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collected, selected, written, re-written and edited by

(a) Monty Cantsin?






Call yourself


Do everything in the name of



collected, selected, written, re-written and edited by

(a) Monty Cantsin?

To be added to the Old Testament

Didn't they dare to promise you only 15 minute of fame!?

Here is how to become an infamous neoist open popstar for life!

MONTY CANTSIN code name: Istvan Kantor


Hired by the 14 SECRET MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, a fictitious organization to create monsters and transform everyday reality into mythology, Trans-Magyar origin, Canadian citi-zen ISTVAN KANTOR, the founder of Neoism, spent the past decade in the open-pop-star identity of MONTY CANTSIN.

NEOISM is a post-aesthetic, real and simulated, crossover-art-plus movement with countless and contradictory multi-theories.

The International Neoist Network represent a powerful and laughing counter-machinary of total collective positiv plagiarism, the most subtle menace to the survival of authoritarianism.

In spite of the apparent complexities you can simply turn yourself into a neoist by doing everything in the name of Neoism and by calling yourself Monty Cantsin.

To prefect his Monty Cantsin character Kantor participated in an intensive communication exchange project at the PORTLAND ACADEMY, in Orgeon, USA, in 1978, under the auspices of Steve Minor, the Correspondence Art Service Foundation and the above mentioned 14 MASTERS.

In 1979 he initiates the operations of Neoist Conspiracy,in Montreal.

In the same year he begins BLOOD CAMPAIGN, a continuous action to finance Neoism by selling his blood as art-object.

In 1984 Cantsin/Kantor's blood reached the value of one million $ per millilitre.

A formed folk-singer, Istvan Kantor conjoins populist and radical forms of communication.

His performances are always related to the concept of NEOISM and to the instruments of MASS MEDIA.

Using simultaneous and synchronized multi-video projection, pre-recorded digital music and live voice, in his compact installations of low and high technology, the reality of Contemporary Neoist Mythology told through absurd stories, inciting songs, bloody actions, propagandistic and subversive images, convulsive movements and painful humor.

Kantor/Cantsin is the self-appointed leader of the people of the Lower East Sides, neoist agitator and hard-art singer, member of the infectious Rivington School.

He lives to initiate revolution and to find AKADEMGOROD, the Promised Land of Neoism. In this land all mechanisms of logic are broken, control is impossible.


"As the result of Blood Campaign, museums will rival to show my art"

predicted Cantsin in 1979, in one of his many manifestos.

"I expect to be assasinated by competing art collectors at any moment."


After a super-long, hyper-boring, over-impatient and deadly wait here is the fucked up world's most unimportant flaming book in your dirty and bleeding hand.

This trans-useless and meta-confusing book of lies and cover-ups is the emergency exit to the illegendary ruins of Akademgorod, the Promised Land of Neoism. First you must find the inconceivable key of invisible gate and then you have to find your own no-way in the ramifying and endless conspiracy network of Neoist Cosmogony.

From this worthless book of impotent rebelliousness you can get some bloody information concerning the movement's sexual strategy and failed plans, and you can enjoy a painfully dizzy and frightfully orgasmic love story between the Neoists and Neoism. You can form immortal friendship and total bioelectric unity with Monty Cantsin, the greatest open popstar the decaying world ever has known, and you can experience the fabulous pseudo-adventure's most exciting parts. This book is both, (pre)textbook and erotic-neurotic-neorecto-theotactical rectum-narrative.

