkins, Michael R. Dougherty

767 - Construction in Semantic Memory: Generating Perceptual Representations With Global Lexical Similarity

Brendan Johns, Michael Jones

1005 - Does retrieval require effort? Effects of memory strength on pupil dilation.

Jelle R. Dalenberg, Hedderik van Rijn

10:10 Philosophy ( Track D , Stanbro Room )

Chaired by Jonathan Phillips

1453 - Apparent Paradoxes in Moral Reasoning; Or how you forced him to do it, even though he wasn’t forced ...

Jonathan Phillips, Liane Young

1259 - A Comparison of Nepalese and American Children’s Concepts of Free Will

Nadia Chernyak, Tamar Kushnir, Katherine Sullivan, Qi Wang

552 - Is Instinct Rational? Are Animals Intelligent? An Abductive Account

Lorenzo Magnani

733 - Conscious Intentions

Anthony Dardis

1024 - Reward Prediction Error Signals are Metarepresentational

Nicholas Shea

12:00 Symposium: More than just logic tasks: New approaches to understanding reasoning ( Track A , Imperial Ballroom )

244 - More than just logic tasks: New Approaches to understanding Reasoning

Magda Osman, Wim De Neys

12:00 Symposium: Being where? Putting cognition, science and realism together again ( Track B , Plaza )

1325 - What Should we Be Realist about in Cognitive Science?

Fred Hasselman, Rick Dale, John Holden, Tony Chemero, Michael Seevinck, Ralf Cox, Eric Dietrich

12:00 Visual perception and memory ( Track C , Arlington/Berkeley )

Chaired by Matthew S. Cain

408 - Agency and Rhythmic Coordination: Are We Naught but Moving Dots?

Charles Coey, Manuel Varlet, Richard Schmidt, Michael Richardson

867 - Distributional and Temporal Properties of Eye Movement Trajectories in Scene Perception

Theo Rhodes, Christopher Kello, Bryan Kerster

692 - Optimal Models of Human Multiple-Target Visual Search

Matthew S. Cain, Ed Vul, Kait Clark, Stephen R. Mitroff

586 - An Ideal Observer Model of Visual Short-Term Memory Predicts Human Capacity–Precision Tradeoffs

Chris R. Sims, Robert A. Jacobs, David C. Knill

12:00 Learning and cognitive development ( Track D , Stanbro Room )

Chaired by Rachel Wu

172 - Infants Use Social Signals to Learn from Unfamiliar Referential Cues

Rachel Wu, Natasha Kirkham, Kristen Swan, Teodora Gliga

1168 - Toddlers’ understanding of prediction, intervention, and means of transmission: When psychological ...

Paul Muentener, Daniel Friel, Laura Schulz

1100 - Modeling the Logarithmic-To-Linear Shift In Representations Of Numerical Magnitudes

Leif Kåre Lende, Niels Taatgen

750 - Ghosts of Theories Past: The Ever-Present Influence of Long-Discarded Theories

Andrew Shtulman, Joshua Valcarcel

12:00 Modeling cognitive development ( Track E , Terrace Room )

Chaired by Emmanuel Dupoux

732 - Templatic features for modeling phoneme acquisition

Emmanuel Dupoux, Guillaume Beraud-Sudreau, Shigeki Sagayama

757 - Multisensory Associative-Pair Learning: Evidence for ‘Unitization’ as a specialized mechanism

Elan Barenholtz, Meredith Davidson, David Lewkowicz

346 - The inception of simulation: a hypothesis for the role of dreams in young children

Serge Thill, Henrik Svensson

735 - An Embodied Developmental Robotic Model of Interactions between Numbers and Space

Marek Rucinski, Angelo Cangelosi, Tony Belpaeme

12:00 Concepts and categories ( Track F , Georgian Room )

Chaired by Matthew Zeigenfuse

259 - A Comparison of Three Measures of the Association Between a Feature and a Concept

