Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes

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CS-564 Software Development Tools & Processes

Spring 2006-07

Course Outline

CS-564 - Software Development: Tools and Processes

Instructor’s Name: Shafay Shamail Year: 2006-2007

Office No: Room 401, CS Department, Library Building Quarter: Spring

Email: sshamail@lums.edu.pk Extention: 4401

Office Hours: Mon, Wed: 3:00-4:00 PM Category: MS

TA: Umar Faiz Office Hrs: TBA

Course Code


Software Development Tools and Processes - CS564

Course Description


This course will introduce Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework to the students. Structure of CMMI will be discussed and detailed discussion of different process areas will be carried out.
Some of the key software engineering activities like, software requirement management software configuration management, software quality assurance, and software estimation will be discussed in detail.
Some of the tools and their importance and use during the software development process will be discussed.
Guest speakers will be invited from the industry to mention their approach for the development of software projects.






A course in software engineering



1. Introduce the students to processes in general and software development processes in particular.
2. Develop an appreciation for focusing on the processes during software development.
3. Introduce the students to current software development practices in the industry and quality assurance techniques.
4. Provide exposure to some of the tools which can be used to handle the software development process more efficiently and quantitatively.
5. Introduce the students with process frame work - Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).
6. Enable the students to assess software processes maturity of an organization with respect to CMMI. Also the students should be able to suggest improvement in organizational processes to achieve higher process maturity with respect to CMMI.

Text Books



CMMI for Development: Ver 1.2, SEI, Carnegie Mellon, Aug 2006

CMMI Distilled: A practical Introduction to Integrated Process Improvement
By Dennis M. Ahern, Aaron Clouse, Richard Turner (Dennis)

CMMI - Guidelines for Process Integaration and Product Improvement
By Mary Beth Chrissis, Mike Konrad, Sandy Shrum (Beth)

After the Gold Rush: Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering
by Steve McConnell, Microsoft Press, 1999 (McConnell)

An integrated approach to software engineering
By Pankaj Jalote, Narosa Publishing House, 1997 (Pankaj-1)

Software Process Improvement: Concepts and Practices
By Eugene McGuire, Idea Group Publishing, 1999 (Eugene)

Managing the software process
By Watts S. Humphrey, Addisson-Wesley, 1990 (Humphrey-2)

Software failure: management failure
By stephen flowers, John Wiley & Sons, 1999 (Flowers)


Software Engineering: A practitioner's approach, fifth edition
By Roger S Pressman (Pressman)

CMM in Practice: Processes for Executing Software Projects at Infosys
By Pankaj Jalote, Addison-Wesley, 2000 (Pankaj-2)

Elements of Software Process Assessment and Improvement
By Khaled El Emam and Naxim H. Madhavji, IEEE Computer Society, 1999 (Emam)

Software Engineering Institute website: www.sei.cmu.edu

Lectures, Attendance Policy


There will be 20 sessions of 75 minutes each



10% Quizzes
10% Process Area Presentations

20% Project
25% Midterm Exam
35% Final Exam










Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to course

  • Software development life cycle - overview of software development process models - general software engineering concepts

  • Review of software engineering concepts, product and process quality (SWEBOK)

  • SW Eng Tools and Methods (SWEBOK)

  • SW Eng Process (SWEBOK)


3 sessions



Chapter 1,2

Chapter 6,8

Chapter 1,2




Module 2: Introduction to CMMI

  • Introduction to quality standards - CMMI framework & models

  • CMMI Model architecture

  • Interpreting the CMMI

  • CMMI Process Areas

  • Process Area Components

  • Understanding Levels

  • Generic Goals and Practices

  • Specific Goals and Practices


4 sessions


CMMI for Development V1.2

Chapter 3-7 , 9

Chapter 1-5

Chapter 7, 14



Module 3: SCAMPI

  • CMMI appraisals – SCAMPI

  • Technology evolution and change management


2 sessions




Module 4: Process Area Presentations

  • Presentation regarding CMMI Process Areas


1 session





Mid Term Exam


1 session


All course covered till Mid term



Module 5: Key concepts for software development processes

  • Software configuration management - example of SCM tool

  • Software quality assurance - example of quality assurance tool - QA activities

  • Software Estimation - function points and other methods

  • Requirement Elicitation and management

  • Case Study: Rapid development of a software project - mapping of artifacts


5 sessions


Chapter 9

Ch. 2, 6

Chapter 3,4



Module 6: Managing Software Projects

  • Problems in managing software projects - defining scope, extracting requirement, requirement creep, people factor

  • Key success factors in management of Information system projects - Major causes of project failures


2 sessions


Ch 7



Module 7: Guest speakers *

  • Software development practices in industry


1 session





Module 8: Project Presentations

  • Presentation regarding projects by all groups


1 session





Final Exam





*Session with guest speakers will be held according to availability and their convenience


Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconCs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconProductivity and Quality in Software-Projects Psychological Analyses and Optimization of Work Processes in Software-Development

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconSocio-Technical Interaction Networks in Free/Open Source Software Development Processes

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconAn Analysis of the History of Classical Software Development and Agile Development

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconBurning Studio Tools & Software Protection

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconCommercial software tools for data quality and record linkage in the process of microintegration (Jaroslav Kraus and Ondřej Vozár czso) 24

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconDevelopment of Tools and Guidelines for the Promotion of the Sustainable Urban Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Agricultural Production in the Mediterranean Countries

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconComparing Lightweight and Heavyweight Modeling Technologies for Complex Application Development Processes

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconMsf for Agile Software Development 0

Cs-564 Software Development Tools & Processes iconVissim modelling and simulation software is the key to development of segway human transporter

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