Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx

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НазваниеAbdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx
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March 2009 ABDX Journal

Vol 4. Issue 3

Editors Corner:

ABDX membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of ABDX.

This month is the Morris Sorensen CME. Morris was an early ABDX member who passed away and was an avid Canadian outdoorsman. In his honor the April CME is for logs that are caught outdoor whether its just on the porch or out on a DXpedition. This CME is for any logging on any band, just let us know if you heard it outside.

The March CME is split on AM band Frequencies and the whole HF band.

From today until 2359 March 16 DX is open for 1110 to 1710 kc.

From 0001 March 17 until 2359 March 31 DX is open for 530 to 1100 kc.

For the entire month DX is open for HF (shortwave) on any band or frequency. Also open are three letter calls on any band. (this should be good for a lot of LW logs as well...)

March is the time for FM and TV trop to come in. This will be just about your last chance to get some Analog DX on TV.

If anyone wants to help write a column for the Journal please write me at amfmdx at centurytel dot com. If anyone has a one off story for the Journal it would be excellent to have it sent along as well. We would always be glad to include it.

This is the site to join ABDX. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ABDX/

To join ABDX by mail here’s where to send the mail:


The ABDX website URL is: www.abdx.org

The ABDX Journal is available to all at no cost. Please pass it around to your DXing friends and also post it on other lists as well. We want as many as possible to see the Journal so we can grow the DX hobby. Please do your part to keep our hobby viable.

You can get your copy of the journal at www.abdx.org

Thanks as always,

Kevin Redding, Phil Rafuse, Powell Way, Mike Richard, Jay Heyl and Martin Foltz the ABDX crew.

The Broadcast Band

Allan Willie – St. John’s, NF

Yaesu FRG 100

Some logs to start off the month of March CME 

1251 khz - Voice of Africa, Tripoli, Libya  00:19 UTC  3/4/09 w/ slow arabic talk by man 

1521 khz - BSKSA , Duba Saudi Arabia  00:24 UTC  3/4/09 w/ two men talking in arabic, mentions of Arabie 

1548 khz - Radio Sawa , Kuwait City Kuwait  2:48 UTC  3/4/09 w/ arabic pop tunes, R Sawa ID 

Above all heard on the Yaesu FRG-100 w/100 foot random wire 

1480 khz - WMDD ,Fajardo Puerto Rico   00:30 UTC  3/4/09  w/ spanish talk and music, ID 

Above heard on Sony SRF-M37V Ultralight w/ Terk Advantage Loop

Phil Rafuse – Stratford, PEI

As Listed

Heard on a Collins[lower deck]/Teledyne[upper deck] R-390A fed by the usual LFE M601C split 14 ways through a team of minicircuits multicouplers:

Starting 3/4 at 11:45 p.m. AST

1110 WBT Charlotte NC

1120 KMOX Saint Kouis MO


1134 Croatia

1140 CBI Sydney NS

1150 CKOC Hamilton ON with oldies

1150 CJRC Gatineau QC [seems CHGM may finally have gone off air after simulcasting their FM flip]

1160 WSKW Skowhegan ME

1170 WWVA Wheeling WV

1180 WHAM Rochester NY

1180 Unid playing oldies, including Elton John "This is Your Song"


1200 CFGO Ottawa ON

1200 Unid with East Indian music

1200 WKOK Framingham MA with Spanish music

1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA

This revealed two new frequencies to watch: 1180 for oldies and 1200 for East Indian music.

I hope to continue on starting with 1220 another night.

At about 8:30 p.m. ADT tonight [March 9/09] I was fish finding on the MW band with the RF Space SDR-IQ, looking for TAs [with cariers every 9 KHz and recoverable audio on quite a few]. Then, I went to 1180 and noticed WHAM was weak. I could hear Spanish language prattling, and figured it might be Cuba or maybe Radio Marti's pattern got knocked a bit out of whack. Then, I heard a weak fade up and an ID "WXLA" and into an oldie.

I'm doubtful that 1180 WXLA Dimondale MI was what I heard last week on 1180 as by that time of night [roughly midnight or so my time as I recall] they should have been long off the air. Still, it was kind of nice to catch them tonight at a time they should have been running 2KW, down from their non-critical hours 10KW.