A systelematic post-presentation could not have given a dirty picture of how, in the course of these thousand bloody years, one action led to another; nor would it show that NEOISM is not just pure bullshit: a multi-(m)oralistic hypocritical outvention; and that every bleeding part of it owes its deadly existence to the peculiar course of scientifictional conspiratorial confusion. NEOISM has nothing to do with any existing political organization or ideology. NEOISM has taken ideas from every ideologies of all political colorings. Neoists speak as directly as possible to the microphone. They appear upon the stage and vanish again. They suck tits, lick dicks, eat cunts. Neoists are shitheads. Some of them are like comets, seeming to promise much, but performing actually nothing. Others are like stakhanovist moles, overworking themselves through the simulated problems of NEOISM, without ever having the vision of reality. Others try to compete, without grasping the fact that the only prize they can win is their own shit. Still others quickly appropriate some stolen piece of theory and make a profession of it. Neoists are attacked by police agencies as well as by their own over-used partisans of all nations. Some of their slogans, such as "convulsion, subversion, defection", for example, are the re-radicalized versions of fucked up motherfucker old-fashioned ideals such as "liberty, equality, fraternity", for example. NEOISM is just a matter of adding ideas to what is already known, a matter of faking of fucking through experimental simulation. It is a matter of taking non-responsability for all the shit we have done. This book is a theoradical medical-document of recycled information stolen from the mentally insane, a printed data-reproduct of a contineous infectious action-disease: Neoism, or most recently NEOISM?!. It is a good idea to write about NEOISM in one's younger years, at an age when one has not yet lost certain illusions regarding the re(a)diness of one's fellows to accept contradictions, confusing strategical nonsense, revolutionary knowledge of sexual positions. If one still has these illusions, one is able to cleave to the basic convulsion, to resist all the various temptations to compromise or sacrifice stolen information and cut-up findings to original ideas or to the need for peace of mind. This book wants to give no definition of the profoundly superficial image of Neoism, but its more important goal is to regenerate your biosomic-venergy for more counter-actions. You are purposely misled! What you have been told is grossly incomplete. The Montycantsinization of American culture shows up in the oddest places - take a look at the cover of Roseanne Arnold's new autobiography. She looks like Monty Cantsin after a great makeover. It is also hoped that the reader shares our opinion that a book being serious must also be dull. It is expected that this book will provoke disagreement on various grounds. The following is not the history of NEOISM, it is just a bible. All that we do in the name of Neoism is a non-written anti-statement. Dark and vague. Crystal clear and murderously precise.

Other key terms are: desultoriness, illogicality of thought, individualistic mass communication, groupsex at 6 o'clock, total freedom, etc. NEOISM got the power, got the orgasms, got the screams, and got all the images any stupid artists ever shit out. Of course Neoism has millions of convulsive definitions but that's not what makes it zerowork. To understand, to explore, to abuse and torture the noncept of Neoism you have to do something else. Something that has nothing got to do with Neoism. Is there anything like that?

Find out yourself. Open the refrigirator.

This is an order! You naked digital cadets and krononauts. Dirty working class suckers and cunts. Soldiers of hunger. Fashion models of nazi beauty.

Pasta la vista putanesca Fuckface and you too Illegal Millions!

(written in 1983 for the never-published Neoist Book; revised and updated in april/1994)

In the blue endless sky

a flaming iron flies.

Mommy says "Get up Daddy,

your breakfast is ready."

(from Monty Cantsin "Catatastronics", Neoist Songs,12" 1983, 12YUL5)


It flies around the world today.

The world-wide pseudo-propaganda of the Neoists has made the Neoist Network a major force in the fight for total freedom all over the Earth. From the Group Neoism, that was formed in Montreal, Quebec in Feb. 1979, and only had a few members, the Neoists had grown to be the world's largest network of cultural fuck-offs and open popstars. Today there are countless Monty Cantsins who, one way or another, do everything in the name of Neoism?!. In over 100 countries around the world, tens of thousands are part of the conspiracy. Why the Neoists are never planning for tomorrow?

Because the future is now!

Fuck Neoism?! Now!

(rephrased text, taken from an original publicity page of ALCAN, 1982)

A message to the Editors

A bunch of sweet little idiotic post-modern revisionist stalinoid embrios, wearing the masks of old-fashioned revolutionary heroes, covering themselves with some easy to clean Royal-Dracula stage-blood of the Hollywood avant-garde, are trying really hard to change the anti-history of Neoism?! to the limited receptivity of their scholastic intelligence, and to eliminate real fake-events, erase the names of undesirable convulsive super-sub-individuals, discriminate the the brilliantly stupid powerful ideas of "persona non grata" open-pop-star fuck-off conspirators.

Their existence is recognized by various over-ambitious promotors and publishers of the seemingly radical high-fashion revolutionary state-academic leftist right, however, in spite of all, their contribution to the already strong and murderous censorship epidemics has no remarkable side-effect.