Matthew Zeigenfuse, Michael Lee

1350 - Graded structure in adjective categories

Simon De Deyne, Wouter Voorspoels, Steven Verheyen, Dan Navarro, Gert Storms

807 - Incremental Models of Natural Language Category Acquisition

Trevor Fountain, Mirella Lapata

428 - Salient in the mind, salient in prosody

Constantijn Kaland, Emiel Krahmer, Marc Swerts

12:00 Situated cognition ( Track G , White Hill Room )

Chaired by Frederic Vallee-Tourangeau

312 - Building Cognition: The Construction of External Representations for Discovery

Sanjay Chandrasekharan, Nancy J. Nersessian

123 - Distributed Cognition and Insight Problem Solving

Frederic Vallee-Tourangeau, Anna Weller, Gaelle Villejoubert

653 - Interactive Coin Addition: How Hands Can Help Us Think

Hansjörg Neth, Stephen J. Payne

1264 - Multisensory Sensemaking: Children’s Exploratory Behavior has Organizing Structure at Micro- and ...

Nancy Owens Renner

13:40 Symposium: Interactivity and thought ( Track A , Imperial Ballroom )

832 - Interactivity and Thought

David Kirsh, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Herb Clark, Yvonne Rogers

13:40 Symposium: The development of spatial cognition during childhood ( Track B , Plaza )

665 - The Development of Spatial Cognition During Childhood: Extending Understanding of Perception, Memory, ...

Anne Schutte, Heidi Fleharty, Alycia Hund, David Uttal, Megan Sauter, Nina Simms, Dedre Gentner

13:40 Instruction and teaching ( Track C , Arlington/Berkeley )

Chaired by Yuri Uesaka

1142 - Pretesting with Multiple-choice Questions Facilitates Learning

Jeri Little, Elizabeth Bjork

536 - Designing learning materials to foster transfer of principles

Lennart Schalk, Henrik Saalbach, Elsbeth Stern

764 - The Role of Comparison in Mathematics Learning

Shanta Hattikudur, Martha Alibali

1420 - The Effects of Peer Communication with Diagrams on Students’ Math Word Problem Solving Processes and ...

Yuri Uesaka, Emmanuel Manalo

13:40 Acquiring syntactic structure ( Track D , Stanbro Room )

Chaired by Sara Finley

1062 - Functional Biases in Language Learning: Evidence from Word Order and Case-Marking Interaction

Maryia Fedzechkina, T. Florian Jaeger, Elissa L. Newport

293 - Semantic Regularities in Grammatical Categories: Learning Grammatical Gender in an Artificial ...

Jelena Mirkovic, Sarah Forrest, Gareth Gaskell

266 - Multimodal Transfer of Repetition Patterns in Artificial Grammar Learning

Sara Finley, Morten Christiansen

775 - Storage and computation in syntax: Evidence from relative clause priming

Melissa Troyer, Timothy J. O'Donnell, Evelina Fedorenko, Edward Gibson

13:40 Cognitive architectures and formal modeling ( Track E , Terrace Room )

Chaired by Steven Phillips

119 - A Memory-Based Account of the Spatial Prisoner’s Dilemma

Chenna Reddy Cotla

591 - Categorial compositionality continued: A category theory explanation for quasi-systematicity

Steven Phillips, William Wilson

822 - Learning to perceive time: A connectionist, memory-decay model of the development of interval timing ...

Caspar Addyman, Robert French, Denis Mareschal, Elizabeth Thomas

729 - Racing for the City: The Recognition Heuristic and Compensatory Alternatives

Katja Mehlhorn, Julian N. Marewski

13:40 Processing complex information and inference ( Track F , Georgian Room )

Chaired by Chris Thornton

228 - Naive Inference viewed as Computation

Chris Thornton

1329 - The Influence of Learner Characteristics on Conducting Scientific Inquiry Within Microworlds

Janice Gobert, Juelaila Raziuddin, Michael Sao Pedro

460 - Which Parts of Scientific Explanations are Most Important?