One thing I did discover - with the fairly poor LW propagation tonight, the SDR-IQ is no ball of fire on LW. The Palstar R30A kicks its keister. The Drake R8, with its notoriously weak front end, was pulling in lots of signals on LW. Trouble is, they were all from NYC and Boston.

Some St. Patty's Day DX - March 17, 2009:

Heard on the Palstar R30A fed by the LFE M601C antenna:

1269 KHz Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster Germany - NEW - Parallel to 1422 which is pretty much a regular for me - 10:52 ADT.

Heard on the Icom R71A fed by the same antenna noted above:

760 KHz HJAJ RCN Barranquilla Colombia - with sports play by play with frequent and very proud mention of "Colombia!!!". Under and occassionally over WJR. 11:15 ADT.

820 KHz - First, it was that pesky 1KW at night "blowtorch" WNYC in, you guessed it, NYC NY. Then, I heard music in the background and eventually caught an ID for CHAM Hamilton ON - this was at 11:25 ADT. Then, at 11:32 ADT, strong Spanish language talk rose to the foreground for a few minutes, to be replaced with Carrabean English preaching followed by an invite to write "Radio Paradise" [Nevis and St. Kitts] at 11:38 pm. Although Radio Paradise reportedly runs 50KW and 555 KHz 10KW, ZIZ is consistently good here in PEI. I can't recall a single night in the last year that ZIZ wasn't there. Radio Paradise is somewhat of a rarity here thanks to WNYC, which also prevents me getting WBAP, GGGGGRRRRR!

Heard on an Icom R71A fed by a LFE M601C antenna:

1215 KHz VOR Bolshakovo, Russia over Absolute Radio in the UK - 8:45 p.m. ADT.


Earth hour is in progress right now in ADT. I'm shuttling back and forth between radio and computer rooms. Noise floor is low, and the neighbourhood is dark, really dark.

LW and the lower end of the MW band really show it off. I'm listening to Radio Maria 675 KHz in the Netherlands right now - it has never been so clear here.

Chris Black – Cape Cod, MA

Icom 756 Pro II, Icom R-75, SDR-IQ 35' x 90' flag loop, 300' long wire

1310 WGH,Newport News VA - 06Mar09 0859 - Recorded ID  ESPN Radio [Black-MA]

[QSL] 1394.6   ALBANIA   Trans World Radio, Fllak‘  28Nov08 2045 - Chime like tones, then man with presumed ID in Croatian, a short piano intro then woman singing a short simple melody sounding very much like an interval signal or program theme.  - Recorded - Fair. EMWG shows TWR in Bosnian starting at this time but Mauno Ritola via RealDX received a report from TWR saying it was the start of the Croatian program. Per Kalman Dobos of TWR (email 27Jan09) this was Croatian adaptation of Through The Bible, a daily a half-hour Bible study program. [Black-MA]

I don't usually QSL MW receptions, but after some email exchanges with TWR concerning pinning down the program for the above logging from last November, I received today a nice full color card from "TWR Europe" (mailed from Austria) signed by Kalman Dobos verifying reception.

Last night around 10pm Eastern on 1480 I heard: "You are listening to the Bev Smith show live on the American Urban Radio Network" and then a reference to "Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation". Never did get a station ID. [WJZY Charleston, SC ed.] 

Checking the Bev Smith site, WUBA Philadelphia seems logical, but 100000 Watts says it is owned by Clear Channel and WUBA is tropical and I could find no mention of Bev Smith on their site. 

Other possibilities for Bev Smith are WTOY-VA, WKNA-CT, and WCIN-OH but they don't show a Sheridan ownership. 

I am sure the issue is with my research skills, but I am confident our elite assemblage will have an immediate answer. Thanks so much.

1480 WKND, Windsor CT - 15Mar09 2016 - Recorded - "Glory AM" Christian format from Feb 2009. Promo soliciting ad reps. Gave phone number 860 888-6664 [Black-MA] 

I have been hearing a lot of religious programming lately on 1480 with Hartford and CT mentions. The only 1480 in CT is WKND, listed on Barry's site as Urban AC. It would appear that the format has changed with new "Glory AM" slogan and I found this on the web: 

"God has given Elder Maurice Pipkin favor with the current owner of WKND 1480 AM to purchase the station to turn it into a Christian radio station for the community. He will launch the All New 1480 Glory AM in February 2009"

1296 SUDAN Sudan National Broadcasting Corp., Reiba 13Mar09 2339 - Man in Sudanese Arabic with "Sudan" mentions. - Recorded - Fair - language verified via Sylvain Naud via RealDX [Black-MA] 

Just got this back from RealDX: I think I hear the word "Sudan" at sec 18. I have a recording of 1296 Sudan with ID from last summer and I've just listened the way the word "Sudan" was pronounced and it appears to fit with your recording.