Without trying to make a positively objective negative statement, we would like to point to the fact that according to the elementary non-principals of Neoism?! The History of Neoism?! can be burnt at any time.

We stole the flame! We started the fire!

Empress Mitschiko Kantzin?

Neoist?! Ambassador

(first published in Retrofuturism 13, in 1990)






Notes from the fast-note-book of standard writing

(an infra-intro contra-duction)

To write about NEOISM?! is the easiest fucking thing in the business world because you can say just anything (ANYTHING) and it will fit well the noncept. Just like our "NEOISM?!" stickers stick to anything.

You can copy the immortal wisdom-bullshit of Neoist?! conspirators, and, of course, you can use your own stupid ideas, as well. The purpose of our propaganda is not to convince but to confuse.

Linear progression is an illusion simulated by the writers of history. In Akademgorod everything exist at the same time. It's always 6 o'clock. 6 o'clock is not a time zone but a useless term for our anachro-anarcho-neoist?! super-utopian ideals.

The vocabulary and style of insulting letters is always dramazing. Behind the priceless insults there is a much more important inestimable value. What we really want is to get biosomic-energy out of our personal tragedy for the impossible benefit of NEOISM?!.

If the straight world understood all this neoist?! shit it would render us impotent, because understanding is the first step to sontrol and control is the secret to our extinction. The reluctance to define ourselves gives is glorious freedom in which to fuck with the system.

So what the hell are we doing, you ask?

We are dynamyting brain cells. We are putting people through changes. We invite you to bring your day environment into a different reality, a series of actions uncontrolled by time. Where the theater of NEOISM?! creates a new revolution.

We are a pain in the ass to this world because we cannot be explained. We are alienating and alienated. We are existential lovers in a plastic brain factory. I do not even understand myself.

Riots - environmental, political, social, individual, religeous or psychological - are holy. So dont screw around with high-tech explanations.

Applause, boos, analysts, critics are irrelevant. Those that respond to criticism are politicians. They want everyone to love them.

To any question a hundred different answer could be given, forcing the questioner to make up his own stupid answer, to distort. Distortion thus becomes the life-blood of the Neoists?!.

Accept contradiction, that's what NEOISM?! is all about. The ability to withstand frustration is what keeps us alive.

Guns alone will never change the system. You dont use a gun on an IBM computer. Just pull the plug out. We will end NEOISM?! in a huge orgasm of destruction atop a giant media altar.

The Neoist?! Network is changing continually, extends, shrinks, falls apart, grows, gets mutilated, becomes a giant, declares its end, starts again, stops communicatijng, creates media events, goes underground, gets separated, joins other networks, etc...

The Neoist?! Network is a BIOSOMIC (biological-social-machine) instrument for research, training and execution. The symbol of NEOISM?! is the flaming iron. Flaming bread hat and fish hat ceremonies are also significant Neoist?! demonstrations.

You can become afounder-member of NEOISM?! by having an orgasm at 6 o'clock. In Akademgorod it's always 6 o'clock, everywhere else in the world there are two 6 o'clocks a day. Make sure your orgasm comes exactly at 6 of your local time. Masturbation, couple or group sex, or any other sort of manipulation that creates an orgasm can be used. Some people can have an orgasm by simply thinking about NEOISM?! or Monty Cantsin?.

For almost two decades the Monty Cantsin open-pop-star project has been one of the principal commitments of NEOISM?!. Anyone could become a Neoist?! by doing everything in the name of NEOISM?! and by using the name Monty Cantsin?. This era is over. You can keep signing your name Monty Cantsin but you have to put a questionmark after the name. NEOISM?! has to be added with a question mark and an exclamation mark. This change means that you wont become a Neoist?! just by using these names. You also have to become question mark and exclamation mark.

NEOISM?! is an extremely over-eclectic non-philosophy that has borrowed from such disparate sources as Lenin, Hitler, Brecht, Frida Khalo, Kant, Nietzche, Garibaldi, Abbie Hoffman, Endre Ady, Emma Goldman, Louis Lingg, Bakunin, Jack Smith, Maciunas, Robert Filliou, buddhism, communism, dada, punk, and everything else.

