Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members

НазваниеAbdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members
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October 2007 ABDX Journal

Vol 2. Issue 10

Editors Corner:

ABDX membership has grown with several HF DXers joining. ABDX Nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members.

ABDX is STILL looking for those who would like to edit a section or send in a story for publication in the Journal. If you are interested, email listowner@americanbroadcastdx.com . I can only offer those who contribute by editing, free membership and accolades. Of course membership is free for all but the accolades are what makes the pay worth it all. Join Jay Heyl and me in producing the Journal!

Octobers CME was about HS Football. Often stations stay on or at higher power to get the high school game broadcast completed and it’s a great way to catch a new station.

There are two articles that were not posted on the mail list. One is on WUMS from Harry Helms and another by Phil Rafuse on getting your radios ready for DXing. These are great articles we all believe you will enjoy.

We enjoy seeing our members who have made it to the “Hall of Fame” for those of us with faces for radio! If you are a member and want to be in the Rogues Gallery, send your pix to webmaster@americanbroadcastdx.com.

Only submissions from ABDX members will be accepted unless the editor decides the information is so important that it should be added. This will probably be very rare, Should you receive this and you are not a member, go to this URL and tell us a little about yourself and we will consider you for membership.

This is the site to join ABDX.


The ABDX website URL is:

www.americanbroadcastdx.com or www.abdx.org

The ABDX CME Journal is available to all at no cost. Please pass it around to your DXing friends and also post it on other lists as well.

You can get your copy of the journal at www.abdx.org

The October CME Announcement

ABDX announces the October CME. The October CME will focus on two fronts. One will be the tradition of football, High School, College and Professional will be starting in full and this is the time to catch the stations running the famed Football STA. [This is not really approved by the FCC but is generally done] You can catch football DX on any band and even TV and report.

The second front is playoff baseball. The playoffs are here and radio is a medium made for baseball. We will accept logs from the first playoff game to the last game of the Worlds Series. 

And of course, if you can get IBOC to decode, we are always interested in that.  

Harry Helms has requested a CME for logs in the 1711-5200 range. This is the area I would like to see you focus on but will take all HF logs. We REALLY, REALLY, REALLY do LOVE HF logs. Don't be shy, send your logs to the mail list. HF logs from you all will get more people interested in HF radio. HF DXers, let us know what you are hearing. 

WX, FM and TV may be slow but if you can get any DX on WX, FM or TV send it along! October and November are the last two months of hurricane season, you never know what you might hear on the WX band!

NBN - Nothing But Net logs, let us know what you find, we get some very interesting streams from listeners on ABDX. Its a way to hear things that are far out of range of your radio. 

LF -Send in your beacons.  This is the band that you can actually get that 400W station from Tahiti or Iceland from inside the North American Continent. This is what I call the real DX band. LF DXers started to send in logs last month and some of the stuff they heard is phenomenal. 

Satellite reception is always on the menu, let us know what you are hearing or seeing and what you think about those programs. 

What are you hearing?

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way and Mike Richard, the ABDX crew.

The Broadcast Band

John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Receiver, Antenna


I've heard of and have seen real estate signs in front of house that are for sale that advertise "Tune your radio to XXXX AM to hear about this house!" but I think I logged my first two such transmitters over the weekend.  While tooling around Dover, Delaware on Sept 28, I heard two very distorted signals on 1670 and 1700 khz.  The audio was so badly garbled that all I could catch was "Hi!" at the beginning of the loop and a phone number "1-888-653-2847", which a Google search on came up blank (but the 653-exchange in the 302 area code is used in nearby Smyrna, DE).  It was a repeating loop on both frequencies and the messages (what I could decipher) sounded similar.  I couldn't pick up anything that resembled an ID or a location.  Both signals were very low powered as I could only hear them in downtown Dover. 


After a bit of a dry spell, I did snag a new MW station for my log- WRDZ, LaGrange/Chicago IL in 1300 with R. Disney abominations.  Got it on Oct 8 at 2035 Eastern.  No local ID but as far as I know, the only R. Disney outlet on 1300 is their Chicago station.  MW station #579.


Added two new MW stations for my log tonight- nothing earthshaking, but a new station is a new station!

Oct 12- 1800  WLEA-1480 Hornell NY, with TOH ID, in the hash, tough copy.  ME station #580

Oct 12- 2205  WNTJ-850 Johnstown PA with end of a high school football game.  Announced that game was also broadcast on 990, which would be WNTW- Somerset PA, a station i already have.  MW station #581.  I'm surprised I waited so long to log this one.


Oct 13- 0730  WHIC, Rochester NY on 1460 with Catholic/EWTN programming.