Moreover, it does sounds all Arabic to me so it has to be Sudan.


Kevin Redding – Adamsville, TN

Receiver and Antenna as listed

Heard on an Eton E-1XM and 150 foot wire.

1480 WQOH Irondale, AL 3/4 2211 reciting the rosary for Catholics.

NEW! TN294

KWKH 1130 in Shreveport may not have switched antenna patterns. They

are booming in here in Tennessee on the west banks of the Tennessee

River. You might have a good chance to get them tonight.

1380 WPYR Baton Rouge, LA 3/5 2140 Southern LA ads and slogan La

Fabulosa. NEW.

1040 WPBS Conyers, GA 3/8 0800 Indian music and TOH ID. NEW!

650 WSM Nashville, TN 3/8 0742 with church broadcast. Fair.

720 WGN Chicago, IL 3/8 0746 running local ads and PSAs. Poor.

750 WSB Atlanta, GA 3/8 0744 running financial call in show. Blast furnace hot.

870 WWL New Orleans, LA 3/8 0753 Ad for Ziegler Tree Removal. Better than local.

Heard on a DX 440 and 200 foot wire:

1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 3/8 1820 IA Hawkeye hoops talk about going to the big dance.

790 WMC Memphis, TN 3/8 1830 playing C&W music.

700 WLW Cincinnati, OH 3/8 1840 right wing talk.

890 WLS Chicago, IL 3/8 talking about economic wreckage caused by CEO theft and laws that were removed during the last administration that caused it on the show Beyond the Beltway.

1110 WBT Charlotte, NC 3/9 0650 with ID after a Rush Limbaugh clip. Was underneath a REL station and heard during a quiet moment.

850 KOA Denver, CO 3/9 0655 with a "Ken and Barbie" morning news show and ID given. Weak to fair.

710 WOR NYC, NY 3/10 0646 with congresswoman talking about the economy. Super weak, under IBAC, and other stations, in and out.

Heard on a 2004 Saturn radio in a gold Ion2 on the Harrison McGarrity Bridge over the Tennessee River between Savannah and my home in Cosmic Crump, TN:

1570 WCRL Oneonta, AL 3/11 1600 in a reverse murphy while fighting with the dog coming home from her haircut not one but TWO IDs popped up one after another. One was not needed WTRB in Ripley, TN the other was "WCRL, Oneonta" and that one is NEW!

Heard on an Eton E1 and 150 foot wire:

1030 WBZ Boston, MA 3/12 0713 with traffic on the threes. Then blasted out of existence by SS station and IBOC trash.

970 WERH Hamilton, AL 3/16 1258 playing C&W then after about a 45 second pause and fears that I listened to a lot of C&W music for nothing, a perfect ToH ID and then news with local ads. NEW #298

1270 WFUL Fulton, KY 3/16 1412 with local ad after "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin and ID.

1400 WBIP Booneville, MS 3/16 1425 playing C&W, heard dozens of times but never put in the log book. #300

820 WWBA Largo, FL 3/22 0720 with real estate program talking to people about ways to deal with Foreclosure.

Heard on a DX 440 and 200 foot wire on the east side of the house. I use this wire on nice days when I sit out on the porch and DX. The 150 foot wire is to the west and enters the house via coax.