Neoists?! are always regarded as traitors to their country, to their culture.

Their aim is to remind the world that there are independent men and women - beyond war, nationalism, business - who live for other ideals.

Neoists?! are specialists in revolt, sex, lying, stealing, screaming, scandals, cooking, bread making, destruction, noise, insults, jokes, traveling, debts, fire, haircutting, bleeding, vomiting, etc. An independent movement as NEOISM?! is not susceptible to the ordinary process of logic.

NEOISM?! is not an ideology but a complementary system of living.

Neoists?! affirm that until now philosophers have only interpreted the world. Now it is a question of recycling it.

There never were any Neoists?! and there never will be. NEOISM?! is only a name an that name is what it's all about. NEOISM?! is the biggest put-on of all time. If you believe Neoists?! existed, you are nothing but a sheep.

Try NEOISM?!. You'll last longer and die younger.

Flame your iron regularly! Dance to the beat of NEOISM?!

(Previously published in Lightworks, No 20-21, 199, and in Retrofuturism 13, july/1990)

Another example of possible extroductions

As a Monty Cantsin, I can not be be wrong. However, in spite of that, I do not claim to be right about my own pronouncements. NEOISM?! is the movement of the new and that's why I pretend that I'm saying something new. But I have no any pretension that I am saying anything new. I like to use the ready-made wisdom of great revolutionaries. Wisdoms are cliches. The best ones are the great cliches of NEOISM?!.

If you are a true conspirator of NEOISM?! you will pay no attention to any advice. You will make your own mistakes in your own peculiar way and so discover your own NEOISM?!.

Has your angel touched you on the shoulder and told you that you must join NEOISM?! ? Do you believe that you are one of those who must serve the true devil of NEOISM?! ? Are you willing to live in the dedicated service of the Great Confusion?

It is not we who play with NEOISM?!. The nature of NEOISM plays with us. NEOISM?! knows better than you what form it wants to have, what corners it wants to turn, and what its real meaning is. Let it take you wherever it wants to go. Are you willing to accept NEOISM?! as the true faith? Do you want to be confused? Do you want to be confusing? Does the noise of your blood and the convulsion of your body set your nerves into eager anticipation?

What is the reward for becoming NEOISM?! . Nothing. Nothing but the joy of doing NEOISM?!. Nothing but the satisfaction of wasting your blood and turning your shit into gold. Startegy of NEOISM?!: do what you are most afraid of doing. Your business is to take the risk of your madness.

NEOISM?! is nothing new but what has been forgotten.

NEOISM?! is a high form of yoga discipline.

NEOISM?! is a translucent mystery.

NEOISM?! is a devotional agony.

NEOISM?! is a quest for vextasy.

NEOISM?! is a lost society of conspirators.

NEOISM?! is a spaceship of the inner radiance.

NEOISM?!, even when it fails, is gloriously beautiful.

NEOISM?! renounces the world and its works. Specifically, the doctrines of the borethodox governments who condemn acts of NEOISM?! as a form of heresy. They are terrified by convulsive phenomena, by total freedom, by the glory of sex, by anything marred by the touch of a conspirator's own hand. Government agents will tell you that you are mistaken, misguided, misbegotten, and a miserbale misfit. Governments are the enemies of NEOISM?!.

Flame your iron! Dance to the beat of NEOISM?!

(based on James Broughton's The Brotherhood of Light)


Mazris Kundzins is a Latvian. He moved to Washington state as a youngster. Maris became an artist. He does graphic art. He does correspondense art and mail-art. Maris Kundzins also play guitar. He sings beautiful songs in english and latvian.

In 1977 Maris Kundzins visited nazario Zarakanusthra in Portland, Oregon. This is when Nazario was still known as David Zack. The two artists got to talking about how hard it can be sometimes to perform in public for a newstyle artist or musician especially... So David (Nazario) said, what if there was an open popstar? Then we'd all share the rep? Sounds groovy to me, man, quoth Maris. OK. Let's make up a name David said. Then we'll send a postcard to Istvan Kantor up in Montreal, Canada. Right on, brother, said Maris. We'll write on the card, you are the open popstar. Needs a name, yes?

