A comprehensive wine information guide in a program to manage your home cellar

НазваниеA comprehensive wine information guide in a program to manage your home cellar
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Shiraz - The backbone of the Australian industry, this red variety can have a spicy, peppery Aroma with mulberry/blackberry flavours and firm tannins. Shiraz can be blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, a mix only seen in Australia. There is growing support for the notion that Shiraz may be premium red variety for Australian conditions.

Smoky - Usually an oak barrel byproduct, a smoky quality can add flavor and aromatic complexity to wines.

Soft - No harsh sensation on the palate and after-palate.

Solera - A technique of topping up many casks of firtified wine, stacked in a pyramid, by progressively blending younger wine with increasingly older stock. The better (and more expensive) blends contain a greater amount of the older stock.

Sparkling Wine - Australia makes "sparkling wine", not champagne. Only the French region of Champagne makes "champagne". In Australia we tend to label the "champagne" styles as "Methode Champenoise

Spicy - A descriptor for many wines, indicating the presence of spice flavors such as anise, cinnamon, cloves, mint and pepper which are often present in complex wines. Very typical in rhones styled wines.

Stale - Old, over the hill wines which have lost their freshness without developing the positive aspects of successful aging.

Stalky - Stemmy. Smells and tastes of grape stems or has leaf- or hay-like aromas.

Stemmy - Wines fermented too long with the grape stems may develop this quality. An unpleasant and often dominant stemmy aroma and green astringency.

Structure - The interaction of elements such as acid, tannin, glycerin, alcohol and body as it relates to a wine's texture and mouthfeel. Usually preceded by a modifier, as in firm or lacking in structure.

Subtle - Delicate wines with finesse and elegance. Understated flavors that are well integrated and inspiring.

Sulphur dioxide (S02) - Chemical used as an anti-oxidant in winemaking. The smell of sulphur dioxide can be present in a newly opened bottle of wine, but it should dissipate. With todays truth-in-labelling laws, it is referred to on food and wine labels as "Preservative(220) added".

Supple - Describes texture, mostly with reds, as it relates to tannin, body and oak. Tends to indicate well balanced.

Sur lie - wines aged sur lie (french for "on the lees") are kept in contact with the dead yeast cells and are not racked or otherwise filtered.

Sweet - More than fruity; pertaining to sugar.

Syrah - Shiraz.

Glossary of Wine Terms - T -

AA - BB - CC - DD - EE - FF - GG - HH - IJ - JJ - KJ - LJ - MM - NN - OO - PP - QQ - RR - SS - TT - UU - VU - WW - XW - YW - ZW

T.A - total acid, or more correctly, titratable acid. Measured in g/l of tartaric (in Australia)

Tanky - Describes dull, dank qualities that show up in wines aged too long in tanks.

Tannin - The organic element that occurs naturally in grapes and gives structure to the palate - heavy tannin can taste of stewed tea with a dry, mouth-puckering effect. Tannins can be "light" or "fine-grained" in a smooth wine or "heavy" in a rough red. Tannins will mellow and integrate with the wine as it ages.

Tart - Noticeable acidic taste of malic acid.

Tartaric acid - The principal acid in wine.

Tartrates - Harmless crystals of potassium bitartrate that may form in cask, bottle or on the cork from the tartaric acid naturally present in wine.

Thin - Lacking body and depth.

Tight - Describes a wine's structure, concentration and body, as in a "tightly wound" wine. Closed or compact are similar terms.

Tinny - Metallic tasting.

Tired - Limp, feeble, lackluster.

Toasty - Describes a flavor derived from the oak barrels in which wines are aged. Also, a character that sometimes develops in sparkling wines.

Tokay - A fortified wine made using the Solera system (as per Muscat) but using the white grape Muscadelle.

Glossary of Wine Terms - U..V -

AA - BB - CC - DD - EE - FF - GG - HH - IJ - JJ - KJ - LJ - MM - NN - OO - PP - QQ - RR - SS - TT - UU - VU - WW - XW - YW - ZW

- U -

Ullage - The empty space between the wine and the cork. Ullage in casks or barrels is normally kept to a minimum by topping to prevent the air exposure oxidizing the wine. A bottle of (young) wine with a large ullage could indicate a faulty cork. Ullage will generally increase as a wine ages.

Unfiltered - Wine that has not gone through a filtering process to clarify it.

- V -

Vanilla - The slightly sweet character that occurs from maturation of red wines in American oak barrels. Can also occur in older white wines as a result of bottle-development.

