Drum Point Property Owners’ Association

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Drum Point Property Owners’ Association

General Membership Meeting

Southern Community Center

June 11, 2011


Board Members present: Gary Heal, Amy Rispin, Max Munger, John McCall, Sam Bergeson-Willis, Dan Mathias, and Dale Maxwell

Board Members not present: Tricia Powell, Duane Heidemann

Staff present: Rhea Webster

Gary Heal, President of the Drum Point Property Owners’ Association (DPPOA) Board of Directors, called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and asked Judy Angelheart to give an invocation.

There were 19 Association memberships in good standing represented. Per the motion and subsequent approval during the March 26, 2011 General Membership Meeting, this is to be considered the additional meeting, as required by Maryland Law § 5-206, which states, “If the number of members present at a meeting does not meet the requirements of a quorum, those present may call another meeting to meet quorum requirements. At the additional meeting, the members present in person constitute a quorum.” Per State law, an advertisement announcing the meeting was placed in the Calvert Recorder, a locally published newspaper. In addition, information was published in the Drum Point Light Newsletter and on the Association website.

Detective Winston of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department was introduced. He spoke about crime trends in southern Calvert County and discussed solutions being pursued by the Department, including new efforts to set a priority on how the Department looks at crime by focusing on high crime areas. The Detective stressed the importance of citizens locking cars and reporting all crimes to the Sheriff’s Department. A question and answer session followed, with Gary Heal stating that he has requested an increase in patrols of the beaches, especially at night (the access number to the community beach gate has been provided to the Sheriff’s Department).

President’s Remarks: Gary Heal stated that Robert’s Rules of Order govern this meeting and reminded Board members and guests not to speak until recognized by the Chair. He proceeded with his remarks:

  1. In addition to the request made to the Sheriff’s Department to increase patrols at the Drum Point beach, citizen beach patrol hours have been increased. The beach patrol will issue one warning to beach goers who do not display a Drum Point hang tag, and if necessary, cars will be towed.

  2. The full budget was published in the summer newsletter with further detail published on the DPPOA webpage. Association By-laws require that the DPPOA portion of the budget be voted on each year. There is no requirement to vote on the Special Tax District (STD) or State Highway User Revenue (SHUR) portions.

  3. The DPPOA Board has requested time on the agenda of an upcoming meeting of the Board of Calvert County Commissioners (BOCC). The DPPOA Board has requested a change to the STD Chart of Accounts and a change in some line item amounts, with no change to the amount of the STD. If the BOCC does not support these changes, there will be a need to amend the DPPOA budget, scheduled for approval at this meeting, and request approval of the changes during the September membership meeting.

John McCall made a motion to accept the minutes from the June 23, 2010, September 29, 2010, December 11, 2010 and March 26, 2011 meetings. The motion was seconded and the minutes from those meetings were accepted as distributed.

Board member reports:

Dale Maxwell, in his role as liaison between the DPPOA Board and the Calvert County Sheriff’s office stressed the need to report all crimes. These reports will help support the request for increased patrols.

John McCall stated that there will be a joint exercise between the Calvert County Amateur Radio Association and the Drum Point Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) on June 25th and June 26th. The Field Day exercise will serve to test communications during an emergency, build awareness within the community and stimulate interest in CERT.

Approval of 2012 Budget

Maria Miller asked to be recognized and cited a letter from a corporate attorney who is of the opinion that new business can not be conducted during a meeting at which no quorum is present. Gary Heal reminded Ms. Miller that he is invoking Maryland State law by allowing business to be conducted. He stated that he had asked Thomas Schild, Attorney for the DPPOA who specializes in HOA issues to review the opinion, which had been presented to the Board at the June 7th meeting. Mr. Schild pointed out that the corporate attorney had not taken into consideration the additional clause of § 5-206 (c) regarding what action can be taken at the additional meeting. That section states “the majority of members at the additional meeting may take any other actions which could have been taken at the original meeting if a sufficient number of members had been present.”

A motion was made to approve the full 2012 budget as published in the newsletter. The motion was seconded. The full budget, including the STD portion, was approved by a margin of 19 – 0 [one absentee ballot had been received, bringing the final tally to 20 – 0 in favor of the 2012 budget].

Additional action on the 2012 Budget:

Background: There has been an increase in vandalism at the beach and problems with people parking at the beach who are not property owners and/or residents of Drum Point.