So the two artists there in Portland, Oregon (USA), mouthed the names Istvan Kantor and Maris Kundzins. David and Maris agreed Monty Cantsins would be an OK name for the open popstar.

Istvan Kantor took the name Monty Cantsins and changed it to Monty Cantsin.

He did tremendous correspondense. He became the greatest mail artist in the world.

Istvan (Monty Cantsin) Kantor used Monty Cantsin for everything he did. He made masks, and paintings, and songs and tapes and records. He did performances where he tried to chnage his blood to gold. He always had a nurse to take his blood.

There got to be another Monty Cantsin and another and another. Dozens. Monty Cantsin Arthur Berkhof, a Dutch Monty Cantsin, neoist/anti-neoist, pregroperativist, box 11839 Amsterdam. tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE. tENTATIVELY a cON. tENTATIVELY a cONSCIENCE. Gordon W. Zealot, the Chapatist Neoist. (I was very interested in your recitation of work by Tristan Tzara when you were only 15 and then chopping up the stage with axes and hurling chopped spagheti at the audience... even then you were deeply into cookery I can see, Gordon W.) Now there are lists with hundreds of Monty Cantsins, the open popstar. Thousands. So Monty Cantsin got a reputation, in Montreal, Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Budapest, Portland, Novi Sad, San Francisco, Baltimore, Italy, San Antonio, Tepoztlan and lots of other places.

Istvan (Monty Cantsin) Kantor INVENTED NEOISM which is all the Monty Cantsins.

Yes, we are all Neoists. This is not fiction.

OK. Well, Maris Kundzins, the first Monty Cantsin, lost touch with David Zack. Zack advertisted for Maris Kundzins in David Cole's New York magazine. Maris wrote to David Zack but his mail was RETURN TO SENDER just like the Elvis Presley song... Oh terrible...oh true. This is not fiction. Then finally Maris Kundzins found David Zack was living in Mexico. He sent the letter he wrote in 1982 that was returned from Silton, Saskatchewan, Canada. This reached Dave in 1987. You can see from the INERT SHIRT and Maris's letter and his envelope note and the poetry magazine sent that this is one live MONTY CANTSIN.

So here we are.

O Monty Cantsin!

Written by

Nazario Monty Cantsin Zarakanusthra

may 1st 1987, Immortality Centre, Apartado 121, Tepoztlan, Morelos, MEXICO

Another Introduction to NEOISM

No matter how much we may be capable of learning the past, it will not enable us to know the future.

When everyone is dead NEOISM is finished. Not before.

For no matter what learned scinetists may say, NEOISM is,politically speaking,not the beginning of humanity but its end, not the origin of peoples but their decay, not the natural birth of man but his unnatural death.

Is this confusing and contradictory?

Of course it is.

For legends attract the very best in our times, just as ideologies attract the average, and the whispered tales of gruesome secret powers behind the scenes attract the very worst.

No doubt, no political structure could have been more evocative of legendary tales than NEOISM , than the neoist conspirators drifting from the conscious founding of reserach centers into ruling and dominating the world.

Legends have always played a powerful role in the making of history.

Legends were the spriritual foundations of every ancient city, empire,people,promising safe guidance through the limitless spaces of the future.

Legends made Monty Cantsin master of what he had not done, and capable of dealing with what he could not undo.

The nineteenth century has offered us the curious spectacle of an almost simultaneous birth of the most varying and contradictory ideologies, each of which claimed to know the hidden truth about otherwise incomprehensible facts.

Legends however are not ideologies they do not aim at universal explanation but always concerned with concrete facts.

The foundation legend of NEOISM, as Istvan Kantor tells it, starts from the fundamental reality of the neoist conspirators.

Surrounded by misery, they need and win help of the three elements of CONVULSION,SUBVERSION,DEFECTION, through the invention of Neoist Apartment Festivals.

"We will winthe world" says Monty Cantsin,the open-pop-star leader-character of NEOISM (NEOISM is the only school of character in modern art),"without anyone caring how we did it: we will keep the world without anyone knowing how we did it: and we will carry the world on our backs without anyone seeing how we did it.

