We are pleased to offer an array of Western Americana in this fixed price catalog. Please remember that all items are sold on a first come, first served basis

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НазваниеWe are pleased to offer an array of Western Americana in this fixed price catalog. Please remember that all items are sold on a first come, first served basis
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198. Arizona. Mohave. Chloride. Chloride Arizona Copper Co. Cert #71. Incorporated in Arizona 1916. Gold 8% Convertible Note, dated on reverse as 1917. Signed by M. Taylor Uler president and I. J. Whitney treasurer. No vignette. Gold border with swastikas at corner. Title in gold print, with black and red print. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. With the attached stub, the piece measures 8 x 13. Signed on reverse by Ross H. Blakely, Notary Public, Mohave County with embossed seal by him. Property included the Hidden Treasure, Revenue, Chenango and Oro Fino claims located 2.5 miles south of Chloride. There were several tunnels that were attempting to access the Treasure Hill and Oro Fino veins. This company is not listed in the Mines Handbooks. The company may have had operations in the Chloride area or the company may have been just a scam. Mint Condition. $40

199. Arizona. Mohave. Chloride. Aztec Turquoise Co. Cert #217. Incorporated in West Virginia 1900. Issued to Jane B. Graw for 100 shares in 1904. Signed by John Elsey president an E. Graw secretary. No vignette. Blue border and print. Uncancelled. Printer - W. E. Badeau, NY. 6 x 10. Datelined New York. Not listed in the Copper or Mines Handbooks. The company employed 15 men and was located in the Chloride district. (Pacific Coast Mines Directory, 1906, p.52). Garbani indicates the company may have had their operations at Mineral Park. Fold crease at upper right corner. Turquoise district stocks are extremely rare. Extremely fine. $75

200. Arizona. Mohave. Chloride. Gold Bug and Gold Center Mining Groups Prospectuses. These papers report on the geology of the area, description of the ore bodies, assay values, and mill installation costs. 10 pages. 8 1/2 x 11”. Very fine. $50

201. Arizona. Mohave. Chloride. Rainbow Mountain Mining Co Correspondence, c.1914. Incorporated in Arizona 1907. Letter collection of 42 pages from files of D. D. Demarest Company, a mine supplier in San Francisco, California, 8 1/2 x 11, mostly carbon copies, one original of correspondence dated 1914, between the mine at Chloride, Arizona and Demarest. The mine was ordering mining parts from Demarest, and in particular, a pump to handle the water. An original letter signed by H.L. McCarn, general manager and treasurer, inquired of Demarest “Have pumps and equipment been shipped, if not when?” The letter ended with “An early reply will be appreciated, and for God’s sake get that stuff on the cars”. The Rainbow Mountain mine at Chloride was developed by a 440 ft. deep shaft in 1915, with much water encountered at the bottom. The mine had 4,000 ft. of workings including 780 ft. of tunnels. Company had blocked out 1,500 tons of ore averaging $20 in gold (1 ounce per ton), 10 ounces silver per ton, and 6% lead. The mine also had a 2-mile aerial tram. The mine made shipments to the Needles smelter at different times. Five of the letters were to Tom Reed Gold Mines Co., a gold-silver mine in the Oatman district, Arizona. One of the letters was to Ran Consolidated Copper Co. [1916CH, p.958]. $50202. Arizona. Mohave. Colorado. Nelson Gulch Mining Co. Cert #631. Incorporated in Arizona 1906. Issued Mrs. K. Kilman for 100 shares in 1908. Signed by Frank P. Blair president and treasurer. Vignette of water flumes in an elaborate placer operation with two smaller vignettes of miners inspecting ore. Black border with brown seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes. 8 x 11. This company was probably located in the El Dorado district of Mohave County. For an in depth story of Colorado and El Dorado districts, please see A#12 Catalog. One inch square piece missing from upper left corner. 1 x 3 inch piece missing from lower left. Foxing and wrinkling prevalent. Poor. $50

203. Arizona. Mohave. Frisco. Frisco Mines Co. Cert #147. Incorporated in Arizona 1906. Issued to Mary W. Todd for 2000 shares in 1908. Signed by Geo. Glas president and A. W. Geduey treasurer. Vignette of an Indian with headdress. Black border with silver colored seal. Uncancelled. Printer - Broun-Green Co. 8 x 11. Not listed in the Copper Handbooks. There is a small mining camp and a mountain named Frisco that are located within Mohave County. (Barnes, Arizona Place Names, 1988, p.170). Two staple holes on bottom edge. Fabulous Vignette. Extremely fine. $75