560 KWTO Springfield, MO 3/22 1905 with ID "AM 560 KWTO" NEW

730 KQPN West Memphis, AR 3/22 1933 with ad for a place called Hermon 372-3950 and Germantown Hardware. Went to WBC Baseball between US and Japan. NEW

760 WJR Detroit, MI 3/22 1915 talking about baseball.

810 WHB Kansas City, MO 3/22 1924 with WBC game between US and Japan.

820 CMDE Santiago de Cuba 3/22 1939 sending time pips and morse RR under WBAP. NEW

1080 WHOO Kissimmee, FL 3/22 1945 with WBC game between US and Japan.

1150 WGOW Chattanooga, TN 3/22 1958 end of the Huge Show into ABC News, then WX 40s tonight and 70s tomorrow. NEW

Heard on a Eton E1 and 150' wire:

790 KFGO Fargo, ND 3/27 0706 woman announcer talking about the flood and evacuations. Matched to internet feed. Was under WQXI and popped up for about 45 seconds. No sign of WMC in Memphis 100 miles away. NEW

790 WQXI Atlanta, GA 3/27 0720 while hoping to hear a little more of KFGO before WMC showed up, had WQXI give the "790 The Zone" slogan. Matches to internet feed. NEW

Heard on an AOR 2700 and 150 foot wire:

1300 WKXM Winfield, AL 3/28 1720 with college baseball Alabama Crimson Tide v. Florida Gators. 1729 Piggly Wiggly ad and ID. NEW!

Heard on an AOR 2700 and 150 foot wire:

1360 WIXI Jasper, AL 3/28 1735 with ID and then into C&W. NEW!

Dean Wayman – O’Neill, NE

Kaito 2100, Homebrewed Loop

3/27 7:45PM

All the other stations are there ,I'm Only 2 states away but,I did find, 790 khz KXXX 5000w class D Colby Ka.

And because of full power :

7:58 PM

1100 khz WZFG 50k class B Dilworth Minn. serving -Fargo,Moorhead S.D.

I wonder if most of the station's up there are'nt on day power they seem to be getting here really well?

Also a few of the raods are being opened back up as of this evening. Sounds to me like the crest may be past ? hope hope!

Jay Heyl – Orlando, FL

As Listed


I was listening to my SRF-59 the other night, tuned near the top of the dial. I'm pretty sure I was on 1700kHz, but being analog you never know for sure. I quite clearly heard sports talk with mention of the Trailblazers not making the playoffs and an ID of KXTG. Checking the online resources I find there is no KXTG on MW. There is a KXTG on 95.5 FM in Portland. Does anyone know if any MW stations near the top of the dial simulcast or rebroadcast KXTG? I can't even find anything in the vicinity in the top three slots.

John Cereghin – Smyrna, DE

Car radio or as listed


March has not been a good month for me so far, but got one new one last night anyway on the DT-400W barefoot:

890- WFKJ  Cashtown PA, tuned in at 1900 sign-off, heard IDs for “Oasis Radio Network” (a Christian radio network) and gave a station list that did not include WKFJ.  A check of the Oasis website does not list WFKJ but further research indicates that WFKJ is an affiliate of the Oasis Radio Network.  Only a 101-mile catch but this one is not easily heard.  Also was mixing with WLS and WKNV in Fairlawn VA (a Southern Gospel station).Ultralight station # 518 but only my second new one this month.


While munching on my frosted mini wheats this morning, with the E-100 beside me, I got a new ultralight log:

1480 WADR Ramsen NY, with Sunday morning public service program ("wilderness programming" I call it since only DXers listen to them).  ID at 0800 of "This is WUTQ 1550 in Utica and WADR 1480 Ramsen."  Ultralight station #519 but still no new stations for my overall log (sitting at 789 stations heard here in Delaware) this month.


1340-WENT Gloversville NY, 2225, dominant tonight, with "...Neil Diamond, here on WENT...", into sports and weather for the Gloversville area.  Ultralight station 520 and my 32nd ultralight graveyarder.


1470 WQXL, Columbia SC, 0745 with light Christian Contemporary Music, "QXL" IDs between songs.  Heard barefoot on the DT-200VX.  Ultralight station #521 and station #791 for my overall AM log from here in Delaware.  A 476-mile catch at sunrise.

W. G. Hauser – Enid, OK


** OKLAHOMA. For the record, KEOR 1120, Catoosa/Tulsa/Sperry, which I visited last week when it was on the air, was off the air at 2043 UT check March 2, and also at 1630 March 3 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. On a caradio bandscan at 2039 UT March 2, 1600 dominated by nearest station, KUSH in Cushing OK, with a SAH of 3.5 Hz; could also hear Vietnamese underneath, surely KRVA in The Metroplex, TX. But that`s the station I am 99% sure is the source of the audible het on 1600, which at this time was barely detectable. So a third station was involved; by proximity, a likely possibility is the Kansan, KMDO in Fort Scott, which I have never logged for sure (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. I could hardly believe my ears: the ``liberal`` Ed Schultz talk show on an OK station? There he is on 1600, March 26 at 2107 UT talking about how he`s about to get flooded out of Fargo. Usual daytime groundwave signal from KUSH in Cushing, but to be positive, I got a local ad and ID at 2159-2200; around 2208 they were doing local news or PSAs – hard to tell which. Toward the end of the previous hour Schultz had David Schuster on, for whom he substituted on MSNBC`s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this Monday, I think, and Schultz is going back to guest there on Friday.