Oct 13- 2215- Croatia (presumed) on 1134 with low-level audio, battling the slop from WBBR-1130.  My first real TA of the season, although I'm sure that's Saudi Arabia causing the het on 1520 each night.

Oct 14- 0730, WLOA, New Castle PA on 1470, presumed.  Rose out of the hash long enough to get a local phone number in the 724 area code, which is Western Pennsylvania, but then lost the station and no ID.  I get mixed info off the internet as to their programming- are they a Catholic station or are they doing sports?  The programming sounded religious, but on Sunday morning, a lot of stations sound religious.


Got WDHP-1620 from the USVI in, with calypso-Caribbean style vocals, mixing with the Indiana station here with their "love songs" format, at 2145 EDT.

Croatia on 1134 is putting in the best signal of the season so far- good, clear audio, with local music.


0700 Eastern this morning, had the usual mix of WCBS and WRFD on 880, duking it out.  But there was a station with about equal strength mixing in with them, playing what sounding like gospel music.  No TOH ID or announcements of any kind for the 15 minutes I had to listen while showering and brushing my teeth..   Grrr...I had it when stations miss the top-of-hour IDs! WBAP-820 from Fort Worth was also in like gangbusters this morning to the east coast.


At 2200 EDT on 990- got the familiar CBC Radio 1 jingle in the unholy hash that's on 990, with Montreal, Philadelphia, a Spanish station and who knows what else thrown in.  CBC Winnipeg is here.  There is a listed CBC outlet in Newfoundland here but since they are 30 minutes "off", I don't think they'd be running CBC news at 2200.  Couldn't make out the CBC news or the usual provincial weather forecast at the end of the newscast, so chalk this one up to a presumed log of CBC Winnipeg- my first! 


Listening to WHAS-840 out of Louisville, with a lot of tornado warning announcements.  Makes for interesting listening.  And they have a constant beeping in the background.  Is that something associated with the NWS warning announcements or something WHAS is doing?


WABC-770 is getting clobbered by a very strong Spanish station at 2345 Eastern.  Now my Spanish is quite lousy but it doesn't sound like Cuba.  Colombia is reported here.  Am taping and hope to have something useable at the TOH, if not before.


Also a new MW- WAKM-950, Franklin TN at 0815 EDT, with news that it was election day today in Franklin.

I was also tracking what appeared to be a Christian station on 1010 last night, under and mixing with WINS and CFRB.  Couldn't get that name of the program or any IDs, but first time a station like this was heard on 1010. This was heard on my new sloper I finished last night, pointing NNE.


Getting CFDR-780 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, under and sometimes over (!) WBBM, with their "KIXX County" brand and classic country music at 2315 Eastern.


620  WSNR Jersey NJ, at 1405 Eastern, with Caribbean themed news and programming.  My 600th MW station!

1590  WKHZ Ocean City MD at 1645 with KHZTV.com programming.  I think WYRE-810 in Annapolis MD is playing this KHZ programming as well, as WYRW is no longer broadcasting in Spanish (update your lists!).  WKHZ has always been a tough catch for me despite being relatively close, first time heard in a nice upfade.  MW station 601.


WROW-590 Albany NY at 2200 on Oct 23.  Got the TOH ID on tape, dug out from the hash.  One of those stations that has eluded me, until last night.

UNID- 1010 at 2230 on Oct 23.  Spanish, under WINS and CFRB, got a "Radio Sutatenza" ID or slogan after a song, then station faded out.  That might suggest a Colombian, but my lists aren't showing any good possibilities.

1250-WARE, Ware MA at 0830 on Oct 24.  Good ID, local girls field hockey scores, into oldies.

1260- WNSS, Syracuse NY, presumed the one here at 0845 on Oct 24, ad for a "Joe Romano Chevrolet" on Hiawatha Blvd, and there is one in Syracuse, plus partial ID as they were fading.

Alan Schreier – Austin, TX

Receiver, Antenna


1610-Too weak for me to recognize what musical format they are presently running tonight and no TOH id at 1900 ct.  Tonight I have my loop correctly set up for DFing and the signal appears to be from near Mexico City.  I can’t get a real good bearing until they become a bit louder or my nearby 1600 splatter generator clams down a bit. Just heard the Radio Chapingo name.  I wonder if they ever announce call letters.