Discussion: The following items were noted: There may be a need to issue two hang tags per household (currently only one tag is allowed per household). Two tags would alleviate the difficulty when members of a family want to use the boat ramp and the beach at the same time. With the increased cost of security and the fact that The Board of County Commissioners precluded use of STD funds for the beach, it may also be necessary to restrict use of amenities to Association Members in Good Standing only.

Action: Peter Holt made a motion to increase the amount budgeted for beach security from $1,000 to $5,000. The motion was seconded and passed by a margin of 17 in favor and 2 against [the absentee ballot could not be counted]. The additional funds will come from DPPOA Reserves.

Committee Reports:

Roads Committee: The following items were noted:

  1. Road striping is scheduled in June.

  2. A parking pad will be installed at the dry hydrant on Lake Vista. The area will be posted and restricted to emergency vehicles only. The Laurel Way Causeway dry hydrant parking pad will be restricted in the same manner. The Solomons Volunteer Fire Department Chief informed Gary that he expects the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) rating for Drum Point may change from a 9 to a 6 as a result of the dry hydrant access. This change may affect homeowners’ insurance rates in Drum Point.

  3. Erosion of a slope on Calvert Drive was exacerbated by recent heavy rains (see Item 5 under the Environmental Committee report below). A temporary repair of the road’s shoulder adjacent to the slope may be needed.

  4. The amount of the Special Tax District, currently $50 per lot, per year is insufficient to maintain Drum Point roads. There will be a shortfall by fiscal year 2013. There has been positive feedback from some members of the BOCC with regard to this issue, but the request for them to review the budget has been delayed.

Environmental Committee: Amy Rispin reported on the progress of the Committee as follows:

  1. The Environmental Committee took part in the Calvert County Free Tree Program, with trees planted on Deer Lane and approved for planting on Calvert Drive.

  2. Judy Kay, a Calvert County Master Gardener, Steve Kullen, Watershed Planner and Bay Restoration Fund Grant Manager and Matt Cumers, Registered Sanitarian with the Calvert County Health Department, were scheduled guests at meetings during the past year.

  3. The Environmental Committee is involved with storm water management planning in conjunction with the Roads Committee in an effort to address problem areas in Drum Point.

  4. Methods to eliminate phragmite, an invasive plant in Drum Point and possible grant funding for the eradication, are being pursued.

  5. Drum Point is partnering with Calvert County, the State and other communities in order to meet Federal requirements for the reduction of sediment, phosphorous and nitrogen. An application was filed with the Chesapeake Bay Small Watershed Grant program. If approved, it will help fund repair of erosion of the steep slope into Mill Creek off of Calvert Drive (see Item 3 under the Roads Committee report above).

  6. The Board of Directors endorsed plans by the Southern Maryland Oyster Cultivation Society to restore oysters to the Bay with the planting of oyster reefs in Mill Creek.

  7. Curt Larsen, a member of the Environmental Committee is active on the Calvert County Cliff Stabilization Committee. Any corrective action taken upstream from Drum Point could have an affect on our community.

  8. Meetings held by the County regarding the Mill Creek and Grays Creek sub-watersheds are being monitored and attended when possible.

Budget Committee: Max Munger reported that the Budget Committee met on several occasions to create the proposed budget. County financial office staff was also consulted. He reminded those present of the importance of voicing support for the proposed budget to the Board of County Commissioners.

New Business:

2011/2012 Board of Directors: The following people were elected to the 2011/2012 Board of Directors: Dennis Baker, Dale Maxwell and Amy Rispin. Max Munger extended the gratitude of the community to all who were willing to run for the new Board, including Bob Boxwell. John Gray thanked the members of the Nominating Committee (Nancie Hillsman, Rosaleen Barazzone and John Ivancik) as well as today’s Tally Committee of Len Addiss, Joe Frost and Susan Holt. A motion was made to recognize Sam Bergeson-Willis for his years on the Board of Directors, specifically his role on the Facilities Management Committee. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Public Comment: Gary Heal noted Amy Rispin’s contribution as the Chair of the Environmental Committee and thanked her for the committee’s accomplishments.

With no further business to discuss, John McCall made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


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Drum Point Property Owners’ Association iconThis article is © Pilgrims Ltd. The copyright owners reserve all rights to its reproduction

Drum Point Property Owners’ Association iconThis article is © Pilgrims Ltd. The copyright owners reserve all rights to its reproduction

Drum Point Property Owners’ Association iconThis article is © Pilgrims Ltd. The copyright owners reserve all rights to its reproduction

Drum Point Property Owners’ Association iconThis article is © Pilgrims Ltd. The copyright owners reserve all rights to its reproduction

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