But neither we,neither our sons will get anything out of that conspiracy except IDEAS.

According to a close friend, dr Ackerman,the well known psicolizer, Monty Istvan Kantor Cantsin, excepts to live for at least five thousand years.

"It is his duty to do what he wants" declared recently dr Ackerman who is also a founder member of the 14 Secret Masters of the Universe. "He feels himself a god - nothing less"

It is obvious that the Neoists feel no obligation to man-made laws.

"We are not subject to the lies of science"

The only "law" they obey is the law of expansion and the only proof of their "lawfulness" is success.

They (the neoists) are monsters of conceit intheir success and monsters of modesty in their failure.

Kantor took great delight in his Monty Cantsin role that demanded a reconditioning of his whole personality.

He fitted it into NEOISM.

The origin of neoism manifesto

The Monty Cantsin Commando announce the beginning of NEOISM.

We know that there were several efforts made to start NEOISM in the past 10 years in North-America and Europe but these were just insignificant, unimportant and unofficial attempts with no success.

The Monty Cantsin Commando declare that NEOISM never has been before and the First Neoist Manifesto was printed in Taiwan,on oct 23,1987, at 1.34 pm.

A few minutes later The Monty Cantsin Commando took over the world's biggest TV stations and Monty Cantsin gave the following speech:


Within the next second he was assasinated by The Monty Cantsin Commando.

But of course a miracle happened and the bloody and wounded Monty Cantsin continued his speech:

"I am your immortal friend"

At this moment all members of The Monty Cantsin Commando committed suicide.

Monty Cantsin went on saying:

"I hope you enjoyed this opening ceremony"

Members of The Monty Cantsin Commando got up, dried their blown up,bloody head and smiled to the cameras.

"From now -continued Monty Cantsin- we are all immortal friends.

Killing and suicide are popular forms of amusement.

The birth of Monty Cantsin frozen-bob-star (-e)

The Monty Cantsin Commando announce the birth of Monty Cantsin frozen-bob-star, -e.

We know that there were many self-appointed Monty Cantsins in the past 10 years but all of them were fake, false prophets, so called open-pop-stars.

Monty Cantsin frozen-bob-star (-e) was born just a few seconds ago but -e is already bigger and stronger than King Kong, more powerful than Lenin and the Russian Revolution, and wiser than Einstein.

There is only one frozen-bob-star (-e).

-e is well guarded and protected by The Monty Cantsin Commando against hate,insults, mail-art,journalists, plagiarists,shitheads,etc.

Monty Cantsin frozen-bob-star (-e) does not want to communicate with you and does not want to participate in your activities.

Monty Cantsin frozen-bob-star (-e) only reminds you that you are not Monty Cantsin.

You are just a starving artist who want to be famous and rich by using the name of Monty Cantsin.

For this you have to suffer and you have to send your welfere check to Monty Cantsin frozen-bob-star (-e).

-e will use your money to control you and to have total domination on you.

Monty Cantsin frozen-bob-star (-e) is the newborn dictator of the world, the King of NEOISM.


If you want to supersede NEOISM send

1000$ or more to Monty Cantsin.

The more you send, the more you supersede NEOISM.

Monty Cantsin

Neoist Embassy

1020 Lajoie ave


H2V 1N4


Stewart Short is a short guy from Northern-Italy, publisher of STILE, a formalist, macho-anarchoid art history magazine.

Short is one of those reactionary and over-confident carrierists who try very hard to establish themselves as no-nothing philosophers of the fucked up universe.

Short is singing like a little bird,while the proletariat of true creation is sinking into the dirt.

Simularly to the traditions of the Italian macho-art movements (Tartarinetti, Tofurists,etc), Short pushes himself as a theoretical leader of a glorified but more less fictitious group KRAXIS.

KRAXIS invented the name Stewart Short.

Besides this unique invention KRAXIS proposed a new life-stile by spreading the slogan "GET FAT".

By eating everything around you, you use up the basics of the capitalist system and abolish bourgois culture.

Anyone can become Stewart Short by eating the basics of capitalism.