Michael J. Richard – Evanston, WY

Sony 7600

1070     KATQ   MT        Plentywood       17:45-18:10  10/16/07     Listened for quite some time….heard a few country songs – some sort of satellite service – possible ABC’s “Real Country” format.  Pauses in between songs where liners should have been.  No ID at TOH, then into ABC News.  Then finally a weather update mentioning calls.  Heard between Montpelier, Idaho and Cokeville, Wyoming on U.S. 30.1150     KSEN   MT        Shelby              18:10-18:30  10/16/07     Another one coming in for quite a while – fair to good at times.  VERY surprising that this wasn’t being hashed out by KSL.  Seems that KSL is maybe running at lower power lately.  Heard some great oldies and “The Mike Harvey” show – this is syndicated and is the guy that has hosted “Supergold” on the weekends for many years…I guess he decided to do a nightly thing as well now.  Heard a local break with a female jock mentioning the local forecast and calls.  Heard on U.S. 30 between Cokeville, Wyoming and Randolph, Utah. 


870    KFLD    WA    Pasco        10/23/07    1840    Was trading places with what was most likely the Pierce, CO station.  Heard an ID at the end of the break mentioning call sign.  Weak to fair.

900    CKBI    SK    Prince Albert    Canada    10/23/07    1848    Heard country music and live jock with several call letter mentions.  Fair to good 

930    CJCA    AB    Edmonton    Canada    10/23/07    1854    Heard break with ads and CJCA call mention before going back into REL programming.  Fair

 1460    KZNT    CO    Colorado Springs    10/23/07    1907    Heard some sort of talk program (don't remember the guy's name) then into local break then slogan mention of "News Talk 1460 KZNT" before heading back into the guy's talk show again.  Fair to poor

Martin Foltz – Mission Viejo, CA

Receiver, Antenna


Who is running NFL Monday Night Football on the Westwood One network on 1490 kHz? Heard tonight between 6:45 and 7:00 PM PDT. KOWL also faded up for a nice ID at 7:00 PM and then into CBS news before a quick fade.


10/26/07 4:51 PM PDT (before sunset) tuned in to country music, ToH ID started with music and then and ID by a woman "This is KXAZ 93.3 FM Page-Lake Powell, K270AH 101.9 FM Kanab-Fredonia and KPGE 13-40 Page-Lake Powell, a Lake Powell Communications station." The music continued and then "At 5 o'clock the temperature is 70 degrees" and then into ABC news followed by what sounded like local news but starting to fade into the rumble. 

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the ID and 15 minutes of copy. Probably my furthest regular broadcast reception on a gy. Right up there with KTSN-1340 Elko NV in distance.

Jerry Lenamon – Waco, TX

Drake R8B and T2FD


1610, based on Glenn's info, presumed to be R Chapingo near Mexico City, in the clear at first tune in after 1830 CDT, with instrumental "Girl From Ipanema".

Listening off & on until almost 2100, I think I heard a R Chapingo ID. When time allows I have a recording to listen through for an ID.

Norbert Ansay – Warwick, RI

GE SR II or Radiosophy HD 101


Last night i worked with 1st adjacent of strong IBOC Hash generators.

Practice was done on Kaito 1103 nekid:

WBZ - 1030 IBOC

To hear and clean up KDKA 1020 off tune radio to 1021 OR 1022 . rotate radio for strongest KDKA signal. Once adjusted best signal is obtained on 1022 with little or no hash from WBZ.

On the upper 1st adjacent WHO was difficult. aiming for 1038 was at best but with plenty of hash.

Next down to 710 - WOR IBOC.

700 WLW was listenable and WOR hash little or none at 702 for WLW.

The upper 1st adjacent was a little more difficult but i could pull WGN 720 thru at 718 with moderate hash but words were understandable.


Heard on Kaito 1103 nekkid:

104.7 WMOS Montauk NY 6:47 PM EDT played eagles Hotel California after that said the wolf and said they were broadcasting from the Mohegan sun. Slogan The Wolf.  10/5/07


WNRI 1290 comfirmed running nighttime IBOC . Hash spilling to 1272 KHZ to 1308 KHZ. 

WHJJ 920 is running HD Digital stereo days with their talk shows. When running HD during the day audio is about 10 DB lower then analog mono. Due to limited AM bandwidth a warble can be heard along with other artifacts when decent headphones are used for jugdements.  

1134 was heard on the Kaito pounding in giving 1130 a run for a time. Time was about 9 PM EDT 11/11/07 with a female talking with a male who came on later. 


920 WHJJ local did not turn off HD at 6 PM last night like they had been doing. the HD was on all night . I am unsure if this will permenant or if they forgot last night as they did a few times in the past. I will see what happens again tonight at 6 PM.

If this is here to stay that will be two locals running IBOC 24/7 1290 and 920. 