204. Arizona. Mohave. General. Mohave County Map, c. 1929. “Arizona’s Entrance to Boulder Dam” compiled for Mohave County Miner by E. Ross Housholder of Kingman. This map shows the locations of roads, railroads, towns and ranches, mines, boundaries of mining districts and main drainages. The scale is approximately 12 miles to the inch and covers only the portion of the county south of the Colorado River. An inset shows the remainder of the county north of the river, but lacks detail. The towns of Kingman, the County Seat, Hackberry, Chloride, Oatman, Mineral Park, Yucca, White Hills, Topock and others are shown, as is the Boulder Dam Site. Only two crossings of the Colorado are indicated, one at Topock where the railroad crosses and the other a little upstream from the site of Boulder Dam. The Boulder Dam Reclamation Act was passed by Congress in 1928, and in 1930, President Hoover put the plan in motion. Work on the dam was begun in 1931 and it was completed in 1935. This map gives some interesting insights to the economy, cultural features and infrastructure of the time. E. Ross Housholder was a mining engineer who was active in the industry and its history in the 1930’s. In 1932 he leased the Roadside Mine in the Katherine District near Kingman (ABM Bull. 137, p. 104) Hole-punched at top margin with one tear at this edge mended with tape. 10.5 x 15”. $150

205. Arizona. Mohave. General. Mohave Mining Company Letterheads. Lot of five different items. (1) Walkover Mining Company, Hackberry, Arizona, Dated 1918. List of Stockholders for the month beginning Jan. 24 to Feb 24, 1918, one page. (2) Arizona Venture Corporation, Notice of Stockholders Meeting, 1917, (3) Arizona Venture Corporation, Bulletin No. 9, 1917, (4) Arizona Venture Corporation, Proxy mailing, and (5) Gold Reed Mining & Milling Co., Mines at Oatman, Statement, 3 pages, 9 x 6, folded. All in VF condition with folds and staple holes. $75

206. Arizona. Mohave. Hualapai (Cerbat). Flores Cons Gold Mining Co. Cert #760. Incorporated in New Jersey 1887. Issued to John Donnelly for 500 shares in 1892. Signed by Walter F. Smith president and R. M. Smith treasurer. Datelined Camden, N.J. Underground mining vignette, green underprint safety pattern. Uncancelled. Printed by Breuker & Kessier, NY. The Flores was a prospect through about 1883, when a contract was let to sink a 100-foot shaft. Based on that work, this company was incorporated, and additional work done, which probably included sending some ore to a custom mill in Cerbat. [ref: Burchard 1885]. Extremely fine. $250

207. Arizona. Mohave. Kingman. Santa Ana Mining Co. Cert #6904. Incorporated in Territory of Arizona 1898. Issued to Lucile Dahaynin for one ordinary share in 1900. Signed by Howard Kemper vice president and Chas Metcalf secretary. Gold seal. Printed by Crocker, SF. Blue border. American Flag, Arizona flag and coat of arms as a vignette in full color. Red underprint of “one ordinary share” Uncancelled. Datelined Kingman. Not found in any of the traditional references. We previously wrote this up as in Cochise County because of a similarity in names to the Santa Ana Arizona Mining Co. but now believe that attribution to be in error. Several of these were found on the east coast two years ago. The Santa Ana Mining Co. also registered with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office on April 21, 1898, indicated the company also had properties across the border in Nevada. There were at least three different corporations with the exact same name, but only this one was incorporated in Arizona in 1898 (another in Goldfield, Nevada in 1907 and Mexico.) Needs more research. $225

