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НазваниеDepartment of food engineering
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Head of Department

Professor A.Kadir HURŞİT, Tel: +90 (0)362 3121919/1503




Asuman VURAL, Tel: +90 (0)362 3121919 /1501



ECTS co-ordinator

Associate Professor Fehmi YAZICI, Tel: +90 (0)362 3121919 /1517



Assistant co-ordinators

Abdullah AKGUN Ph.D., Tel: +90 (0) 362 3121919/1504


Bulent KARADENIZ Ph.D., Tel: +90 (0) 362 3121919/1504



Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Food Engineering,

55139, Samsun, Turkey

Fax: +90 (0) 4576094



Food Engineering is a branch of engineering where physical, chemical and biological sciences can be applied in the processing, transporting, storing of foods and the production and development of new foods. The basic functions of a food engineer are;


  •          to produce healthy and nutritive foods,

  •          to develop new process techniques based on the biochemical, technological and economical process,

  •          to evaluate raw materials, to prevent the loss of food sources by keeping the quality and quantity,

  •          to produce new foods from the waste materials,

  •          to produce new types of food products.


Besides these functions Department of Food Engineering follows the developing techniques on food science and food processing, applies these techniques on industrial level and conducts  scientific researches for producing new techniques. One of the basic aims of Food Engineering Department is to graduate well-qualified food engineers having combined skills in chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, quality control, engineering and technology which are required by the food industry.


The department has 13 professors and lecturers, 1, 7 research and teaching assistants, 20 post graduate students, 1 administrative staff. It occupies an extensive Food Processing Hall and specialised laboratory facilities.


Food Engineering Department involves two main divisions and related sub-divisions based on the area of research and proficiency. The divisions of Food Engineering Department is given as follows.

Food Science

Food Technology

Food Microbiology Section

Unit Operations of Food Engineering Section

Food Chemistry Section

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology Section

Food Quality Control Section

Dairy Processing and Engineering Section

Cereal Processing and Engineering Section


Meat Technology Section


Oil and Fat Technology Section 


Biotechnology Section
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