David Hochfelder – Albany, NY

Receiver, Antenna


I was listening to WTAM tonight to hear the Indians whip the Yankees, here in Albany, NY. I'm planning on listening (or trying to listen to) WGN for Cubs coverage. By grace of God I'm both a Cubs and Indians fan; I lived on the north side near Wrigley till age 26 and spent 7 years in Cleveland in the 1990s.

I'm going to email WTAM to tell them that I was able to listen to their coverage tonight, and that I plan to listen all the way through the playoffs. I'll do the same with WGN. Hopefully emails like this will let stations know that long-distance coverage is desirable and interference is not.

Brian Leyton – Valley Village, CA



Well, I checked out the situation last night, and there were only 3 stations

here with audible IBOC:

KOGO-600, KNX-1070 and KDIS-1110

KSPN had theirs off (YES!), but sister station KDIS was on. I wonder what

that's all about. I looked on the Citadel website, and the only 2 stations

they list in L.A. are KLOS-FM and KABC. I guess KSPN and KDIS weren't sold

to Citadel, so apparently the lack of IBOC on KSPN is due to something other

than a general policy decision.

I can say that the band was actually listenable in the absence of KSPN's

IBOC. When it's on, I may as well just forget about listening to anything

but the strongest of locals on AM.

Juan Gualda – Ft. Pierce, FL

Receiver, Antenna


WBMQ 630 khz Savannah is on day (ND) pattern. 

This is the second night I have noticed them here.


Toronto on 740 khz was in a few minutes ago, covering up Orlando. Great signal

 Also, 700 khz Jamaica is coming in great tonight. I am getting some hash on 700 & 720, assume it is 710. Conditions are pretty good & quiet tonight.


1610 - Caribbean music at 8:35pm eastern. Now Ranchero at 8:53pm

Good signal tonight, S-5 at peaks..low mod though. No ID, yet...

Bill Harms – Elkridge, MD

Receiver, Antenna


I don't recall if anyone has reported WGN 720 running IBOC at night. They are on right now and creaming 710 and 730. 710 is utterly unlistenable.


WWWP is now running IBOC. I first noticed it today. Now to see if they

are going to use it at night,

Paul LaFreniere – Grand Marais, MN

Radiosophy HD100 and 75’ longwire


1240 CKDR6 ON Atikokan. 0802 CDT. Floating in and out with local news for Dryden, Fort Frances and N.W. Ontario. At 0806 "Here's your CKDR weather." 50 watt relayer. NEW.

Allen Willie – St. Johns, NL

FRG 100 and 100 foot wire


765 khz 3:33 UTC Switzerland w/ french chat and pop songs, good signal

1062 khz 3:55 UTC unid but sounds like Denmark w/Danish and ELO song ,

strong signal

1089 khz 3:24 UTC unid w/ pop music talk sounds Russian, maybe

Rossii ? mixing w/ Talk Sport England fair signal

1130 khz 3:26 UTC Bloomberg 11-30 ID Traffic and weather , NASDAQ and

NHL scores.

1179 khz 4:05 UTC Sweden w/ swedish language news Good signal

1200 khz 3:30 UTC CFGO, Ottawa, Ontario w/ sportstalk and The Team

1200 AM ID (clear of powerhouse VOAR 1210 local next door tonight


8:30 UTC  - 980 khz - WOFX - Troy, New York  w/ business promo ad  and Fox Sports Radio ID followed by sports talk   (new one ) , fair 

8:44 UTC - 1250 khz - WGAM - Nashua , New Hampshire w/ Bose Radio ad and "Sports Radio WGAM, The Game "  ID , good 

8:50 UTC - 1270 khz - CFGT - Alma, Quebec w/ news in French , good 

9:00 UTC - 1300 khz - WOOD - Grand Rapids, Michigan w/ Newsradio 1300 Wood Radio ID into News , good 

9:17 UTC - 1360 khz - WDRC - Hartford, Connecticut w/ weather forecast and ID, good  (usually only here this one when up with the chickens)


 October 18 4:18 UTC  WOYK 1350 - York, Pennsylvania  in  on top of

1350 CKAD for a while w/ ESPN Sports programming and station ID /PSA


GERMANY  1422 khz 21:29 UT  Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler w/ German

talk,    (stronger at times tonight than heard in a while)

UNIDENTIFIED 954 khz w/ arabic chanting  22:18 UT (presumed Qatar)