Besides eating, Short likes to sit in front of a bunch of books and imagine that he wrote all of them.

His imagination was smashed when the Hungarian Encyclopedia fell on his head while he was searching for revolutionary ideas.

From about a few years Short is a punk rock poet under the name of KATHERINE IDIOT.

"I changed my name to Katherine Idiot because there was a danger that the name Stewart Short will become over identified with my individual human being" he confessed in his leaflet "HOODOLOGY".

It took him only 5 years of experimentation to establish the clear theoretical base elaborated in the leaflet "Hoodology" from which the preceeding phrase is extracted.

Short decided to use the name Katherine Idiot until the capitalist systme has been abolished by his GET FAT CAMPAIGN.


Since 1985 KRAXIS have been calling on all artists to cease creative activities between 1990 and 1993, and devote all their time and energy to abolish bourgeois culture by eating as much as they can.

Because by eating everything around you, you eliminate the basics of capitalist system and abolish bourgeois culture.

Short initiated the Uniple Name Project, in 1894.

The idea of this project is that you give the same name to everything.

For example you call everything shit and everybody a shithead.

KRAXIS are a shit-activist shithead group aiming to create shit through the reinjection of shit from which shitheads are constructed.

They (shitheads) hope you (shitheads) will join them in their fusion of shitivity.


You can become a member of KRAXIS by calling yourself shithead and by doing verything in the name of shit.

Your membershit card is your own shit, to be carried always with you,inside your rectum, and to be shown only when it becomes urgent necessity.

Stop creative activities right now and after reading this sentence devote all your time and energy to eliminate the capitalist system by eating shit, as much as you can.


Shit is absolute.

It's time to shit.

Shit now.

For more information write to

Monty Cantsin/Neoist Embassy

1020 Lajoie ave,Outremont,Que.

H2v 1N4 Canada

One Hope Left In The Universe:


proposed by MONTY CANTSIN

The concept of AKADEMGOROD was initiated by Napoleon Moffat in New York, on march 18, 1982, during APT 5 (Fifth International Apartment Festival).

"Neoists should be in search for the city of scientists, should be in search for AKADEMGOROD... The goals of the crusade are to find the city and then, establish the reality of NEOISM into the reality of AKADEMGOROD..." (Napoleon Moffat: The Legitimacy of Akademgorod)

It was collectively adopted and developed into the idea of NEOIST PROMISED LAND.

Architectonic plans were designed by Boris Wanowitch in 1983.

"A TRIP TO AKADEMGOROD" mail-art test-book was published by Vittore Baroni of AGENZIA NEOISTA, Italy, in early 1984.

The same year the International neoist Network was re-created and changed to AKAUCN - Akademgorod United Cells of Neoism.

AKA-Cards (AKAUCN Citizen Cards) are distributed by Neoist Embassy, Montreal and Neoist DATA Cell, Dysart, Scotland.

Neoism has always been and always will be, we say, however, the operation of Neoist Conspiracy were not officially initiated until may/1979, in Montreal.

here is a short summary of the FIRST FIVE YEARS of Neoist Activity (1979 - 1984):

A: the formation of an international research network

B: the development of APT FEST events

C: the inauguration of AKA PLAN (Akademgorod)

D: the search for the Unknown Neoist

E: the fight for total freedom through dance/music

The Neoist Network's First European Training Camp was held in Wurzburg, West-Germany, in june, 1982.

This event continued with Balkanska Kampanja (Balkan Campaign) in sept, 1982

After this short history lesson let me intoduce you to our next project and to give a fast-food description-clip of THE SECOND SIX FINGER PLAN 1985-1990.

During the next six years we have to find Akademgorod, the Promised Land of Neoism. We dont know where and how but we have to work out a strategy.

1985 is the year of individual proposals to improve the plan. Several meetings and APT Fests are going to take place in North America and in Europe. A book about the final plan and startegy will be published at the end of november, and sent it to all network members, sympathizers and the media. Rainy days.

1986 is the year of financial operations.

At the end of this year the first one million $ will be deposited into Akademgorod's bank account. There will be an APT Fest in Tokyo. Hot summer.