208. Arizona. Mohave. Oatman. Captivity of the Oatman Girls. Being an Interesting Narrative of Life among The Apache and Mohave Indians. By R. B. Stratton. Published 1857. This is the second addition. 231 pages. Hinton, in his Handbook to Arizona, 1878, states that it is “one of the most historic places in Arizona, Here, an immigrant family, the Royse Oatman family from Texas, met their fate when they had been savagely attacked by Apaches. They killed both parents and four children, and carried off two girls. Another son, “Lorenzo, (publisher) was left for dead”. His sister Olive was released after “four years of horrible captivity”. Mowry in his late 1864 work on Arizona and Sonora, makes no mention of the Oatman family. J. Ross Browne, just a few years later (1868) in his work Apache Country, devotes a 12 page chapter to the tragedy. Browne states that Poston (who traveled with Mowry) “gathered up the bones and buried them in the wagon.” This book contains numerous edits in pencil, probably in preparation for a 3rd edition, thus it may be argued that it was one of the Stratton’ books. It is weakly inscribed on the front fly leaf “Presented by a friend of Lezzie”. Glued to the fly leaf is a printed statement that “of the original 5,000 copies printed, only three remain.” Dark green cover boards, gold gilt lettering. Spine is well worn with tears along extremities. Some water damage to edge, foxing of first plate of Olive Oatman, and the blank fly cover to the Olive Oatman Plate is gone. Size 5 X 7 1/2”. Extremely rare. $2500

209. Arizona. Mohave. Oatman. Mohave Gold Mining Co of Arizona. Cert. #576. Incorporated in Delaware in 1902. Issued to Abel Taylor for 100 shares in 1902. Signed by president A. Turner and secretary Geo. Woodside. No vignette, black border. No printer noted. Uncancelled. Fine-Vf, repair along folds. 9” x 10”. Listed in the 1906 Pacific Coast Mines Dir. as suspended (Ref: p.56). The vignette of a different certificate for this company shows “N.W. Side of Mohave Mountain, showing developing veins and tunnel #3” as printed under vignette. $60

210. Arizona. Mohave. Oatman. Oatman Bonanza Gold Mines Co. Cert. #346. Inc. in AZ, 1916. Datelined Oatman, AZ. Issued to James E. Evans for 1000 shares in 1916. Signed by president H.D. Lore and secretary J.I. McKenna. Uncancelled. Arizona state seal above masthead, and Oatman company logo of claim map in horseshoe in lower left. Black and peach border. No printer noted. 2¢ document stamp in upper left. 9” x 12”. Xf, small staple punctures in upper left. This company probably owned the Bonanza mine in the Oatman district. The owners of this company also owned the Oatman Apex MC. $60

211. Arizona. Mohave. Oatman. United Eastern Mines Corp. Cert. #L2339. Incorporated in Delaware in 1929. Issued to Mrs. Ida Thorelius for 30 shares in 1929. Signed by secretary L.M. Hayrs, president’s signature illegible. Uncancelled. United Eastern Mines Corp. took over U.E. MC operations in 1929. As of 1931, the company had plans to develop and operate properties in addition to those represented in the U.E. MC holdings: Big Jim, Forest Allegheny MC, and Butters Copala (Ref: Weed, 1931, p.443-44). Blue border, no vignette. Printed by Goes. Vf, folds. $25

212. Arizona. Mohave. San Francisco. Record Lode Mining Co. Certificate and Market Letter. Incorporated in Arizona in 1916. Cert #628 issued to Walter Robbins for 1000 shares in 1920. Signed by President Chas. A. L. Gehrmann and Secretary Lewis L. Wallace. Printed by Chipron & Co., L.A. Vignette top center of a spread-winged bald eagle. Uncancelled. Folds with minor tears at edges. Black border and print on white paper. 7 x 10. The company acquired the Midnight group of claims previously mined by the Mohave Gold Mining Company and located near the original discovery at the north end of the San Francisco district. The Mohave GMC had made moderate production from the property from about 1900 up until the time of Schrader’s visit in 1909 (Schrader, 1909, p. 194). According to a write-up in a 1919 issue of a Kingman mining publication, possibly the Mohave County Miner (an original copy of which is included), work by the Record Company was begun on the property in 1917 and by 1919 a 500-ft shaft and several drifts were completed. The average grade of the ore ran nearly $7.00 in gold per ton. The company reportedly was run by competent management and was glowingly touted as being “…destined to become one of the large producers of the district.” However, Ransome (1923, p. 50) visited the property in 1921 and reported that it had been idle for years and the workings were not accessible. No mention of the company is made in Tenney (1929) nor Wilson, et al, 1967. $25