During the hour, QRM increased from KRVA 1600 in The Metroplex, with a 190/minute SAH (3.17 Hz), in Vietnamese, and also a slight audible het from elsewhere I have yet to nail down.

Meanwhile I noticed a gaping hole on 1580 with semi-local KOKB Blackwell OK off the air at 2107 and still past 2200. Is it really off? At 2201 checked 1020 for normally // KOKP Perry OK, and briefly they were, with a reverb in Talksports Network, but that must have been something else, as not // a minute later when KOKP was doing a Ponca City commercial; and at 2205, 1580 had weather without any local references heard, and then ID as ``The Sports Hog, 103.1 and 1580 AM`` so despite reference to Oklahoma City, a later one to Arkansas clinched this as KKHG Van Buren AR, listed as sports format in NRC AM Log, but lacking the 103.1 and slogan info. I understand some Arkansas sillyballgame team is porcine, and they`re proud of it! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Thanks to the flood in Fargo, I figured I would at last have a chance to hear the new WZFG-1100, which has a 50 kW day rig from its site in Minnesota, but very low power normally at night. Sure enough, March 27 at 0552 UT, there it was with live coverage, giving phone 271-1100, e-mail talk@am1100.tv and toll-free 1-888-598-8464, also slogan ``Talk Radio The Flag, AM-1100``.

At first it was dominating the frequency; then I had to easily null WTAM-1100 Cleveland OH as it faded back up, a slow SAH with it. By 0558 IBOC from KFAB-1110 Omaha NE was bothering 1100, almost the same direxion from here; discussing areas which are to be evacuated. 0559 legal ID ``WZFG, Dilworth-Fargo-Moorhead, USA``, 0600 Fox `News` Radio, leading with their own local story. By 0602 KFAB IBOC was blocking WZFG. There ought to be a law.

Meanwhile I was checking the other Fargo, and Bismarck frequencies, but could not pull anything floody or identifiable out of the QRM on 550, 790, 970, 1130; or 1200 where KFNW also has a 50 kW day rig; just WOAI heard. No doubt the 50 kW-at-night from WZFG will continue for the duration of the emergency the next few days. There had been a number of reports of KFGO-790 getting out on 5 kW non-direxional day power at night, rather than shooting it all northward at night. CBW-990 is another station to keep an ear on, as they are worried in Winnipeg, barely mentioned in US media coverage (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Lum & Abner on 780, UT Friday March 27 at 0548, which I can only assume is the OTR show from WBBM, quite a timewarp and a respite from current `news`. Had a low rumbling het too, I suppose from some Mexican or other LA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Barry McLarnon – Ottawa, ON

Receiver, Antenna


Last night I was watching hockey, but I headed to the radio between periods. It was coming up to 2000 EDT, so I checked my target list (actually a spreadsheet) to see what needed stations should be going off day power/pattern then. I settled on 810, and started working on

nulling WGY... at 1956, up came a guy doing weather, and finishing up with "I'm meteorologist Tony Schumacher, for Sportstalk Radio AM 810". Hmm, I thought... probably WHB, which is what I often get when sunset DXing on 810. But no! What came next was: "ESPN Radio

Football Tonight, on Sportstalk Radio AM 810, WJJQ Tomahawk". Yowzah, another one wiped off my most-wanted list!

My team won the hockey game, too. :-)


WZFG Dilworth MN on with day power again tonight with flood emergency coverage, ID heard at 2100 EDT.

Bogdan Chiochiu – Pierrefonds, PQ – QC

Sangean CST-818, PK's Shielded Mag LW Loop or As Listed


I had likely Russia mixing with Morocco on 171 kHz earlier this evening, both very threshold, though it's the first time I hear a SECOND broadcast on 171, besides Morocco ! 