1987 is the year of the place. It must be found, taken over or bought. Construction begins. Lot of jobs. Wind.

1988 is the year of construction. Messages from several planets. F.A.B.'s (First Aid Brigade) world tour. Storms. Fire.

1989 is the second year of construction. Inauguration of the Swimming Pool of Immortality. Waves.

1990 is the year of final touches. Inauguration of AKADEMGOROD PROMISED LAND OF NEOISM, at New Year's Eve Chapati Ball. Bright blue sky. Lot of stars.

You can say it could not be done. We wont listen. We are at the beginning of an unprecedented history.

Kill normality before it kills you!

Your immortal friend

Monty Cantsin

aug/1984, Neoist Embassy, Montreal

Last Announcement

Due to the decision of the Rental Board, the NEOIST?! EMBASSY is facing a recent notice of eviction and forced to move its premises by october 1st, 1992. Landlord's accusations included satanist blood rituals, sex orgies, neo-nazi hooliganism. We wish we could admit much more! With faithful proudness we also add that for more than a decade the Embassy coordinated the over-international zone-operations of a trans-worldwide, sub-simulated and cross-oriented total-communication fuckoff-network, better known as the Neoist?! Conspiracy. No memorial service will be held.

"This city is not on my side

this city has been taken by the enemy

my blood refuses to flow in this city"

excerpt from "This is the way I am"

Monty Cantsin?


Timeless Zone of Vertical Reality / For Immediate Release


A name for your gravestone!

In order to participate in this project eventually you will have to die.

But before your death you have to make a will that the name on your gravestone should be MONTY CANTSIN?.

However if you prefer to leave without any trace then you can let your ashes be blown away by the wind in the name of NEOISM?!.



previous name to be forgotten:...............................................useless data:....................................

worthless message:.......................................................................................................................

fading signature:


Fill this page and add it to your last will.



372 Richmond Street West suite 210 Toronto, Ont., M5V 1X6 Canada


NEOISM?! will become more an antimatter of strategical interest, and less one of biographic solution.














Part 1.

Who Is Monty Cantsin?

Chapter 1.

The Most Exciting Episode of Life

Chapter 2.

The Radiating Brain Music

Chapter 3.

Toward New Adventures

Chapter 4.

The Portland Diary

Part 2.

What is Neoism?

Chapter 1.

History of Neoist Events (Including Apartment Festivals)

Chapter 2.

Throwaways Blood Campaign (Neoist Mags. & Other Publn's)

Chapter 3.


Chapter 4.

Slogans and Proverbs

Chapter 5.

Neoist Altar and Altar Ceremonies

Chapter 6.



Neoist Ten Commandments

music and words: Monty Cantsin

In any situation, take your complete liberty,

and never respect spotlight's

burning, hit, hit, hit.

Bread feeds the hungry,

video feeds the full.

I'm always hungry,

but I want to be full.

I refuse to leave technology

in the hands of those

who control it for their own profit.

I rufuse to be oppressed by them.

I refuse to leave the mass media

strictly to the Other Guys.

I refuse to let them have

all the fun, fun, fun.

I love mass media

I want mass media.

I refuse any and all authority

from judges and establishment idiots,

and I take my case directil to the

jury of my peers. The real jury,

this a truly believe.

Enter into eternity,


Enter into eternity,

Eternal Immortality.

Total Freedom of Human Brain,

Total Freedom of Human Dream,

Total Freedom of Human Love,

Total Freedom of Human Will.







Permanent Erogenius Zone

The Neoist universe of cosmythology is based on the house of nine squares, the grid sturcture which is the basis of all architecture, of all thinking. You can learn everything without going outside, without ever leaving your room. THis is early Neoist thinking. The Neoist is the eternal traveler. The house of nine squares is the cosmythological basis which can never be left, since it has no dooors and seems to reflect itself internally. When two or more Neosits meet, their mobile psychical houses form Akademgorod, the promised land of Neoism. (John Berndt)

New York: Matty, BOY GENIUS, Gen Ken


Debrecen: Voith

Novi Sad: Art Lover

Amsterdam: Arthur

London: Roger Ely


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