Reinhard Boehler

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Reinhard Boehler

Education and Training:

1968 Vordiplom (BS) (Chemistry, Physics) Universität Tübingen, Germany

1970 Diplom (MS) (Mineralogy)Universität Tübingen, Germany

1974 Promotion, PhD (Mineralogy) magna cum laude, Universität Tübingen, Germany

Research and Professional Experience:

1975 – 1980: Assistant Research Geophysicist, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP), University of California, Los Angeles, USA

1980-1986: Head of High-Pressure Laboratory, IGPP, UCLA, USA

1986 –present: Head of High-Pressure-Mineral Physics, Max-Planck-Institut

f. Chemie, Mainz, Germany

Selected Publications:

Boehler, R., D. Santamaria-Pérez, D. Errandonea, and R. Mezouar: Melting, density, and anisotropy of iron at core conditions: new X-ray measurements to 150 GPa. J. Physics: Conference Series. 121 (2008) 022018.

Santamaría-Pérez D., and R. Boehler.: “FeSi Melting Curve up to70 GPa”. Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters 265/3-4, 743-747 (2008).

Boehler, R., and M. Ross: Properties of rocks and minerals – High-pressure melting. In: Treatise in Geophysics, Volume 2, Mineral Physics, (Eds.) G.D. Price, G. Schubert. Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam 2007, 527-541.

Chudinovskikh, L., and R. Boehler: Eutectic melting in the system Fe-S to 44 GPa. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 257, 97-103 (2007).

Mukherjee, G.D., and R. Boehler: High-pressure melting curve of nitrogen and the liquid-liquid phase transition. Physical Review Letters 99, 225701 (2007).

Ross, M., R. Boehler, and D. Errandonea: Melting of transition metals at high pressure and the influence of liquid frustration: The late metals Cu, Ni, and Fe. Physical Review B 76, 184117 (2007).

Ross, M., D. Errandonea, and R. Boehler: Melting of transition metals at high pressure and the influence of liquid frustration: The early metals Ta and Mo. Physical Review B 76, 184118 (2007)

Boehler, R.: New diamond cell for single-crystal x-ray diffraction. Review of Scientific Instruments 77, 115103 (2006).

Errandonea, D., R. Boehler, S. Japel, M. Mezouar, and L.R. Benedetti: Structural transformation of compressed solid Ar: An x-ray diffraction study to 114 GPa. Physical Review B 73, 092106 (2006).

Ross, M., R. Boehler, and S. Japel: Melting of bcc transition metals and icosahedral clustering. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 67, 2178-2182 (2006).

Zerr, A., G. Serghiou, R. Boehler, and M. Ross: Decomposition of alkanes at high pressures and temperatures. High Pressure Research 26 (1), 23-32 (2006).

Boehler, R.: Diamond cells and new materials. Materials Today Nov 05, 34-42 (2005).

Eremets, M.I., I.A. Trojan, P. Gwaze, J. Huth, R. Boehler, and V.D. Blank: The strength of diamond. Applied Physics Letters 87, 141902 (2005).

Ross M., R. Boehler, and P. Söderlind: Xenon Melting Curve to 80 GPa and 5p-d Hybridization. Physical Review Letters 95, 257801 (2005).

Eremets, M. I., Gavriliuk, A. G., Serebrianaya, N. R., Trojan, I. A., Dzivenko, D. A., Boehler, R., Mao, H. K. & Hemley, R. J. Structural transformation of molecular nitrogen to a single-bonded atomic state at high pressures. J. Chem. Phys. 121, 11296-11300 (2004).

Eremets, M. I., Gavriliuk, A. G., Trojan, I. A., Dzivenko, D. A. & Boehler, R. Single-bonded cubic form of nitrogen. Nature Materials 3, 558-563 (2004).

Boehler, R. & de Hantsetters, K. New anvil designs in diamond-cells. High Pressure Research 24, 391-396 (2004).

Chudinovskikh, L. & Boehler, R. MgSiO3 phase boundaries measured in the laser-heated diamond cell. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 219, 285-296 (2004).

Errandonea, D., Schwager, B., Boehler, R. & Ross, M. Phase behavior of krypton and xenon to 50 GPa. Phys. Rev. B 65, 214110-1 - 214110-6 (2002).

Zerr, A., G. Miehe, G. Serghiou, M. Schwarz, E. Kroke, R. Riedel, H. Fueß, P. Kroll, and R.

Boehler, Synthesis of cubic silicon nitride. Nature, 1999. 400: p. 340-342.

Tschauner, O., A. Zerr, S. Specht, A. Rocholl, R. Boehler, and H. Palme, Partitioning of nickel and cobalt between silicate perovskite and metal at pressures up to 80 GPa. Nature, 1999. 398: p. 604-607.

Serghiou, G., A. Zerr, and R. Boehler, (MgFe)SiO3-perovskite stability under lower mantle

conditions. Science, 1998. 25: p. 193-196

Synergistic Activities:

2007-present, President of the International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology (AIRAPT)

2005–present, Member of the Executive Committee of the European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG)

2004–present, Member of the Executive Committee of SEDI (Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior)

2006, Chair Gordon Conference (High Pressure)


Schlumberger Medal, Mineralogical Society 2005

AGU Fellow, AGU, San Francisco, USA, 2001

Louis Neel Medal, European Geophysical Society, 1997

AGU Editor’s Citation for Excellence in Refereeing 1999

Frontier lecture award, AIRAPT, Bangalore, India, 1991

III.9. Since 1980 leader of High pressure Laboratories (1980-86 UCLA, IGPP, and since 1986 at the Max-Planck-Institut f. Chemie). Experience in Laser-heating diamond cell technology, synchrotron radiation studies, and piston-cylinder diamond synthesis. Study of thermal properties of the lower mantle and core. Melting and phase behavior at high pressure. Material synthesis.

Commitment Statement

If EFree is funded, Reinhard Boehler will leave Max-Planck Institute, join Carnegie Institution, and commit 50% effort to the EFree project for five years.)

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