On MW, 2 or 3 run-of-the-mil Pan Americans, mainly ZIZ-555 and YVKS-750. What kind of device are you using, dear Phil, in order to knock out CBGY-750, therefore allowing some YVKS Caracas to sneak through ? They had the VENTANA DEPORTIVA sports px with a heavy emphasis on european soccer "fœtbol" and the upcoming events related to Euro soccer.


In Montreal, ZIZ 555 is HUGE, 640 Progreso is fair and apparent weak Coro is on 780. 

However, condx are below average, yet, interesting for MWLing (the mediumwave version of SWLing) ! I really enjoy hearing ugly but entertaining calypso with the slight splash from 550 and 560, it sounds like a dusted 78 or 33 ! All this on my Sanyo MCD-S830 barefoot !


WABC-770 has forgotten their IBOC crud tonight; they are throwing a huge amount of umpenetrable hash on both 760 and 780 and some slight hash is disturbing WSB/YVKS-750 more than local CKAC-730 ! 

How is this possible ? Has Citadel sold WABC to a cynic organisation ?

 555 ST KITTS   ZIZ Basseterre APR 1 0428 - spots for a weekend show on the "Family Station Zed Eye Zed", then oldschool soca, the way Bruce always enjoys. Very good ! YVKS-750 also excellent over/under WSB with Spanish politics, but both HJAJ-760 and YVNM-780 are destroyed, if there, by awful WABC QRM who forgot their IBOC crud on tonight. SINPO 45523, some slow and deep fadings with very good peaks and fair overall ! (Chiochiu-QC)


David Slate – Hendersonville, TN

DX-398 or as listed


7:47pm  1080  WKJK Louisville, KY ad for Jeffersonville auto    id "WKJK"  NEW!

8:01 660 WFAN  New York,NY   Flames  vs Devils NHL game  3-1 score

7:58pm  1430 Heard "NPR"   who runs NPR on this freq?


6:02 PM CDT  1090 WTNK Hartsville TN   with TOH ID  "WTNK Hartsville" 

6:03  WAMB Nashville, TN  TOH ID  "WAMB Nashville"

6:05  1270 WQKR  Portland, TN   with TN state house and sentie news  at the end "...this has been Portland news"

7:14  1130 KWKH  Shreveport  LA   Baseball game LSU tigers vs Rajen Cajins   "LSU Radio Network"   gooogled this and found this is KWKH  

7:24  1160 UNid.   a inotuch seris being run  intouch.org ment    any ideas?

7:24  1170  KFAQ Tulsa, OK   bbball game Oklahoma State VS Iowa State.  NEW! 

7:29  1280  WGBE-Evensville IN  ad for gotomeeting.com  "newstalk 1280 "  ments and tri-state" met as well

9:20  1180  WHAM  Rochcester NY    "Eastview mall"  ment  googed this and it was in rochcester     new at this QTH.


10:59  730  KQPN West Memphis, AR   sports talk   id  "Fox Sports......Arkansas"  (fade during id)  NEW!  238 mi

Eric Berger – Carleton, MI

GE Superadio III

Heard on GE Superadio III; times EDT

23.00 ** WZFG-AM 1100 Dilworth, MN - Faded in and out pver and under WTAM with Fox nx, ads, and flood information. The Flag. New catch!

23.23 ** KFGO-AM 790 Fargo, ND - Poor in CKLW slop with flood information, matched ad with Webcast. New catch!

Ron Gitschier – Treasure Coast, FL



Late last night I tried for 1480 WZJY Charleston SC from outside my home in Palm Coast, FL - just north of Daytona Beach. (Any luck @ Cape Cod??) 

About 11PM Eastern Daylight Time, I had one gospel and two talk stations. I could not pull anything useable to ID either of the two talk stations. One was a female who spoke slowly without a lot of animation or deflection in her voice, on the second signal i heard a male... both were very low signal levels. 

The gospel music station made mention of .... southern gospel station at 1 0 2 7 w g u s dot com... and that turned out WGUS 1480 Augusta, SC, which is simulcast on WGUS-FM 102.7 New Ellenton SC. NEW.


Neil Kazaross – Barrington, IL

Receiver, Phased BOGs @ 273 deg.