Varietal - Wine made from a particular grape variety (for example, Cabernet Sauvignon); the opposite of a generic wine (for example, chablis).

Verasion - Color change; the moment color appears in the grapes. It also signals a shift in the development of the grape, which now begins the long process of ripening.

Vegetal - Some wines contain elements in their smell and taste which are reminiscent of plants and vegetables. In Cabernet Sauvignon a small amount of this vegetal quality is said to be part of varietal character. But when the vegetal element takes over, or when it shows up in wines in which it does not belong, those wines are considered flawed.

Velvety - Having rich flavor and a silky, sumptuous texture.

Vidal - Versatile white grape used to make wines ranging in flavor from dry to a sweet late harvest dessert wine.

Vigneron - Grape-grower.

Vignoles - This grape produces a wine that has a luscious floral aroma and fruity flavors of pineapple, pears, and apricot.

Vigorous - In wine, a lively taste or feel.

Vin - Wine (French). As in vin ordinaire, or ordinary wine. To vinify is to make grapes into wine. (Pron. 'vann').

Vinegar - Wines spoiled by the vinegar bacteria, and not pleasant to drink. A major winemaking fault that is easily detected by the influence of acetic acid on the aroma and taste.

Viniculture - The science or study of grape production for wine and the making of wine.

Vinous - Literally means "winelike" and is usually applied to dull wines lacking in distinct varietal character.

Vinosity - Wine-tasting term pertaining to the alcoholic strength of a wine and its grape character.

Vintage - The annual grape harvest or the year the grapes are harvested, ie. "Non-Vintage" is used to describe a champagne or sparkling wine which is a blend of more than one year's wine. A "Vintage" wine is therefore produced from grapes of one year.

Vinted by - Largely meaningless phrase that means the winery purchased the wine in bulk from another winery and bottled it.

Vintner - Winemaker.

Vintner-grown - Means wine from a winery-owned vineyard situated outside the winery's delimited viticultural area.

Viscous - Thick appearance in wine; showing the presence of glycerol.

Viticultural area - Defines a legal grape-growing area distinguished by geographical features, climate, soil, elevation, history and other definable boundaries. Rules vary widely from region to region, and change often. See also appellation d'origine.

Viticulture - The cultivation and maintenance of grape vines. Involves everything from site selection to trellising, preparing root stocks, grafting, spray programs, pruning, fruit evaluation, canopy management, etc. All designed to direct sunlight to the grapes and achieve optimum quality', ripeness and flavour.

Vitis - The botanical name for the vine. Vitis vinifera, the grape-bearing vine. is responsible for most of the world's quality wines. The North American Vitis labrusca is a native vine.

Volatile - An excessive and undesirable amount of acidity, which gives a wine a slightly sour, vinegary edge. At very low levels (0.1 percent), it is largely undetectable; at higher levels it is considered a major defect.

Glossary of Wine Terms - W..Z -

AA - BB - CC - DD - EE - FF - GG - HH - IJ - JJ - KJ - LJ - MM - NN - OO - PP - QQ - RR - SS - TT - UU - VU - WW - XW - YW - ZW

Whole Berry or Whole Cluster Fermentation - Techniques that increase the fruitiness and tannin of whole berries or clusters.

Wine - The fermented juice of grapes.

- X -

- Y -

Yeast Autolysis - The breakdown of yeast during aging on the lees, in which compounds are released that heighten the sensory qualities of the wine and increase its complexity.

- Z -

Zinfandel - The most widely planted red grape in California. White Zinfandel is a blush-colored, slightly sweet wine. Real Zinfandel, the red wine, is the quintessential California wine.

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Thanks are given to the following for their generous help

The Uncorked 2006 Beta Testers (in first name alphabetic order)

• Alejandro Garcia

• Arthur Fowler

• Bill Buitenhuys

• Cliff Weiss

• Connie Mowat

• David Hotchkin

• Jason Longland

• James Wilson

• Jim Atkinson

• Mike Bresolin

• Peter Bittner

• Ronald Powell

• Toby Warson

• Tom Dillon

• Vincent De Knock

Davig Ling for creating the initial Portugal database

Daniel Rogov for creating the initial Israel database

Bordeaux Central for kindly hosting The Uncorked Forum at (http://groups.msn.com/BordeauxCentral/uncorkedcellar.msnw)

All contributing users for your suggestions and Tips & TricksTipsAndTricks.

All contributing Winemakers, both for the fruit of their labours, and their generous provision of information about their wines.

Registrar of Protected Names

Regional Maps have been provided by

• Burnett Valley Winegrowers Association

• Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association

• Mark Maguire
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