UNIDENTIFIED 1143 khz w/ unknown language Slovak or Russian possibly

22:29 UTC

CROATIA, Hrvatske 1134 khz (SOLID COPY ) w/ Croatian Radio , Voice of

Croatia ID's in English and frequency changes announced for season @


VATICAN, Vatican Radio 1530 khz good copy of familar Interval Signal


612 MOROCCO, 22:50 UTC / 10/20 Sebaa-Aioun w/ arabic music and chants

720 PORTUGAL , R. Clube  23:05 UTC 10/20 w/ portugeuse music  , talk

 (usually Greenland here mostly)

882 WALES, BBC 23:04 UTC 10/20  w/ techno music program

1053 LIBYA , R.Jamahiriyah 22:48 UTC 10/20 w/ arabic over Talk Sport

England // 675

1179 SWEDEN , Radio Sweden 23:10 UTC 10/20 w/ Swedish programming

(extremely strong signal)

1395 ALBANIA , Tirana w/ 20:52 UTC 10/20 w/ albanian programming

1431 DJIBOUTI , R. Sawa 23:04 UTC 10/20 w/ arabic  programming and

american pop songs

1458 ENGLAND , Sunrise Radio 20:35 UTC 10/20 w/ local ads and ID's

1467 FRANCE, TWR Relay via Romoules 20:50 UTC 10/20 w/ arabic then

into english program later (Sounding like a local )

1476 AUSTRIA , R. Austria 20:40 UTC 10/20 w/ French music and


1550 ALGERIA ,(TENTATIVE ) R. Nacional de la RASD  w/ arabic strong

at times definitely coming from 1550 and not 1548 khz which would be

Kuwait . Not sure if this is still on air even ? Anyone  ?


BELGIUM 1512 khz 22/10 @ 20:14 UTC  w / flemish commentary and

pop music. Solid copy and first strong signal of the afternoon.

Within next half hour signals were  good from the likes of Arabia as usual on 1521, France on 864 , TWR France on 1467 and 1395 Albania as well.

(Nice Surprise) IRAN 1035 khz 22/10 @ 20:48 UTC  Radio Sarasarye

w/ Arabic news and several ID's (*NEW ONE*)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 1170 khz 22/10 @ 21:14 UTC w/ arabic chat

and pop music (has stayed in most of the night )

UNIDENTIFIED under 1089 Talksport England @ 20.17 UTC  presumed

Algeria  R.Algérienne, Adrar

PORTUGAL R. Renascenca, Seixal 963 khz 22/10 @ 23:08 UTC w/

commentary in portugeuse and music snipets

GERMANY , SWR Wolfsheim 1017 khz 22/10 @ 23:38 UTC Commentary

in German about Microsoft

IRELAND , RTE Radio 1 , Tullamore  567 khz 22/10  @ 23:44 UTC

w/ Frank Sinatra songs and announcer talking about some loyal


LIBYA , LJB Sebha 828 khz 23/10 @ 00:46 UTC  w/ arabic chants

and music

Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

Drake R8A and K9AY


2215 UTC WBMD 750 khz Baltimore MD @  750 watts  w/ Family Radio

programming (only FR station afaik on that freq). NEW

2217 UTC WQOR 750 khz Olyphant PA at 1.6 kw with Catholic programming //

to web stream RELOG

2222 UTC WCPS 760 khz Tarboro NC at 1 kw with Urban Oldies- Heard Chi

Lites "Oh Girl" into a quick ID then local ads with mentions of Eastern

NC then another quick ID with Tarboro mentions.  NEW

2307 UTC WVNN 770 khz  Athens AL at what must have still been day power

of 7 kw with quick ID's and local weather fairly strong under WABC.  NEW


Glenn Hauser - Enid, OK

Sangean 909


** IRAN. Re 7-128, 1035 kHz: The main programme of IRIB which is now

called Radio Iran, was called Sarasarye until 1 or 2 years ago (You´ll

find it in older WRTH editions). 73

Re 'Sarasarye': This is the old name for the IRIB (domestic) First

Programme. This was dropped in or around September 2006, when the

network began to identify as 'Radio Iran'. Both old and new

identification announcements can be heard on the Iran page of the

Interval Signals Online website -
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Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconAbdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconAbdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconAbdx membership has reached 202 members! 202 today, tomorrow the world, one dxer at a time. I thank all of you for being members of abdx

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconAbdx membership is 216 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconAbdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconAbdx membership is now 184 members, unchanged from last month. Let us know what you are hearing and send in your logs. Your logs are what make abdx a healthy

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconAbdx membership is 233 members and still growing!

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconA selected List of Recent Publications In the list below, the names of the members of the Dynamics Systems (dyn) group (including members of the Dynamic Systems network) are designated in red; researchers from other iiasa groups in blue

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconMembers of the Department

Abdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members iconMembers – as of january 2012

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