3/5 Weds night I was listening to 1180 KOFI's oldies just prior to the SSS switch at 2044 EST and they were fair with oldies and then basically disappeared at switch as usual. 

As for CJRJ on 1200..they do put considerably more signal off the side of their NW cardiod towards PEI than here towards me where I have never had them.


Michael Richard – Evanston, WY

Car Radio

3/12 Little small log for the 6-minute trip from job one to job two just a little while ago. Still pre-sunset at the time so most night-timers still coming in, however didn't have time to park and listen to the ones not booming in.

590 KID ID Idaho Falls 645 fair signal with local ads

640 KFI CA Los Angeles 646 good signal with local talk show

850 KOA CO Denver 647 good signal with Denver ads

1070 KNX CA Los Angeles 649 good signal with news

1160 KSL UT Salt Lake City 650 very good signal with morning news

1430 KLO UT Ogden 651 poor signal w/local ads then back into Bill Bennett


There's a few. Wish I had more time to sit for a bit. Reasonably sure that I had KLZ Denver at 560 and possible a weak KMJ Fresno at 580.


1350    KDZA    CO    Pueblo    2008    Heard numerous oldies and KDZA ID's and jingles.  Fair signal.  NEW!

1410    KIIX    CO    Fort Collins    2030    This one mixing with a classic country station.  Heard many nostalgia type songs (Herb Alpert, Willie Nelson, Dionne Warwick) - finally a jock mentioned "America's Best Music".  Matches up with Radio Locator and with their web site.  WEAK and NEW!

1410    KWYO    WY    Sheridan    2035    This one was mixing with the one above.  Classic country heard several songs allbeit very weak...barely heard an ID say "Classic Country AM 1410 KWYO".  Not new but new format for them.  They used to be standards.  WEAK!

J. Neilsen – Ottawa, ON

CCRadio Plus


KRND 1630 Fox Farm Wyoming. "La Grande" Banda music into "La Grande" ID, then back into Banda followed by ads in Spanish. Fluttering signal, moderate to weak, Battling with KCJJ. I have never heard KRND in any other location before. That is my most western catch from Ottawa. Around 1:18 KCJJ completely dominated, then KRND came back.

Scott Fybush – Rochester, NY

Receiver, Antenna


At 0005 EDT, I was hearing WFIR by itself with ABC news and promos for "Newstalk 960 WFIR."

Now hearing sweeptones at 0010...hi there, Bruce! (and thanks...) 960's a tough catch here with local WROC-950 just down the street...


Needed to go to the KFGO webstream to match the voices I'm hearing behind CIGM...but yeah, it's them - man and a woman with nonstop emergency info about road closures, hospital evacuations, etc.

Scary, scary stuff...and what radio does best, when it still bothers to do it.

This is either ND#1 or #2 for me, depending on whether I count 1660 West Fargo by city of license (ND) or transmitter location (east of the river in MN)...

Ira Elbert New – Watkinsville, GA

Aiwa CSD-FD89

950 WJKB SC Moncks Corner – 03/28/09 2015 – Classic country on Saturday Night At The Memories. Good signal with slight fading. “WJKB, AM 950”. (IEN-GA)

Down in the Basement

(Editor – Jay Heyl)

Keith McGinnis – Hingham, MA

SDR-IQ, Wellbrook ALA1530

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Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconAbdx membership has reached 202 members! 202 today, tomorrow the world, one dxer at a time. I thank all of you for being members of abdx

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconAbdx membership has grown with several hf dxers joining. Abdx nation is now 166 members. We anxiously look forward to see loggings from our newest members

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconAbdx membership is 226 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx. This is definitely an all time high for membership

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconAbdx membership is 216 members and still growing! I thank all of you for being members of abdx

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconAbdx membership is 230 members and still growing! We welcome the latest subscribers to the abdx mail list and look forward to seing your logs. I thank all of

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconAbdx membership is now 184 members, unchanged from last month. Let us know what you are hearing and send in your logs. Your logs are what make abdx a healthy

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconAbdx membership is 233 members and still growing!

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconA selected List of Recent Publications In the list below, the names of the members of the Dynamics Systems (dyn) group (including members of the Dynamic Systems network) are designated in red; researchers from other iiasa groups in blue

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconMembers of the Department

Abdx membership has reached 208 members! I thank all of you for being members of abdx iconBiographies of council members

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