Benjamin Rottman, Frank Keil

537 - Effects of Aging and Individual Differences on Credibility Judgment of Online Health Information

Q. Vera Liao, Wai-Tat Fu

13:40 Emotions from physical states to social interactions ( Track G , White Hill Room )

Chaired by Sidney D'Mello

997 - Affective and Non-affective Meaning in Words and Pictures

Vicky Tzuyin Lai, Peter Hagoort, Daniel Casasanto

134 - Reverse Appraisal: Inferring from Emotion Displays who is the Cooperator and the Competitor in a ...

Celso de Melo, Peter Carnevale, Jonathan Gratch

286 - Dynamical Emotions: Bodily Dynamics of Affect during Problem Solving

Sidney D'Mello

1258 - Simplicity Effects in the Experience of Near-Miss

Jean-Louis Dessalles

15:10 Symposium: Place holder structure and numerical computation ( Track A , Imperial Ballroom )

1371 - Placeholder structure and numerical computation

David Barner, Neon Brooks, Michael Frank, Elizabet Spaepen

15:10 Spatial representation ( Track B , Plaza )

Chaired by Alexander Kranjec

1251 - The Schematic Representation of Spatial Relations: Evidence from Group and Single-Case Lesion Studies

Alexander Kranjec, Prin Amorapanth, Anjan Chatterjee

1026 - Priming Spatial Perspective

Elena Andonova, Kenny R. Coventry

798 - A computational theory of human perceptual mapping

Wai Yeap

1212 - Beyond the retina: Evidence for a face inversion effect in the environmental frame of reference

Nicolas Davidenko, Stephen Flusberg

15:10 Modeling child cognition ( Track C , Arlington/Berkeley )

Chaired by Stephanie Denison

1287 - The emergence of probabilistic reasoning in very young infants

Stephanie Denison, Christie Reed, Fei Xu

1374 - Learning to Balance a Beam: The Effect of Instability

David Pfeiffer, Heidi Kloos, Daniel Bullard

1001 - In the Eyes of the Beholder: What Eye-Tracking Reveals About Analogy-Making Strategies in Children ...

Jean-Pierre Thibaut, Robert M. French, Angélique Missault, Yannick Gerard, Yannick Glady

1154 - Using Manual Rotation and Gesture to Improve Mental Rotation in Preschoolers

Raedy Ping, Kristin Ratliff, Elizabeth Hickey, Susan Levine

15:10 Communication and evolution of language ( Track D , Stanbro Room )

Chaired by Amy Perfors

698 - The computational costs of recipient design and intention recognition in communication

Mark Blokpoel, Johan Kwisthout, Todd Wareham, Pim Haselager, Ivan Toni, Iris van Rooij

413 - The emergence of procedural conventions in dialogue

Gregory Mills

338 - Language evolution is shaped by the structure of the world: An iterated learning analysis

Amy Perfors, Daniel Navarro

877 - Cultural emergence of combinatorial structure in an artificial whistled language

Tessa Verhoef, Simon Kirby, Carol Padden

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08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) iconOpening Remarks

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) iconPrizes for Science Books previous winners and shortlists

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) icon08: 30 Registration 09: 00 Welcome Remarks Morning session I: Dedicated to Prof. A. Acrivos, “Suspensions and particulates”

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) iconWould be flipping into a parallel universe or travelling to the back of beyond. Indeed, the elf-like Astronomer Imperial, perhaps the brightest alpha-diva in London and the

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) iconI a good day at the track

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) iconA historical desktop study of the Kokoda Track

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) icon1990 Ph. D. Zoology, Imperial College, University of London, London, U. K

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) iconPart1: Previous Research and Track Record The applicants

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) iconAnd Philippe Faucon fall into the trap of traditional concepts of culture that break with the strong intercultural or transcultural perspectives voiced by the same directors. Preliminary remarks

08: 30 Opening Remarks and Prizes ( Track A, Imperial Ballroom ) icon09: 30 – 10: 30 Opening Session (Hall 1)

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