213. Arizona. Mohave. San Francisco. Tom Reed Gold Mines Co. Cert. #18558. Incorporated in Arizona in 1906. Issued to Leo. G. MacLaughlin for 200 shares in 1929. Signed by president S.S. Wold and asst. secretary L.E. Pinkerton. Cancelled by cancellation stamps. Discovered in 1900, early development proved unsuccessful, resulting in the sale of the company in 1904. Subsequent buyers failed to meet financial obligations, forcing the Title Insurance & Title Co. to act on behalf of creditors owed $45,000. The present company was formed as a result. Production yielded an average of $9 per ton of gold ore, much of which was opened at the 1400’ level, at this rate primarily because of low milling costs. According to Weed, “perpetual turnover in management caused tight-lippedness, a severe disease afflicting the formerly loose-lipped.” As of 1926, the company had surrendered its operations to lessees, due to the exhaustion of ore reserves, but after a short retirement, had decided to resume operations on its own account (Ref: Weed, 1920, p.277-79; 1926, p.387-88; 1931, p.437-39). Vignette of sluice, flanked by two vignettes of miners examining ore. Brown border. Printed by Goes. 8” x 11”. Vf, four small tears at right edge. Includes a claim indentified as Tom Reed district, no company name or information on map. $25

214. Arizona. Mohave. San Francisco. Tom Reed Junior Mining Co Prospectus, 1910. Incorporated in Arizona in 1909. Prospectus on the company’s property in the San Francisco District. 7 pages. The Tom Reed Junior owned 6 claims on a 4’ to 12’ fissure vein in andesite that reportedly carried $4 to $ 15 per ton gold. The company did not reply to 1918 inquiries by Weed and was presumed idle (Weed, 1916, p. 1111-1112; Weed, 1920, p. 279). $25

215. Arizona. Mohave. Wallapai. Emerald Isle Copper Co Prospectus, 1922. This prospectus is a different company than the one listed below but probably owned the same property. This company had 12 claims situated at the foot of the Cerbat Range in the Wallapai district located 3.5 miles south of Chloride. The prospectus is 4 pages long and contains promotional write-ups of the geology and property. There are two black and white photos. The Mines Handbook (1925, p.305-06) states that the mine closed down in 1919. This promotional prospectus was probably put together to raise funds to reopen. 7 x 7. Fold crease at middle. Extremely fine. $50

216. Arizona. Mohave. Wallapai. Emerald Isle Copper Co. Cert #962. Incorporated in Nevada 1939. Issued to Emil Mack for 250 shares in 1940. Signed by Ogden C. Chase president and C. S. Chase secretary. Vignette at top of a woman wearing a helmet with a bear at her side and other scenes behind her. Green border. Uncancelled. Printer - Western Litho Co, LA. Datelined Las Vegas, Nevada. 8 x 11. Property included 9 claims and a 300 ton leaching plant located 15 miles north of Kingman. (Mines Register, 1946, p.110). Staple holes at top left. Extremely fine. $25

217. Arizona. Mohave. Wauba Yuma. Philadelphia & Arizona Mining Co. Cert #53. Incorporated in Pennsylvania 1866. Issued to Joseph S. Lovering in 1867 for 1000 shares. Signed by president T. Morris Perot and treasurer Samuel Townsend. Printed by J. Haehnlan, Phila. Vignette top center of state seal of Pennsylvania. Uncancelled. Black border and print on white paper. 7.5 x 11. “Wauba Yuma District, Arizona.” Wauba Yuma was an Indian chief. The Wauba Yuma district is located on the old road to Prescott, about 60 miles from the Colorado River. The geology of this district was distinctly different from most others in Arizona, since it was composed of quartz veins cutting metamorphic rocks. Some of the quartz was gold bearing, sometimes carrying copper and iron. Numerous prospects were located in Wauba Yuma by a writer corresponding with J. Ross Browne in 1867 for print in 1868. Among them were the Pride of the Pines, which was a 10’ wide quartz vein with a 36’ deep shaft, the Ben Franklin, the El Bonito and other lodes developed by a New York Company (related to this one?). The district is not listed in Garbani, nor is it listed nearly anywhere else that we could find, except Barnes, who places the district about 20 miles east of Hardyville. It was located at the head of the Bill Williams Fork. The district disappeared shortly after the only initial prospecting was done in the mid 1860’s. None of the mines there produced any reasonable or substantial ore, and fell out of existence nearly immediately. The mines at Wauba Yuma were reportedly of quartz in gneiss. Inn the American southwest, many of the gneiss regions are pre-Cambrian rocks, among the oldest rocks exposed on the earth’s surface. Typically the quartz veins in these rocks are formed in listric faults. This type of fault is formed from an extension crack in the earth’s surface. The cracks start out at a high vertical angle with some width, and then taper to narrow zones as they curve and begin to flatten with depth. Rare. $650
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